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  1. Bonnie


    so I got this card like 2014? I had used it and I abused it and it went to collections, they recently sent me a requested letter stating, I can open a new card, transfer the balance with 0 interest for a year and pay it off and they will change the status on my credit of not paid to paid, I am making my payments, $400 limit (what I owed) and I have not had any problems yet.

  2. Lon

    I don’t know why people get this card and then complain about it. I just got mine in the mail and I’m not sure sure if I’m going to activate it. All of the fees and charges are spelled out and easy to see, they are not hidden. Now, if they add on fees that aren’t disclosed, that’s a different story. I am more angry at our legislators for allowing card companies to be able to charge such ridiculous amounts. The biggest scams are perpetuated by the “reputable” companies – where they can raise interest rates on existing balances for virtually no reason at all. In 2010, I had 5 cards with a toal limit of 20K and total balance of about 15. Citicard raised my rate from 6 to 25% – I had no late payments or over limits on any card or load in over five years. The only strike against me was that my debt to available was a little too high. To rectify this I pay down two cards significanty – and their response was to decreae my limits! It should be illegal to increase intereset on existing balances. These craze rates should be illegal. Charging annual AND monthly fees should be illegal. Should they be able to charge a premium for high risk people? Sure, bit within reason. Why are the banks allowed to do this? Because they write the laws. Congress doesn’t even understand the bills the pass – in some cases, they just copy and paste what they’re given by the lobbyists into law. We only have one recourse, which is pie in the sky and will never happen. Don’t use plastic – ever, not even ATM cards. Use cash for everything. Don’t pay online, pay your bills with checks. Or in person with cash. Support your local merchants and pay in cash – they have to pay a fee and or percentage of each POS card transaction, and end up raising prices to cover this. If you must use a car, use it in place of cash and pay it off before interest hits – DON”T USE CARDS FOR LOANS! If your intereset is being raised, take the option to close the card and pay off the balance at the current rate. So you want that new TV or gadget or phone. WAIT and SAVE for it. Then buy something used in good condition. Yes, you will have to bite the bullet, but it’s only for a year and you will be glad you did.

  3. brickhouse492

    This was the first card I have ever had and I am grateful for them. I was never late and I couldn’t get a card any where else at the time. I never missed a payment. After the fee, I never did that again! my interest rate is 19.905 for cash and credit. if you are ready to be responsible, you shouldn’t have a problem. you have to pay. I have $3100 credit because I added thousands of dollars to this secured card. unfortunately, I can’t close it because it’s the oldest card I have. I have always had a balance so they have never offered me an unsecured card but I’m going to pay it off now and see what happens. I’m 4 years in…and I have better cards now. like Capital one

  4. Jessica Hackerd

    I owe this card money like 400 dollars. if I pay that off will i get my cc back to use again? planning to pay it off next month.

  5. Richard

    After only the first month of having this card, my Transunion score went up 61 points from 507 to 568! And my Equifax up 15 points from 515 to 530! (Equifax has more hard credit inquiries 9 compared the Tu’s 3)

  6. Erica

    This is by far the worst card I ever had (and I have plenty of cc’s). I have paid my balance in full and will follow up with the status/process of cancelling this card. With the monthly, annual, and thousands of other fees this card is a BIG SCAM!! I don’t even know the charges I made on this card and I have always had no more than a 99 dollars available credit amount (cl 700) I have never been late on a payment, but I did have over the limit charges how I have no clue if I haven’t used this card in months maybe even a year. Just check and the 99 dollar credit I had now is 66 dollars this company is full of crooks, I will take the few point deductions off my credit score to get these ppl out of my life. You are better off getting a Capital One card, that’s fair and don’t have any any hidden charges! Again I will be cancelling this card the minute my balance is zero. I will never ever deal with this company again in life!!

    1. Jennifer Podvin

      Worst card I have ever had too. I just paid them off in full and am done with them for good! Never again!

  7. Sheka

    I paid my first premier card with a check by mail 8 days before my due date which was January 13th they received the payment on the 16th of January and posted it to my credit account as over the limit and I was charge a late fee of 27.00 dollars it still saying over the limit and has not giving me any available credit yet I paid way over the balance due this is my first card has anyone experience this.

  8. Shemeka Williams

    I have recently received this card. I have read the reviews. So is this card so bad? I really want to establish
    my credit. Is there other cards that are better that I can apply for with bad credit.. Im open to any help

  9. Breean Knightley

    I know it’s desirable to pay the balance in full each month, but does it make a difference (positive or negative) in how the account is reported to bureaus?

