257 responses to “First Progress Platinum Select MasterCard Secured Credit Card Review”

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  2. Zachariah A Lloyd

    I am still wondering how i the world to contact somebody from this organization to ask questions.
    I know this is a Necro of an old thread, but I am getting desperate here now. I am not certain if you are even responding to posts here anymore Beverly, but I have to try because it is MIND-NUMBINGLY frustrating to attempt to get in touch with anyone from First Progress for answers.
    So her goes….
    Do I need a PIN to use the card, and if so, how can I find my PIN please??
    Can I cancel the card, and get my money refunded back to me??
    HOW can I reach a live person from First Progress to discuss issues with the card??
    PLEASE, if you can, provide answers to these 3 simple questions Beverly. Thanks in advance!!

    1. Jessica

      1 866-706-5543 is first progress number you contact a live person by calling this person. Cancelling a card on your credit report will lower your score. So you might want to think about that. When you apply for the card and you are approved they send your pin number seperate and your card comes at alater date. Hopes this helps.

    2. Liz

      Ive had the same issue with contacting a live person but I kept pressing 0000000000## , 4 different times and it finally gave me a live agent . As far as your pin they sent mine separately from my credit card it came a few days after I received my card .

    3. Erica Goodin

      I can answer one of those questions because I have this card and I’ve used it… You do not need a pin #.

  3. Summer

    I submitted my application for the first progress card and it’s in review. I chose the fund it later option and paid the 29.99 shipping which is supposed to expedite the process. My question is how long does an expedited card usually take to come in the mail?

  4. A. P.

    So now i have this card for 6 months, and perfect payment history, how do i send more money to increase the credit limit, they said you can increase the limit after 6 months

  5. Samuel Birchfield

    So I got the first progress card 2 years ago, and cancelled today, said it would take 70 days for a refund but I expected them to milk the interest on my money for as long as possible. Basically I replied bc people here seem to use this card a bit too much. This card is a toy/tool to improve credit. You shouldn’t even worry about having over the minimum deposit. Don’t use it to purchase often because making payments is a pain. I bought a pack of gum or cigs about every 3 or 4 months just to keep the card active, tho I doubt they would close it bc they make interest just leaving it open. Im not bashing the card bc it really did help me turn my life around, I have ~20k in credit limits now, and I bought a house. My score is in the low 800s but was 534 when I got this card. Obviously I did lots of other things right too, and everyone’s credit story is unique and this card was a small step, but it was the first step I took. Moral of the story is use this card for building, nothing else, imagine that 300$ is gone and that you can’t use the card because if you get in a cycle of charging and paying you will screw up. That’s how you got bad credit to begin with, or rather it’s most people’s problem. Good luck.

  6. Lisa

    Does anyone have their fax number? They need a copy of my DL and utility/bank statement verifying my address.

    Thank you.

    1. veronica meadows

      Did you ever get the the fax number if so could you give it to please

  7. lee

    Credit jumped up 80 points in 3 months after opening this card and using and paying early. Not very pleased about the 10 day turn around before funds are available after making a payment, but considering that this card was so easy to get, Ill just deal with it.

  8. joy

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    1. deb
    2. Erica

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  9. Kassandra

    I applied for and received this card a little over a year ago to help rebuild my credit. I made some bad decisions in college and my score wasn’t horrible from that but was pretty low. I only did the $300 deposit and only made sure I used this monthly for small things that I knew I would have no problem paying back like gas, groceries every once in a while, etc. Then the next time I would get paid I would pay the whole thing off, not just a portion. My credit is now great and I am so happy for that!! I’m reading some of the other comments about quirks others do not like but just speaking for myself, it has worked very well helping me rebuild my credit.

  10. Rah I.

    Let’s speak honestly.. Shall we? I have had this card for 3 months and I am closing it tomorrow. I opened the account early December with my secured deposit and recieved the card before Christmas. While I have been paying close attention to my credit score via credit karma, credit sesame, and another personal credit monitoring system; this card a wrecked my credit beyond the hopes I had to repairing. My credit score dropped 44 points since this card, I have made payments every month for the past 3 months directly out of my bank account and first progress has literally declined causing late payments all 3 months. However if I go onto their website it takes 10 days for the payment to be applied. There’s no one to get in contact with, and they have not reported to the credit bureaus since they received my deposit even after speaking to customer service. Credit is serious and they have wrecked mine. I have contacted BBb as well as disputed this company on many levels. Ironically even with a credit simulator, my score will jump back up because by them not reporting brings credit utilization beyond means putting consumers at risk for denial with other credit possibilities.

    1. Wesley

      How do I close the account?

      1. James

        call the number behind your card

        1. Tricia

          Can anyone PLEASE give me the phone number on the back of the card? I lost my wallet this morning and haven’t been able to find a phone number for them to report it missing. Thanks in advance.

          1. Zachariah A Lloyd

            1-866-706-5543 is the number on the card, but be prepared for an endless battery of prerecorded messages that have NOTHING to do with anything you want to know, and do not hold your breath for the opportunity to speak to a live agent because that is hopeless with these people truly!!

  11. robert johnson

    I’m trying to rebuild my credit due to the session it has been ran over. I applied for the first progress secured card and they are in the review status. I work long hour’s and my only day off is Sunday.They called my home and wanted to ask me a few question’s and my wife explained that I was working and got home late every day but Sunday which they are closed,so she told them I am his wife I can help you and answer any question’s you have for him She stated they could only time they could talk to her is if I give permission so I had to stop working and called the only available number which was to customer service and she stated that the people in that office had left for the day and she couldn’t give me any information because she didn’t work in that area so I asked can I give you permission to let my wife answer the questions as I work long weeks and hours she replied you have to call each time to give permission or fax a hand written note stating she has access to my account. The woman that called my wife wouldn’t give my wife her name and the number that came up on caller ID went to a computer asking for the party’s name then hung up. So I really don’t know what to do the number I have goes to customer service which should be able to pull up my application or at least find out who called my wife so I can take the time to stop working to call the.

  12. Mercedes L.

    I have this card and had it for over two years. I like the card for the most part, despite the 10 day hold. I must warn everyone though, I had one issue. I made my payment on a Friday through bank account, which is the only way to pay. They didn’t apply it until Monday. Mind you, that Friday was the 31st. The first was on a Saturday, they reported that I paid late and charged me $25.00. I called them and they removed the charge but not the missed payment on my credit report. Just be careful when the due date falls on the weekend.

