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  1. Bruce

    I realize this is an old topic, but I hadta post anyway. I applied for the Cerulean several months ago and was approved. Got my card with a starting limit of $750. There was a $75 fee which I pd upon activation of the card. I use this card often, including at the pump and I pay the balance off EVERY month about a week to 10 days before the due date. I have never been charged a fee for ANYTHING since the card was activated. Ive never been declined for a purchase. As far as credit increases Im not sure yet but I hope there is. I chk my credit regular and Continental reports to all 3 bureaus faithfully. I too have Capitol One and it is probably my favorite card but Cerulean in my opinion ranks right up there with it. Personally . . . I recommend this card. Use responsibly tho and dont carry a balance.

  2. Linda Moody

    Don’t not apply with Verve. I was interested at first but when they took at 3 $50.00 payment out of my bank account. They told me that they were denied, I knew then something was wrong so I checked my bank and hold and below the money was taken out. Told them to reverse the charges they said that they could not. I then call my banker and he asked the lady from the VERVE what day did they take the money out and the time, they gave him a different date and time. Then he asked for a transaction number that let’s the back know that it was a authorized transaction. He then said that they do not have transaction numbers. My banker was in ahhh
    so now I am disputing these charges and calling these actions fraudulent. I am also going to the BBB to report them. Have you notice they will not give you a physical address to their company, wonder way.DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP WITH THESE TYPES OF CREDIT CARDS.

  3. Kimberly hudson

    I just wanted to say my score is only 547 and I have an unsecured Capital One Platinum card the great thing about these cards if they put you on whats called credit steps program what does program does it gives you a $300 limit unsecured once you pay your bill on time every month you automatically get an increase to a $500 limit by your 7th statement then you are considered a regular credit card customer after 6 months of being a regular credit card customer and making all payments on time you can request a credit card limit increase. I found Capital One to be phenomenal when it comes to helping those with less than perfect credit establish a great credit history my daughter and I both have this card she started with a journey visa for students what the same credit steps program I started with a capital One platinum so it always helps to go to capital ones card finder site and putting your credentials

  4. Jenn

    Hi there. I wanted to post up my experience with Continental Finance. I applied in June 2012 and got approved for their Matrix discover card (300 limit). No deposit was required. Back then, my credit was poor low 500s. This is a great card to build your credit. On the one year anniversary, I was awarded an increase. I never thought of asking, since I use it for rebuilding. You know charge about 100 and pay off the balance. So I was surprised to see that increase when I went online to pay my bill. I’m amuses to read all the negative reviews. Here’s the thing, if you have bad credit this is the card to get. Use a small portion of the limit and pay off the balance each month. This will increase your score. I started with Matrix to rebuild, I also used Capital one secured $350 and Firsr Premier $300. My score has jumped over 100 points in a year. I now have a JCP card limit is 1k, a couple more Capital One, another First Premier (350), Macy’s,Walmart (500), Best Buy(1k). I use my cards but pay all balances off. Once I get to a better score I do plan on dropping some cards to not have many revolving credit accounts. And also I wanted to mention, I have yet to see a monthly fee of $12 per month for having. Matrix card after a year. No lies. Bottom line if you need to rebuild whether its with Continental Finance, Capitol One, or with First Premier just be responsible and pay off your balances to avoid those high aprs. Trust me it works and I am thankful to them on taking a chance on me. My credit score is at 650. Thanks to them an my good credit ethics.

  5. Sandra

    I received an proposal for an unsecured credit card for an $300.00 line-of-credit and I have paid $100.00 of funds thinking that undecided meant no-up-front money but I was mistaken Paid To Continential Finance Company on February 12th 2013 I have not received the $100.00 back from Continential Finance Company, LLC. Please reply-back thank-you. (FAX 4107093107) (PH: 7132646352) MOBILE: 8322921150) EMAIL-SANDRA.SAMUEL23@GMAIL.COM

  6. Crystle

    I have the cerulean credit card. I so far haven’t had any trouble with it. I did have to pay like $150 at activation in order to get my $300 credit line. I also got declined at the pump but when I called they were very helpful in letting me know you can’t pay at the pump. You can get gas you just have to pre pay. They stated it was for security reasons on the no pay at pump. I’m fine with that I use my debit or capital one credit card at the pump now and use my Cerulean card for minimal purchases like a nice dinner or a new outfit. I do pay my balance every month too. It may not be the idea card but if your smart about it, it can help rebuild your credit to get you to were you can get better rates and cards later on. That is my goal any ways.