    1. John B

      You never want to pay the balance in full. There is a rule that you should only be using no more than 30% of your total credit. This is your utilization rate. Ideally, use less than 10%. I called FirstPremier and my payment is due the 17th and they report to the credit on the 23rd. My card has a limit of $300 so if I charged $250 I would make a payment for $221 to leave a balance of $29.00. When paying the balances in full you are not showing the bureaus that you are responsible holding a balance and intern your score does not go up. Again, by paying the balance in full when First Premier takes the picture (not literally) of your account it will send a zero balance which is as if you are not using your card

  10. Tee

    This is the worst card ever. I opened it to rebuild my credit I was offered $600. There is an annual fee of $79 plus $8 a month even after you pay the fee. If you make 5 payments before the due date it does not count towards anything except your credit limit so on that note you will be charged a late fee. Then the next year you are charged $12 per month annual fee plus a higher fee of I believe $87. And they have an automated system of which you can pay but there will be an $11 charge in order for it to be accounted for your payment due date. Once i pay this off I will never use this card again or recommend it to anyone.

  11. Shyica Stokes

    I’m not really sure about first premier credit card, but after filing chapter 7 my fico score was 488 & when I open up credit with first premier, within a 2-3 weeks it jump up to 550. So far no complaints, just have to wait and see what happens.

  12. Derrick Brooks

    This card has been good to me. Never had any problems from them personally. I was late on a payment and as to be expected I was charged a late fee. When I went over my limit they worked with me to get rid of excess fees. I’ve gotten everything under control now and I see that they report each month to the credit bureaus.

  13. mcvegan

    I have horrible credit and can’t seem to even get an apartment! I stay with friends. Anyway my horrible story I was homeless…now I want to rebuild everything. My question is about this on p4 says I have 85 days to pay that$95fee. Can I pay the $75 now and the $95 next month and be ok? What do you think of my situation?

  14. Anthony

    FROM BEING DENIED TO APPROVED FOR $1500 CREDIT. WOW! I cannot believe the negative reviews here. A majority of these reviews are from those who failed to provide a correct routing number or are 13 minutes later after the due date. Stop criticizing this bank, it is YOUR fault and YOU failed to agree with the terms, rate and fees. I have been with this card for 5 months and I have NEVER had a problem or had to contact customer support. This card helped me dramatically with my credit score.
    I had a debt on my credit report that belonged to a relative with a similar name. I was denied for every single credit card because of that debt. At that time my TransUnion score was 540 and no Equifax score. I applied for a First Premier Bank credit card and was approved after I had verified my identity with a representative over the phone. That representative was extremely nice to me, had patience and spoke very well English. A week later they sent me my orange card with my name on it with a $300 limit. I never paid the $95 processing fee. Since I had the card on hand I paid the fee with my debit card and the credit card was activated immediately. I contacted the credit bureaus and they removed that debt I mentioned earlier after sending them documents. I had a perfectly clean credit score with only a few inquiries.
    I started with $220 available credit since a $75 annual fee was deducted automatically and I registered an online account for a one-time $4.95 fee. Online statements weren’t available until a week later. My first bill came in two weeks later with a minimum payment of $30. I maxed out this credit card with only $3 left in credit, paid $100 with my debit card over the phone for FREE and was charged $5.65 in interest (36% APR). These fees were specifically on the terms and I was not charged for any additional fees within during the 6 months of use.
    Within the first 3 weeks my TransUnion score went from 540 to 610! Another week later my Transunion score jumped to 620! After 5 months my Transunion is now 690 and my Transunion is 680!!! All with just ONE secured credit card. All you have to do is pay the minimum payment, THAT’S IT! I don’t understand why some people can’t follow that simple rule. Yes, I was a bit awry about the fees but I did it for the sake of my credit and guess what? I was JUST APPROVED for a $1500 credit limit with Capital One who DENIED me before I applied for this card. I don’t even need this card anymore, but as long as its open my score keeps going up and up. I recommend this card temporarily until you resolve your credit crisis.
    Thank you First Premier Bank!

    1. Jeremia Rivera

      Thats my situation because Fingerhut but an invalid derogatory comment on my credit and caused my score to drop 20+ points and I was decline for a apartment right down the street. So now I’m homeless and need to boost my score up fast. For a whole year I have been paying my bills on time. I even have two capital one cards but Fingerhut screwed my credit even after they gave me a full refund.

