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  1. Lin

    After reading through this site, I went ahead and applied for and received this card last month. I received a bill charging the annual fee and then, a week later, finally received my card. My payment date was the 28th so, I quickly mailed off the payment on the 11th via USPS money order. On the 15th, they put a 14 day check hold on the MONEY ORDER. I’ll be calling them tomorrow but putting a check hold on a money order isn’t very legitimate. Convenient for them that their “check hold” on what equates to cash would be after my payment due date so they will get an extra $20 in late fees. Just wanted to say, this relationship isn’t starting off so great with them.

  2. Athena

    Used open sky to rebuild credit about 1 year ago. $200 deposit and kept my balance between $25-$40 dollars each month. They reported accurately to credit bureau and my credit improved tremendously. I recently received a $2000 unsecured cc from Chase so I cancelled OpenSky today. After 20 minutes of hold music someone answered and said my check with me in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

  3. MARY

    DO STORE CREDIT CARDS HELP IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT SCORE AND BY HOW MUCH? I APPLIED FOR A KOHL’S GOT ONE FOR A $300.00 unsecured limit, had a year asked for limit increase which they did to $700,my balance currently is at $520, With this month’s payment I plan on bringing the balance down to $420 and paying off month after.. All I have is a debit and this store card. Which major card do you recommend? I recently had my credit pulled by Well’s Fargo as I am applying for a home loan, scores were 675,645 and 590. I applied for a card and was rejected saying my creidit score was 517!! WHY AND HOW THE DIFFERENCE? Happened w/in a two week period?

  4. marilyn

    Just applied for the open sky secured card. On the website it stated that you had an option to change your deposit amount anytime before it was applied from your checking account. i then applied for a capital one card and was approved. I wanted to change my deposit amount and after waiting on hold was told the only way i could change the amount was to let the application expire and fill out a new application for the changed amount of deposit. I think i will go with one card from capital one for now and see how i do with payments.
    please let me know the formula, if i have a $200 limit i should charge $20-$60 monthly and pay it off on time to rebuild my credit is that right??

  5. Paul T

    Beverly- FYI- Open Sky doesn’t flag this card as ‘Secured’ when they send in their reports to the Bureaus. Open Sky is treated as a regular ‘Unsecured’ credit card when they report to the Credit Bureaus.{ In case folks are wondering }.
    Love what you do here!

    1. Melissa Good

      Thanks Paul- I was wondering exactly that!

  6. Russ

    Why does it matter to the Credit Bureaus how much is charged on this card if the balance is paid each month?

  7. Daniel

    Hi Beverly,
    I have a score of 614..I need to get to a 620….. I am currently in chp 13 with a discharge hopefully in a couple of months. I am going to refi as soon as I get 620… I need a secured card but worried about applying for secured cards that do hard inquiries? How quick would open sky get me where I want with A $200 deposit..or do you recommend another card I can qualify for with my current score and chp 13…… Thank you, Daniel

    1. tiffany

      Hi. I would suggest going on capital One website and applying for an unsecured card. With your credit score you should have no problem qualifying.

    2. Art

      Hello. A new account will lower your score. The age of the average credit history will get short. Best way to boost the score is to pay off a balance before the statement on an account that you already have. New accounts are for a long term building.

  8. armando

    I got open sky to rebuild my credit. They took my $200 deposit in a day or two, lets get started. Every payment I made from then on out was delayed by about two to three weeks. My limit was $25 a month so I couod start to rebuild. I only ever spent $25, but because they take two to three weeks to take your payment I now have a balance of $285. I finally stopped the direct withdrawal because they wait until the day before you get paid again to withdrawal, leaving you with penalties and all kinds of fees because they take so long. I called and asked why they did this since people rebuilding credit don’t just have $200 sitting around in a bank account for weeks on end and hey said they take that long to make sure you have the money in your account. I said it didn’t take them that long to take my deposit why is this so hard? They had no answer. Very upset with opensky for their devious practices. Will not recommend. I am not pulling out cash, getting money order, mailing it in, because open sky is so undependable. Auite a hassle and again will not only never recommend but I will spend all day letting all these sites know they are scammers.

