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  1. Amber

    My husband received this card back in July. His first statement came in August. He’s received 4 statements, August, September, October, and November. I just paid his November statement, over a week early! Because we don’t have a lot of extra money, we’ve maxed it out quite a bit, but we always pay it in full each month. Since he got the card he’s been approved for a Walmart credit card and his credit score has increased by 80+ points. After I saw his success I also applied and received the card. I do have a question about the CLI. Is it usually after the 5th payment or the 6th statement? I ask because his December statement will be coming out next week, which will be statement #5, but payment #6. We were hoping it was the 5th payment as the website when he signed up stated after his 5th payment he would get an increase. It would be nice to help with some Christmas shopping for the kids!

  2. Adolfo Hernandez

    I received an email yesterday saying my card was shipped. About how many days will it take to receive the card here in Dallas?

  3. Pat

    Hi, I haven’t read this from anyone else so I thought I’d share my progress and see what u think. I applied and did the $99 deposit to get $201 for the secured capital one platinum card. It came around a week or so after paying the deposit. My first billing statement was July. I’ve used the card every month. I have my Netflix bill setup on auto pay. I spend somewhere around 30 to 50 dollars every mo. I pay on the card each month but I leave a balance. At 4 1/2 months I received a capital one platinum card offer in the mail saying I was pre-qualified for this offer with no annual fee. I applied for the platinum MasterCard and got a immediate approval for 300. I received the card already too. Ok great. Then 1 week later I received another letter for the same card. I didn’t apply for that one because i know there’s a limit. This is month 5 for me now with the secured card and next week/1st week of December will be my 6 statement for my increase hopefully. But what I’m wondering is since they already gave me the platinum card unsecured card which I haven’t used yet will I still be eligible for a qs card. I have 2 capital cards now. I have no other credit cards. What’s are your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

    1. Mike

      There is a two card Max at capital one from my research. But their secured card or co-branded cards such as buy power does not count towards that Max. I currently have 5 Capital One cards using this motto.

  4. Stephanie

    So I’ve had this cap one card since August. I have maxed it out or have gotten close to maxing it out but I always pay in full well before the due date. I noticed when I check my credit report that cap one last reported to them aug 25, but there has not been any activity since then. My question is are they supposed to report monthly? I am worried, this will be my 5th month w cap one (4 of which are not reported on my credit report) that this may affect my credit scores.

    1. Jimmy

      I’ve done basically the same as you and after my 6th statement, which was last month, they increased my credit from 200 to 500. I’ve noticed it you pay off your balance before the due date and don’t put a charge on your card within about 4 days after, you will have a 0 balance owed on your future statements. Therefore they won’t report to the bureaus or so I believe. That’s what happened to me, I had nothing until I held a balance again 2 months after and then the months were filled in as good standing, with 0 balance for 2 months and 32 for the 3rd month. Is that what is happening for you? I now pay my whole balance off every month still, but I make sure after I only have 30% or less of my credit used within that 4 day period, when they seem to write up the new statement. This way I get a report sent to the credit bureaus and my utilization is below the recommended 30%. On top of that I never pay interest, since I’m always paying off my new balance. Doing that I can use my card all month until my due date and then pay the whole thing off a couple days before my due date (statement balance as well as anything I’ve charged during the month). After that I make a small purchase I’m between that 4 day period I was talking about and that’s my new balance for the following months statement, then I repeat the process. I’ve noticed my bill is due the 24th and my statement is usually available on the 28th, but It’s done wonders for my credit and I’ve now gotten 3 other credit cards which I do the same thing on all of them. Basically just a way free way to borrow myself cash or earn rewards on the cards I have that offer them. Still have never paid interest and I tend to keep it that way! Lol! Well I hope this somewhat helps and the best of luck to you! Also, just to note this is only an observation of mine and not necessarily proven to be correct.

  5. Stephanie Lloyd

    I got my card in June. I didn’t have to put a deposit. I made 5 monthly payments and they increased my limit from $300 to $500. My credit score went up almost 100 points. It’s still poor but I am working on it to be higher. I’m unsure if I will get a higher limit. But I am happy on what I have now.

  6. Kisha Johnson

    Hello, I have had my card for 5 months now, waiting on 6th bill to come out. When does the increase actually happen? I have heard so many different things.

    Thank you

    1. Destiny

      i just received my credit increase from $200-$500 yesterday when my sixth billing statement came out. My statement closes on the 19th of each month and i just went in to pay my bill yesterday and noticed the increase. No email or anything to notify me of the increase. But I’m happy i saw it!! Good luck yours should be coming soon

    2. Jennifer

      If I had made 5 online payments on my credit card when would I receive my increase?

    3. Jennifer

      If I already made 5 online payments when would I receive an increase?

      1. Kat

        It’s not based on your payments, it’s based on your statements. You can make however many payments you’d like, hypothetically you could make 5 payments in one month if you wanted to. You get your credit steps CLI after your 5th statement, or once you’ve had the card for about 6 months. If your statement cuts on the 11th and you opened your card on May 24th, depending on how they did your first statement you’d probably get your CLI sometime on or right after Nov 11th (maybe Oct 11th if they issued a really short statement for May but I’d account for it the longest way possible that way you either have the date correct or you’re pleasantly surprised, much better than being disappointed!)

        1. Kat

          (Also those are just random dates obviously, you’d have to substitute in your own dates, but that’s the general equation – or a simpler version would just be to wait till your 6th statement cuts, by then you’ll either already have it or be just about to receive it instead of worrying when statement 5 passes with no CLI – just check the statements section of your account and count how many there are if you aren’t sure)

  7. JG

    Does anyone know how long it takes to receive you secured capital one card after you’ve made your deposit in full? Also, does anyone know the dates that they report to the credit bureaus?

    1. Aliciamarierob

      I received the card exactly two weeks after i made the deposit

    2. Bonnie L. Burgess

      2 weeks after you make Deposit.
      After I made my 2nd payment they reported to TransUnion

    3. Carnellia Oneal

      14-16 days

  8. Sara

    One of the credit agency’s (can’t rwcall which one) has a debt listed with master card but I did dispute it as being unauthorized, I did not open it but it does still show as a negative remark. Would I have any hope of being approved for a secured cap one card ?!

    1. Sara

      My credit score has also gone up by about 70+ points since August. I applied and was denied. If they sent a letter stating why, I never received it.

  9. Charlie

    A couple of years ago I needed to rebuild my credit. I applied for this card and then added $200 more to my initial $49. I never asked for a CLI but found that they had raised my credit line to $1450 without me asking.

    The reason I hadn’t followed the card closely is I kept monitoring the Capital One pre-qualifying website. Now, less than two years later, I have a Quicksilver Visa with a $7500 limit and then got a Quicksilver Master Card with $5000 credit limit. I pay all of my cards off weekly and just closed the Secured Card. I have nothing bad to say about Capital One. I like you can even order a card with your own choice of image/picture on it.

  10. Guy Haiar

    Hi Beverly. You overlooked something in your review. According to the card’s TOS,You are automatically disqualified
    if your monthly income does not exceed the cost of your monthly rent by at least $425.

  11. Ashley Foster

    I’m closing my account with Capital One and going with Discover. I emailed Capital one and inquired about an increase and they said no…I never miss a payment or carry a balance..Discover appears to offer a “graduate program” after 8 months.

  12. NorCal Vicious

    I applied for the secured card, and was quoted the $99 for a $200 limit, that was back in March. I didn’t use the card at all for the first 3 months. Then slowly started to use it, making sure it was paid off in full before ever even receiving statements. Recently I went in to look for a transaction, and noticed my credit limit had gone up to $500. Totally stoked! Also just applied for the QuicksilverOne and was approved for $300 unsecured. I don’t mind the low limits at all, they will eventually build with my credit score. What I do find odd though, is that everywhere I look, including on my card itself, it says “Platinum”, I’ve done much research, and cannot find the date they raised my limit, no email confirmation – nothing, AND I cannot find any information on how I received the Platinum card instead of the regular secured card, and no where can I find where they charge the $99 deposit for the Platinum… So, if I have the card where no security deposit is required, why did I pay one? Where’s that money now? Not that I’m bitching, by any means, small price to pay for what eventually ended up being over $1300 in credit between those two and the $500 Walmart card I just got approved for as well… Just curiosity at this point. Anyone else have a similar issue? My credit scores have also gone up by about 120 points. I’m very thankful for Capital One, they gave me the fresh start I’ve been working so hard to obtain. Very satisfied either way! :)

    1. Cher

      I just got my card also, I put 200 and get 401 credit line, also the secured card but when it showed up, it says platinum on it as well. Which I was told it was so I could use it out of state? I ha e no idea but it has alre already taken my credit score up in the first month, I too am not bitching (as long as it works) 😄

  13. SM

    My credit score was considered “poor” and I needed a way out. I applied for the cap one secured card for rebuilding purposes. I was approved for $300 and needed a $49 deposit, so I added $200 to give me a credit line of $500 total. My card arrived about one month after my deposit cleared. I use my card for regular drafting items month-to-month and I ALWAYS pay my card balance with each paycheck. I use the Credt Wise app to track my score and see how my score can increase/decrease with certain actions. After 5-6 months I received an email stating I was eligible for a CLI. The next day my card had increased by a couple hundred dollars. Continued to use my card when needed and routine payments. Just yesterday I received another email from cap one stating my card is no longer secured and is now unsecured! I received my $49 plus the additional $200 deposit which was applied to my balance the same day. I paid my card balance every two weeks when I got paid. Never missed a payment. Never had to pay interest. My score has increased overall, but I’m hoping that leaving a more available credit will increase my score quicker. I really did not have much money to spare which caused my score to slowly increase as my utilization was above 30% between pay periods. I’ll continue to keep this card as it’s perfect for what I use it for now. I will be looking to get another card in the near future once I hit my next level of credit for a card that serves as emergencies. Currently at “fair” credit, but striving for “excellent”! Suggestions on which card to add?

    1. Anderson

      How long did you had to wait to graduate to an unsecured card status?

  14. J. Rondeau

    I went from a Capital One Secured Card ($1,500 limit/Deposit), shortly after my BK, had it for two and a half years, then stepped up to a Venture One Card with a $3,000 limit — had that card for approximately three and a half years, then got a bump to $5000 credit limit. — It was at this time, Barclaycard offered me a US Airways MC. Now, years later, I just rec’d (last month) my Venture Card with a 30K limit! It’s been a long road, but I am very pleased that for a small deposit, I was able to rebuild my credit with Capital One.

  15. Veronica

    I got approved and my deposit is 200 so when i get the card how much will be on it 400? Not sure how it works help me under my credit limit

    1. SandraC

      Hi Veronica,
      It will be $200 which is what Cap 1 normally starts you out with………………….congrats!!!!

  16. V

    My cap one secured card was upgraded to unsecured and it was a total surprise. I didn’t request it. I was excited. The only thing I don’t like is that they are crediting my acct with my initial deposit, meaning not putting it back in my bank acct. And the only reason it is ok is because I use my cards a lot, then pay them in full. But if i didn’t, it would be like them keeping my money and me possibly paying interest on MY money (if i dont pay off the balance every month), or me paying them for the upgrade. It sucks when I think about it like that, so I’m gonna stop. Lol. I’m proud that my score is high enough to be upgraded, and yes my balance is usually pretty high, so very soon, it will be like I’ve got a month off. Oan, btw I always make sure the big balance is paid off before cap 1 reports to the bureaus, but then i may use it a little more.So my utilization is always between 0-5%, but mostly 0. I’ve had my card for 1 year exactly.

    1. Me

      They did not graduate you. I talked to a rep and they do not have a graduation option. What you received was a credit limit increase likely on the date of your 6th statement. I received one for 300 and was told that the only way I could go fully unsecured was to apply for an unsecured card, and to regain my cash I would have to close the secured card.

      1. william

        Cap One graduates people all the time. They also tell people they refuse to graduate “that offer does not exist”. If they like your spending habits and credit score they will graduate you.


          The reps lie and mislead you all the time as well, that s why i closed my account

      2. Stuart

        I can confirm today I was graduatued from a Secure to Unsecure with my Capital One Secured MasterCard. I noticed a $400 credit on my account and called and asked what it was for the CSR stated I was graduated to an unsecure card and my account is being credited my original $400 deposit (I eventually got them to send me a check in the mail for the $400) instead of keeping that $400 credit on my account as I use my cash back rewards cards more than this. They did not increase my balance it’s still at $801 since it’s been after the 6month auto increase card has been open about 1 1/2 years now.

  17. Nonya

    My credit limit was increased by 60% without even requesting it. So I have had the secured card for 6 months now, keeping my balance between 0% and 29%. I put in I think it was just a little over $300 deposit for a $500 limit. Today I checked my report (which has gone from mid 500’s to just a hair under 700) and I see my new credit limit is $800. I never requested it or ever got a notice about it but happy to have it. I would really like to get it to an unsecured and the limit up to at least $2k so I can make some $500 to $600 purchases and still stay under the 30% balance mark. So far I am happy with capital one helping me to really boost my credit score in a short period of time.

