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  1. Deidra

    I been making my payments on time why my limit haven’t went back to 500. Haven’t use it sense last year

  2. Gino

    Hi im currently rebuilding my credit. I have an unsecured total card and a secured first premier credit card..My transunion score has improved from 501 to 545 in one month.I am wondering if i should open one more secured card with a high credit amount to get a better score or is it bad to have to many accounts when it comes to rebuilding??

  3. Brian

    have a question about the matrix card. I applied and was approved and I paid the 150 security deposit, then i got an email saying i was denied but i qualify for a different card if i pay a 150$ deposit. What should I do? It’s been a week with no card in the mail. I’m nervous I got robbed
    August 4, 2016

    1. Kandas

      Did you get this resolved? Had the same issue.

  4. Katherine Ionas

    The matrix card is a rip offffffff just run for your life because they claim they send the last statement bill to you when you cancel it but never did until they open a case to sue you. So pleaseeeeeee if I was either one of you, DO NOT GET INVOLVE WITH THIS CARD CONSUMER AT ALL

  5. Carolyn cohen

    THE MATRIX CARD IS A HUGE RIPOFF DON’T GET IT!!! $12.00 per month maintenance fee and $75.00 annual fee it should be against the law!

  6. edgar

    wanna cancel my matrix credit card but nobody answers the phone that class customer service is that?

  7. Alan Le


    Do you know how long will get my deposit back?
    I just cancelled my Matrix 4 weeks ago.



  8. Mona G.

    Thank you for letting us know, now I won’t be applying for this card!

  9. ange

    I’ve had the matrix/discover card for about two months now and no complaints. Can you please answer my question:
    I filed bk/chap 7 back in 2011. I have a BofA secured card and the matrix one. Is it a good idea to apply for a credit card at the same bank where I had my credit cards which I included in the filing of my bk?

  10. kevin

    Can I get a credit card with a 550 credit score. If so please let me know/help

  11. Maritza

    I just recently activated this Matrix credit card with the 35$ fee. I’d like to know if I did right or wrong and if I should call first thing Monday and just cancel the card. I have a bad credit and I just want to rebuild it but its very diffucult. May I just get some opinions please on what shall I do.????

  12. frankie

    Iam unable to register for the e-statement, I have tried (3) ways and have been unsuccessful ( would like not to pay the 4.95) each month for a paper statement). what is the secret to this madness

  13. pamela evans

    I have 2 First Premier cards. The first i’ve had for 6 years. The second I recently obtained and there were no fees associated with the second card. My interest rate is a little steep 23.99 because of a car and student loan payments. which I have never paid late. I have never had a problem with First Premier.

    Matrix on the other hand is another story when I called to ask questions they wouldn’t even respond to me unless I agreed with the cards terms and conditions. I don’t understand why I had to go through all that just to ask them some questions about the card. I refused I have 4 other cards and my questions w ere answered promptly before and personal informationwas given

  14. Kathy

    Beverly, like most, I am rebuilding credit from a divorce. I have a Cap One card and have been using it without carrying a balance since 9/25. They recently increased the limit from 200 to 300 in March. I’ve seen articles stating that you shouldn’t apply for more than 1 credit card per year as it will affect your credit negatively. Thoughts around that as I am interested in applying for this Matrix card for only 1 year. I just received in the mail the application for an unsecured card for 300.

  15. Michael Gray

    Avoid this card, the first bill I received showed a $25 late fee that was assessed 21 days after I received and activated the card. After calling their customer service, they informed me that yes, this late item had already been reported to the credit agencies, and they not so politely told me to bugger off, and went so far as to hang up on me not once, but twice after I called back repeatedly. Yes, I was polite and didn’t curse or raise my voice.

  16. Rose

    Hi, I just received my Matrix CC in the mailed. I have not activied it. I’m scared to do it, because of these comments about this card. They said “Do not use it for 60 days” after you activated it. This is Bull. I will cancel this card and cut it up.

  17. Juanita

    I have been reading all this info about Matrix Discover. I just activated my card – then went on http://www.matrixcardinfo.com to register for “e”statements, and I can’t find the site. Now reading all these reviews I’m afraid I’ve screwed up my credit score by getting this card. How did you finally find the above referenced site for Matrix?

  18. Carolyn E. Offill

    I have a First Premier card.
    However; since reading that you do not approve of this card, I am
    concerned! Very concerned!
    I am trying to rebuild my credit after a consolidation company,
    called Christian Consolidation, took me for three months of my money, before I caught on to them.