  9. Jack

    I had a Open Sky Visa for 10 months, and they did a excellent job of reporting on time each month to the Cred Agencies. No problems until now.

    I closed my account over 7 weeks ago with a $0 balance, and still no deposit refund check. Have called several times,even called Capital Bank. The runaround each time. Thankfully I only deposited $300. Beverly, is there anything I can do?

  10. Javier

    I think the secured credit cards is a waste of money…why you have to deposit money in a card and pay interets rates, anual fees etc…with a debit credit you can do the same without paying any interets or fees…it is very stupid..

  11. Talei

    Hello Beverly,

    Thanks for your dedicated info/website on secured credit cards. I am not sure how I missed it prior but I came across it today while browsing from frustration.

    I am new to the applying for credit. So I really do not have much or any credit history. I applied for a credit card through my bank and was denied. They offer no services to help customers build their credit. I was told about the Citibank secured credit card and today I received a 2nd denial and a request for more information to verify my identity. That’s how I came across your site as I was looking for alternatives to Citibank.

    To date I have a credit building loan from my Credit Union which will be reported to the 3 bureaus. If Citibank should approve me (3rd times’ the charm), is it worthwhile to also apply for the Open Sky secured card as well?
    In your experience is having more than one secured credit card necessary to help with building a history or will one suffice? I am also open to applying for a store card in a few months. I know from research that one shouldn’t apply for too many forms of credit.

    Thanks in advance for your response.


  12. Renee

    Hi Beverly,

    I opened this card as soon as my BK had been discharged in July 2014. So far, I have gotten a Discover it secured card and capital one quicksilver unsecured card, as well as 2 other retail cards. Should I close the open sky card? Or do you recommend keeping it for at least 1 year?

  13. Mark

    Hi Beverly,
    Capital’s OpenSky card truly helped me rebuild my credit over the 4 years I’ve had with them ($1,000 limit, always pay off balance each month). I went from a FICO of 570 to 775. Six months ago approved for unsecured BofA Visa with CL of $2,500.
    I still have the Capital card and want to keep account because of the relative longevity of the account; that’s important. My question is: Do you know if Capital is open to switching (fully or partly) to an unsecured account? Their website says nothing about it, and bloggers don’t mention it.
    Thanks so much for all the helpful info on your site!

  14. Melissa Bates

    Hi Beverly,

    I was originally a Public Savings Bank secured card member. I as many others decided to get a secured credit card after filing a Chapter 6 bankruptcy in 2010. I had NO problems with Public Savings Banks customer service. Also, I was advised that by being a Public Savings Secured card holder that I did not have to pay my balance off in order to close the account. That is one of the biggest reasons I chose this secured card.

    Once Open Sky took over my feelings have COMPLETELY changed! Their customer service is the absolute worst!!! I have made multiple calls since November 2013 to Open Sky customer service and none of those calls have been documented in their systems. I lost my card in November. Since I lost my card I have made zero purchases. I noticed in June 2014 that my automatic reoccuring payments were no longer being taken from my checking account. I complete all of my bill paying with automatic payments in order to rebuild my credit. I was unable to access my online account and I called customer service. At that time I was so disappointed that I did not receive any phone calls, emails or statements by mail that my account was not in a current status that I closed the account. The agent stated that in order to close my account I needed to pay the past due of $103.00. I provided my information to her and made the payment. She stated that I would receive a refund check within 6-8 weeks.

    Well to my surprise in August I received a notification by mail that my account was past due 60 days! I contacted customer service and at that time they stated that I needed to pay the full balance of my account and I would receive a check in 6-8 weeks. Now I am really upset. The last agent I spoke with stated my account was closed and I would receive a refund. This agent states the account is closed but I have to pay a balance. I immediately escalated the call to a supervisor. He stated that he would make notes and have a team lead give me a call.