  18. Jenny

    I applied for Capital One Secured card back in 02/02/2017 and was approved but had to deposit $200 which I never did because I was sure if I wanted a Secured credit card, but now the 80 days are up and now when I re applied I got denied, should I wait for 1 year and re apply?

    1. Matt

      you actually have to wait 6 months from date of denial.

    2. Nonya

      The secure card is the best investment I have made. It is well worth it if you plan to use it to work on your credit score. Use it and keep your ballance low, under 30%, Under 10% is a little better. pay your payments on time every time and your credit score will start to creep up, slowly but consistantly. I have gone from the mid 500’s to 680 in 6 months. A nice little chunk of that was an unpaid dentist bill from several years back I refused to pay (due to bad work that had to be corrected by a better dentist) but I guess it timed out because I got a notice it was resolved and I am getting credit for paying it off as far as the credit agencies are concerned. But even before that every 2 weeks or so I would get an email from capital one that my credit score has changed and when I look it up it is maybe 8 or 11 points up each time. I just use the card to buy something I need off of amazon just to get a ballance on the card, then pay it off. I am only using it to manipulat the credit score. Later when the credit score is in the mid 700s or so Ill go apply for a much higher limited unsecured card for actual use. You need a decent credit score for everything now days, to rent an apartment, to get a loan, if you have good enough credit to get a home loan, you could still end up paying tens of thousands more in fees than if you had a better score. want to rent an apartment, they want to see your credit score. Jobs are now looking up your credit scores etc. $200 deposit is a deal for a secured card to get you started, and you do get that money back eventually anyway.

    3. Renee1110

      I applied was told I would receive a letter in 7-10 days. I decided to call and was toldI was approved. I was told I had to pay a security deposit of $49 for $200 CL. The rep gave me a conf# for the deposit payment. But before all that a rep had called me to verify my identity. So when I called back the rep I spoke to said I would receive a letter then she told me to hold on came back and said I was approved. Don’t know what to think at first the rep told me someone will call me. I told her they already called me.????????

      1. Renee1110

        Update!!! My deposit was received just waiting for the card.

        1. Antonia

          How long after you made your deposit did it take for your card to come in the mail?

          1. Renee1110

            About 3 weeks literally after they took deposit out of my account.

  19. SandraC

    Hi Beverly!
    Thanks for your blog as it has helped me and so many others tremendously! I was just approved for this card with a low security deposit yaaaaay! I’ve had a few setbacks since the year began but I’m finally on the road to recovery and looking forward to new beginnings!


    No thanks CAPITAL ONE horrible customer service,they will lie to you on the phone about when the next CLI will be, then i close the account after 1 year and they said i could go to unsecured and that was another lie, then they took 7 business days to credit my security deposit to my cc and now i owe a small balance. I will take SURGE cc anytime for a better credit limit and more benefits and customer service that levels with you 100% Yeah i have to pay high fees, however i rather have that then all the jibber jabber from Capital One and they bunch of customer service that is the pits

  21. Ano Nymous

    Applied for Capital One Platinum card 6 months after a Chap 13 BK discharge, and approved for an UNSECURED line of $3,000. Cap One unfortunately was included in my bk (IIB), but what was weird is the IIB Cap One account is no longer showing in my 2017 credit report. The Cap One IIB card was reported on my credit report until 2014.

    1. Nerrisa

      I was approved for the secured card but never required any down payment or deposit they say I should have my card in the next 7-10 business days what why I don’t need to make a deposit.

      1. Patricia

        Once you apply, it says that your card will be sent to you in 7-10 business days provided you send them a secure deposit and it tells you how much you have to send. I know because I just applied. If you didn’t see an amount you might want to call as they only give you 30 days to pay this amount. You can pay through online banking to receive the card quicker.

      2. Shakira

        Apparently your. Reddit is a litter better than fair it goes based on credit worthiness

  22. Kristia

    I just received an email from Capital One stating Congratulations on being a responsible card holder and making payments on time the past 11 months. We are not only upgrading your card from secured to unsecured. But we are also refunding your deposit to your account which is $200.00. And you will see that on your next statement. I just wanted to reply bk since you had requested for people to let you know if it is possible. And of course it is and im happy to see that I have proved my credit worthiness and clearly shows that it truly pays off (:

    1. Bethany

      Lucky you. If you applied for a capital one secured card prior to some date in 2016, they won’t convert your secured card to an unsecured card. 😒😒

      1. Nonya

        Just keep using your secured card as a tool to keep building up your credit score, nothing more. Then when you score gets to the good rating you can then go apply for other companies unsecured card and with your credit score up and a decent recent credit history, you will have a pretty good chance of being approved. Just use the secured card for what it is, a credit score building tool.

      2. Nonya

        If you have been paying on time you can possibly request them to increase your credit limit without a further deposit. They just bumped mine up from $500 to $800 and I never even requested it. They just did it on their own. That is after having the card for 6mo.

    2. Sharlie Sheen

      I also received the same email about being upgraded. Maybe it depends on how often you pay on your balance and how often. I’ve had my card for 11 months but most times pay biweekly and close to $150 per month.

    3. Shanta Gilliard

      Ok. What did you do? I have used my card twice. I didn’t receive a statement yet(bill) and it’s not due yet. Is it wise to pay before you receive a bill or should I just wait on the bill to come?

    4. Me

      Interesting, i was just told by a rep less than 2 weeks ago that there is no graduation process. This was days after getting my CLI. I guess I’ll wait it out 5 more months to see what happens.

  23. Cristian Lopez

    MY concern is that Capital One has yet taken out my minimum deposit, I’ve called their customer service and one rep said within 5 days and I checked and still nothing so I called again and another rep had said within 10 business days. Should I just wait or call them back and find out if they’re going to take out my deposit.

    1. Me

      I remember them taking forever to process mine too and even longer to send the card. It won’t hurt to call but chances are it’s still in process.

  24. Nancy

    As I understand it, cards older than some date in 2016 (can’t remember exactly which) do not graduate, only newer secured cards. Also Cap1 does triple HPs when you apply. Some cards do a HP if you request a CLI, but do a SP if they initiate the inquiry. Not sure what Cap1 does or if they also do a triple pull if you ask. I tried asking for a CLI online by using their request button, but the system said that secured card customers are not allowed to ask for a CLI. but when/if my secured card graduates, I’d like to know how their inquiry process works if the customer asks for an increase.

  25. Jacob Hejny

    I have an interesting update to share. In July 2016 I applied for this card with a TU VS3 score of 473. At the beginning of January, I received the promised bump in available credit from $500 to $800 – however my deposit was not returned. This caused my credit score, along with my student loans coming out of default to jump to 556. I’ve been working on keeping low balances and have also added a Discover Secured It card with a $2000 limit in February. As of today my credit score sits at 613.

    Today I applied and was approved for the Capital One Unsecured version – with a Credit limit of $500 (Capital one allows you to have 2 different cards with them). The inquiry did cause my credit score to drop to 610 – but here is the interesting part: Capital One has already given me access to the card and it’s available credit within 30 minutes of the approval. The card still won’t be here for another 7-10 days, but I have already been able to use it.

    This time in June (2017) my score should be about 628, as I do not allow any card to report a balance. This will mean that I have raised my credit score 155 points in 1 year.

  26. Joehen

    I don’t understand how some people are having their cards changed from secured to unsecured. I’ve had mine since July 2012 and am still stuck with a $750 limit and it hasn’t been unsecured.

    I have perfect payment history and great credit scores now.

    I’ve talked the Executive Office and have been told the card does not graduate.

    1. Kelly

      It changes for some people and I don’t understand how they pick and choose. I opened my secured Cap1 19 months ago. I’ve always maintained under 30%, made multiple payments a month and was never late on a payment. My husband got the same Cap1 card 8 months ago. He has gone above the 30%, but never missed a payment. He recived an email yesterday congratulating him on his responsible use and graduated him to unsecured. They also refunded his original deposit as a statement credit. I immediately called Cap1 and requested to have my card converted. The rep said that he was unable to check to see if it could be changed and kept telling me that Cap1 randomly checks for upgrades and CLIs. I don’t understand why I can’t get my card changed or a direct answer for that matter. I may end up closing my account at this point. It’s my lowest credit limit card and the rep I spoke to really annoyed me.

      1. Joehen


        It’s very frustrating, isn’t it? I’ve tried carrying a balance for multiple months in a row( 10% or less), I’ve tried paying in full from month to month.

        I am about to give up on it and just close the card, but I like that fact that it continues to age. I don’t know if it’s a risk worth taking yet.

    2. Earlene Newton

      Hi got a $200 increase and went
      from secured to unsecured

      1. Taniel

        How long did you have the card if you don’t mind me asking?

        1. Earlene

          about 9 months

    3. Bethany

      If you applied for a capital one secured card prior to some date in 2016, they won’t convert your secured card to an unsecured card. 😒😒 So much for loyalty.


      I already cancel mine because of that, and being mislead so many times, just so you know after you cancel it, it takes them another 5 business days to credit the security deposit to your card

  27. Hisham

    Can i use this secured card for paying utility bills online

    1. Jacob Hejny

      You can use this card for pretty much anything – including online payments and shopping.

  28. Grant weesie

    I recently applied for the card went to make a $400 deposit and checked my account is being charged $517 I’m confused where the extra $117 is coming from?

  29. Hisham

    i want to use this secured card while i am travelling overseas..
    Do they charge any foreign transaction fee and what about dynamic currency conversion..

  30. JayC

    Just wanted to confirm that this card does now graduate! After 11 months, mine upgraded from secured to unsecured

    1. Suzanne Seneca-Russell

      I’m trying make my deposit and no luck

    2. Jay

      Did it do it automatically? I’m 6 months in and got my increase last month

      1. amanda

        How much more of an increase did you get?

        1. Nonya

          Mine also automatically bumped up (credit limit). I had a $500 limit and checked my credit report today and see it is now at $800. SO that is a 60% bump. I do not know what formula they use to determine your increase. Maybe they go by your credit score and payment history since you have had the card. or maybe they add your deposit amount to the existing credit limit, I do not know. But happy to have it go up.

    3. Erica Murphy

      Just curious, did you get a CLI when the card went to unsecured? If so, how much?

  31. Treegs

    Is it normal for them to ask you to make the deposit by giving them your account/routing number?

    1. Renee1110

      Yes this is how they take the deposit. I had to do the same thing.

  32. tiffany romine

    Just wanted say love this card..graduated to unsecured 2 days ago. Have had 11 months. Credited account back with security deposit same day.


      I already cancel mine because of that, and being mislead so many times, just so you know after you cancel it, it takes them another 5 business days to credit the security deposit to your card

  33. Tara H.

    I’ve had my secured card for 4 years now. I never increased the original $300 limit as I figured CO would just make interest off of any money I deposited and never return it to me. As my credit improved I received other cards with much higher limits so I only use my secured card here and there for gas, dinner, etc to show usage. In reading some of these more recent comments I decided to try and have the card changed to unsecured. It currently has a $0 balance because I immediately pay off anything I charge to it. I don’t want to close it and have to open a new card as it’s my oldest credit line and I am attempting to get a mortgage and don’t want new inquiries. This was the response I received from Capital One:

    Moving secured accounts to unsecured is a relatively new feature and Capital One is working on assessing how we can evaluate customer accounts to take advantage of this feature. At this time, your account is not eligible to become unsecured. Please continue to check back with us to see if your account can be unsecured in the future.

    I guess Capital One is finally learning from other creditors and is just now beginning to find a way to graduate secured accounts. Sucks that after 4 years, they still will not unsecure mine (guess my $49 deposit is very important to them *eyeroll*), but those interested in opening a new account with them can have hope. :)


    1. Nonya

      What is your credit limit and how much of a balance on that limit do you usually carry? Are you keeping your credit usage to under 30% of your limit on that card? if you use more than that they could see that as you depending on your card too much. If you have a $100 limit and you buy $40 bucks in gas, the credit reporting agencies to not see you only spent $40 or only have a ballance of $40. they look at it as you are using 40% of your credit line, they like to see it lower, preferably under 30%, under 10% they really like. So on a $100 card, I would never have a ballance over $30 on it at any one time. IF you are getting ballances on a low credit limit card in the 50% or higher range, they look at that as you depend too heavily on the card and they don’t like that. That is they only thing I can think of whey they would turn you down if you have had the card that long, if you have been paying on time and all that. Unless you have a lower credit rating or something else on your recent history that is scaring them off. I would try contacting someone and see if they can help you figure out what exactly the snag is so you can get it corrected.