  13. samanta

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  14. crystal

    hello my name is crystal I happy to say that I complete with ever thought I place in with people and the ever sort that is saying when having to deal with the stock market its a plus with the credit card. exchange service is ever sort there is and can work on buying a house. with them they just thing the can talk to south Dakota still about the last time I paid my bills on a fee harvester credit cards but now of day I am in the years 2011 and the federal reserve is in place with this and I am buying a house.

    1. ave

      you need to learn English

  15. Latrice

    How do they verify income, to get approved?

  16. Theo

    First Progress,

    This card worked just fine for me. I had my account for 2 years with no issues.
    My problem came when I wanted to close the account. I had to wait 70 days to get my $300 back! 70 days!!! Ridiculous!

    I would recommend using them. They are on point with responding. I too was concerned about the lack of contact information. The 1-888-379-1075 phone number is a good number. They answered in like 4 rings, and got my issue resolved in about 2 minutes.

    1. Chaeryna Remigio

      I just signed up, was approved, and already put in my $200 deposit but after reading all the reviews I am freaking out and want to close the card immediately and cancel it. Did you have any problems canceling your card at all??? And was it actually closed?

  17. David

    I would like to know how I can check the balance on my card? Can anyone help me?

    1. Jason

      You can check your balance by logging into the customer center here: https://www.firstprogress.com/customercenter/login

      Or calling the number on the back of the card.

  18. Sarah

    I am a First Progress cardholder, I am trying to pay my bill with Western Union or MoneyGram. Does anyone know what the receive codes is for First Progress? I don’t see it anywhere on their website and it is not on my statement. Thanks for any help.

    1. Jason

      Here is the MoneyGram receive code for the First Progress Card, unless you haven’t got it yet.

      FIRST PROGRESS CARD-NXTDY (Receive Code: 14561)

      1. Josue Velazquez

        Why is it Columbia ga but on paper work Columbus ga

  19. kenneth

    so I found the number on the BBB called that and fought with the automated system for a while, finally got a person and she transferred me to their credit account department. the OFFICIAL number for that department is 1-888-379-1075. this is for anyone who like myself wanted to increase the credit limit and/or just wanted a way to talk to someone other than having to write to the company. whole process seemed strange that they don’t have a real contact number on their web site.

    1. Darren

      Thanks Kenneth, the contact phone number was a big help.

  20. TONY

    I discovered that when you use the fund latter option when applying for the First Progress,your credit card limit is sent to the credit bureaus right away.It shows as if you have the actual credit card. Even if you have not funded your card yet.It boosted my score by 50 points.
    That only works once, I tried it on a second card from from them,they will not let you do a fund latter on a second card.

    1. Lynn F

      Will just funding it add the same amount of points? Or fund later a better option?

  21. Marcus C

    Even though this review was written a couple of years ago, the information here and in the comments is still quite valuable.

    My wife and I were looking to get our credit repaired as it is trashed for us both. Mine is about 470 or so and hers is 510 or so, yea bad.

    We both use a fairly popular credit website (won’t say the name as I’m not sure i can, but we have all seen the goofy commercials) and the top recommendation for me was one of these cards, the select card in fact.

    I was a little unsure about that version because of our previously mentioned credit scores. So I did a little bit of research and looking around and ended up applying for their Prestige card, what I thought to be their lower end card.

    Now I am not a credit person financial adviser in any capacity but I am fairly certain their prestige card is actually their top tier for secured cards, based on the annual fee and the lower percentage rate. Further research does confirm this to be their better card (assuming you can handle the annual fee, which is higher) based on the lower interest rates.

    I applied, chose the “Apply now and Fund later” option as the money I intend to use won’t be in my bank for a few more days still and hit send. I stepped away from my computer for less then 5 minutes and came back to an email, saying Congratulations, you have been approved.

    Reading all the information here has taught my a couple of things about how to handle my payments with them so that nothing is tied up for too long or I do not end up in the middle of nowhere without a balance on my card.

    I do not normally post comments to these types of things but I wanted to in this case as a way to say thank you to the publisher for the original post and everyone else for all the comments. Further I wanted people to understand that even if your credit is as bad as mine(yea, remember that 470 score?) you can still get approved for their top tier card as a way to help rebuild your credit, just use it like any other card, responsibly.

  22. Kash

    If I put down $300 deposit what’s card limit $300 also ?

  23. Scott

    I have a question about this card reporting to the Credit Bureaus. I have three cards that I got to help rebuild my credit. Of the three of them, this one doesn’t show on the credit reports. Why is that?

    1. Ana

      You may want to call the credit bureau where it isn’t showing. I had this happen with equifax , turns out its not First Progresses fault.

  24. LB

    The First Progress Card AVOID at all cost. Poor customer service. No payment grace periods. They change payment options and don’t advise customers. If your looking for a GREAT SECURE CREDIT CARD THAT WILL HELP ESTABLISH CREDIT AND A CARD THAT OFFER REWARDS. CHECK OUT THE HARLEY DAVIDSON SECURE CARD ISSUED BY US BANK. THIS CARD IS RATED THE # 1 SECURE CARD FOR REBUILDING CREDIT.

  25. kg

    I applied for this card because i needed to rebuilt my credit. I got approved and started using the card. Has been ok so far, had it for 5 months. The only thing I don’t like is it doesn’t have a user friendly website to view your transactions. I use my bill pay from my bank and because of that there is not 10 day wait period. I also did the Capital one card, Put 100.00 they gave me 200.00 plus it has a App online and you can it gives u free access to ur FICO score. I started with a score of 540 now I am up to 618. Also try Express credit card. I got 300.00 3 months ago and the increased it to 300.00 more.

  26. Laura K

    I need to re-build my credit so I got this one. I got a e-mail approval for $300 and to fund. I used my debit card on a Thursday afternoon and my money was posted Saturday afternoon (2 days as they state). My available credit was the $300 less the $29 fee (as they state). I used my card, then I mailed a money order (which posts faster as stated). It posted within 5 days, but Saturday and Sunday was part of those days so I do not know if that effected the posting. My available credit today reflects the $40 money order I sent. To those of you who think it’s a bad card, then you need to read their disclosures and you will understand the rules. My only purpose in getting this card is to establish positive credit. I will use it in a small amounts each month that I can afford to pay off then mail the money order well in advance to get it paid and posted so positive payments are reflected on my credit report. To those of you that don’t understand why a online check or personal check takes to clear so long, then your bank can explain. Out of state checks and online checks take longer to post. Please take it from me, mail a money order 7 days before your due date.

    1. Charlene L.

      Thank you for the information Laura K. I just got a card to build my credit history. How do you know when the payment is due?