    Today, I contacted Open Sky again. The agent with Capital Bank states that my account was never closed and that I had not contacted Open Sky since 08/2013! They have NO records of any of my calls.

    There notificaitons do not have an account number or phone number to contact the company. Also, once you sign up for online services you are not able to access once they lock your account for non payment. I do not know who stopped my reoccuring monthly payments but I did not. Even when my account was current in July I was unable to access online. I thought this was because my account was closed. NOPE!

    STAY AWAY from this secured card. You can get a secured card from your bank or try Capital One. Open Sky has the worst service EVER.

  15. Kirsten

    Hi Beverly,

    Just wanted to update you. I applied for this card and had to send in my DL, utility bill and social security card copies.. Put a $200 deposit and after a month it started reporting to the credit bureaus. I wanted a higher limit so I called them. They asked for income and such and approved me for what I asked for ($300 increase to make it a $500 CL) You can apparently request an increase as many times before the first year, then they charge you. Only up to 3k or 5k I forgot which.

  16. Robert

    I just got the opensky card and I’m trying to find out since they report to the credit unions monthly can we see those reports or credit scores through the opensky website or do we have to pay

  17. James

    I had a little issue with applying for this card…

    They require that you have a drivers license or state ID for verification. Makes sense, but I don’t have either. I do have a passport and utility bills for address verification and after being told that was fine, they come back and said they need the dl/id. Never had an issue using passport and utility bills for verification, but apparently this issuer is a little too lazy for the paperwork.

  18. Anatasia

    I wanted to share this great news and fill the rest of you with hope! I’m a month out from my Chapter 7 bankruptcy and I was approved for a Capital One Platinum unsecured mastercard with a credit limit of $300.00. There is no annual fee, 0% APR until April 2015 and then it will go up to 22.9%, and you have the ability to pick your payment date. My credit score with all three credit reporting agencies are right around 565.

    1. George

      Wow, Capitol One Secured Card declined me, and my scores are 582!

  19. will

    Can you rent a car with this card or does the companies treat it like a debit card?

  20. chris

    I am 2 years into paying on a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Life happens as it does to everybody. My scores from the 3 reporting agencies are 654, 575, 644. I know it says it doesn’t check credit, but I just want to know if still paying off that chapter 13 is going to disqualify me.


  21. R. Gilmore

    I filed bankruptcy 2 year ago and I wanted to know if I can get the open sky secure credit card from capital one when I used to have a regular capital one credit card that went into bankruptcy. Or any other chick credit card that carries the same bank that I had credit cards with.

    Thanks R.G.

  22. Renee

    Hi Beverly,

    My ch 7 bk should be discharged next month 7/2014. Do I have to wait a certain amount of time after being discharged to apply for this card?

  23. nathan

    Hello Beverly,
    I’ve made some horrible mistakes when it comes to credit cards, medical bills and student loans at age 18 :/. But the good news is I’m 24 making efforts to turn all of that around. I’ve been working with this company lexington lawfirm who helps dispute items on your credit score and so far I’ve removed 4 items in 2 months, result: credit score plus 50 points! I’m almost in the clear with all items on my credit but I know that’s not enough to get my credit to excellent. I stumbled across this blog by accident and to my delight I found the perfect secured credit card. No inquiries! Well worth it… I thank you for this tip so I offer you one as well. There is this company called LexisNexis, who reports your home and auto claims directly to the credit bureaus which can effect the monthly rate you receive (aka monthly payment) as well as the auto and home score you receive on your credit report. It’s well worth looking into. I called them and they told me I had 7 open claims. Well in truth I’ve had insurance for 5 plus years and not one claim other than a no fault accident. I’m currently disputing each item and will report the results. Thanks for your advice…

  24. Brandon Wilson

    Hi I’m reading a lot of great reviews. I’m confused on one thing,I’m not sure of what the deposit is. Is it my limit that I chose??