  34. Dee

    Hi Beverly,in your review it says that after Jan 2016 they will no longer be able to make a higher deposit amount then the inital amount in the approval letter. But it is Feb 2017 now and when I logged in to make my deposit, I was given the option to make a higher deposit amount and I did. It even still says that you can make a higher inital deposit on the Capital One Secured Card Q&A site. I’m hoping you can clear that information up.
    Here’s my issue though, I have not yet received my secured card, I have recieved nothing from Capital One except the acceptance letter and instruction on how to make the deposit. I did that but don’t like that I just made a large deposit online and didn’t even get a receipt from Capital One. After the deposit is made on the website it just ends. No receipt, no email, no information on how to check the status. I can’t even find a number to call Capital One for thier secured cards. I think that’s kind of shotty for such a large company to have no communication available to secured card applicants after you send them your money. I Don’t even know how long I’m supposed to wait to expect this card to be in my mail box. Very poor customer communication from this company for secured card applicants.

    1. Amber

      I just made a deposit about a week ago. After the deposit, I took a screenshot of a page that said “print for your records.” It was basically the receipt. Since I only received an “acceptance letter,” I called to verify my email address was noted correctly..it was. She explained to me that they only send an email when the card ships your way and that it takes 7-10 days for the deposit to officially post then another 2-3 weeks for the card to arrive. Hope I’ve helped!

    2. Alaina

      I just went through the process and I was given the option to print and/or save the confirmation of payment and also it told me my payment may take up to 10 business days to process and my card should come in 3-4 weeks

    3. Ray

      I just went through them and got same response, it will take acouole of weeks to actually get your money. I dont get that. Then 3 or more weeks to process and get me a card. I had a 99.00 deposit and added 1000.00 and have recieved no emails or nothing. They say im approved but im not in the system.

    4. Ray R

      Its good for the initial deposit but not after the line is opened. You used to be able to ship them more money for instant increases to your line but it’s not offered anymore

  35. Leon Pucinni

    Background: I make a 6 figure income but I haven’t had credit in over 15 years since I’ve always used a debit card. That being said, I had no credit. I applied for a few secured cards and here is my review.

    This was by far the easiest card to receive, and I love that it’s accepted almost everywhere. I wish it were a Visa instead of Mastercard because I do a lot of shopping at Costco. Apart from that, love this card!

  36. NIEKA

    IT DOES CONVERT TO UNSECURED!!!I got this card March 2016 $49 deposit $300 limit, received an increase in Aug 2016 of $500 limit, applied for a unsecured Capital one (Journey) in Oct.2016 and was instantly approved $2000 limit, also applied for a store card with JCP instant approval of $300. Called Cap 1/30/17 requested secured be upgraded to unsecured and was denied, went online same day requested limit increase on Journey and received instant increase bringing limit to $2200, applied for Discover IT Cash Reward Match got instant approval $1800 limit, received email today 2/1/17 that my secured cap one has been upgraded to unsecured and $49 deposit has been refund, current limit still $500 going to request an increase. Current score =FICO EXP,629, CK TRU 594 EQ 582, it’s possible folks do your research find which banks use what score, keep utilization down 10%-30%, pay balances in full or down as low as possible before statement closing, it’s a science to this stuff figure it out and use to your best ability, recent medical collections have caused my scores to drop and currently I’m disputing them, working my way to homeownership in 2018… GOOD LUCK!

    1. Toni the Tiger

      Where do you get your credit scores from? Please

    2. earlene

      yes it does I went from secured
      to unsecured and a limit increase.

  37. Toni the Tiger

    Hi guys! So I’ve been reading this blog trying to learn about credit for a few months now. I am new to the country and need to start building credit. You helped me pick capital one for a credit card. I applied for my Secured credit card on January 14th 2017 @ about 11pm & by yesterday afternoon January 17th the payment was removed from my account. So yes payments do go through faster than the 5-10 days advised by some persons experience here. I was granted a $49 deposit on a $200 credit limit. But I paid $149 to get a $300 limit. I will be using the 10% or less ratio advised here to build up faster. I am patiently waiting on my card now YAY!! Excited to start building credit.

    1. Eddie Forehand

      My wife is from Germany and applied for a capitalone card. Did you ever receive the card and if so is it working for you?

  38. Katee

    I’m in the process of rebuilding my credit. I’ve had a few collections deleted from my credit report and a few others are being disputed now. I have a few questions that I haven’t seem to have found the answers to on here yet:

    Using Credit Karma, my TransUnion Score is currently 524 and Equifax is 476. Viewing my complete 3 bureau report a few days ago it listed TU score as 611, Experian at 601, and Equifax at 490. With these varying scores, what is the probability of getting approved should I apply for the Capital One Secured Card?

    And also, will it show as a hard inquiry or soft inquiry?

    Any and all feedback is much appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Jimmy

      It is a hard inquiry but you will definitely get approved for the card is designed for people with bad it fair credit trying to rebuild there credit. I was in your situation years ago tu was 429 I used credit karma and disputed everything negative on my credit file. When I applied for the capital one card my FICO was probably 550 at the most that was 1 year ago my Equifax jumped from the 500s to 650 my FICO tu and exp is now 698 &689 just about at the 700 score. It all started with this card. When I applied I got a 200 dollar limit and I had to put down 99 dollars. I kept my credit utilization below 30% paid my build not only on time but early so I have a 100% on time payment history 6 months after I got the card they increased my credit limit from 200 to 500 and I know there about to raise it again. Anyway here my point 2-3 months after I got the card my credit score went up 60 points and I finally hit and passed the 600s my Equifax stayed at 550 for awhile but the other 2 went up to 722 score so I applied for a target credit card IV didn’t know they went through Equifax but they did and I still got approved for a limit of 300 I’ve had that card for about 6-7 months on time payments as well I only had one month where my credit utilization was high and that’s cause I was in hospital for over a month. Anyway about a month or 2 ago my Equifax score jumped to mid 600s around 645&650 the other to are at 700 basically on my FICO. So on January 4 when I was away I was at Macy’s and I need some new stuff so I figured what the hell so I applied for the Macy’s card and was approved on the spot with a 600 dollar limit. I’m just waiting 2 more months to spread out my inquiries cause I have 7 on Tuesday and 5 on exp and Equifax out if those main 5 inquiries 3 of them were approvals. When they raised my credit limit my also went up. I also at one point had over 30 negative things on my credit report it took me a couple years but I got everything deleted I only have 3 things on Equifax that I’m fighting still the medical bills 100$ each 300 in total that we not mine. Anyway tu and exp have no negative credit history now and those 3 things left on Equifax 2 of them will fall off within a year from the 7 year statue of limitations. Apply for the card get it you get approved for the 200 dollar limit try not to spend more then 40-50 dollars and your stay at 25% utilization you can charge the card close to it’s limit of your in between billing cycles and you pay it off the next day. Make sure your bill is always Below 30% of your credit limit do that and after your 5th billing cycle ends and the next bill generates your credit limit will be increased to 500 dollars automatically without you having to give out anymore money and get everything that’s negative deleted off your credit report start using credit karma it’s a great program I still use it. Anyway use credit karma to also dispute anything on your trans Union and Equifax reports that’s negative you’ll be surprised how easily you can get them removed. Experian you’ll have to do mentally with the disputes cause credit karma only has tu and Equifax just go to experian’s website your aloud 1 free copy per year of your credit report from any of the 3 bureaus each one has to give you your credit report free once a year and you’ll get your credit fixed just remember to keep your utilization low and if you do rack it up pay it off the following day don’t ever let it go into the bill cycle maxed out that hurts your credit making minimum payments while it’s maxed out hurts your credit. It only happened to me once when I was in the hospital and my credit dropped 50 points but I paid everything down about 800 dollars between my cap 1 card and my target card. Now I also have a Macy’s card starting out with a 600$ limit. The only thing hurting my credit right now is that I don’t have enough credit between all my credit cards. Once you pass 1000 dollars between cards in available credit it helps you a little bit but when you pass 2000 dollars available credit you move into the next tier and your credit score jumps the only tier after that is 9500 dollars in available credit or more. Anyway having trans Union with 7 inquiries I have to wait. It’s been exactly one year since I’ve applied for my first card the capital one secured card. I went from a tu 550 exp 550 & Equifax at 489 and now my FICO tu is 698 my experian is 689 and my Equifax is 650 id say that’s a damn fine improvement once I apply for a chase card and get approved for 2000 or more my credit will jump from that there are 6 things they use to give your credit score. Just so what i said and I guarantee you to within 3 months your score will go up 40-50 points and within a year a 100 or more. As of now I have 0 delinquent accounts and 4 accounts in Good standing on all 3 credit bureaus trust me start with the secured Capital One Card it reports to all 3 credit bureaus just like an unsecured card. And before you know it you’ll be at a 700 like me Good luck

      1. Katee

        Thank you so much for this information. It’s immensely helpful!

      2. Diamond

        Hi , I got my capital one card a year ago and I have a very similar story like yours . They started me out with a 200$ credit line with a 50$ deposit . Can you please email me , I have a few questions about the card and building credit faster

        1. Matt

          Did u get the $300 increase around month 6 ? I did and i am wondering, do u get another at the year mark

          1. Danny

            I had deposited $250. 6 month mark a couple weeks ago and I got bumped up to $550. I was wondering the same thing.

            1. Matt

              I will let you know. My 1 year anniversary is 02/04/17.

            2. Matt

              My year came and went. No increase no nothing

      3. Katee

        I just applied for the card and was not approved. After submitting the online application I was sent to a page that stated “Unfortunately, we were not able to approve you for this card today. We will send you an explanation in the mail 7-10 days on why.”

        I’m pretty disappointed. Will update later one once I have more information.

      4. Kristen

        I just applied for this secured card my credit score is between 562-567 and was denied…disappointed, as I am trying to rebuild my credit. I do have a bankruptcy from 6 yrs ago and a student loan in deferment, but that’s it…nothing else

        1. Marqi

          How did your bankruptcy go?

        2. Justin

          I’m.still bankrupt and received a credit limit of 300 with nothing down almost on 6 months and hoping it gets raised I’ve always tripled mini payments since they.r only.20 max a month

        3. Trev

          Did they immediately tell you that you were denied or that you’d find out I’m 7-10 days?

      5. Derrick Dennis

        All the details helped me immensely. I was very hesitant at first. Thank you.

        Can I use the 49.00 deposit?

    2. Bobr

      It showed as a hard for me today when I applied

  39. Jacob Hejny

    UPDATE: TU: 553 / EQ: 554

    The predictions I made on January 4th in regards to the increase of my credit score have come to fruition – with an increase of +61 points.

    Unfortunately, I was denied for the Discover IT Secured Card today as well – but I still have more positives that have yet to reflect on my credit reports, including my student loans coming out of default, and 2 additional collections accounts being removed (leaving 1 remaining for $267 that is from July of 2010 that I do not intend to resolve as it will fall off by December of this year, 2017)

    Patience is a virtue. Keep pushing forward!

    1. Jacob Hejny

      I do not have any bankruptcies, I do have one Auto Loan Repossession valued at $9,000 from 2012 that had stopped reporting late payments in 2014, but when I contacted them to negotiate a settlement (In June of 2016) they began reporting missed payments (starting in July of 2016) and running monthly credit checks when I did not accept their offer that was significantly higher than my original payment.

      After 4 months I threatened a lawsuit if they didn’t stop the monthly inquiries, and they agreed to stop the inquires – but they have continued reporting missed payments.

      Litigation might be pending on this matter, but is not at the time of this comment.

    2. Jacob Hejny

      CreditKarma Scores Before/After bump

  40. Jacob Hejny

    I applied for this card in June with a TU score of 479, after I paid off several collections and was several months into rehabilitating my Student Loan. I provided a $500 deposit and got a $500 line. I’ve never had any problems with this card, and I’ve used it internationally.

    Most months I maintained a balance of about 75% – mostly because I was paying at the wrong time of the month. I used December to straighten that out and was able to pay off the full balance in time for my Jan 02 2017 statement. It also happened to be my 5th completed statement cycle.

    When my statement was complete, my credit limit had been raised from $500 to $800.

    My TU score is currently 492 – however that does not reflect this statement, the increased credit line or the now zero percent utilization. It also does not reflect that in December, the Department of Education informed me that my Student Loans had successfully been rehabilitated, and the missed payments would be removed from my credit reports.

    I must wait until Saturday, January 7th to see my new score with these things reflected – but I anticipate it to be around 550-575.

    This January marks an avalanche of growth in my effort to raise my credit score (which has gone up 20 points in 8 months). In addition to the last statement, I am also going to try for the Discover IT Secured Card with a $2,000 limit – raising my available credit.

    I will then sit back and pay my bills, and hope to reach 700 by the end of the year. I will be buying a new car in 2018, and a new home in 2020.

    It takes time, patience – and a little common sense, but you can definitely take control of your credit. Speaking as someone currently sitting below 500.

  41. Kyle Mann

    Had this card over 5 years now, used less than 10% Balance paid the day after purchase, still no increases on the card.

    1. Jacob Hejny

      I think the 5 month increase is a newer thing, and your card is likely grandfathered into older terms that does not allow the increase. Discover just recently started a 7 month increase window in order to be competitive.