  7. shannon keas

    Is this one of those cards that you can only use at certain places or websites or can you shop anywhere with it?

  8. rachael

    I JUST activated my card–after reading this i called and told them i changed my mind and did not want the card after reading the terms and they said because i just did it and havent used it yet i could cancel–thanks for the heads up

  9. Octavio

    Yes, You are so right about the Cerulean card! Adding to all their fees, even to get the statement by mail, you have to cope with their “Courtesy calls” by the date of your payments, which can vary form month to month (amount and dates)…….Long story short: yesterday I paid them full and told them to cancel it. To my surprise I was able to log in minutes ago and they did not. I just called the CS. on the web and I told them I was getting out of the system and needed the account CLOSED. I guess they did it but no email will be sent (they cannot be reached that way either) but was said they will send a letter.

  10. gilma patricia rauda

    I just applied for half secured and half from your company i have to send $150.00 via mail and you will give a card with credit line of $300.00 how can I check the status of my application again to make sure that I have this approved already, soon as send check my card will be mail for $300.00 credit line. thank please reply!

  11. Ms. Miller


    I just starting reading the reviews about this Continental Finance Cerulean credit card. I applied on 06/03/2013 and was approved; but knowing what i know now I think I don’t want the card anymore. Is it a way for me to cancel the card before I get it; or do I have to wait to get it and cancel? Also; will it affect my credit? I’m in the process of rebuilding my credit. I already have a secured credit card with capitalone which I have increased the limit up to $600. But was trying to get an unsecure credit card and tried this card; do anyone have any advice what other unsecured credit cards that may take a chance on a person who’s scores are 635/626/628


  12. liliana

    after i read your blog i dont whant the card anymore but i pay a secure deposit can i get it back if i cancel i should be reciving it next week

  13. Carrie

    I just applied for this card and I was accepted, thank goodness! I have to pay a deposit of $300. I am praying that this is not a scam. So basically once I receive my card, I am suppose to pay the $75.00 immediately or wait for 30 days to pay it?

    I have really poor credit.. I am trying to get back on the right path so I hope this card will really help my credit history/score.

  14. Darryl

    I thought about getting this card until I actually went on the Discover website and it was not mention. That usually tips me off that this is not a true card, if it’s not on their website. The research then led me to this blog and reading the horror stories, I’m glad I decided not to get it.

  15. DAVID

    Dear Beverly,
    I have fair to good credit, but my credit is being ruined by a company that says that I owe them for somehing I never ordered. I’ve written to them on numerous occasions saying that I never received thier goods and that nI did’t want the merchandise any longer. Now they have a collection agency ruining my credit and trying to make me pay for something I never got. My question is, is there anything that I can do to stop this agency from ruining my credit and is there a phone number that I can call to stop this harrassment? It has taken me many years to get good credit and this company has started to destroy what I have built. Thank you for your insight and help. respectfully David L.

  16. Jackie

    I just got this credit card so that I could rent a car for vacation, maybe a bad idea, will it work?

    thank you for the feedback

  17. Larry

    I just recently filed chapter 7 bankruptcy and its due to be discharged in April. When is the best time to begin repairing my credit? I’ve also gotten lots of offers from car companys but im scared to jump into debt again. What’s the best route?

  18. Ray

    If politicians weren’t taking favors from the financial services industry, we might still have laws against usury.

  19. Kathy g

    Can I just mail back the cards with a letter stating I have changed my mind?

  20. MJ Hernandez

    Hi Beverly,

    Glad that I read your blog, I just received my card and did not know that they are not discover. I am not going to activate the card but, I have been trying to reach a customer service to advise them that I don’t need it. How do I reach them or I need them to close this account.