  25. Glen D

    Hello Beverly,

    I recently got an Open Sky card, and based on my review of their policies, the $25 fee for increasing your credit limit only applies AFTER the first year, at least that’s the way I read it…I don’t know if this is an additional policy change, of if you were already aware of this, but this was in the end the determining factor for whether or not to get this card, that and the fact that they do not do a credit inquiry, as I don’t want to build any more up than necessary..

    The way I see it, I will want to build up that credit limit just in the first year anyway, so that works for me…

    One additional potential drawback though, is their disclaimer that states that when you close your account, it could take UP TO 10 WEEKS to get your deposit back! This may be worth mentioning as well.

    Thank you so much for your web site!!!

  26. Rita

    I am so glad I found this article. I recently acquired this card. My annual fee is $29 and my credit score has increased tremendously. Is there another card that you would suggest is better, without checking your credit? Thank you

  27. Kirsten

    Hi Beverly,

    I have a chapter 7 bankruptcy on my credit report and would like to start re-building credit. Would this be a good secured card that I would get approved for? Can you recommend any other secured cards?

  28. Shari D. Moore

    I’m three years out from a Chapter 7, have no recent credit, and one hard inquiry about a year ago. Credit Karma gave me a score of 594. I’d like to start rebuilding my credit with a secured card and/or a small personal loan. (1) Should I try to get one of the better cards, such as Capital One, and take the risk of a hard inquiry/denial on the off chance that I’m approved, or should I go with something that’s more of a sure deal like Open Sky and not add a second hard inquiry? (2) Would a small loan be a better option? (3) Or would having both be better, and which would I do first and how far apart? Sorry. Lot’s of questions. I just don’t want to shoot myself in the foot.

    1. Glen D


      I don’t know if you can qualify, but if you or an immediate family member is ex military, I would consider USAA- I got both a secured personal loan (at <4%) and a secured AMEx card through them, and they did no hard inquiry of my credit-just a soft inquiry, which does not show to others, only to you when you request your report (through annualcreditreport.com, for instance)

      I also recently added this card, the biggest reason being the lack of a hard inquiry, otherwise, I would check out credit unions that you might be elligible to join, a lot of them simply require that you live within the same state, and many of them offer secured cards with no annual fee and much lower interest rate, similar to the Navy Federal card and the USAA cards. They also most likely would be able to do secured loans for you, and would most likely offer much better terms than most banks.

      I believe it is good to have both loans and credit cards in good standing on your credit report, rather than just one or the other, and loans are generally considered to be a higher level of credit.

      Good luck!

  29. Jennifer

    Hi Beverly-

    First off your website/blog is fantastic for people who are trying to rebuild their credit. I made several mistakes in my younger years and they have followed me throughout. I am now at a point in my life where I can get my derogatory balances paid off and am currently working on that. I have researched this card and feel like that in the state I am in, this will fit my needs at this time.

    My question is in regards to how much you would suggest putting towards the card. I have quite a bit of money that I can put towards it at this point in my life but I just don’t know where to start. I don’t like the idea of paying extra to increase my line when its my own money but I am sure starting out there is some type of limit. If I am asked to decide on an amount, what would be your opinion? 300? 500? 1000?

  30. Robert

    Hello Beverly,

    Read your posting June 30 2013. I wanted to bring to your attention 2 things. Both my wife and I have separate cards for a year now and the renewal fee was not $29.00, it is $50.00. I know it is on my bill for this month. Who knew?

    We rarely use it, Just to keep the dust off. Overall I think Open Sky a great help to those who need a fresh start in credit because life is not always kind. Having said that a concern for us is for example: My payment is due the 28th of each month. Today is the 7th. If I paid the balance today of which they will receive the money in a couple of days, my account is not credited until the 28th so those funds are not available, nor does it reflect in the balance on the website as applied. Technically, it’s my money, why do they have the right to with hold access. Their CSR had no answer other than it is policy.