      1. Laura K

        You’ll get a statement like any other credit card with a remit to stub and remit to date

  27. Christan

    Hello,I am not sure if this comment made it on the blog..but I wanted to know if I start a $400 credit limit and pay a $184.15 bill with it, is that too much even though I am going to pay it off every month. Also what is a hard inquiry? Thanks for all input.

    1. Emily Meyer

      Christan, its good that you are paying it off but the best thing to do is keep your usage under 25-30% so with a 400 dollar limit ideally you want to not spend more then like 120.00 dollars on it a month, even less if you can!

  28. Christan

    Hello, my question is once you ever decide to close the account out for a unsecured card or whatever, is that a bad move or just keep the secured card along with the unsecured card. I have often heard that closing an account that has a lot of your history on it is bad. Is that true?

    1. Laura K

      I am not a financial specialist by all means, but I know that in re-establishing my credit, I have kept it open and use it on occasion because I was told by my bank that it would help me get a car loan next year.

      1. Christan

        Thanks Laura K, you have been very helpful on both of my questions.

  29. Amy

    I have the card and I am little confused on my statement. Do you have an explanation to why my state is wrong

    I only have a balance of $18.10 on it. I already made a $60 payment. However, my balance due was $29 before I paid the 60. now after I paid my balance due went up to $32 which makes no sense when i only have a 18.10 balance.

  30. sharon

    Applied for this card on 2/12/15 to rebuild my credit i got approved right after i filled out and sent my $319. in same day… Waiting on my card it said three business days, but it’s a weekend so I hope by Thursday… Ill keep ya posted

    1. tommy

      Iv been approved also its been almost a month and not even an email no card and only a po box to respond with?not happy with this cc company at all any suggestions?

      1. Deanine

        Same. It’s been weeks. I even paid for the expedition. VERY unhappy.

        Did you end up receiving your card? Also wondering what the final length of time was?


        1. Elizabeth

          Hello, I too paid the $319 with my debit card last Saturday, May 2nd and it says my deposit has been cleared but yet no card and I too paid for expedited processing. When I review their website it says it is under review/processing. I am eager for this card so I can start building my credit.

    2. Elizabeth

      Hello, I paid the $319.00 and their website says still processing. So I called 1-888-379-1075 and spoke to a very nice representative who verified some information including some creditors from my credit report. She said the card was approved and would be mailed out to me Monday, May 11th as it is the next business day and would take 7-10 days for mailing via USPS. Glad I was able to call and expedite the processing time. She did say the yearly service charge is taken out of the available credit immediately and to ask customer service when activating the card the best methods to pay to avoid the 10 day hold that is mentioned for payments.

  31. Joe

    Hi Beverly,

    I’m starting to get nervous. I made my first advance payment to fund my card at s later date. However decided to fund the 2000 desposit. ( first progress platinum secured MasterCard.

    Funded on Friday. Saturday called and the automated service stated I have 1,999 available. 29 dollars fee owed by I think February.

    Had a emergency and took a 600 cash advance of my card.
    Purchased a cup of coffee… Next thing I know… My card was declined?
    Went online… No balance or available credit.

    I should have credit available on my card?
    No customer service on the weekends.
    Is this a scam or what?

    About to call my bad..

  32. stacy

    I have this card but did not fund it yet. I actually got a Capital One card and now do not need this one anymore. Are there any penalties if I do not fund the card?

  33. Michael

    Hello Beverly, First I would like to thank you for sharing all the information with us. It has been very helpful. I also would like to share my situation with you so you can tell me if it can work out or if I should so something else. Now I am currently 23 and I have been living in Australia since I was 20. When I left the states I did not have any credit or bills so I have zero credit history. I have been saving money while working in Australia and would like to stay here a few more years to save more money for when I am ready to move back to the states and get a house. Now I am currently back in the states for christmas holiday and I have applied for the elite secured card since I have no credit at all and would like to start building it to get a house in the future. My plan if I get approved is to give the card to my mom and let her chrage it for groceries or whatever and I will pay the bill off online using my US Checking account. Hopefully after a few years I have built a decent enough credit score to qualify for a house. I would just like to know your opinion on if what I am doing can work out and build credit or if there is any easier options. When I think about all this credit stuff I feel a bit intimidated, especially since I am living overseas which makes it a bit harder.

  34. Anaj

    Well I have had my card since March of this year. It’s helped bring my credit score up 70 points since then and i have now been able to get 2 other credit cards. A capital one secured and a regular capital one card. Has anyone had experience with closing this account? Since Capital One has better customer service and ease paying bills ect…. So with that, has anyone canceled their accounts? Should I do it by certified mail? And also how long does it take for them to send your $$ back?
    Thank you!!!

    1. Mike

      Im wondering the same thing. I got this card because i had no credit because I’m just a new college student. Now i have the Capital One Platinum card and have no need for this small limit card. How do i cancel it since they don’t have that option online

  35. Robert

    I was wondering if this card returns your secured deposit at some point with good payment history, etc…?

  36. S.Sharpe

    Upon activation, how many points is your credit score increased?

    1. Faye

      I was trying to put my first deposit of $300 online, but it keep saying the card number was not valid. I tried several times but I couldn’t go through. Even thru the phone, they had to look me up under my social security. My question is how come I cannot go through the website using my account number/card number, and where should I go to complete my deposit so I can start using it. Thank you

  37. Matt

    I applied in mid-July, got a call five or so days later confirming some simple information on my application and it arrived 7/31/14. Interestingly, I got the green-colored card which I expected since my credit ratings are woefully low. I did send in a deposit of $344, and to my surprise my interest rate is listed at 11.99%, which is the rate for their top-tier card. And me credit limit is $300, and fee will be deducted from deposit on first statement. I spend $53 today and will not use it again until I pay it as that is around a balance of 17-18%, thanks for your guidance on that Beverly. My questions down the line will definitely involve rental cars, and although I WILL never get a cash advance, they said you can do so from an ATM but I was never sent a pin mailer. I’m worried as I’ll be out of country tonight through 8/10 and although a friend is gathering the mail I still worry about them sending a PIN, which with debit cards at my bank at least, always arrived two or three days before the card in a security tear-off type envelope. I’m glad to find their phone numbers on here. But in short does anyone know about PIN information coming in mail after the card? Thanks! P.S. in case of emergency and I need it while I’m out of country should I call and say I’m in a different country so it’s not declined. I do know there is a 3% fee on foreign currency transactions, minimum of $5 even is the 3% of purchase is less.