      If you were to open a new Capital One Secured Card, and maintained it in the same way, it would probably get the increase after 5 statements while your old one would not.

    2. Antoinette

      I was doing the samething at first which was a mistake. You have to wait until your statement is available then you can make a payment so it will register as a monthly payment. Your statement is normally available 2-4 days after the close of your billing cycle

      1. Jacob Hejny

        There is a gap between your payment due date, and when they process your statement. It’s usually about 3-5 days. For example, my payment is due on the 27th, but the statement period actually goes to the 2nd of the next month. You absolutely want to make at LEAST the minimum payment before the due date (otherwise it will be considered late), but if I pay off my card on the 1st, it closes the cycle with a $0 balance and reports a $0 balance. Depending on how quickly your payment posts – 1 to 2 days before the very end of your cycle is the sweet spot to report the lowest balance.

  42. Melissa McKey

    Off topic question…how long did it take to receive the card? I just made my deposit and I need the card quickly to be able to rent a car.

    1. Matt

      It takes about 3 weeks. They wait 8 days to make sure the ACH has cleared.

    2. Ajanae

      I did mine November 19th and received it yesterday on Dec. 5th

  43. Erica

    Just thought I’d add my review of this card as I’ve received so much guidance and help from this blog. Thank you, Beverly!
    Like many others, my credit was in the toilet…Never understood how it worked in my 20’s and ruined my score for most of my adult life.
    I applied for this card last June after opening a Capital One 360 checking and savings account. My deposit was $300.
    I pay it in full every month and keep my utilization at about 30% consistently. I’ve reached the full balance several times but always pay it well before the closing date of my statement.
    I also opened a Discover IT card about 3 months ago, with a $300 limit and keep utilization at 30%.
    Today is 6 months to the day of opening the Capital One card and I received a CL increase of $300! This is the first time I’ve had unsecured credit in over 20 years.
    My credit score has gone from 500 – 600 in 6 months and I look forward to seeing it climb from here.
    Thank you to all the posters here! Buying a car and getting a mortgage now seems to be a reality and it only took til my 40’s :).

    1. Earlene Newton

      I have had this card for 6 months. They just increase my
      credit by $300. I always paid
      in full and on time my credit
      score also increased by 60
      points. Thanks Beverly your
      blog is great!

    2. Matt

      Has anyone had another increase after 5 or 6 month mark? I am goin on a year and have had 1 increase from 200 to 500

    3. Hsxagent

      Erica your story touched me. I am so happy to hear that your credit history is going well for you and Keep up all the good work!

      Again thank you for sharing your story!

  44. Misty

    Hello! I came across this site when trying to research Capital One and cardholders like myself who made a huge mistake with their card. Let me explain then ask my question.

    I was approved for a Capital One card nearly a year ago with a Credit Score in the low 500’s with a $99 deposit. Got my card, paid on time, kept my balance at zero if not below 3% utililization. Five months late to the T they gve me a CLI to 500. A month ot so later, my friend of well over a decade needed to go to another state to get very sentimental items from their estate to keep it from getting stolen from anothef family member who they were told was trying to break into their home on the property. She was due to get her check the next montb which was weeks away. So, like an idiot friend, I said I can pay for the gas on my credit card to get us to & from but you have to pay me back as soon as you get your check. She agreed. Needless to say, she never paid me back. Thus along with many other issues ended our friendship of over a decade…very sad to say. Needless to say I didnt have the money being unemployed at the time so i couldn’t pay off my credit card and it went into collections with a debt of $525.

    My question: Does capital one give seond chances? It has been about a year now since this huge mistake of trusting a friend and involving money. I want to get another card to help build my credit and be able to buy a home in a few years. But I dont want to apply and get denied automatically if they do not do second chance. Any one who happens to know this information and/or has been in a similar situation who could chime in….that would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Russ A Hovermale

      Hi, you should call and try to arrange payment if you’ve fallen behind. Pay the minimum if you can. There are no “second chances” or erasing any negative payment history. I would check with your local library and ask if there is free debt counseling offered because you need to understand how credit works before trying to fix it.

    2. Concerned

      I think that you should take your friend to small claims court.

    3. Dame

      Yes, they actually do.

  45. Donna

    Hello, i applied for this card to try to boost my credit and surprisenly was apprroved after having to send in $99. It took about 5 days for them to take the money from my account and i still haven’t received my card. My question is how long did it take for some of you all to get your card and also is there a way to make your payments using your debit card vs your account/routing number?

    1. Antoinette

      2 weeks

  46. Bridgette

    Hello Beverly, I just recently applied and was required to pay a $200 deposit. I paid $400 and got a $400 CL. I was told to use it more often to show usage and pay it off in full. I’m looking to pay it off every month and not carry a balance. I am looking to start to improve my score and show good credit history. What’s the best way to pay on it and do o need to worry about when they report to the bureau ?

    1. Victoria

      Just like you, I’m trying to better my score as well. I’ve had the Cap1 card since April made all my payments on time but I have accidentally gone over the limit (paid it down quickly tho) and I got my CLI on yesterday!! $300! I put down $200 for the security deposit and nearly 6 months to the day later they gave me the increase. I also have a Discover, Creditone, Wells Fargo that all are secured. But the Cap1 is the best one in my opinion.

    2. Jacob Hejny

      Capital One seems to update Credit Bureau’s within a day or two of your statement date. Make at least the minimum payment by the due date, but pay AS MUCH of it off as you can before the next statement date – it should be about 5 days difference (If you don’t make a payment by the due date, your payment is late – but you have until the statement date to pay as much as you can).

      I averaged a 75% utilization rate, ($375 used out of $500) – but paid it off in full before this last statement.

      Make your payment before 8pm EST, and it will post the same day – funds also usually available around midnight MST. Capital One requires you to make payments from a checking account.

      Like Victoria, the very day of my 5th completed statement – my credit limit was raised from the original $500 deposit I provided to $800 – $300 higher than my deposit.

      I checked my credit report the day before the statement date Jan 02, 2017, so I have to wait until Saturday, Jan 07, 2017 to check again – but I’m confident that it will already be updated.

  47. Brandon

    Hey Bev, I just got approved and put my deposit tonight for a 200CL. I plan on putting $20 a month charge on there via automatic withdraw from Netflix and HostGator. Can I set up automatic payments to withdraw the amount due from my bank and be fine just letting it sit like that for a few months?

  48. Clay

    Hi Beverly,

    Just wanted to thank you for all the information! My wife started with a secured Capital one card about a year ago, we always pay off the balance and her credit line was bumped up an additional 2-300 which was unsecured.

    A few months later she received an unsecured credit card offer. We can confirm that Capital One does appear to offer unsecured cards to secured card holders, while keeping the secured card open.

  49. Kelley Sipe

    Big mistake. I applied for the card and got it. No problems. I received the card in the mail, called it activate and they said there was fraudulent activity on my account. Has to be insider Fraudulent activity because the card was new and never activated. I called and was told to provide my information. I sent them all required information. Still can’t activate the account I called. They wanted my bank account information to verify that my account was still open to PROVE MY ADDRESS???? Im sorry to prove that I live at that address and to verify it I provide proper verification, they did pull my credit report which has my proper address on it. So WHY do they need my account number. I told the lady I wanted to cancel immediately and want my money back. Its been a week and no return as of yet for my security deposit. I will be calling tonite and asking where and when I get it. I will not do business again with Capital One.

    1. Denise H.

      This happened to me also and from what I’ve read many more people too!. I refused to send over all of my personal information as well. Why are they approving people only to hold the money? Seems shady. I told them to close my account and I’m also waiting on my deposit to be returned. They said a check will be mailed and it can take up to 2 billing cycles. I’ve read that some have gotten it quicker. I’m with you. I’ll never do business with them again. Did you ever receive your money? So far It’s been a week for me.

    2. Evelyn Hicks

      Thanks so much for posting this information. I applied for the card, got it and used it responsibly. Had it about two months. Paid if off and a few days later was told they believed there was fraudulent activity on my card and requested a copy of my license, social security card and utility bill. I’m sorry but handing over that type of information to ANYONE doesn’t feel right to me so I didn’t. They believed me enough to open my account, so why do they need it now. Thanks for helping me realize I made the right decision.

      1. Shalee

        Wow I’ve had my card for 7 months and have never been asked for any of that !!

      2. Breana Vivian

        I have this card also and never had that issue. That sounds very suspicious and like a scam. But this card has helped my credit score I started with $250 credit limit (I was allowed to deposit extra. I got my card in April) and made my payments on time which caused my credit score to go from 440 to 580 in 6 months. I’m hoping they will offer me an increase since I cannot request one.

        1. Mike

          Did u ever get a cli on secured card

  50. Jimmy W


  51. Aldo

    Hi i need some help in this matter its way different in the country i come from. I applied for this secured cc in capitol one, got approved for 200 cl with 99$ deposit, im waiting on the card. Now whats the right way to use it ive been reading about payment dates, % of utilization, how is that?? Can i use and pay several times before the monthly due date?? Or thats worse?? Thanks

  52. AJ

    Capital One is fantastic. Let me share my story. I had horrible credit and no one would even take a chance on me because I messed it up so bad when I was younger. I eventually declared bankruptcy. I filed August 31, 2015 and my discharge date was December 31, 2015. On January 18, 2016 I was approved for the secured card. $49 deposit for $200CL. I accidentally paid twice realized the mistake and they offered to refund me the second payment or keep it on there for a total $249 CL. I said keep it on there. So then I asked what is my statement end date. They replied back the 22nd of each month. So once I received my card I used it but several days before the 22nd I made sure to have my utilization down to 5% or less. But always above 1%. Always made my payment 3-4 days after the statement end date to make sure it was enough time to report to the credit bureaus and then paid it off. Never waited till the due date. The end result was after 5 months I was given a CL increase of $1,500 without me knowing. I saw it when I went on the app. Now my total amount of credit is $1,749.00. Point is if your smart, responsible and use it how your suppose too then you will be just as happy as I am. They can keep my deposit it’s been well worth the $98.

    1. Eric

      I just applied for this card. Could you explain again about your method?

      1. Laticia

        Eric in other words AJ’s card balance up around $10 per month (5%x200=$10 a month)then they paid the balance 3-4 before the due date.

  53. David

    I made my minimum sevurity deposit of $99 on the website and waited for them to post the deposit. However I went to check what was taking so long and apparently they returned the deposit to me 2 business days later. I found this out my checking my deposit historym i cannot find answers as to why this is happening but any answers would be great.

  54. Adrian Sanchez

    I had a credit score of 460 $200 dp $200CL score is now 588 I have had it for 2 months.

    1. Cher

      That’s awesome! May I asked what method you used to up your score so quickly?

  55. Ashley

    I am writing this review to help others that are in the same situation as my husband and I. My husband and I had to file Bankruptcy in April of this year because of some medical bills that were incurred during my pregnancy. We were discharged 07/26/2016 and we were weary about applying for CC so soon after being discharged but figured we oughta go ahead and try so we can start getting our scores back up. We applied on 08/07 and were both approved. I was approved with a TU score of 553 and EQ of 546 and a deposit of $49.00 and a CL $250. My husband was approved with a score of TU 526 EQ 539 w/a $100 deposit and a CL $200. We are trying to get our scores up pretty quickly and are going to take the advice of Beverly and other users on this site by not going over 10% utilization. I will update in a few months our progress to help other users in the same boat we are in. :)

  56. Amy

    I started with a 505 on TU. Originally I was approved for $200 with $100 down. Put in $298 and started with a $398 C/L. My husband was also approved for a lower deposit ($49) on the same $200 card. We also made each other authorized users, as that helped bump us both up. Well since getting this card in March 2016, my credit has gone up to 690 TU/ 675 Eq. My husband and I have used our cards and usually pay to zero prior to billing cycle (we also tried to keep charges to no more than 10% of balance). I was disputing some inaccurate negative credit listings and had most of my hard inquiries roll off.
    Today is 6 months later and we were both bumped up automatically an additional $300 each. This morning I decided to apply for the Navy Federal Credit Unions Cash rewards Visa. Two years ago I had applied for their secured card and was denied. This morning, I was approved for $19,000 C/L with a 12% rate! Thank you for this site, as that helped select the Capital One Secured MasterCard. that has has helped lead me down the path to better credit. I feel that my husband and I can (with careful use of our current credit) continue down the path to stellar credit. Our first goal is to purchase a decent used car at a good rate next year. The ultimate goal is to be homeowners in the next few years. I think we are on our way now.

    1. Amy

      I should add that I just found out it is a Signature Visa Card! Thank you Beverly, this site really allowed me to finally reign in my credit, work on straightening it out, and move into a much better space!

    2. Matrice Jackson

      Thank you so much for taking the time to communicate all of this. It was so useful to me right now.

  57. Marc

    Hi Beverly,

    How long will it take for Cap1 to start reporting as R1 instead of R0 for both Unsecured and Secured Credit cards?