    I not really complaining just passing info along to. Thank you for what you do and God bless.

  31. Marie

    Hello beverly, i recently got this card an its not a bad card but its not good either. The issue with this card is the fact that the company place a 5 to 6 day hold on ur payment even when it clears your bank account. Normally my payments are withdrawn from my bank account within 2 days. I understand the banks being cautious of a returned payments but this company dont offer the option to make a payment by western union unless ur requesting a credit increase an even that takes 3 days to post an be available to use. This card would be amazing if they had better ways to make a payment to your account other than just ur bank account. Love your reviews

  32. CJ

    MLE. I just got my card and they never asked me all of those questions all they did was the small withdrawal of change and then deposit them back. I must say so far I’m satisfied with the card. I belong to Credit Karma.com and they even recognized the card wish is great cause now they can monitor the card for me and the credit bureau just increased my credit from a D to a C wish is good. Especially with claiming bankruptcy in 2012. So I recommend the card. Also they have a website that you can pay your valence online which saves on postage.

  33. MLE

    This credit card you feel is ‘middle tier’ makes the applicant jump through too many hoops to confirm their identity. Asking for bank account numbers and routing numbers to deposit pennies into so that you can confirm your the bank holder is understandable, but they continue to ask for every other piece of a person’s ‘straw man’ identity ie. a copy of your social security number or w2 statement within 5 yrs, a copy of your driver’s license, rental agreement, utility bill, a copy of your phone bill, and.. a copy of your birth certificate!?
    All of that for a $200 line of PRE-PAID credit? That gives me the most uneasy feeling I’ve had in a long time. I’m gonna’ pass on this card.

    1. Glen D

      Actually I believe that the Patriot Act forces banks to confirm a person’s identity, even to open a savings account, through the process you described, of having to copy your D/L/ SS card etc and email or fax them in.

      And for identity purposes, the way I read the application process from Open Sky, you needn’t submit ALL of the things you mentioned, just one of each: one item with your address on it which can be Driver’s License or bill or rental agreement, and one item with your SSN on it (SS card, pay stub, etc), so only TWO items in total are needed.

      I sent them a copy of my Driver’s License and a copy of my SS card, and my account is now open…

  34. Jennifer

    Does this card report secured card on the credit bureaus? Also, why does this matter if it reports “secured card”?

  35. Lib


    Thank you for your review. I recently found out my ex has been trying to get credit cards in my name. They have been denied, thankfully, and I have since put an alert on Experian and such.

    Because of your review, I decided to apply for this card. While I do not like that I will have to rebuild my credit at such an expense. I felt it was worth it.

    I graduate with my MBA in two more years. I am working hard to clean up my credit and rebuild it.

    I do have a question though, my bank told me not to close my other two credit cards (both are for school books) even though they are paid off. They said to keep them open with no balance. I wanted to close one because I do not buy books there anymore. I thought it would look better if I had less open credit and revolving credit available. Are they correct?

    Thank you for taking the time to review all these cards, and to help everyone at no charge. I admire the task you have taken on, and you!

    Thank you again!

    1. Lib

      Ooops, I forgot my other question!

      I know it says to get a credit increase, it’s a $25 charge, but what if you just send them say another $200?? Without asking for an increase?

  36. Jenifer

    If I don’t have a job, but am able to pay off the balance every month am I still qualified for the card? I was reading on line and it says that they need to verify who I am (I’m assuming by SS#) and my ability to pay. What does that exactly mean?