    1. Sean

      Did they eventually five you another card or you got stuck with that ugly green one? I got that same card

  38. Dallas Fort

    is it true you can use western union quick collect to pay it quicker. online it says it shows up once payment is made through wu quick collect

  39. KayKay

    Hello Beverley

    I am currently a First Progress card customer and would like to know how easy is it to obtain a second card after 6 months of good payment history.

  40. Omar

    Thank You Beverly Harzog, very informative. Im currently applying for a secured credit card, First Progress Platinum Prestige.

  41. Coach S

    So sorry to hear about the tough times that some individuals are having with this card. had I read some of these reviews before getting a card, I probably would not have applied, im glad I did apply for a $600.00 limit and was approved. Over the memorial day holiday, I used the card for a car rental and had no issues at all. when I need to check my balance on the card, I call their toll free number and gives me updated information. I have no idea how long it takes to post a payment as i pay directly through my checking account with bill pay. surprisingly, wells fargo has this bank listed as one of their merchants. so far, my experience with this card has been nothing but positive and i have no regrets about obtaining this secured credit card.

    1. Henry Collins

      Do your payments take 10 days to clear or because you do direct transfer from your bank it shows immediately?

  42. Rikki

    What credit company do the check for eligibility? Transunion, Equifax or Experian or all three?

    1. john

      Expirian is the one they do a hard inquiry but it reallying doesn’t base of your credit the only reason they check your credit is for a recent bankruptcy if you had a bankruptcy it has to have been discharged at least 30 days ago and you must meet the income requirements

    2. Henry Collins

      Rikki, i’m sure you’ll get approved no matter what your credit score is. My credit score was 700 and because i made some bad decisions it is not 510. Lowest of the low. I applied for this card and got approved. I have a repossession on my c report as well as loans that have defaulted. I’m doing better just trying to rebuild my credit to where it was.

  43. Mike

    I have a $300 credit limit is there a way to increase the credit limit on my card? or do you have to apply for a second card?

    1. john

      You can get a credit line increase for your card but you must have the card for 6 months or apply for your second and deposit more up to 2000 for the first 6 months after that up to 5000 and yes I work for first progress

    2. Dianna Lee

      I’m suspitious of First Progress specifically because the webpage that provides our balance and payment due date, etc., is so poorly designed. So, I know I’ve paid in full on particular dates – with bank direct payments, not by paper check that needs to clear – before I start using the card again…but then it’s not clear on that status/ summary page what amount is due by the due date in order to have paid in full without a fee. I imagine the lack of clarity is on purpose – like a shady salesperson giving you numers ‘in writing’, but not providing descriptors of what the numbets represent and the numbers not adding up when you look at them later. I’m no longer relying on that status /summary page…Im keeping my own detailed records. However, so far – just a few months – reporting to the credit bureaus has been satisfactory. I’m planning to leave FP as soon as possible after I get other cards, once my credit has improved further.

  44. john

    I can also help with any general information to better help you understand this card.

    1. Dallas Fort

      does a moneygram express payment post at midnight

  45. john

    I will give u some info about this card
    there are 3 cards
    Elite 29.00$ annual fee 19.99% Apr
    select 39.00$ annual fee 14.99% Apr
    Prestige 44.00$ annual fee 11.99% Apr

    We do not charge any intreset if you pay the. Balance in full before the due date usually either the first of each month or the 19th of each Mont depending on what cycle you are on.

    Any check payment whether paper or achieve will take up to ten days to process to Available credit.there is a 10.00$ fee to pay over the telephone you cannot use debit cards to pay by phone you must use your routing and checking account number.you van pay for free at http://www.firstprogress.com via the coustomer center.

    Payments by electronic bill pay or 3rd party’s such as money gramm. Will clear after 48hrs of receiving such payment.

    1. Zach Armstrong

      Hi John,

      They no longer allow me to pay by that means on the website and I am having difficulty paying my bill. I sent a payment in last month and it still hasn’t appeared on the website. I am getting really nervous because the due date is in a couple days and my payment hasn’t even been recognized. How long does it take for you to register a check payment? Also, I can not find any contact information anywhere besides a mailing address. I have been told to call in order to cancel the card. What is the number for the 29.99 card to cancel? I had an issue and it took 2 months for someone to get whole of me because there isn’t a way for us to contact you. The contact page takes us directly back to the same page we are on before we click contact us.

  46. KKelly

    I was curious if anyone gets spam/scam emails from First Progress. I began an application, but was interrupted before I could finish it. Almost immediately I began to get emails to claim a new cell phone (FREE! Just answer these questions, and presumably fill out scam offers, but I didn’t take the bait) and get my new “Chase” credit card (and oh by the way, you should probably sign up for this credit score monitoring service). I have unsubscribed from the lists, but I still get email messages.

    I was intending to go back and complete an application, but now that they’re spamming me with what can only be considered scam emails, I’ve decided NOT to go with them. It’s just WAY too unprofessional.

  47. John

    First Progress is the WORST credit card company you can possibly deal with. There’s a reason why they won’t put their phone number anywhere on their website. They don’t want to talk to you, and if you do call them they treat you like you’re a deadbeat who they’re doing a favor for, because you’re a deadbeat.

    And if you do end up with one of their cards you’ll find their ten (10) days to clear payments results in your rarely being able to use the card, because you can never tell when the payments will actually be credited.

    Go to Applied Bank. They’re very professional and helpful to their customers. They have a similar issue with crediting your payments, but they don’t treat you like dirt.

    1. Zach Armstrong


      That is very offensive to me. I am not a deadbeat but have paid in cash for everything I have ever needed. I went all through college without a credit card and went to buy a house with my wife with plenty of money and guess what they said. You have no credit history. If these things makes me a deadbeat then you are an extremely judgmental person.


  48. Stacy

    I was wanting to find out I just applied for a Secure First Progress card and hoping to get approved and cant find a email or phone number on there website and was wanting to find out if someone could help me with this so I can try to contact them about my application….
    thank u

  49. Marilee

    I went ahead, applied and received my card only to find out that no, First Progress Platinum does not have collision/damage waiver for car rental insurance even though it is a Mastercard. I never got a response on here, I assume because nobody knew, so I thought I’d share what I confirmed directly from both Mastercard and First Progress to prevent someone else from committing to a credit card that doesn’t fully benefit them. Hey, at least I have a credit card I can rent a car with now though!