    So, I want to know what you know about this card that makes it so


    Carolyn E. Offill

    Ps. what are your thoughts on Zynga, and especially their
    game; Farmville.

  19. Sheri

    I recently got this card. I qualified for the “Hybrid” version. $50 deposit for a $300 credit limit. I was not forced to pay the $75 when I activated but they were a bit pushy about it. (I didn’t pay the $75 when I activated). I pay off my balance each month trying not to charge more than $30-$40 each month. They do report each month to all 3 credit bureaus in a timely fashion. As long as you pay in full each month you don’t have to worry about the interest rate. I also just received a Capital One Secured Mastercard but too soon to tell about that one.

  20. annie

    got matrix card and when i called to activate it i pressed 2 so they would not activate cause i did not like the fees that went along with it.just got a bill today…sent it back and said it was not activated nor never will be.we will see

  21. Melanie

    I was wondering about the card, i got approved and recieved the card but have not activated it but already got a bill stating i owe $76.11. if i dont activate the card am i responsable for the charges. will it go on my credit as unpaid debt

  22. Carolyn Knight-Cole

    Can you please tell me why you suggested staying away from First Premier credit cards?

  23. Matt

    I don’t believe these cards are scams, you just have to pay the price for messing up your credit.
    I know If I didn’t screw up my credit to begin with I wouldn’t be in the situation where this is my only option. I’ll be using the card for a year or so and suck it up and pay the fees then move on.

  24. CB

    I was lookign ta this card. I recently got a new job and need a credit card for the hotel conveiance fees. If i use a debit style card it will charge up to 50 per/day per stay. I have some 30 day stays ahead of me and can not bank 1500.00 for that long of a period. By talkign to most hotels they only do a 1 tiem charge fo 50 for credit cards.

  25. Mike m

    sorry i see this answered in the previous question

  26. Mike m

    Hi Bev

    i just got accepted for the Matrix credit card but after reading negative reviews from you and others i no longer want it. when it comes in the mail can i just not activate it? or must i call to say i made a mistake and no longer want it?

  27. D.J.

    Im waiting for my new matrix card and after reading the reviews Im like all the rest kinda creeped out with card..So are you saying If I do get the card and NEVER activate I can by law never be charged a fee. And at the last minuet I was then approved for a Unsecure Capitol One card..So now I really dont need the Matrix Card.I was approved for $300 minus the $75.00 they were gonna automatically bill to the card. So should I worry about my credit score at all since I will getting a new card and just DONT activate the card????????????????

  28. mari

    Beverly I have a question?I applied for the matrix card and they first said I qualified for 300 dollars then I submitted the application and then it said I have to pay 300 dollars. So confused, I don’t want this headache. I’m trying to get credit not have to pay to get credit. What is the meaning of getting a credit card I thought to get credit. I’m not happy at all how do I stop them from sending me the card don’t want it

  29. Ms Butler

    I’ve heard that it’s not good to close a card as it may lower your credit score. Just curious as I see you have said to close this card before you are assessed the annual fee.

  30. Albert

    I received the unsecured matrix card and I believe they charged my bank acct the $ 75.00 already but have try to using it a couple and it does not work

  31. Michael B

    STAY WAY FROM THIS CARD! I received an email that they are sending me their card even though I never applied for it. Sent a replay to their email stating this was fraud because I never applied for their card, I then called their customer service number and spoke with two employees a customer service rep. and a supervisor. The pretty much accused me of committing fraud because whoever applied had my information to complete the application. They finally agreed to cancel the card and not send it to me, with in 5 day I had the card in my hand, and I now call the fraud department. I explained the situation and they agreed to again cancel the card, I then received a bill in the mail for $75.00. I have now called their customer service number over 20 times in the last 3 days and the phone rings and it sounds like someone picks up and hangs right up on me. The must somehow have my number blocked or on some type of black list. I’m going through all this and I didn’t even apply for the card. Waring STAY AWAY FROM THE COMPANY!