  37. Charles

    Fox Rent A Car and Ace Rent A Car have a $200.00 security deposit,last I checked.Advantage Rent A Car(Which is now owned by Hertz),and Payless Rent A Car have really good rates-especially if you RSVP online-with only a $250.00 security deposit which is returned to your card within 72 hours after you return the vehicle.Also,the website RetailMeNot.com always have discount codes for car rental agencies which are not usually advertised anywhere else.And the Car rental agencies always honor them. Yes,people;it pays to be a proactive consumer!

  38. Jalisa

    Hi Beverly, I’m trying to rebuild my credit and I was recently denied for the Capitol One Secured Credit Card. I do not have a checking account but I do have a savings and my credit score is 515. Do you think this is a good card for me?

  39. Corey Parks

    Hello, Ive just got this card and had a few questions. My credit limit is 400. Ive heard that its good to have at least 30% on the card after making a payment, is this true? I want to spend at least 150 a month on the card but pay it all back when the statment comes in or before. Is this a good strategy?

  40. jay gomes

    So if I put down 200 my credit limit is 200

  41. Bobbie

    We need a secured card to be able to rent a car once a year. We drive 2400 miles home for Thanksgiving. We wouldn’t be able to get a non secured card, since my husband was out of work for over a year. Our credit is trashed. Rental car companies will not let you use a debit card without doing a credit check, then you are denied the rental car. The rental car is $450.00 for eight days. If we open card with $600.00, would we be allowed to use $450.00 for car rental right away?

  42. Josh

    Not sure if you’re aware, but I’m looking into this card now and there’s a minimum monthly payment of $25, so you have to pay that much each month now, whether or not you used the card. Not a huge deal since most people getting it will be trying to build credit and will likely charge more than that in a month, but it’s something to be aware of, especially if they make it difficult to cancel the card.

  43. CreditFlare.com

    It’s amazing to hear complaints from people who have poor credit. You’re lucky to be getting a non-secured credit card in the first place. If you’re constantly needing to pull cash advances from your card, I think you have more significant issues than how fast the card company can get you the cash.

    1. Lib

      I am HIGHLY insulted by your remark “CreditFlare.”

      My credit was destroyed by my ex-husband who took out a bank loan for his business. We had been married for 23 years. He talked me into being a co-applicant. A year later, he closed the business and disappeared….along with the money, which was never put into the business. I was unemployed, and it took some time to find a job. Even then I could not make the payments. I tried everything to fix the problem, but the bank kept telling me, “Without his signature, we cannot help you.” Well, how do you get a signature from someone who has disappeared. (BTW it took me 9 years to find him! I only looked because I found out he forged my name on another loan!)

      He also charged off a truck (which he took when he left) on BOTH our accounts. I was not aware of the charge off, nor did I approve it being done on MY account. He also ended up doing a “volunteer repossession” on the truck (which is how I found him and even though I was still paying for the truck, only because I did NOT want anything else affecting my credit!), so now I have a repossession on my credit!

      On top of that, now I am a full time student and have had to take out student loans to pay for school.

      Lastly, I found out he has been applying for credit cards in MY name. After 23 years of marriage, of course he has my information! Banks now allow you to type in your name to sign the paper! So, they have made it so he does not even have to forge my name! Thankfully, they have been denied. But, it still is on my report….and takes years and years to clear it up!

      When one has situations like this, there isn’t much one can do.

      I am glad you have had nothing bad in your life to affect your credit. But, some people have been through heck and ended up cleaning up the mess financially!

      So you can kiss our A!!!!

      1. John

        Ignore the A wholes that think they will never have bad luck for bieng nice or trusting. Karma will kick thier ass at some point for not taking a chance to help someone, I think?

  44. herb

    this is the worst credit card that i have every had, not to mention the 2 months to get my $1,000 deposit back after closing my account. the reason i closed the account in the first place is, every time i got in a bind i could never get cash until the next day after calling these jokers back. the last time this happen was my last time dealing with them.

  45. Angel

    Hey i want to build my credit and have no credit
    And i want something i can trust im only 20yrs old
    And do any of you know what bank is good and will accept me?