  50. Tangell Pollard

    April 16, 2014: I applied and received this credit card about a month ago. It has been a total nightmare getting through customer service and getting use of my $2000 credit limit. I have talked to customer service about ten time and the last week. I made a payment April the 10th and sent in proof of id documents at the same time. My account is not pass due or overdrawn but I cannot use the card. My card has been blocked from use for the past 3 weeks. I talked to customer servive rep on /12/13, 4/15/14 and 4/16/14. On 4/15/14 I was told my card you be unblocked by midnight on that date but it was not. On today I was told I need to fax them my bank statement, why I have no idea. They had no problems drafting $2000 from my account but I am having major issues using this card. When ask for a fax number the rep Jason grave me a number that is constantly busy. Another delay tactic. I can’t wait to get away from this company. Something is fishy about this company and there customer service.

  51. Coach S

    At first I was skeptical about sending my money for this card. After reading some of the reviews on the site I was worried. While it does take about 3-4 weeks to get your card, there are several number I called to check on the status of my application 1-888-379-1075 and 1-866-706-5543. The representatives I spoke with were friendly and quickly looked up my account. I needed the card to rent a car and although this card won’t cover rental insurance on a rental car, thankfully my regular car insurance does. If you need a card to rent car, then don’t hesitate to apply for this card.

  52. marilee

    Does anyone know if this card is protected by Mastercard’s car rental insurance?


    hi i would like to know whether i should get 2 secured cc’s to help my credit build faster …. thanks

  54. Summer Mason

    Hello Beverly Ive Been Reading The Comments ANd Was A Little Confused I Have A 300 Limit You Say Keep My Balance 30 Does That Mean Spend All But 30 Or Only Spend 30

  55. George Santillan

    I Wanted to promote your credit card to my customer, however have a very hard time getting to talk to someone. When I did I was transferred waited for about 2 minutes and the recording that is number is disconnected. :)

  56. Anaj

    I had applied for a card. I was accepted and i haven’t received it yet. I was able to get a hold of someone using (888) 379-1075
    Found out the reason that I did not get my card is because they do not send it to forwarding addresses. So they will be sending out a new card and in the meantime i was able to pay my statement over the phone since i hadn’t received a statement either. I did have to hold for a bit. Maybe 10 min total between two c/s reps. I will update when i receive my card. They said another 10-14 days. I am ok with that. Especially knowing my account won’t be late.

  57. Matt

    I applied almost a month ago. Said I was approved, and that my card would be sent within 10 days. They took $1000 out of my account and I have not received my card. In 2 days I will hit the 30 day deadline to dispute the charge with my bank. If I pass the 30 days, I’m screwed out of $1000! Tried calling this company several times. Get voicemail, or just disconnects. I really feel like this is a scam, and this whole board is part of it. Headed to bank now to dispute! If this is a true company, it sucks!

  58. Chassity

    Hi, my name is Chassity and I started my online application for the First Progress green card with expedited shipping. I was approved and received my card today which is about 10 days from the application date. I did a $300 credit limit and want know what is the best way to use the card responsibly to build all three credit scores, and so far the card has been GREAT!!!!!!!!

  59. Joshua

    Hi Beverly, I keep seeing in comments and on the first progress website that I’m eligible for two cards. My question is are these two separate accounts with the same security deposit or would I have to put up an additional security deposit for the second card.

  60. Dominic


    I can not lie that I have applied for any and all types of Secured CC’S. I have been died with no questions asked even with my personal bank. I actually was on with CreditKarama.com and seen them recommend some Secured CC’S. I read the terms on three they recommended based on my information, I should be approved for. The best APR was this one so I figured lower interest is better even though the Annual rate is a little higher. I hope I made a good choose here on my first Secured Card. I was a little concerned that they took my deposit before being approved. I thought did I just get scammed and found this site! I can tell you as a graphic and web developer, it is hard to sense scams now of days. It seems like any first time credit building program this may be a pain to deal with. Yet, if there willing to help and do report to all three credit reports, I am willing to try anything. My identity was stolen at a young age and I have not been able to fix or build my credit since. Now at 29 years old making almost 90K a year I am worthless with out credit. I have paid off a great deal of mess on my credit and have even higher people to help fix my credit. I am currently in the 620 Range and hope with my car and this card I can establish some good report with the credit burrow.You have some helpful tips on here I will be coming back 😉 !

  61. Glenn

    Hey Beverly! Thanks for all the insight. I was wondering how much should I deposit if I plan using it for car rentals and travel? I am a flight attendant and I need a card for traveling and emergencies. Debit cards and prepaid cards aren’t very helpful with car rentals. Your thoughts?

  62. Jessica

    I am looking to get one of these cards. Just wondering are you able to get a secondary card on your account in your spouses name?

  63. ashley

    It’s not a scam the number was on my bank stament it was a 1888 #

  64. Mona E


    I would like to reset my online banking criteria, as I am locked out of it. I cannot remember my username or my password to retrieve my information.
    Also, I would like to request a credit check to get my security deposit back. How do I go by that?

  65. Bill

    I have had this card for a few months I sent them $1000… The online statements are never correct they make absolutely no sense…. I been trying to view my statement online now for 3 weeks been calling them every other day.. Mean while my balance is due in 2 weeks i still have not received a statement nor can I see it online… When I call they say well we could tell you what your charges are and when its due but we dont know why it has not updated or when the statement will come in the mail… GRRRRRR!!! Then I asked to speak to a manager and the rep said why there is no point… After he argued with me for 5 min he placed me on hole while i was in mid sentence… After waiting another 5 min on hold the rep came back online and said no one was available…. This is the worst company and should be put out of business…

    1. anita

      I’ve had this card for more then a year. It can be tricky but this card will definately benefit you with a little patience. First, when you try to log in if that red message pops up saying they are unable to log u in at this time, don’t give up. There is a glitch on the website. While that red message is still on the screen go to the bottem. You will see an option that says customer center. Once you click that option the page should open up for you. Also, dont expect a detailed statement including recent transactions. They stopped showing that a long time ago. But, you will be able to see when payments are due and posted. You will also see your balance and due date. This card definately has issues but it will increase your credit score enough to help you to get better cards.

  66. salim

    hello beverly,
    so i was apply for first progress secured credit card but i never receive it since november 23, so if you can give me the right phone number wish i can join some one to answer me
    thank you

  67. Paz

    Hello Beverly, I recently applied for the secured card, did a $300 limit, and was starting to get worried when I realized how long the process took, then I found your site and it really helped ease my mind. I just got into the final stage of the application (its being reviewed by the Credit Dept.) and I was wondering about how long that might take, if anyone knew from experience? When I actually get my card I plan on writing a longer review of how everything turns out, and then a few months after I will do another just to update. But again I was just wondering how long the process actually took some of you?

  68. Dominic Giusti

    I recently got this card. The whole process took about 3 weeks to get the card in the mail.

    Some clarifications:

    1) The whole process took around 3 weeks since I opted not to expedite. I did see throughout that I could expedite but chose not to, so I can’t comment on it.