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  59. Michael

    Hi there,

    I have had this card for three years and am ready to close it. I have a 1500 line with this and have carried a balance on it from time to time as I use this for business travel and sometimes the company is slow to repay my expense report. I am probably on the anomaly side here. I have never had an Credit Limit increase offered to me. I make payments on time and always pay at least half of the balance even if the I am waiting for the expense check. I find it funny that they have offered me nothing seeing as I have a car loan with them and again it is paid on time and I pay extra on the principle each month. So go figure with Captial One. I don’t want to close the card as it is the oldest card on my file and closing it and upgrading the discover card would cost me in the crash of the credit score. Decisions to make.

    1. Matt

      I was approved for a $200 secured credit card with Capital One on 1-26-2016 and was required to pay $49 deposit. I paid that immediately and my card account was opened on 2-2-2016. I recieved the card on 2-18-2016. I charged no more than $150 at a time and immediately paid it off 2 weeks later. My 6th statement closed on 7-29-2016 and the next morning my credit limit went from $200 to $500 at exactly 6 months on the dot from the statement close date.

      1. Matrice Jackson

        This was so hhelpful! I was really wondering how that worked.

    2. Just saying

      Your problem might be
      1. Not using less than 30% utilization
      2. It says you pay Atleast half the balance. A good technique everyone should do is pay the FULL balance.
      With the $200 credit limit you should not be using more than $60 a month

      1. Just saying

        In response to the original poster

  60. Jacky

    Hi I am starting to rebuild ny credit and got approved for C1 secured CC. One question it is asking for min. Deposit of $99 but I was thinking of starting with a deposit of $1000 or more since I am going to finance from a jeweler. Smart move or not?

    1. Rachelle

      my boyfriend got the c1 cc with the $99 deposit. he started with a $200 limit. so in order to keep your credit utilization score below 30%, he could only spend $60 a month on it. But he paid it in full every month and after 5 months of on-time payments, it went to $500 credit limit. With this card you can not request a credit increase, capital one has to review your account and they will randomly increase your limit, if they see fit. I’ve heard its a hassle to get your deposit back so i don’t know if depositing $1000 is a good idea. I believe capital one requires you to close your secured cc and open a new unsecured credit card with them before they will even consider giving you back your deposit.

      All in all the card is a great card to help build bad credit or no credit. His score has improved over 160 points. He’s getting a ton of credit card offers in the mail every week. I hope this helps.

      1. Jessicca

        It’s says if I pay a $200 deposit I will get a $3,000 credit limit . Is this so??

    2. Toni

      I started with $200 and within 5 or 6 months was automatically increased to $500….after making on time payments. My husband was as well….just FYI:)

      1. Anthony

        Hi Toni I have had my capital one secured c for 11 months and they have given me a increase of 1,000 and only had to give a 49.00 card deposit. I’m very happy

    3. Damian

      Bad decicion only put de
      Minimun 49 o 99 you never see this money egain trust me only minimun an forgeret this mony

  61. Tom

    I have this exact card, and am at a crossroads I’m not sure what to do about. I got the card years ago, with avery poor score, and successfully used it as a stepping stone to get into the 700’s.

    It was originally a $300 secured card, but they raised the limit to a partially secured $750. I’ve now had a Quicksilver for about a year with $6,000 limit (and rewards obviously). I also got a $7,000 Barclay’s card with rewards- so a $750 card that’s tying up $300 and gets no rewards is kind of a joke.

    When I got the Quicksilver they told me they don’t convert secured cards to unsecured cards, which I would have liked to do with the Platinum Secured. I elected to keep it open and just charge one thing on it every month- because it was the longest active account on my bureaus. I thought it would hurt my score to have fewer accounts, $750 less towards the utilization ratio, etc. I’d really rather keep the account open- but would like the $300 back. Has anyone had success with that? If not, would you eat the $300 to have a higher score, or risk a score drop to get it back? I read above that even closed accounts benefit the credit score for 7-10 years, but I don’t completely buy that the effect is as good as an open account that is good standing and improving your utilization rate. Any insight would be appreciated!

    1. Kimberly Peters

      I am eating my deposit to keep the high score. My kid takes dance lessons. I pay for those with it and pay it off monthly. It’s worth it to me.


    Hi I have a secured Capital One Credit Card and I love it. It was pretty easy to obtain, no requirements to have a bank account or “membership” with their company. One other benefit that they just rolled out is that after making your first 5 consecutive monthly payments you can get access to a higher credit line with no additional deposit needed. That is great news especially when it comes to credit utilization. This access to a higher credit line is advertised on their secured cards web page. Thanks Beverly for the blog and everyone’s contribution.

  63. Thomas

    Hello Beverly thank you so much for this amazing site. The insight from personal experiences is invaluable. Also the fact that everyone is so welcoming and helpful is really amazing. I just got approved for a Capitol One Secured Mastercard and I could not possible be more ecstatic! My credit is terrible ck scores of: TU 489 EQ 494. I have never been approved for a credit card for obvious reasons but I am so excited to build towards excellent credit by taking it slow and keeping my utilization low and of course making timely payments. I love this site I would have never applied if it weren’t for the other members of this site. Once again thank you!

  64. Marco

    Hi Beverly,

    First, thank you for this blog, I have applied and was approved for an unsecured card. I just recently activated it about a week ago and started using this past weekend of about 70% of the CL. My main goal is to boost my CS to be able to purchase a home in less than a year.

    My question is, because I intend to pay the full usage of 70% is just made before the statement arrives…does that mean I pay no interest and that when Cap1 reports to the bureaus, it will show 0% utilization?

    Thank you in advanced for your reply. :)

    1. AJ

      Marco what you need to do is call Capital One and ask them what your statement end date is. Once you get that date what you need to do is pay whatever amount you charged down below 10% of your credit limit. Then let the left over amount hit for the billing cycle. Wait 3-4 days after your statement end date and then pay it off. Don’t wait. It will increase your score and after a short time they will trust you and raise that CL.

  65. Tim

    Beverly, My daughter used this card to get started. She had no credit accounts whatsoever and a FICO of zero. She put down a $1,000 deposit and received a credit limit of $1,199. A year later, she made all on-time payments, and had a credit score of 700. She wanted to increase her credit line but could not add to her deposit. Although there is a “button” to apply for a credit increase on her on-line account, they responded “Unsecured credit line increases are not available upon request on Secured Card accounts” once she made the request. Customer service says she has to close the account and apply for a new secured (max $3,000) or unsecured card. In other words, there is NO way for a customer to increase their credit line once established.

    1. Kevin

      I just wanted to leave a reply for Tim. I recently put 1000 down for a secured card with Capital One.
      I use this card for all of my daily expenses rather than my debit card. Then once per week, I pay it down to almost zero (most importantly the payment clears 3 days before it reports to the bureaus).
      5 months go by and a 300 dollar credit line increase was issued automatically. I did not receive a letter, message or email. I have not received my deposit back or anything else. Just a bump in credit.
      Kinda cool…. This just happened last week sometime. Today is 06.01.2016

      It happens!

      1. Sheila

        I as well have a capital one secured credit card. I started at $200, and 5 months so far of on time payments, I received a $300 increase with no notification of it, Love it

      2. Trisha

        So you make a payment weekly, not monthly?

  66. mark

    i was approved with a 750$ limit unsecured. i’m still waiting for my card. is there a way to increase this limit before activating it or do i have to wait 3-6 months to request for one?


  67. Bebe

    I grabbed this as my first cc in 15 years lol. Ive been fighting and paying cash for everything til i saw my score looked terrible and i had no credit. Report is clear minus my student loans so this card is to assist my car loan and hopefully boost me so i can get my fico up and buy a house.

    Anyway, i was approved, they told me to send the $200. I sent $400, and then decided to take some money I had managed to luck up on and add that to the deposit. I wasn’t sure how much I could add or how long I had to add it, the Capital One representative said once I receive the card not to activate it until I was done making deposits and the money had been removed from my account. I got my card relatively quickly, a week or so i guess, and I made another three deposits totaling $1,400. Once I saw all the money was gone from my account, I called Capital One back and ask them if they saw it on their side. At that point, the representative told me that she saw my deposits total $1,400, but the last few deposits had not posted to my account. However, I was free to activate the card and use it up to the Limit that had already posted to my account. At that point it was about $400. It took another week and a half for the remaining $1,000 to post to my account. I hope that helps anyone who was wondering about adding on to the deposit even though you can’t do it anymore once you’ve activated the card.

    So far so good. Since this might not graduate, im hearing more no’s than yes’s, and the $1400 theyre holding isn’t killing me, I’ll leave it open til it serves me no more purpose. Hoping to ease this score high enough to qualify for the quicksilver one with a fecent limit. That was another reason i added so much, not knowing if being responsible for more money would reflect better on my credit.

    1. Gee

      Your post is a huge help to me. I also applied and got approved. I sent in the $99 deposit for a $200 credit limit. I received my card today and decided to deposit more after seeing that I can do so if I have not activated my card yet. I am hoping this works because last person I spoke to said it’s too late to add after my account has already been opened.

      1. Steven

        I started with the secured at a $250 CL. 6 months or so later I got a CLI of $250 bringing me to a $500 CL. I have had the card for 1 year and so far no more CLIs. My credit has gone from high 400s to an average of 680 between TU and Eq. My other 2 unsecured cards have 5 times the CL so I plan on canceling this card at the 2 year mark and getting another unsecured to another with a higher starting CL.

  68. Chris

    I truly love this card. I applied in December ’15, was approved, made a deposit of $500 and received a credit limit of $651. As of today, I’ve always paid my balance in full every month and have come close to maxing the card twice. My credit score has shot up 70 points to 709 since I’ve had the card (I got the secured USAA Amex around the same time). Last month I also opened a credit line at a store, just to diversify the creditors I have on my report.

    Yesterday, I received a notification that my credit limit jumped up to $2126!!!! My next credit rating is due next week, can’t wait to see what it is! This card has truly been a blessing; if used correctly, it will definitely improve your credit. NEVER CARRY A BALANCE!! Full disclosure: I’m trying to buy a home next year so I’ve been watching my credit like a hawk, and working on building it is like a second part-time job.

  69. henry

    Hi there Beverly and everyone,

    just a query regarding the deposit amount you put down and how it relates to the CL that you are granted: will my credit limit go up the more i put down as a deposit? for example, if i put in 49 as my deposit and my CL is 200, will my CL be, say, 400 if i put down 99 as my deposit?



    1. Danae

      hello I applied for a capital one platinum cerdit card and got denied. a month later I got a email that I was approved for the card with 100 credit limit to rebuild my credit it said it is something new they are offering I had made no deposit. i have to make 6 on time payments. I think this is a goo card I have no missed a payment or made a payment late.

    2. Bebe

      I would call and ask a representative. Once you go over the 200 deposit, im under the impression that whatever u deposit is your limit. Thats how my card is.

    3. Stacey

      It was the same for us…pay $49 for $200 CL. If you pay $99, CL will be the promised $200 plus the additional $50 (Total: $250). Whatever you add beyond the $49 is counted toward the CL (dollar-for-dollar).

  70. Rj

    I applied. For my Capitol one secured cArd back in mid March 2016. Since then, I’ve made to purchases totaling no more Han 7 bucks,and payed them off soon as it posted to my account. Today ,April 24 2016, I checked my credit report. The report says 0% utilization,but my credit score went up 73 points!!!!! So, it’s not true about what people say about letting your balance post to your account to get credit points. All that’s doing is creating interest,which in turn isn’t good at all. Can’t wait til my new car payment posts to my credit report!!

    1. Rj

      Oops that was supposed to say; I’ve made two purchases,totaling no more than 7 bucks*

  71. Timithy

    Hello all. I applied for C1 secure card the other day. I was approved and directed to a page that said I was approved and my card will be sent to me with in 7-10 days. But gave no indication as to what deposit they will need. Just said the card and welcome package with limit. Will they tell me what the deposit will be when I get the card?

    1. Rj

      In most cases,you probably didn’t require a deposit.

    2. Derick Mckee

      I guess i learn something new everyday.No deposit required for a secure card? Wow,keep us posted!

      1. Kim

        Same thing for me!?!?!! Did you guys find out the required amount online? There was no amount, just said I was approved.

  72. John H

    Awesome blog Beverly!
    I have followed the advice I have seen here, and have enjoyed the same results as many others here. It has made building my credit fun. A person does have to have patience and a concrete plan on how they want to move forward. But being able to watch ppl that has gone before me lay out exactly how they did it, is well, invaluable… Thanks….