    2. Jeremia Rivera

      What city are you in? And does that matter.

    3. marte

      ok!! this guy works for the bank. So you know anytime a person pays 220.00 a year for a 700.00 credit limit… you must be insane. i read the condition and terms it looks like they target people who are extremely desperate for credit. I think there are far better offers even a secured card that would not require such rates that your paying them almost 10% of your available credit. for $700.00 limit its 174.00 a year in monthly charges and 49.00 a year annual fee. that is 220.00 a year just to have a credit card.. crazy.. so yea sir i think you work for the bank, or are related to someone in that bank,

  15. Marissa

    I just got my card today, and I don’t want it after reading these reviews. I know I don’t have to pay the 75.00 because I will no be opening but do I still need to pay the 95.00 even if I don’t want to open it or anything?? Please let me know ASAP.

    1. stephanie wilson

      I received my card today and I also don’t want it after the reviews. I didnt pay the 95.00 yet. Did you find any information out on how to cancel it? Thanks

  16. Kijwana

    Hi Beverly!
    OK so I just applied,haven’t received anything yet but im a responsible person,so which steps should I take to stay on top of the game.please help

  17. Kijwana

    OK so I just applied,haven’t received anything yet but im a responsible person,so which steps should I take to stay on top of the game.please help

  18. Mike

    Hey Bev,
    Love your information. First Premier are my two oldest revolving credit lines, should i close? I do have newer good credit lines over the last 4 years.

  19. Angel

    Hi Beverly

    I just recived this card in the mail and I need to put a purchace of 325 on it. What do you recommend if I use it due to being low on money? Are the monthly payments the same as others? Example 25 dollars a month on top of the 30 monthly fee?

    1. NN

      if you need a credit card just to survive then you dont need a credit card. thats the equation for Failure!!! the way the game works is that you get it but dont use it. pay it down and then maybe charge small items such as gas weekly/biweekly but not for major purchases. if you need more money then maybe consider alternate ways to increase flow i.e. a 2nd job, roommate, or downsizing.

  20. Heidi

    I had this card for 6 years, and the 300 dollar credit limit NEVER increased. When I got it, I had really poor credit and the high fees were my only option, My other card was an Orchard Bank—-which was taken over by Capital One in 2013, and the credit limit increased on that card at least once a year automatically until it was a respectable 2500. Once I’d repaired my credit and applied and was accepted for cards from Citi and a Capital One venture card for 10,000, that first premier card was still at 300 dollars—but they were happy to send me an offer for a SECOND account at First Premier, with a 700 limit and all of those fees all over again. I passed on that and was thrilled to close my First Premier this week. I was also very angry about a fraudulent charge that they decided to keep on my bill after I disputed it because the vendor ‘provided proof that my name and address were given during the transaction and I was responsible for it’ — but then I escalated my complaint (because the company didn’t exist and the 800 number associated with the transaction was just a heavily accented voicemail telling you to contact them at a nonexistent email address)— I gave up on getting that charge removed, but was surprised to see that they actually removed it a week after I closed my account and I have a credit. Will I get a check for the $9.94 amount? I am not holding my breath.
    I will say that First Premier’s customer service reps were actually pretty great. I was going through a period of unemployment after grad school a few years ago and they really did work with me while I was unable to pay the full minimum payments.

    But if you have ANY kind of choice—please don’t give first premier your money. I was SO happy when I ditched that account!!

  21. Amie

    I just received the First Premier Credit Card. I have good credit and didn’t know it was for people with poor credit. I was shocked to see a balance of $ 175 as I hadn’t gotten the card yet and never used it. I applied online after receiving offers in the mail. I had no idea I would be paying charges to get a card through them. I never pay anything when I get a new card. Then my next shock was the interest rate! I tried to call and tell them to cancel this account and that I was cutting up the card. I have not used the account and don’t plan on it ever. The calls I made were bizarre. The first one wanted me to ask for the shipping department to take a survey a get 2 $100 gift cards. I wasn’t going to do that as I wanted to speak to someone to cancel this account. I waited and after a minute or so a male automated voice said hang up, paused and said it again. I didn’t still hoping to get a real person. Suddenly there was some weird scratchy noise, I guess to irritate your hearing? And then the phone call ended. Too strange! I called another number for customer service/lost stolen and they were closed. Will call in the morning. Is there anyway to cancel this card since I have not activated it, requested a pin # or used it in any way? This looks like such a scam. What should I do? They want the start up costs of$175 by 4/4/15. I don’t have that in my budget for next month!! I am so shocked over this. Please offer some suggestions. Thank you so much.