    2) I found the setup fairly simple. First Progress just gave me a link to a website where I could check on the status. Very simple. I’ve seen some comments on here where people are expecting a phone call and I found that a bit ridiculous. If you check the status on the website they gave you, you can see what’s going on with your account. At one point I checked it and saw a note to call them. I did. They wanted to verify some information on my credit report before I could be approved. Took 5 minutes and before I was off the phone they said your approved! Expect your card in the mail in 7-10 days. Got it in 5-6. Simple.

    3) YOU WILL HAVE A HARD INQUIRY ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT!!!! I am one of those that use my credit monitoring on a monthly basis to see changes in my credit report. I had a hard inquiry on my report so I can tell you that it is unwise to assume that there won’t be regardless of what you here from customer service reps.

    4) They do report to all three credit bureaus. Make your payments on time because your card use will be reported every month. That’s the point though isn’t it?

    5) They gave me the option to get a second card if I needed it. Not sure if that is the deal with everyone or not. Thought it would have been nice if I did simply because they wouldn’t need to run my credit again. No other hard inquiries.

    Just my 5 cents. Hope this answers some questions. FYI- So far I’m happy with them.

  69. Robert

    Hi Beverly!It is Robert again. I posted around July… and need a little more direction/advice… I am looking to purchase my first home… but the broker says my credit isn’t the “strongest” and that I should have open at least 2 secured credit cards. Would it be safe to say if I open up another First Progress secured card would lender’s look at it as 2 separate credit cards- or because they are from the same credit card company/bank they will consider this the same… hope this makes sense… thanks!

  70. jp

    I sent a few hundred dollars to open this account. It was approved and they took the money out of my bank account, but 3 months later and I dont have the card yet. I called and they said they sent it, I called again,and they said they will send it again. Does anyone know if this company is a scam, if so, we need to get in contact with the fbi or other consumer protection bureaus. any comments

  71. sherisha smith

    Hi I have a quick question if I put the Minimum down 300 and annualy they take 39 dollars that means I have 271 left so basically meaning my credit limit is 271 not 300, or should I just put 339 down. Is this correct? Or lets say every new cycle they take out 39 and I just pay that in full to make that 300 again does that count as me paying off a debt even if its the annual fee

  72. Sammie

    Beverly, thanks to you and your site I have applied for the green platinum card and also did expedite shipping for $20 with credit limit of $400 and it only took a little less than a week to arrive(might have been sooner if not for the holiday) and can’t wait to start rebuilding my credit score. Thanks for the great advise and peace of mind.

  73. Victor

    Beverly, Your site has been very helpful in answering some of my questions. I just applied for the rush order for the Platinum select card. I wanted to apply for two cards but checked the option to check status first and lost the opportunity to apply for a second card. When I attempted to the same day apply for another card it advises that I have a duplicate request already pending. I could not find the customer service number and your site has provided the number. I will also try the live chat to see how I can apply for a additional card and have them come at the same time. Would you recommend a certain amount that I should put on the secured card or start with $300? I was going to do $350 or $400.

  74. Robert

    Beverly! Let me first say I am excited to finally be working on repairing my credit after two years of neglect. And I stumbled on your website and want to say “thank you”! Getting your credit back on track is a daunting task, but glad to have found resources to help me along the way. I also First Progress has been good. yes you do wait a little longer for your card, but I am trying to keep my eye on the prize and just be patient… Now to my questions… If I have a “security lock” on my credit… Can First Progress report good credit every month with the 3 credit bereaus? And will my Fico continue to climb with this security lock in place? When making payments on my credit card should I wait for my statement or should I pay the balance off before my statement is sent to me?

  75. Ray

    Hi Beverly,
    First Progress has been nothing but a 10 in my book, sure you may have to wait alittlee longer than you would like to hear back from them, but you will get your card. As for the customer service number the one on the website has disappeared. For card-holders it’s on the top of the card the numbers you have posted are good though. You may have to keep calling to get a rep and as someone said, “don’t look at the charges and balances on the website,call, call, call. Have them explaiin it to you then you’ll be able to look at the info on the website, and at least be able to make some sense of that info. Everything is a wait game with them just sit back and wait your money is not going to be stolen and the upgrade is every 6 months another waiting game but it’ll come thru.

  76. Candy

    This card is not working out for me so far.

    Today I looked at my balances. My current balance is $167.85, and I haven’t charged anything recently that could be pending. The minimum payment for this month is listed as $246.97.

    This isn’t the first issue I’ve had. For months there has been a sort of “phantom” charge, where my credits and debits do not equal the total amount due. At the end of April I supposedly had a balance of $548.47 – higher than my credit limit – where according to my purchases and payments made, I should have had a credit of $251.59.

    Today when I went to see why my minimum payment was so high, I found that the Recent Transactions link has disappeared from the website. There is no way now to determine what is going on.

    Either they have severe database problems, or someone is stealing my money.

  77. Houston Chau

    Hello Everyone,

    Like most of you, I am trying to re-establish my credit. Therefore, I have applied for this secured credit card, and also one with Capital One. And here is my take on these two banks. With First Progressive, you have to deposit your money right away…then sit there for about a week before they send you a reply to let you know what is going on. When I tried to reply back to their email, my email got kicked right back as if the email that they used to send me never exist. I have spent hours to find First Progressive’s phone number on their website. I could NOT find it anywhere. At least not until I find this blog. At this point in time, I still don’t know what is going on but I am going to give it about a week more.

    As for Capital One, I don’t have to deposit the money right away. I applied and wait for about a week…I didn’t hear anything back from them. So I call them (Yes, their phone number is listed very clearly) and immediately I got a real person on the phone explains to me the whole process. I am working with Capital One right now, and should have everything resolve very soon…well…at least I hope. But the important thing is that I feel much…much more comfortable with Capital One then with First Progressive.

    I hope this will help.

  78. crystal

    OK, so I have to say that I was just about to leave a comment complaining that I couldn’t contact First Progress …. than before I clicked the “Post Comment” button, I decided to pick up the phone and try again. and WALAHH I had no issues!

    Here is my experience SO FAR!

    I applied Friday June 5th, consistently checked the status of my card, today I received a phone call while grocery shopping asking me to verify information regarding my credit report. I stupidly couldn’t do that because I only have two things in my credit report, one I didn’t know about and the other (my student loans) I couldn’t remember the name of my provider, so I asked the representative if she could call me back when I was back at home. She said she would call back and leave a message with the information I needed along with the number and fax number so I could get back in touch with them when I had it.