    1. Glen D

      I agree with Beverly but would also add that there are a lot of credit unions that have youth credit programs, some require a co-signer but I would focus on those that allow you to use secured cards and secured loans to establish credit- their terms are usually much, much better than most banks, many have no annual fees for their credit cards.

      Do a google search for credit unions in your area, then check out their website to see what sort of credit products they offer, it may take a little time to research but it just may be worth your while.

      Many may not allow you to apply online, but one that does is DCU-Digital Credit Union, and they have a secured card with no annual fee and I think 10.99% interest rate

  46. nigel rodney

    hi Beverly,

    Thank you for reviewing this card the information was very helpful. I have decent credit (635) with at least one of the credit bureaus, I would like to build my credit at least another 50-80 points. I initially liked this card for the possibility of having $3000 revolving credit. After reading all the comments, I am not so sure now. What do you suggest.

  47. Lance

    I have had this card to a few years now. I also do not like having to pay
    interest no matter what. This is the only card I have. Would it hurt my
    credit to close this card if I get another card?

  48. Ann

    Hi Beverly! Question, I was seriously considering this card. I had a Chapter 13 bankruptcy back in 2003 and since tried to establish good credit. BUT life happened and now I’m not in such a good place. I’d like to buy a new/used car in the near future but I don’t have any revolving credit to help build my credit score. Anyhoo, if I established credit with Open Sky and only use less than 8% of the balance each month …like a tank of gas or a milkshake once per month, would I get dinged with a hefty interest penalty??? I like this card because they don’t pull my credit report etc. Have any other reasonable security cards in mind that you recommend?

  49. Danielle

    Hi Beverly,
    Great review. I originally got this card when it was with Public Savings. It was a great card and good way to rebuild credit. There have been all kinds of surprises since the new bank took charge. Just today I received a letter stating that my interest rate was going up to 18.25%. My payment this past month was late – less than 30 days, but late nonetheless. Anyway, this letter is a bit confusing – at one point it says the increased APR will be reflected on the 2/3/13 statement and will be applicable to new transactions and to all existing transactions if you become more than 60 days late. Then at the bottom of the letter, assuming you choose to accept the terms and NOT cancel the card, “If we have not been notified of cancellation before the effective date, the new terms outlined above will apply to the entire outstanding balance of your account and will remain in effect for a potentially indefinite period of time.”

    Not sure how they can say that the new interest rate will apply to existing balances only if you’re 60 days late in one paragraph and then turn around and say if you choose to keep the card it applies to the entire balance in the next.

    I’m thinking I’ll find a new secured card, but I’ll probably forward this to my attorney as well.

  50. Justin

    Hi Beverly! I’m so glad you posted this review. I’ve been trying to get my first credit card these last couple weeks but have been denied from both my bank and a gas station card. I was tempted to apply for this card. I thought I had read the terms more carefully, but I guess I didn’t catch the whole “no grace period” part on the Open Sky Card. You saved me so much trouble. Thanks for all your help.

  51. Carolyn

    Thanks for your review…
    I was going to sign up for this card but went with Bank of America’s secured card instead. Not only is the BOA annual fee less than Open Sky ($39), they offer a grace period. So as long as I pay my bill in full each month, I never have to pay interest! The other great thing about BOA is they allow the option of graduating to an unsecured card after a year of responsible usage. (Open Sky doesn’t offer this opportunity.) Perhaps the only good thing about Open Sky is that they don’t check your credit report, so anyone can be accepted–and a hard inquiry for credit is avoided.

  52. Dee

    Your last statement was on point!

    Few of the factors you found about they card, probably are they reaso we really do not hear much about this card. I guess this will be off my list.

    I have two secured credit cards right now: The Capital One card and The Wells Fargo card.I will stick with them to help me improve my credit for the time being.

    Thanks for the awesome review Beverly!

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