    1. RUDOLPH

      So basically what I am reading is that this card has screwed me out of $175(which I don’t even have)that I didn’t even know I would have to pay until AFTER I registered it on website.I suppose in the super fine print and mumbo jumbo that most people wouldn’t understand it is stated somewhere. I can’t even use the card because I will be to busy trying to pay off the fees for 6 months(or more)….

  22. Fatima

    Hello, Beverly
    I have a first premier credit card, but I used my credit limit and every month I pay the minimum balance and probably add $10 or $20 more to what the minimum balance would be. I was just concerned if this affects my credit or in order to get my credit score higher I need to make the payments to clear the full balance??

  23. Wendy

    Don’t get this card…I had a available balance of 300.00 that I didn’t use for 2 months, I added an extra 150.00 every two weeks starting in Jan. I notice my 150.00 showed posted on my account but instead showing on my account as a credit, it showed balance owed. I called customer service for an explanation and all they kept saying was I used it..Lol.
    Total confusion: Available credit 300.00 an additional 150.00 every two weeks add over a month span that no one can tell me what happen to the additional money.

  24. Susan Middleton

    Hello again, I just posted a question about PNC and Kemba.I should’ve asked additionally, do you think I should go with either…some other card/cards may be better outside these two choices.

  25. Susan Middleton

    Hello Beverly, which would you go with a PNC or Kemba Credit Union secured credit card? Please explain. Thank you in advance for any information you can give! Susan

  26. Michelle

    I recently got this card. And the same set up. Paid my 95 dollar at activation fee. Got my advailable balance at 225 and have used it twice. I have had no issues at all with their customer service. Answered all my questions. Will pay the balance two weeks ahead to stay in good standing.

    Understand everyone we have a bad pass of paying our bills so unfortunately we will have to suck it up and pay these fees to build the score we need and move on to another card.

    I thank them for giving me the opportunity to a second chance and this time around I will be very responsible.

    Pay in full before the due date and use roughly 20 percent a month so you don’t show desperat use.

    1. letizia

      Hi Michelle.i have a question to ask i have the first bank premiere card i have to process the 95 dollars and the 75 dollars also

  27. cel

    Great blog. Thanks everyone, especially Beverly. Looking to sign up for a credit card for the very first time to build my credit….very useful information.

  28. Leo

    Hi..i got the pre approved from first premier bank credit card w a limit of $400 (an orange card)
    my credit is not good at all..
    but im paying my car and my wife has 2 capital ones cards and i have those 2 cards (as an extension of her’s) under my name and my ssn wich is reporting to my credit score even its her’s..
    but we had a really bad 3 months an couldnot pay them..but thank god we did and we are just carrying a balance of $84 wich we’re going to pay them full..
    ok returning to first premiere..i was like ok i dont have any own cards so i will apply because i always get denied…and a miracle happened..i got approved..the card is on its way…but i decided not to pay anything to them..i dont think i have right away after reading the reviews..
    so please could you tell me if i dont pay and dont call them to activate the card what is going to happen and if it will affect even more my credit score?
    Sorry for the long talk im just worried
    thank you

  29. Ryan Vance

    I applied for this card and I never got it when they said I would get it and I called them and they rushed one to me and I was suppose. To sign for it but it came in my mail and I call to check on the balance over the phone only to be told by the automated system that the account was closed on the same day that I received it. MONDAY morning I’m going to verbally rip them a new one for this.

  30. maggie

    I just got first premier card in mail. It says to use the card i need to pay $75 to get $225. Everything i have read from others say its actually a $95 to activate aqnd use the credit? So if i say never mind and dont pay it choosing to not do it I am going to get a bill from them for applying?????

    1. Dustin

      No, but don’t use the card because it comes in the mail as an active card. And don’t make any payments to the account. As long as you don’t do those two things then after a 30 to 60 day period, you just drop right off their radar. And you do want to be off their radar!