    I came home and checked my credit report so I would have that information, checked my voice mail to get the phone number…the whole thing was a little muffled so I couldn’t understand the full number. I eventually put in the right number which was 888-379-1075 and reached a representative.

    She was very easy to talk to, very helpful. I verified the information they needed and she said I should recieve my credit card within seven business days. At this point we will see what happens.

    I really wanted to let others know who are probably searching the web freaking out because they can’t find a contact number, that I was able to get ahold of them, her name is Sherri and I explained that I couldn’t find the number on the site and she gave me the main customer service number 866 706 5543… which of course I just called to make sure it works and it does. Anyway, thats where I’m at right now. I will let you know how the rest of the process works! :)

  79. Sharon Holmes

    Watch out for this bunch. Sent the card to the wrong address. 10 business days to get a replacement. Local bank may be better choice.

  80. Becky Ferguson

    Ok, so when I was completing the application online, it asked for my street address….. which I gave. MY MAILING address is a RR Route ( still have mail lady bring mail to my house out in the country) IT WOULD NOT TAKE RR Route, so I put in my street name. NOW i have a proof of address problem …. they say I need to prove my street address by a phone bill, etc… well all of my bills are my RR Route #…… i am getting NOW WHERE , what should I do, I already paid $300.00 down……. HELP ME PLEASE>

  81. Fee

    Hi-After reading all these reviews, my question is if your application is being review in 14 days and they don’t approve it. When do they refund your deposit?

  82. Tiana Fotualii


  83. Becky Ferguson

    Has anyone used this card to rent a car ? that is the only reason I am applying……

  84. Tony

    I applied and funded the black card. I applied on the 15th, my $500 security deposit taking out of my account on he 21st of of same month, MAY, 2013. I still have not received my card yet. No phone number to call and no email address. This is not a good sign. What should I do

  85. Nt Urz

    Hi I just applied for my first progress platinum card and need to know if I placed 300.00 for a security deposit how much of the 300.00 should I use on a monthly bases

  86. Sheri

    I just want to know if my application was approved but dont have a number for them. Can you provide me a valid phone number?

  87. CJL

    Do they say how you can increase your credit limit from your initial security deposit?

  88. Laurel Brennan

    after reading all the posts I was in the process of the online app. tried to call the number listed just to ask the question that was not answered above (is it reported as secured to credit agencies?). not a valid number…not a good sign…not completing the app

    1. Carolyn

      It’s NOT reported as a “secured” credit card to the bureaus, which is nice. And it’s pretty easy to get accepted. But beware that they do a hard inquiry, even if they claim they’ll only do a soft inquiry. And there’s a 10-day hold on any payments so, not only can you not have an updated balance for over a week, but you also cannot make any additional payments. Whereas with my other secured card from BOA, I can make multiple payments in same day if I want to and it’s processed immediately.

  89. 1way2go

    Lets say I open the account with a Frist Progress. If I send in $2000.00 how long before I recieve my security deposit back?

  90. Ryan

    I secured this card to boost my credit. I actually “purchased” the green and black one on 4/6. I received the green card around 4/15 (7 business days). I still have Not received the black one as of 4/20 (10+ business days).

    One complaint I have so far is it seems very difficult to get a hold of anyone in customer service (no email, a vague voicemail that doesn’t even list office hours).

    Another complaint I have is they did a hard hit on my credit when they said they wouldn’t.

    Another complaint is the “customer care” (where you can track your purchases and your balance) is a little misleading or at least hard to follow. I have a $300 credit limit (my deposit). The annual fee is “charged” to my account and added onto my “current balance”. My purchases are then added to my “current balance”. This scared me to see that my “current balance” was at $67 when I KNEW I hadn’t spent over $200 in the 3 days I’ve had my card. It wasn’t until I was in the middle of writing this complaint that I had the epiphany of what “current balance” means. It’s not how much money I’ve given them. It’s the “charges” I’ve made and will owe at the end of each month. The easy way to think about it is to just forget about your initial deposit ($300 in my case) because it doesn’t come into effect outside of naming a “credit limit”. You will still have to make payments every month. The only difference is they earn interest on your initial deposit and you do not. (Smart for them)

    Other than that, every place I’ve used my card has worked. Once I use it a few more months (and I trust them), I’ll probably bump my credit limit up to $500 and start putting my automatic bill pays on there.

    Oh… one HUGE PLUS for this card is that you can fund it with another credit card. I actually used my American Express to fund these two cards. So I was able to receive my Hilton Rewards points on the money I spent funding this card. I hope I can pay my bill using my Amex too. :-)

    Overall, I would say the card is 7 out of 10 because it works everywhere I’ve tried it. It has 3 out of 10 customer service (still haven’t received 2nd card). It has 4 out of 10 “customer center” (website is difficult to understand and lags 24 hours on purchases and it makes it hard to keep track via online. The reason I gave it 7 out of 10 is because its easy to qualify for, very low fees, no hidden fees, and does the ONLY job that really matters to most of us… boost our score by putting good credit history back on our report. I hope this helps.

  91. cehz

    So the refundable deposit will not go back to your checking account but they will use that to put as your credit limit to your First Progress card? Is this like a loadable card but the difference is they report to 3 credit bureaus? Please reply..

  92. paul

    i would say i have had this card for over a month . and when i got my bill i paid it in full and right when i got my bill threw my checking account. it took like 2 business days and then money was out of my account and they didn’t hold my funds for 10 days before it was credited to my credit limit. customer service was fine when i had a question . this was the first secured card i got and now thinking about getting a us bank secured card so i can have more then one account open. just rebuilding my credit and my vantage score went up 70+ points after i put a 300 dollar deposit. my score was in the 500’s now its in the 600’s. btw it took about 17 business days to get the card without the rush application process. good luck and i would get this card if your thinking about it.

  93. Kim

    So after reading some of the post I decided to contact them and was told that they pull your credit report and view the items, thay just dont look at your credit score. It’s best to read all the fine print.

  94. Michael Newell

    Would have been nice if Kim had elaborated on HOW LONGn she used her card, which of the 3 secured First Progress cards she used, etc.
    I applied this morning and chose First Progress over Wells Fargo Secured card because their site info said that for an additional $20, they’d expedite your card & you’ll receive it withing 5 days.
    So I filled out the application carefully and would have bet the farm that I’d read EVERYTHING, including attachments, warnings agrreement rules, laws etc but I found NOTHING about expediting or paying $20 for 5 day service and I completed the forms, page-by-page. Then I used LiveZilla Chat help thingee and a Betty Baker told me that it WAS inn the application process but couldn’t email a copy or provide contact info for anyone anywhere anytime that could expedite the card.
    Bad start. I already wish that I’d chosen Wells Fargo but First Mofo has my $300 and I’ll probably be dead 3 yrs.
    before it could be refunded.
    I also did a comparison of the 3 First Progress Secured Cards and I’m damned if I could finf any difference other than their FEES.

