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  1. Jean Louissaint

    First premier credit is the worst card anybody could get,they always try anything possible to make you pay a fee either is for “expedited service” or “your card was decline and you have to pay a late ”
    So when agree to pay late fee you can use the same card and it’s not going to be decline again,so please I’m begging you people ,do not get a first premier card,they gonna ruin your life…

  2. James

    Hi Beverley.
    Just found your blog. I’ll keep an eye on your site. Really great. I’m 18, I applied for several cards. I got sent a first premier card. Yepp, $75 yearly, 36% interest ECT. I’m not sure, what exactly to do. I paid the $95 processing fee. I have not used it or done anything. I plan to open a business, so I want to build credit for a business loan. I don’t really have the money for a secured card.
    I’m just looking for some advise.

    If I cancel now before using it..
    1 will I have to pay anything?
    2 will it hurt my credit

    If I choose to keep it…
    1 how can I avoid their crazy fees
    2 how much extra would I pay monthly if I pay the full balance on time

    what do you suggest?

    please email me any advise, please and thank you


  3. rebecca

    hi i just got a first premier credit card with a 700 dollar credit limet no other credit card companys will touch me i have not opend the accout yet bc i have been wanting to do some resurch first..i need a credit card to rebuild my credit bc of bankrupsy what i was wanting to do was use the card like a bank card if i spend 100.00 bucks on it then come home and pay the 100.00 bucks back will i still have fees i have never had a credit card my hole life …so if i spend 20.00 bucks for gas then come home and pay the 20.00 bucks back i don’t want to have to pay any more then what i used….please let me know if this will work with out any fees at all

  4. Jay

    I just paid the processing fee for this card yesterday. My Fico is a miserable 582, and my transunion is sitting at 161. I tried just about every other option I could find – including department store cards – just to get an open revolving account. My SOLE purpose with this card is to put my gas on it and pay it off. The $95 fee and the $75 annual fee stings a little, but if It helps me achieve my goal of increasing my score to buy a house…

    Well, thats just the price I have to pay for getting myself into the situation I’m in. For me, this card is a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Evelyn Carter

    I just paid the $95.00 today and now I’m just reading this wow omg can you tell me what should I do send me something to my email thanks…..

  6. Carolyn

    Hi Beverly,

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog; it’s been very helpful for trying to wade through the hefty decision on which card(s) to choose!

    …I saw your list of reviews for secured cards (which was beyond helpful!) and was wondering if you also kept your promise to rate various unsecured cards for those with bad or fair credit?

    Personally, I’m on the cusp of venturing into “fair” territory, but am currently still considered bad. So it would be really interesting to get your take on what unsecured options there are for people like me.


  7. patricia

    i never had a credit card i could not get one because of credit,i fiannly recevied one ,first premer card,i spent all that money,now i trying to pay it back ,i get a little money each month,and money is tight,if someone could help me and can tell me what to do i would appreciate it.

  8. Dee

    Yes absolutely,a yellow list for “cautions” is indeed a great idea.

    That is very interesting to hear about Citi. I hope they disclose the terms, however,I find it odd that a public company,especially a bank have made it difficult to access the terms.Very suspicious to me…

  9. Dee

    Hello Beverly,

    You can make a list called the “red list” which is credit cards people should absolutely stay away from.

    Then there is the “green list” which is more favorable credit cards and doesn’t rip off consumers.

    I have seen so much negative reviews on this card, it is insane. People who have reviewed this card on their respected website have rip this company secured card apart, and consumers not holding back on their comments have howl the same sentiments. I feel bad for the consumers who have this card and doesn’t know what they’ve got them self into by paying all these fees.

    Very bad card indeed.

    P.S. What do you think of the Citibank Secred Credit Card?

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