  32. Stephanie

    Hi Beverly – I just applied for the Matrix card last night and did not do my homework first, a big mistake on my part. My question is, if I do not activate the card within the 30 days and they cancel it, will that reflect badly on my credit report? My credit isn’t great to begin with but I certainly don’t want it to get worse because of this card. Also, just to help with others, my credit score is in the mid 500’s and I was approved for the NFL Visa Perks Card with a $500 limit, sure as heck surprised me!! Thank you in advance for your reply :)

  33. deko

    Finally someone gives me a chance to start to rebuild my credit. it is expensive but they tell you twice before they activae the card.

    My score was 560, just got the card which took about a week to get here

  34. George

    I just got the card, and activated I spoke with costumer service person and they didn’t tell me that I has to pay the $75.00 dollars right upfront but until a later date( 21 days later), now I am thinking that the card may not be ready for use.

  35. david eiker

    It is much a scam, I will be reporting Matrix to the better business bureau first thing Monday morning! Thank U Mr. Eiker

  36. veronica

    hello i just got approved for a matrix credit card but im not sure if i want to activate after all these comments i see here, will they still charge me the annual fee if i dont activate?

  37. Mary Gonzalez

    I received the card . made a payment of 35.00 the day I got it. Then when i tried to activate it 6 days later I was told the first payment has to be the whole 75.00 or I can not use it.I told them to close it and return my 35.00. There is nothing on the billing statement to this effect. I think this company is ahuge SCAM!!!

  38. roy stine

    while i was trolling for an unsecured card to help boost my meager 624 rating i noticed that the matrix card charged the same annual fee and yearly maintenance fee whether you qualified for the secured or unsecured card (which i think is a little steep)but is rather cheap compared to some other cards that boldly claim no application fee while hosing you on annual and maintenance fees…my plan is to close the card before the fees kick in and take the year’s good credit with me unless they offer something better….

  39. R Harrison

    I agree this card sucks they charge you a fee for paper statement i tried to go paperless but the site they have set up is very hard to locate and the customer service also sucks

  40. Shantel

    Does this card report to the credit bureaus? I’ve had it for almost a month and it hasn’t popped up yet as a new account. I’m wondering if I should just close it out.

  41. jenny

    don’t waste your time with this company….

  42. Patty

    I have this card and it’s working for what I need it to do, rebuild credit. I paid $50 for $300 CL. I only charge a small purchase ($30 or less) allow it to report then pay the balance in full and allow the zero balance to report. I plan to cancel the card before the annual fee (charged monthly) kicks in.

  43. vitina

    I am looking to rebuild my credit. also because of a divorce. Im a single mom. So since you have done the research and reviews what card do you recommened?

  44. sherwood

    i like the card after going througn some rough times with bad credit history the card is sufficent for my meger budget

  45. Tina

    I received an email to apply for this card and I figured since I am trying to rebuild my credit after divorce I would give it a try. I have reestablished myself with Capital One and HSBC but now that Capital One has taken over HSBC I thought it would be better to have a different creditor reporting. Anyway, I filled out for the card and received an email back from them wanting me to send them copies of personal information. There was a list of items in three categories which included a copy of my social security card, drivers license, pay stub. I’ve never been asked this by a credit card company, especially for a 300 credit limit. Needless to say not sending that information. I don’t need a card that bad, seems like a scam to me.

  46. Informed

    Its been marketed as a hybrid card from day one…so much for your credibility as a reviewer….

  47. Dee

    Hello Beverly,

    Great review you posted.It is already difficult enough to understand the terms and agreements for these credit cards. Why add more confusion and frustrate customers more?

    Is the Matrix credit card a newly release card? I have not heard much about it, and you have been the only I have seen providing a thoroughly review about it.

    I am looking forward to your review on Citi Secure Card. Thanks for the great information you always provide.


    1. George

      I just got approved for the “unsecured” version of this card and Im thinking about keeping it just to rebuild my credit, but I dont plan on using it really that much. Maybe for like a 10.00 or 20.00 purchase and pay that off at the end of the billing cycle just so it can build up my credit. Do you think this is a good idea?

    2. frustrated and poorer

      AVOID MATRIX credit card like the Plague!!!!! Big mistake. They’ve had my $300 since August 20, 2012. I never activated my cards because of the $75 annual fee, $35 x-tra card fee, $4.95 per month paper fee, $144 annual fee after the 1st year….shall I go on? Requested refund Sept. 7, 2012. Never responded to any of my communications. Their telephone lines not open on the days and times they stated. It is now March of 2013. This is how they do business. Steal people’s hard-earned dollars.
      Stay Away if you know what is good for you. I regret ever so much.

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