Beverly in the News:

Chicago Tribune

July 22, 2014: I gave some advice in Family Finances: Tips to Manage and Improve Your Credit.

June 10, 2014: I gave tips in Five places to avoid using a debit card while traveling.

Money Magazine, June 2014 issue

June 1, 2014: I gave advice on how to make money from your credit cards in “Hit the Rewards Jackpot,” on page 82. This story is also online at How to Win the Credit-Card Rewards Game.

Entrepreneur, June 2014 issue

June 1, 2014: I wrote Don’t be a Road Worrier for the travel column. I spoke with identity theft and security experts to get tips for preventing identity theft when you’re traveling.

USA Today

May 18, 2014: I offered advice in 5 reasons to ditch the debit card.

USA Today

May 4, 2014: I talked about ways to protect yourself in Be proactive about your credit after breaches. This syndicated story originally appeared in the Detroit Free Press.

NY1 (New York City) Video

April 29, 2014: I talked with Money Matters reporter Tara Lynn Wagner about taking care of your credit. Here’s the video: Tips to Spring Clean Your Credit Score. Video

April 24, 2014: I talked with host Lauren Simonetti about an unusual way to rebuild credit. Here’s the video: 7 Way to Use a Credit Card to Rebuild Credit.

March 5, 2014: I’m so honored to have a guest post on Jean Chatzky’s blog: Wednesday Welcome: Five Credit Card Mistakes You Never Want to Make.