  73. Linzi

    Hi, first off, I want to say THANK YOU and let everyone know how much I appreciate this site. I’m brand new to the credit building game and after much consideration, I applied and was approved for the Capital One Secured with $200 limit. Before I used my card, I started researching the best way to use it. With only utilizing only 10-15% of my limit for the 2 months I’ve had my card, my score jumped up 517 Trans and 517 Equifax, to 609 Trans and 669 Equifax as of today! I’m looking at my detailed report and I only have the one C1 account, so it’s showing very poor. I’m wondering if I should try and apply for another card, possibly an unsecured? If this is a good route, should I wait a certain amount of time before taking that step and applying for that second card? My husband and I are attempting to build our credit in hopes of purchasing a home next year. We’ve been a couple for 11 years now and have never financed anything, so we’re both lacking in the credit department. In fact, our credit scores were exactly the same. He also applied and was approved for the C1 Secured card a month after I was, so his score hasn’t jumped up yet. I’m utilizing both cards the same, so I have no doubt his will jump soon which will have me wondering the same with his credit, should he try to open another. I appreciate any help/information anyone can give us =) Thank you so much.

    1. John H

      I have essentially did exactly the same thing. But after it posted my utilization and payment history, i then applied for a fingerhut credit account and was approved for a 500 dollar limit with no deposit. I spent 50 on socks and boxers to keep my utilization down and buy something that i could really use. Most things are way over priced so use intelligent thinking on your purchase. And remember its not about needing credit, its about building credit. So don’t even go looking at dumb things like electronics and way over expensive things. Please keep me in the loop on what you do,

  74. Billy

    Hello beverly

    Just wanted to let people know
    I’ve had capital one for a year now, I’ve had 1 automatic increase already for $300, got an email tonight 4/11/16 that said they needed my updated income for an automatic increase, I have paid on time and in full for a year, my limit is $550 now and I max my card out in between billing cycles then pay in full before end of cycle and let it report $0 balance, I have been offered to graduate this card to unsecured platinum but have refused as I wanna keep this account going, I have applied for unsecured platinum and quicksilver one and been approved for both! Thank you for all your info and help

  75. Michael

    Hi all,

    Love the site and happy I found it. I just applied and got a Discover card.

    I have had the Capital One cared for over 3 years. I started with a $500 deposit and have twice bumped it to 1500 where it is today.

    I have had three occasions where because I cared a balance(expense payback was slow) and got caught with a over limit.

    I have applied twice for a credit increase and have been denied twice. I would have thought that I would get it considering that I have a Auto Loan with them and have always been on time with them even paying a bit extra off each month.

    I am going to try one last time before I close it out and move to the Discover card. I hate to do it but I think I deserve the bump.

  76. crm282

    I would love to apply for this secured card. I have been working really hard at improving my credit. In the last 3 years I have raised my TU credit score from the 300s to 622! One question about the C1 secured card:
    I had C1 card back around 2012-2013. I was doing well until a boyfriend helped me ruin it. So, my balance of $750 with C1 was recently “removed” from my credit report. It still shows, but as “removed.” I cannot afford to pay off the $750.Should I apply for this secured card?

  77. Kris Holliday

    Hello, so my problem like David is that ive had C1S since 2011. I have received the same message unsecured credit limit increases are for secured cards. I have called and talked to numerous reps and to no avail. I pay on time, keep my balance and util low, meanwhile everyone else is getting these increases, what am i doing wrong?

    1. John D

      I’m wondering the same thing…only thing i can think of is that I deposited more money before the deadline. Maybe that’s what delayed it even further for me.

  78. Christie

    I really like capital one – I got the secured card with a $250 deposit and after 6 months I got a letter saying I was approve for an unsecured card with a $500 limit that will increase to $750 after 6 on time payments then after 9 months with the secured card I got an unsecured increase on it for $300 so now I have a $550 credit limit on this

  79. Demonpeepers

    Just wanted to leave a comment and inform you that I did indeed apply for, get approved, and deposit over the required amount. I applied for on Feb. 21, 2016. I am currently awaiting my mailing however my credit limit will be $1000.00 I am unclear on when you are discussing the deposits if you are speaking to adding additional deposits after the card has even activated or adding additional monies prior to the activation of the card. I was informed that I cold make additional deposits prior to the 80 days you are given to make your required deposit as long as my card hadn’t yet been activated.

  80. John D

    It has been 3 days since I got my 6th monthly statement. Always paid on time, made multiple payments every month and never went over 30% by the statement date. Should I call in for an increase in CL? There is an option online where they ask for income etc, should I do it through this? or should I just wait for an automatic increase.


    1. Derick Mckee

      Hi john,i got my increase a week after my 6th statement.No need to call you’ll get it soon.Its funny how it happen to me. I was reviewing my bill online and didnt even notice it until i saw my available credit.

      1. John D

        I actually tried to put the request through the website and this is the message they gave me “Unsecured credit line increases are not available upon request on Secured Card accounts”. I’m not sure what it means, sounds more like an automated message.
        I was pre-approved for the Quicksilver card, applied for it and got approved for a $500 CL!!! They had to verify the income through some documents which took a couple of weeks but I couldn’t be happier!

  81. Shannon

    I actually started with a secured Capital One card in Nov. 2015 and I was able to apply for a unsecured Quicksilver card and was approved for a $500 limit and I still have the secured card as well.

  82. Derick Mckee

    Hi,Something pretty cool happen to me today.I applied for the secure card back in october with 200 cl.After 6 months today i got a increase on my limit to 600.I also applied for the unsecure preapproved quick silver platinum master and i got approved with a 500 limit.They did a hard pull though but i’m not going to cry about it.Btw that inquiry cost me 5 points.
    A year ago my score was 560 with equifax 570,575 with TU now i’m at 650 with equifax,655 at TU.The 10% utilization is so important to increase your score the quickest way possible.
    I also have 8 Comenity Bank Store Cards which i pay off the balances every month and my secure discover with a 500 cl.My bk will drop off next year and i want to be in position as it drops off my score hopefully will be in the 700’s.
    I must say i’ve learned soo much from this site,it has become my GO-TO site everyday.Thanks again Beverly.

  83. Dgeaun

    I applied for a card today and I was approved. It stated that I can add more money to my security deposit if I want a higher limit. Were you saying that they removed that feature or were you saying that it is no longer the only way to increase your limit?

    1. Starr

      I applied for and got a card after January 16,2016 and it said I could add more money for a higher limit, too. when I called Capital One to try and add money they said it was no longer allowed and that there was no way their system could have told me that I could. I was able to convince them to let me add money on for a higher limit in what they called a “one-time only” special circumstance based on the possibility that their system made a mistake and told me I could.

  84. Tasha

    I have a first premier credit card with $300 limit. I’ve had it for awhile. Should I close that out as I was just approved for the Capitol one secured $99 deposit, $200 limit? Or should I keep it open?

    1. Henry Collins

      Tasha, I’m not sure of your circumstances now but the First Premier card is the worse card ever made. You pay them over 25$ a year and they are not a well known company. You don’t have to close the card, but i advice you to get the capital one card as well as the discover it card. These cards have No annual fees, great cash back rewards and bigger credit score increases. I promise.

      1. Tarie

        I got a First Premier offer. $49 annual fee, 49% APR and $300 credit limit. I got a secured credit card with Capital One instead. I would NEVER recommend First Premier to my enemy. Do you want a company on your credit report whose reputation is touching the WORST credit out there. Because only the TRULY desperate would ever consider First Premier

  85. Amy

    Beverly, I had to report back. This morning my card and being an authorized user on my husbands card finally came through. My Transunion went up 93 points and my Equifax went up 73 points!I am still in the poor range with my scores being TU617/EQ589, but I figure with continued 10% use each month (paid off prior billing) this should go up more in the coming months. I also suspect that Credit Karma’s reporting is a little off (a bit low). My husband’s Transunion reporting per Captial one shows him at 695 while Credit Karma is not reporting anything with Transunion. Mine is supposed update tomorrow, so I am curious to see the difference between the two are for me. I cannot tell you how exciting it is after so many years (and years and years) of living with bad credit and poor past credit decisions, to finally be on a path towards correcting and raising my credit! I am actively working on the debt showing with the accounts, including disputing to have closed previous bad accounts correctly noted (like paid off vrs charged off). That has assisted previous with small changes to the positive. All because I happened upon your site and this card recommendation! Many Thanks!

  86. Chris

    I have a question about Utilization. My credit is terrible, partly from being a stupid kid a long time ago, and then due to unforeseen circumstances. I applied for the C1 secured card and got approved with the $200.00 deposit, which I will probably do with my next pay check.

    So on to the question. I intend to switch my subscription accounts i.e. Netflix, Hulu, etc over to this card. I figure these are automatically charged anyway, and I can narrow down 1 day a month to pay them on the CC versus, different days. With some game subscriptions my total monthly spending would be around $65-$70 a month, which I will pay off each month. If my limit is 200 and my spending is 65-70 but zeroed each month with paying on time, does that mean my utilization is roughly 35%? or is utilization based on the balance at the end of the billing cycle? This part confuses me.

    1. Josh

      You want to find out what day the card will report to your credit and make sure your balance is paid off before that day.. Like a week before that day. That will keep your utilization at 0%

    2. RozzyJay

      Depends on who you ask…but utilization is considered “excellent” at 1-9% and very good from 10-29%? (Not sure about that huge gap but i know its between 10 and 30) Anyways, if your bill is due the 5th, Cap1 will take whatever the balance is and report two days after (or around there) so lets say the 7th. Your goal would be to keep your balance (with a $200 card) BELOW $18. That way your utilization is reported at 1-9%. Even if you charged 60% of your credit line in the month, the credit bureaus only see what is REPORTED. Please keep in mind that if you cant pay off your spending in advance of your due date, you should only keep netflix and hulu on there as these are smaller purchases. Nothing sucks more than crunching numbers to figure out how to pay your balance down before that statement cuts!

  87. dree

    “Capital One is making this change in order to focus on offering other benefits to Secured Card customers.”

    I’m pretty curious as to what these “other benefits” will be. Can’t be the new “CreditWise” replacement for CreditTracker — it’s available to everyone including non-CapOne customers.

  88. Sage

    The last time I checked my CS it was 540. This past year I checked my CR and saw that it had cleared up from my young adult years and after doing some research I decided between Wells Fargo and Cap 1 secured cards. Being that my banker from WF never returned my call I applied for Cap 1. I got approved with a $49 deposit. I checked the credit tracker which listed my score as 612 below average. I have paid 2 monthly balances all while keeping my spending below $40 on this card and have started paying on my old debts and my score jumped from 612 to 660. I screamed when I saw the increase. Cap 1 is definitely a great way to get started or back on your feet. I’m excited to see how much higher it will go.

  89. BrianM

    Hi Beverly. Thanks for making an incredible resource for understanding credit cards and how they work. I have used your site for a number of months and reference it for most of my credit decisions now. Figured I’d relate my story on Cap1 Secured CC.

    I had an initial CS of 522 from TransUnion and 516 from Equifax checked via CreditKarma and verified via Annual free credit checks. I had about $1.5k in medical debts in collection.

    I applied for a Cap1 Secured credit card back in August ’15. I had to pay $200 for a $200 CL. It took 3 weeks for my card to arrive. In that time, I paid about $200 off on my debt collection. When I activated the new card, my credit score jumped to a TU580/EQ574. I continued to pay down my debts and added an extra $100 to my card (which can no longer be done with new Cap1 policies) in November. This brought my CL to $300. My December scores jumped to TU640/EQ595 and stayed there through January. In February, Cap1 doubled my CL to $600 without my requesting a CL increase on my secured card! My score jumped to TU684/EQ672. I then received my income tax returns and paid off the remaining $500 in debts. I applied to Cap1 for an unsecured platinum and was approved for $500. Now I have $1100 CL over 2 cards. My credit scores jumped to TU706/EQ694! My debts are gone.

    I still have a bit of a problem with the age of all my credit. It’s all under 18 months old so thats keeping my scores down a bit but that will heal over time. Also, I only have just these 2 CC accounts listed on my credit. No car loans or student loans on my record, which is also a bad thing but I’m working on that as well.

    None of this would have been possible without Cap1 secured card and using it in a responsible manner. I keep my utilization at/under 30% and pay the bill monthly. I NEVER carry a balance.

    Just wanted to say thanks and show what can happen with this card.

  90. Katie


    My Fico is 502 w/ ex and 489 w/ trans. I applied and got approved for $200 w/ a $49 payment. I haven’t paid the payment yet. I have until April for expiration. I wanted to pay over the amount to increase my limit. How much should I pay?? Also, how can I increase my Fico score fast over a 6-8 month period?

  91. Amy

    Well both cards arrived today, so we paid the deposit on 2/5 and had cards in hand on 2/19! We are very excited to start down this path to better credit. Hopefully in 6 months time we will see CLI on this card and possible a secondary card. With my husbands higher score, by then he might be able to get into an unsecured card. We are on each others cards as an authorized user so good payments should count for us both!

  92. KShulla

    Hi Beverly,

    I received my Capital One secured card in October 2015. And my first payment/statement was in October. I was wondering when 6 months is from then. I know it might sound silly but trying to see when I could possibly see some random cli.

