Beverly in the News:

So Money Podcast with Farnoosh Torabi

May 5, 2015: I had a great time talking with Farnoosh about The Debt Escape Plan. You can listen to my tips about getting out of debt right here. A few of my tips are a little out of the ordinary!

Arise Xchange TV – Video

April 28, 2015: I was interviewed by host Julian Phillips about my new book, The Debt Escape Plan, in Tackling Debt.

U.S. News & World Report

April 22, 2015: The Debt Escape Plan was featured in How to Develop a Foolproof Plan to Pay Off Debt.

Yahoo! Finance

April 15, 2015: I talked about why credit cards, if used responsibly, are a safer choice than debit cards in 5 Common Money Myths — Debunked. This article originally appeared on

April 13, 2015: I gave advice about how to pay off credit card debt in 9 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Getting Rich.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

April 13, 2015: I was thrilled to have my new book, The Debt Escape Plan, featured in 5 ways to increase your income (and get out of debt).

April 8, 2015: Another terrific review of my book: Former Credit Junkie Shares Clever Tips in The Debt Escape Plan.


March 27, 2015: An adaptation of Chapter 6 from my book, The Debt Escape Plan, was picked up by Forbes: How to Create a Credit Card Debt Escape Plan. This story originally appeared on

Radio Interview: WTOP – Washington DC

March 25, 2015: I talked with host Dimitri Sotis about my book, The Debt Escape Plan, in Relatively Painless Ways to Increase Your Income. The link takes you to SoundCloud where you can listen to the segment.