  95. Joan

    I also applied for this card and my money was taken immediately but no response or confirmation of any kind now and it has been a week. I also called and got an answering service. What kind of Bank doesn’t answer the phone? I’m now waiting to see if anyone calls me back….

  96. Joaquin

    I was almost finished with filling out the online application when I came to the Funding Your Security Deposit section. This is what’s written here and I don’t get it:

    “While the pre-screened confirmed offer is not available to you at this time, you are invited to make your fully-refundable Security Deposit below as you still may be approved for the First Progress Card. If you do continue with the application, we may need to ask you for additional documentation or information to confirm your identity and will obtain a consumer credit report because the pre-screened offer is not available to you.

    Please note that your Security Deposit is fully-refundable upon closure of your account and payment of any outstanding balance in accordance with your Cardholder Agreement.”

    Not available to me at this time??? I thought you didn’t need a minimum score or a credit check!

    Does everyone get this? Or am I singled out because of something in my credit report? But how would they know anything about my credit report in like 2 seconds?

    Should I go ahead and put in the deposit and HOPE that I’m qualified for this card? Thanks!

  97. Kim

    Now that I’ve used the credit card for a little while and have significantly increased my credit score (was able to purchase a car via small car loan, then obtain an unsecured credit card), I would like to cancel my First Progress card. But I can’t find anywhere on their website that helps me with that. Can anyone give me a suggestion? And no, I don’t want to leave my name and number on an answering machine!

  98. Missy

    I am considering getting a first progress card to help rebuild my credit. My main question that no one seems to mention is does this card show up to the credit b as a secured card? I was told that this can also hurt your credit if it is reported as a secured card. I would appreciate it if anyone who has this card already could answer this question.

  99. John

    I filled out an application 1/10/13 waited a few weeks and no contact of any kind. I sent 2,000.00 electronic check off their web site. By February I was not comfortable without contact. I had to Google them to find the contact number. Well on 2/4/13 I got customer service and told them to return my funds since it was obvious the card wasn’t being processed and could have already got one from my local bank. Well today is 2/19/13 and no refund!! So WARNING IF YOU THINK THEY ARE REPUTABLE!! I called my bank to dispute the transaction. FYI after I requested my money back they sent me a form letter to say they were trying to contact me but never did despite having my email and phone number and that a fraud alert I had on my account was preventing them from processing the card. Guess it prevented them from calling or mailing me sooner to!! I don’t want this bank card now and wonder if I hadn’t called if I would have been noticed or notified at all.

    Blood sucking banks!! I will also complain to the AG and Banking commission the longer it takes to get the refund. This comment is my first complaint and will re post if any new information becomes available.

    If this is a reputable bank I am shocked because it seems to be more a scam so beware!

  100. Matthew

    I signed up for my card last month… Used it a few times already and it’s been great! Look forward to using it more. And getting out of the bad credit pit.

  101. Mike

    The card Is available in Maine and NY…I’m in Maine and I just received it.
    I had called customer service about the application status and was told the card would be here in 5 to 7 days. The card arrived 4 days later!
    Customer service was fine over the phone and I look forward to the benefits of better credit!

  102. Amy

    Hi. Has anyone been able to use this card for car rentals? I have a trip coming up and need a secured card but seems car rental companies are declining what they deem to be pre paid type cards. Anyone?

  103. Carolyn

    I just wanted to update my original comment about whether or not First Progress does a hard inquiry or not.

    After my first post, I called their customer service line on 2 different occasions and spoke with 2 different reps. One of tough questions I asked for clarification of their claim to “NOT check credit reports or require a minimum credit score.” I asked them if that specifically meant they don’t hit applicants with a hard inquiry. Both reps promised that First Progress only performs SOFT inquiries, which is to basically ensure you are who you say you are.

    So I decided to bite the bullet and apply for one of their secured cards on 1-1-13. Within 24 hours, the deposit was withdrawn from my checking account. (Which usually means they have accepted you–and is true for my case.) Of course that is good news.

    But things took a turn for the worse when last night (1-11-13), Experian sent me an email alert that First Progress just performed a HARD inquiry! When I called First Progress to demand an explanation, they were apologetic that I was lied to (more than once!) but they supposedly can’t do anything to remedy the situation.

    Although I understand most financial institutions require credit checks and therefore perform hard inquiries, I’m outraged that First Progress CLAIMS they don’t–but then turns around and does them anyway. (That’s much worse than just being upfront in the beginning!) Personally, I don’t want to do business with companies that blatantly LIE to me, especially so early in the “relationship.” Talk about starting things off on the wrong foot!!!

  104. Carolyn

    PS: By “X” and “X” I meant “Elite” and “Prestige.”

    So… just for clarification:
    Platinum SELECT is the black card (and the one reviewed here).
    Platinum ELITE is the green card (also secured but with 19.99% APR)
    Platinum PRESTIGE is the blue card (also secured but with 11.99% APR)

    The best thing to do is visit their website and compare each of the 3 secured cards to determine which is the best for you. Good luck everyone!

  105. Carolyn

    Funny side note: This creditor’s name is actually even LONGER than you mentioned! It’s “First Progress Platinum Select (or X or X, depending which secured card you choose). That’s right, folks! First Progress offers 3 different secured cards!

    And for those of you with REALLY bad credit, rest assure they accept virtually everyone since they don’t check your credit report or require a minimum score. However… I’m not 100% certain that this means you also avoid a hard inquiry hit on your report. (More inquiries = ding to your credit score.) So maybe someone else can clarify that?

    Another good benefit about this secured card is that they offer a grace period (which I believe is critically important). So, as long as you pay your balance in full each month, you won’t have to pay any interest! (As opposed to other secured cards, like Open Sky from Capital Bank and options from Applied Bank, who start charging interest the moment you make a purchase.)

    Lastly, I just want to warn everyone to be VERY CAREFUL not to confuse them with First Premier. First Progress and First Premier look so similar that I was constantly mixing them up! But First Premier is more of a predatory creditor, whereas First Progress is quite decent. So beware to not their their similar names confuse you!

    1. Tina

      Hi just applied for the First Progress Green card on 6/17/13 I am waiting to see if I am approved or not. They took out my $500 deposit the same day out of my account. I will write later to let you guys know what happens next.

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