  93. Amy

    So today we received the email stating our cards were on their way. This was our first notification since the funds were pulled 10 days ago. So they did not send any other notification prior to issuing the card. So if your funds have been pulled, give it 10 days and then they should ship out your card.

  94. Migzy

    I am so excited just got approved for a $99 downpayment, I have next to no credit history (one online account that is labeled as a fresh start account and only open for a little over 1 month!) I will make a bigger deposit depending on my other credit card application result (with Citibank secured credit card, which I have not received a response yet), I shall keep you posted!

  95. Sabrina

    I just paid my deposit…$99 for $200CL. I paid $200. The lady on the 800 number told me that whatever I paid over the required deposit would increase my CL by that amount. So my CL is $301.
    $200-99=101. Actual deposit minus required deposit
    $200+101=301. CL given plus increase from depositing more then required
    Also she told me it takes 10 days for deposit to post. This is normal practice and would not receive any notification until 10 days had passed.
    So paid on 2/10/2016 with expected delivery date of the week of March 2nd.

    1. Amy

      I assumed it would increase the deposit amount vs the credit amount that was approved. So I though for every $99 deposited (my approval amount) then I would have $200 credit. Sad that it is not so, but still glad approved.

  96. Mo

    Help. I’m trying to use my American Express Centurion Bank account to pay my deposit.

    #1. I went to Cap One’s deposit page and entered the info (routing number and such) and received confirmation.($600, Feb 8th)

    #2. Nothing has been pulled from my account. And no emails.

    Have I done something wrong? This is my only back bank account at the moment.

    1. Amy

      We had our deposits pulled a couple of days after making them. I have read some comments on this thread that states no email or notification is sent until they accept the deposit and let you know a time frame on shipped cards. I figure they do so after the 10 day wait to ensure funds are completely cleared.

  97. Amy

    My Score was 502 and I was approved on 1/26/16 for $200 with $99 deposit. My husband has a score of 560 and was approved for $200 with a $49 down on 1/29/16. I actually put down $297 for a 600 limit (I think that is how it works) while my hubby put down enough to double his limit. Deposits were made on 2/3 and the money was removed yesterday, 2/5. We are hoping they process through and receive cards by the end of the month. So far no notification or email, but from reading here, I guess we will get one once the go past the 10 day waiting period. We are excited to be given the chance to rebuild credit so that in a year or two, we can purchase a decent car with a good rate through a good dealership. We are thinking to wait for about 6 months to have good payments on the cards (low billed monthly amounts, paid off each month) to allow a secondary card each to expand available credit. We are going to use each card to pay a small bill that will total around 10% of available credit each month.

  98. Megan

    I really love this card. They approved me with a $200 limit and a $200 deposit… even though I had a credit card from Capital One go into collections 10 years ago. Now, 6 months after opening my credit card and paying 1- 2 times every month early or on time, they have raised my CL to $500 without an additional deposit. I was sad because when I requested an increase they said this type of account was not eligible for CL increases, then a month later they automatically increased my limit. Thanks Capital One!!! Truly they are helping me improve my credit score as I attempt to also pay off old debt.

  99. On my way

    Just got approved with a 540 transunion and a 99.00 deposit.

  100. Charlotte

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if anyone knows what your minimum score should be if you want to qualify for the $49 security deposit with $200 CL? I’ve been trying to rebuild my credit score, and it’s higher than it was, but still not very high. Especially since it sounds like you don’t get the deposit back with this one unless you cancel I’d like to put down as little money as possible, but I’m afraid with my current score I’d have to pay the full $200 deposit. I don’t mind waiting a couple months until my score is higher to pay a lower deposit, I’m just not sure what that magical number would be. I’ve had the FNBO secured card for two months now and it’s really helping! I know FNBO will graduate me to an unsecured card though so I wasn’t too concerned about that $300 deposit. And so far I’ve stuck to under $90/month, shooting for under $30/month from now on (want to get in the excellent range), but that is literally my only credit card history at this point (low score is from collections, down to only 1 of those too though). Should I just wait until I finally have a Fico 8 bankcard score? Or is there a magical number I should get my regular credit scores up to before applying so I can qualify for the $49 security deposit?

    Any insight is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    1. Charlotte

      I was just perusing the site a little more (I love this site!) and came across the secured BankAmericard which it seems now also offers a partially-secured product, so I’m wondering if that might be a better option since it sounds like you actually can get your security deposit back down the road with that one unlike the capital one card. Basically the same question though, what should I get my score up to before trying to apply if I actually want to get approved for a partially secured card? Or how long should I wait in general? I realize I haven’t had the FNBO card all that long. I’m just very excited to finally be making the necessary steps to get my credit on track and I want to do everything in my power to help that along. Which also means avoiding putting myself in the situation of getting denied for a partially secured card when I could get approved with a 20-point higher score if I wait 2 months (hypothetically).

    2. dree

      I had literally no score from having used only cash and debit for over 20 years and was approved for a $200 CL with a $49.00 deposit.

  101. LaTunya


    1. LaTunya


    2. Turkey


      1. LaTunya

        Thanks for your reply Turkey. I truly appreciate it.

  102. Nan

    So excited – I just got approved for the $200 credit limit!

    I followed the link to the deposit site and put in the required $49.

    I had originally applied for the Discover It Secured card but was denied :/

    So I went back to Beverly’s site to do more research and decided to try for the Capital One Secured Credit Card.

    Looks like they pulled Transunion (which has my highest score out of all three bureaus) report.

    Thank you Beverly for this great site!

    1. Nan

      UPDATE – Today is the 18th and I still never received an email even though the funds were removed from my account on February 3rd. Called Cap One (800-227-4825) and was told that my card was mailed out on the 15th – hopefully I receive it this weekend!

      1. Nan

        6 MONTH UPDATE – Got the shock of my life when I checked the app and saw my credit limit had been increased to $1,700!!

        I charged only about $33 a month and made sure to pay it right away…hard work pays off! Excited to see how much of a bump I’ll get on my credit scores.

        1. Nan

          11 MONTH UPDATE – I received an email from Capital One today that read “Congratulations! Because you’ve used your card responsibly, you’ve been upgraded to an unsecured Capital One Platinum Mastercard.”

          So excited because I’ve always read that Cap One doesn’t graduate their secured cards!

          Thanks again for all of the great info on here!

  103. YT

    Hi! I just applied, was approved for the Cap1 CC with a $49 deposit/$200 CL & I have a question. I paid the $49 so when I get the card, will my (available use) CL be $200 or will it be $151? If it’s $151 & I make no purchases, will Cap1 bill me for the $49 difference due in an effort to bring me up to the $200 CL? Meaning I will be paying the $49 sec deposit & $49 + interest to reach the $200 CL? Or will my (available use) be $200 with the $49 I paid hidden somewhere behind the scenes??

  104. Kimberly

    I just applied for a Capital One Secured Card and paid the initial deposit,but I did not get any kind of email confirmation from Capital One or anything so I am worried….is this normal? I did get a customer number before moving onto the bank transfer part, but after the submission of the transfer nothing. Is this normal??? I feel like I should alert my bank. Please advise!!!

    1. John

      Yes Kimberly unfortunately haha. I applied just over a week ago and it were only 30 minutes ago today 1 27 16 that I received any email from Capital One stating my approved balance and that they would notify me again once my card is shipped. Scary though they will email you adventually. Have a great night

  105. Billy

    Hello beverly, I applied for a capital one card July 2015 and was approved with a $300 limit, I’ve had the card 6 mos now and have pif and carried a balance but kept the balance at $3 and just this past Friday I got an automatic cli for $300, I’ve also applied and got the citi card too with $300 limit, applied for discover but was denied with tu score of 614, exp score of 598 and equifax score of 600, no collections or banktruptcy, good payment history

  106. Michael

    You can only increase your original credit from before you activate it. And they are still taking applications. My wife got approved 01/22/2015

  107. PixieV

    I am not sure where my first post, today, went. :( So here goes, again.

    Six month (and 3 days, lol) update.

    I have had my card for 6 months now. Alas, I have had two emergencies that made me go way over the 30% (To be fair,I am usually at 50% utilization) recommended. In one case, of the $200, I had used 198.00, having purchased a window AC while waiting for the delivery of a motor for the central AC.

    I have only had to pay interest ($3.45, lol) once, and it was during the AC event. I pay well before it is due, but I will say paying $100 takes 7 days to clear their account. I cannot have funds not available to me, when it is actually my own money. So as soon as it clears my bank, I call CapOne to have the funds cleared and available on my card. Payments of $25 take a day, and I now just make several $25 payments in a day or three.

    Exactly 6 months to the day I actually first used my card, I got a $300 CLI and was rather shocked, but thrilled. Mostly because I had to pay the full $200 deposit, when I applied; and I added $50 to increase my limit to be able to rent a car, just two weeks ago. I literally had zero credit when I was approved for this card. My plan is to wait another 6 months and apply for an unsecured one.

    Thank you Beverly, I am so glad I found your blog!

    1. PW

      Hi PixieV! My post is about six posts down. Just an FYI that after having my secured card just three months, I checked for pre qualification offers on their site, and there were two! Their (unsecured) Platinum and Quick Silver cards. I immediately applied for both at same time, and was approved. I already have earned close to $30 in reward $$ with the Quicksilver! So, don’t feel you have to wait for ages to get an unsecured. Also, my utilization is all over the place, but never higher than 40%. The 10% ideal? At start I did that, but too difficult for ME to maintain.

      I will say to everyone though, from meticulous tracking of my credit score through fico.com? The utilization end seems to account for biggest swings in my score. If I could keep all my cards at 10% consistently? My score would reach/remain in mid 700’s plus easily. (Also, I got a new auto in December, so all those hard pulls didn’t help!! Seems so unfair.)

      Just yesterday, after having recently gotten an invite in my (physical) mail for the Discover It, applying and getting it? I received an invite for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card! Their MINIMUM starting CL is $5000, and I *really* need a card with a high credit line (for various reasons, but primarily for BIG emergency purposes). I will likely apply for it, then stop applying for quite awhile if I get it, as I already have too many hard pulls.

      1. PixieV

        Congratulations, PW!

        I have no idea where to even look for the pre qualification offers on the site, how sad is that? I think that probably means I am not pre qualified for a darn thing, lol.

        Not sure how soon I would see even 700, was up to 679, then an ambulance bill my insurance apparently did not cover/pay, showed up in collections. Now down to 622. Oh well, I surely do not have $1,013 to pay it. Just want to know why no one notified me.

        I need a card with a “really” high CL, for the same reason, emergencies happen. Enjoy your new car and let me know how the new cards went! :)

        1. PW

          Thanks PixieV! If you want to check for pre qualification offers just go to capitalone.com, from that home page click on the ‘credit card’ dropdown menu, and from there select ‘see if you’re prequalified’. Rest is quick and easy, and no hard pull on your credit.

          It can be frustrating with the roller coaster ups and downs of our credit scores, especially unpleasant ‘surprises’ such as yours, but we gotta keep plugging away! :)

          Did apply online for the Chase card (1/25), and my status is ‘under review’, so it hasn’t been approved (or denied) as yet. Fingers crossed!

          1. PixieV

            Thank you so much, PW!

            With your help, I found where to go. I was pre-qualified for the Platinum and Quick Silver cards, approved for the Platinum, but there was a hitch in the internet connection (to be fair, I did both at exactly the same time lol) with the Quick Silver, so I have to wait 7 to 10 days for information on that one.

            Happy dancing, over here. Even if I do not get the QS one, I am on Cloud 10 (9 is so last century) over here.

    2. Guss

      No way you got a credit line increase on the secured wow. since I deposited the full amount on the secured card i wouldnt be able to know. my sister had just like you $49 for $200 she never went over $30 bucks they never raised it. She ended up closing it and applied for the platinum approved $300 go figure. Anyways congratulations I like hearing good stories on people’s credit.

      When I started my scores were 550-595
      Now 12 months later they are 670-695

      1. PixieV

        Hi Guss,

        Not sure whom you are replying to. I had to pay the full $200 when I applied for the Secured. I kid you not, when I say I had a zero credit score! 😉

        Right before the cut off date for adding additional deposits, I added $50. On the anniversary of the day I first used the card, I got the $300 CLI from CapOne.

        I followed PW’s direction and was approved for both the Platinum ($500) and QuickSilver ($300).

        Now I have $250 secured, and $1,100 unsecured.
        Your scores are better than mine! But then, I am only 6 months in. :)

        1. PW

          Yay Pixie!! You got the Platinum and Quick Silver cards!! So glad it worked out. :)

  108. Mike

    Hi Beverly,

    Need your expertise. I applied for this card in 03/2014 and put $200. After 3 months I put an additional $300 total of $500.00. I got a letter in the mail about a month ago indicating that they will no longer accept deposits to increase your credit limit. Its going to be 2 years and I have not once got an increase. My utilization is under 10% usage. I called and asked if I can get a credit limit increase. Representative indicated they don’t give increases for this type of card. I have a total of 2 capital one credit cards this secured master card and quicksilver which I have a credit limit of $2750 it started off with $500.00. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to close this card and apply for another capital one card. Because I know the limit a person can have is only 2 capital one cards. Thank you for your help

    1. PW

      Hi Mike! You can scroll down about five posts to see mine; at present I have THREE Capital One cards (secured and two unsecured).