    I am not activating it.

    Thank you so much for your advise.

    Looking forward on hearing back from you.


  21. Melissa

    I applied for this card a week ago and got it in the mail today. Like everyone else I thought it was a Discover card as well. I am disappointed in it. I did activate the card and did make the first payment of 75.00. I will keep the card just not use it I guess. I do have fair credit and I do have a cap one card which I have had for 2 yrs and I love them. But because I am trying to buy a house I only have 2 open accounts on my credit and my credit lady I have been working with wanted me to open a 3rd account. Well I got it with this card not realizing the issues. I wish I had looked into this a little more, I would have never applied for it. But I will pay it off now and not use it and if I do use it I will use very little and pay it off by the 12th of the month. Now I am mad at myself! Thank you for all this info though and I am all set with the card!

  22. Freddie Carroll

    Thanks for the info.my credit is fair too good.I have numerous credit cards.,most or not in use.I did not really need the cerulean credit card,I got it because I thought it Was a type of discover card.Discover cards are only issued to people with Excellent credit.I will be closing this card out now that I know it is not a discover card.

  23. Mary

    I applied for an Orchard Bank (Now HSBC) with a limit of $500 to build my credit after Chapter 13. Rates are lower than other cards with your not so good credit, 14.90%. I am very happy with Orchard and recommend that others try it.

  24. Judy

    I just applied for this card and was approved for the unsecured version. I wish I had read this first. If I cut the card up and do not activate it when it comes in will I still have to pay the $75?

  25. sila

    I believe the $10.95 is a fee for making a payment over the phone, if I read correctly.

  26. leslie

    Hi. Before i even paid the $75 annual fee, my credit limit has already reduced to $223. Supposedly due to setting up and maintenance work. The $75 is another payment to be made, with a different card. Is this legit?

  27. Richard Kopa

    I had an issue with my credit and had to start over. I purchased a secured “Capitol One” card, was told I was approved and that for $49 I would get $200 credit, $99 would get me $500, and so on. So I authorized $100. They gave me the $200 line and added the remaining dollar for dollar. I was displeased but nonetheless used it well and paid it down to almost nothing every week or two. This along with a few disputes to my credit allowed my 458 to become range of 656-684. It was time to find a 2nd card. I tried applying at my bank for an unsecured card and got DENIED, (I have a decent amount of old medical bills and one early termination fee from AT&T that turned into a nightmare) I also tried a couple others but because of that ONE AT&T bill I got denied. So I applied for 2 more as a last ditch effort. 1 was the Cerulean, which I received in the mail yesterday, and the other a Barclaycard NFL rewards card, of which I got approved but still have yet to receive. I just activated this Cerulean last night, and they already tried to hit me with paying the $75 off the $300 limit upon activation, and a $10.95 fee to do so… then I went to use it to put gas in my car and… DECLINED?!?! I drive an Acura 2.5 5 cyl. It doesn’t cost over $225 to fill my tank. I really wish I would have read this 1st because now I’m upset I already paid half the $75! Should I just chalk up the $75 and cancel the card? Should I just keep the amount I spend to like $15 a month and pay it off every month? I’m keeping the capitol One and the NFL card ($500 limit no activation).. I am looking to get my credit back into shape to finance a car and I’m wondering if this card is even worth it’s weight in plastic?

    1. Sandi

      You cannot use Cerulean for gas… They tell you that when you activate the card…

  28. lucy

    I don’t have a credit history at all and on top of that I have one school loan that I am still taking care of.
    I was told to build a credit I would have to get a credit card with no feefs but seems to me there is no possible way. can get that. I have tried to apply before for secured credit card but I got denied. It’s just impossible for me to find a way out of this.
    How do I build up my credit, and do you think this card could be helpful?

  29. Cynthia

    I just received my cerulean credit card and used it one time and somehow there were 2 different purchases that I didn’t make and the card is now maxed out so I called and they advised me to file a dispute. I don’t like this company at all, they are not helpful when it comes to fraudulent charges.

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