  31. will

    I just activated a premier bank secured card .. Ive called a few times in the past and the phone service is bad !!! For a credit card… I just got hunged up on today by them… For asking a few questions before paying the deposit.. I got transferred three times in order to ask a few questions.. And online access cost $5..?
    Wow.. but i love the little chip on the card .. Kinda feel like an angent

  32. Somebody

    Someone with 36% APR and credit line of 300

    36% / 12 (months of year) = 3% monthly interest

    Mean if your balance is at the full 300$ then the most interest you would pay is 9$

    300x 0.03 = 9$

  33. Somebody

    If you close your account and pay the 05 possessing fee and don’t use the credit card then you don’t have to pay anything but if you pay the 95$ fee and use the credit card and want to cancel it you can but you have to pay back the balance & also if you pay your balances off in full by your due date you don’t get charged interest, it is not a bad credit card it helps improve your credit as long as you know how to make your damn payments on time before 5 pm ct ! People that wrie bad reviews are the ones who don’t know how how a credit card functions. Yes the fees are high but because the company is taking a risk giving people credit card with bad credit so what do you expect ? 36 APR is t bad at all it’s only 3% per month

  34. Carolee Honesto

    GREAT INFORMATION. …Is there a credit card that maybe u recommend someone with bad credit?….

  35. Jean Louissaint

    First premier credit is the worst card anybody could get,they always try anything possible to make you pay a fee either is for “expedited service” or “your card was decline and you have to pay a late ”
    So when agree to pay late fee you can use the same card and it’s not going to be decline again,so please I’m begging you people ,do not get a first premier card,they gonna ruin your life…

  36. James

    Hi Beverley.
    Just found your blog. I’ll keep an eye on your site. Really great. I’m 18, I applied for several cards. I got sent a first premier card. Yepp, $75 yearly, 36% interest ECT. I’m not sure, what exactly to do. I paid the $95 processing fee. I have not used it or done anything. I plan to open a business, so I want to build credit for a business loan. I don’t really have the money for a secured card.
    I’m just looking for some advise.

    If I cancel now before using it..
    1 will I have to pay anything?
    2 will it hurt my credit

    If I choose to keep it…
    1 how can I avoid their crazy fees
    2 how much extra would I pay monthly if I pay the full balance on time

    what do you suggest?

    please email me any advise, please and thank you


  37. rebecca

    hi i just got a first premier credit card with a 700 dollar credit limet no other credit card companys will touch me i have not opend the accout yet bc i have been wanting to do some resurch first..i need a credit card to rebuild my credit bc of bankrupsy what i was wanting to do was use the card like a bank card if i spend 100.00 bucks on it then come home and pay the 100.00 bucks back will i still have fees i have never had a credit card my hole life …so if i spend 20.00 bucks for gas then come home and pay the 20.00 bucks back i don’t want to have to pay any more then what i used….please let me know if this will work with out any fees at all

  38. Jay

    I just paid the processing fee for this card yesterday. My Fico is a miserable 582, and my transunion is sitting at 161. I tried just about every other option I could find – including department store cards – just to get an open revolving account. My SOLE purpose with this card is to put my gas on it and pay it off. The $95 fee and the $75 annual fee stings a little, but if It helps me achieve my goal of increasing my score to buy a house…

    Well, thats just the price I have to pay for getting myself into the situation I’m in. For me, this card is a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel.

  39. Evelyn Carter

    I just paid the $95.00 today and now I’m just reading this wow omg can you tell me what should I do send me something to my email thanks…..

  40. Carolyn

    Hi Beverly,

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog; it’s been very helpful for trying to wade through the hefty decision on which card(s) to choose!

    …I saw your list of reviews for secured cards (which was beyond helpful!) and was wondering if you also kept your promise to rate various unsecured cards for those with bad or fair credit?

    Personally, I’m on the cusp of venturing into “fair” territory, but am currently still considered bad. So it would be really interesting to get your take on what unsecured options there are for people like me.


  41. patricia

    i never had a credit card i could not get one because of credit,i fiannly recevied one ,first premer card,i spent all that money,now i trying to pay it back ,i get a little money each month,and money is tight,if someone could help me and can tell me what to do i would appreciate it.

  42. Dee

    Yes absolutely,a yellow list for “cautions” is indeed a great idea.

    That is very interesting to hear about Citi. I hope they disclose the terms, however,I find it odd that a public company,especially a bank have made it difficult to access the terms.Very suspicious to me…

  43. Dee

    Hello Beverly,

    You can make a list called the “red list” which is credit cards people should absolutely stay away from.

    Then there is the “green list” which is more favorable credit cards and doesn’t rip off consumers.

    I have seen so much negative reviews on this card, it is insane. People who have reviewed this card on their respected website have rip this company secured card apart, and consumers not holding back on their comments have howl the same sentiments. I feel bad for the consumers who have this card and doesn’t know what they’ve got them self into by paying all these fees.

    Very bad card indeed.

    P.S. What do you think of the Citibank Secred Credit Card?

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