Beverly in the News:

Marie Claire

May 16, 2017: I was thrilled to be quoted in 11 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Credit Cards. It’s important to understand how credit works so you can stay out of trouble–and debt.

How Do We Fix It?

May 3, 2017: I had the pleasure of being a guest on this popular podcast. Check it out: Are Credit Cards Evil? 

NBC News

March 10, 2017: Before you get your next credit card, read my advice in Shopping for a New Credit Card? Make Sure You Follow These Tips.

AARP Bulletin

February 28, 2017: It’s hard to make the right choice when you have a sick pet. Check out my advice in How Much Should You Pay to Save a Pet?


March 2017 issue: The journalist asked me if credit cards are evil. You can find out what I said in 4 Money Rules to Break. If you have a copy, it’s on page 194.


January 2017 issue: I answered a question I hear quite often, which is Should You Cancel Your Credit Card?

Consumer Reports

January 13, 2017: I was asked to give my opinion of Amazon’s new card in Should You Sign up for the New Amazon Credit Card?


New York Magazine

January 5, 2017: I gave some personal finance tips in How Can I Afford to Work Out Without Going Broke?

Washington Post

September 26, 2016 – I gave advice to a young consumer who asked this question: I have $100K in student loans and keep getting denied for credit cards. How can I build credit?