Beverly in the News:


December 27, 2016: This is an interesting twist in the seemingly never-ending chip card saga. I was asked for my opinion in Chip Cards Take So Long, Some Retailers Disabled Them For the Holidays.

CNN Money

October 15, 2015: Have you received your new chip cards? I gave tips to help you avoid credit score problems in How you could get burned by your new credit card.

August 19, 2015: I’m always happy to help folks get out of debt because I’ve been there and know how terrible it feels. Check out my advice in 11 Tips for Paying Off More Than $100,000 in Debt.

August 5, 2015: I was asked to give advice to a presidential hopeful who has serious credit card debt: How Scott Walker Can Fix His Credit Card Troubles. This story will also run in Money magazine. I’ll update this when I know which issue.

Family Circle Magazine

July 2015 issue: I gave advice in How to Correct Credit Report Errors. This is really important because errors can drag down your credit score. The link takes you to the online version, but you can also find it in the July 2015 issue of the magazine.

Podcast: How Do We Fix It?

June 10, 2015: I was honored to be one of the first guests on this hot new podcast hosted by veteran journalists Richard Davies and Jim Meigs. The show is unique, informative, and just plain fun. Check out my segment: Episode #3: Fixing Credit Card Debt.

NBC New York – Video

June 9, 2015: The Debt Escape Plan was featured in this segment: How to Get Out of Debt. The Consumer Reporter, Linda Baquero, did a wonderful job on this.

Money Magazine

May 2015 issue: In the story, 101 Ways to Build Wealth, a debt payoff strategy from my book, The Debt Escape Plan, is no. 19: Start Small to Pay Off Big Debt. How cool is that? It’s in the current issue and I’ll provide a link when it’s available online.

CNN Newsource – Video

May 18, 2015: I taped a segment about one of my favorite topics, which is keeping young people out of credit card debt. CNN Newsource has over 900 affiliates and this segment has been shown in a huge number of major media markets. Here’s the video as shown by 3 On Your Side, CBS Philly: Advice for Grads Looking to Build Credit.