      1. Mike

        Hi PW! thank you!!!

    2. Megan


      I had a similar experience but a few weeks after I was told they could not do a CLI, I logged on today to find that they had automatically increased my limit by $300. So I would not lose hope. :)

      1. Mike

        Thanks for your replies. unfortunately I tried again 2 times with no avail. I am just going to pay off balance and cancel the card. Hopefully I can apply for a new capital one unsecured card. I just applied for the southwest airlines chase card the other day and got approved for $2000.00. Hopefully this will improve my credit utilization. Wish me luck!

  109. mary

    Hello Beverly,
    I am wanting to get my first CC after BK and had a long and good credit history prior. I received a CC app in the mail from Cap One stating “You’re working to get your credit moving in he right direction. And now you’ve been selected for this great offer. So take the next step-apply for this Capital One Platinum MasterCard offer to day. Once approved you’ll enjoy-no annual fee, 0% interest until Oct 16 w 22% after, access to a higher credit line after making your first 5 monthly payments on time…..This seems too good to be true….as I was looking for cards such as the secured ones on your best/worst of secured etc…
    Any thoughts? Thanks for all your research for us all!

  110. Muriel

    I have I question. In November 2015, I was approved for CL $200. I’ve used my credit over 70%, and I’ve been paying well before due date. and, sometimes twice to keep my balance low. Does using my credit over 50% hurt me, even if I pay well before due date?

    1. judith

      I wanna know the answer to this too

  111. George

    I started with a Capital One Secured Card. Made a $200 deposit, and a week later added an extra $100, for a $300 CL. After 6 months, they gave me an auto-cli of $300 for a $600 CL.
    Have rec’d a few unsecured cards now (Chase Freedom & Slate), (Discover It then PC’d to Chrome), (PenFed Cash Rewards Visa), (Walmart Mastercard – Synchrony Bank), along with (Capital One Quicksilver One Mastercard), and most recently a (Capital One Quicksilver Signature Visa)!!!

    My scores are 741, 707, 721 respectively.

    I started with my Capital One Secured Platinum on January 15, 2015 with scores in the low 500’s!

    I carry no balances, and whatever card I use is PIF before any due date.

    If I can build credit like this, anyone can with responsible handling of finances.

    Sites like this help immensely. Credit is not CASH!!

    1. Michelle

      George your results give me hope :) I am currently about to get my first CC ever through Cap1 and I had to put $99 down for a $200 cl. I have been researching everywhere if I should carry over a balance or just PIF before reporting date. I can’t find a direct answer. Does it help or hurt me to carry a balance? My score for TU: 505 EQ: 520 EX: ? I love Beverlys blogs and meeting you awesome Credit Rehabbers!! Keep up the amazing work – and of course any answers and examples you could possibly give me will work WONDERS! thanks again..

  112. PW

    Hi all. I opened this account with a $99 deposit/$200 CL in July 2015. I also immediately made an additional deposit to increase my CL to $600. I have paid my bill in full every month, sometimes making multiple payments in a month, to keep my utilization lower. Much to my surprise, I went online to make a payment today, and noticed they bumped up my available credit $300 (total CL of $900)!! I hadn’t requested it, and it has only been five months since I opened it. I started from nothing, as far as a credit profile, as I hadn’t used any in YEARS. I now have this card, as well as two of Capital One’s unsecured cards: Platinum and Quick Silver, and I was also just approved for the unsecured Discover It card! Total credit line for all is just $3000.00, but I am getting there, and you will too! Good luck!!

  113. Vicki

    Hi we are on the road to build out credit. We applied for the Capital One Secured card last night and got approved with a $200.00 deposit. We made the deposit thru out bank as instructions. I have check out bank account and the $200.00 has not been applied to Capital One. Could you please tell me how long it takes before they debit the $200.00 for our account.? or How do i check to make sure it went thru. I got a conformation, but no number to customer service to find out if everything was good. I read it take about 2 weeks to get your card and I read in this blog that someone got to pick the card they wanted. I didn’t see any where to do that. Sorry for rambling. Just concerned

  114. Meka

    Hi Beverly! I was just approved today for $49 deposit w/ $200 CL. I am 40 yoa and this is my first CC of any kind so your site has proven quite valuable for me! My goal is to rebuild as quickly as I can. I’ve noticed that most folks on the thread recv’d their card w/in 2-3 weeks. When I paid the deposit online, I received an order number but no receipt or confirmation was emailed to me. I tried logging on to the Capital One unsecured CC site, but a card number is required and since all I have is an order number, I was unsuccessful. I’d like to confirm status of my pymnt and approval – is there any way to do that prior to recv’ing the card in the mail?

  115. DJ

    Hi guys! Let me start by thanking Beverly for this website which is amazing! Thank you to all of you who share with us your experiences. I went online to Capital One and was approved for their Journey Student Rewards with a nice credit line. This was after I applied for their secured card that prompted $49 deposit. After careful review, I cancelled the deposit and took a chance w/ the Journey card. I know it took some points off my score but worth it to not have to deal w/ closing the account in the future to get my deposit back. I hope this helps.

  116. KameeC

    So I just applied for this card Friday evening and of course, nobody that handles accounts is in until Monday. I’ll be calling to make sure the payment at least went through even if it doesn’t post for 10 days… After I got the approved screen and paid my deposit of $99 it just went back to the “Make A Deposit” page and I was expecting another page to give me more information about what’s next. I initiated a chat with Customer Service and they said Jan 19th is the absolute last day for any deposits, even though I argued that was not enough time for someone just approved, they don’t send ANY emails until the card is sent out almost a week of two later.

    1. Erica

      They have a new card for rebuilding credit. Its unsecured and it starts off at 100$. Not much i know, but it also doesnt report to credit agencies for the first 6 months either. After the 6 months of correct usage of the card they will increase your limit to 500$ and report your last 6 months and all future months to the agencies. Capital One is known to offer increases every 6 months. I wish this card was available when I got my secured card since I am kind of “stuck” in the secured card.(its my oldest acct)

      1. Kayla

        What card are you specifically talking about? It sounds like it would be a perfect fit for me, so I just wanted the name of the card so I could do some research specifically on just that card

        1. cheron

          I saw this new program that Capital One had AFTER already applying. People on the credit boards had posted the link, but now the link is gone. Not sure if the program was discontinued or they are just adjusting the application process. It sounds like a good program.

  117. Ms. Moore

    I got this capital one secured card back in september 2015. My scores were really low and I took a chance, I made the deposit which was $200.00 I applied $250.00. I have had this card and used it several times for the past 3months and my score has increased by 53 points. It also took about 2weeks to get my card in the mail and they report at the beginning of the month and its always ontime.

    1. MissSkyGoddess

      Did you carry a balance of $10.00 or pay it off every month?

  118. KT

    What amount would I have to deposit to get a $500 limit?

    1. Salem

      ….. 500 Dollars (-_-), that’s the point. Secured is because you’ve shown you can’t be trusted without collateral.

      1. sf

        not ture i only had $100 in my account but only stared with $300 credit limit and over time it raised up to $600 with only the $100 in my acc

        1. Carly Redd

          Yes u are correct…I started out with $49 deposit back in May 2015 and today Dec 10, 2015 they gave me a $300 increase. So now I have a credit limit on my Capital One secured card $500.00.

          Pay on time. Don’t care a balance no matter what. And like Beverly always says don’t use more then 30%…But try for 10%.

  119. Patrick

    I just paid the initial deposit of $100 for my secured card from Capital one. How long does it take to get to the mail box..?

    1. Carly Redd

      Give it about 3 weeks. Secured accounts take a little longer then the regular card accounts.

  120. Ivoree

    Hi, my credit score is really low and I am trying to find away to rebuild credit (it is not pretty). I just made a deposit for a secured card with capital one, my question is, is this a smart move and will this help me rebuild my credit so I can start planning to buy a house in the next 2 years?

    1. Dan

      I’ve had this card for a few months, and even in that short time of using the card and paying it off every month, my score has been going up. If you’re looking to rebuild, this card is a good one!

      1. Ivoree

        Thank you Dan, I plan on paying off the card statement amount with each statement and also paying off other debts to help increase my credit score. I am hoping this really helps increase my credit score within the next 2 years so I can purchase a home.

  121. Dan

    Beverly, not sure if you’ve heard yet, but I thought you might want to update your review accordingly. I have this card, and just got a letter in the mail today from Cap1 saying that after January 19, 2016, I won’t be able to increase my credit line via additional deposits. The letter also says that I could be given a CLI in the future ‘based on your payment history and creditworthiness.’

    Personally, I’m holding out for them to offer a CLI anyway, and I’m overall happy with the card. Score is going up since I’ve gotten it. I did get turned down for a ‘prequalified’ card from Cap1, the BuyPower card, due to debt-to-income being too high (not much I can do about that, but that’s a whole other topic!)

    1. Elle

      et al,

      I received the same letter just days ago. I am also curious about this, doesn’t this mean the card is no longer secured? Anywho, my plan is to add two more deposits before Jan. 19 so that way I will be at the max for this card. (it has a 3k max I believe)

      Can’t wait to read what your contact at CapOne says.

      Thank you for looking into this.

      1. Meg

        The way I’m reading what you’re expressing is this:

        For those who currently have a secured card, they have the ability to increase their credit line not ONLY by their creditworthiness, but also by mailing in money marked as intended to increase credit line. It sounds to me as though they are simply taking away the latter feature, and leaving the card to creditworthiness alone, which I can understand from a big bank’s point of view, I suppose.

        I don’t hear that saying the accounts are closing or no longer being offered (as I believe someone above suggested), and I wouldn’t be surprised if they will STILL function the same way regarding upping your credit line at the START with a secured money payment. I think they’re just saying after that, we’re the only ones in control of your CLI’s.

        1. Elle

          Thanks, but the point of a secured card is for the individual to be able to control there deposits or CLI not the creditor. If they are controlling the CLI then the card should become a Unsecured card.

  122. Logen

    I am new to this card. It is my first card, I wanted to get it to help build my credit up but am kind of confused on if you prepay a certain amount and then use it or not.

    1. John Dway

      The money you prepay is what they will hold as a security deposit just in case you don’t make the monthly payments. Let’s say you deposit a certain amount of money, get the card and make a purchase… You’ll have to pay for that purchase regardless of your security deposit.

  123. John Dway

    I received a letter last week saying Capital One will not be accepting any more deposits starting January 19th, 2016. Does this mean they’re discontinuing the program or did it just apply to me?

    1. Meg

      Sounds to me like nothing more than “after your account is established with secured money deposits, etc., the raising of your credit line from that point forward is COMPLETELY in Cap1’s hands.”

      If you want to force a credit increase w/secured cash, get it in before the 19th.

  124. chris

    Beverly..I am about to get this card and want to setup an auto pay scenario where I pay a small bill each month (like water bill or cell phone bill) then have funds transferred from my bank account to pay the card balance or payment.
    I am wondering about the 10% utilization you talk about though.
    To get the most improvement on my credit score would I use 10% of the limit each month and then pay the entire balance? Or am I supposed to leave the 10% of on the card as a running balance?
    I remember hearing years ago that banks didn’t like it when you pay the balance off every month since they get no interest…not sure if that’s the case or not here so wanted to be sure I do the right thing. If you can perhaps give me a good use / payment example on say a $400 limit that would be greatly appreciated. Also I think I saw there was a $25 minimum payment or 1% of balance (whichever is greater) on this card..just mentioning that in case it plays into making the good 10% scenario.
    Thank you for your time.

  125. Jessica

    I just opened my capital one card today i had to pay $99-deposit for a $200 credit limit. I received an email from Credit Karma a few hours later. My TransUnion dropped -29 points but my Equifax went up by 91+ points. I don’t understand why one went up and one went down. Please help.

  126. Sharnay Maddox

    I’m new to rebuilding my credit with a credit card. I was recently approved for one with a $99 deposit with $200 credit limit. I understand small purchases are best, which is what I plan to do. But how long do you have to wait to get the card after sending the deposit? Because my spouse barely wants me to get it.

    1. PixieV

      Took 14 business days for mine to arrive. Mind you, I did have mine personalized with a pic of my dog. :)

  127. andrea

    how long did it took before you recieved your card from capital one?

  128. Mark D.

    Hello! Thanks for taking the time to write this. I’ve been awfully scared of credit cards almost my entire life, but I have tried on numerous occasions to apply for a credit card, but it was a failure each time. I read this article, and got the courage to apply for this card, lo and behold I got accepted! I deposited $100, even though my minimum was $49 because my TU credit score from creditkarma.com is at 633, and equifax is at 636. I’m hoping this card will put me above 750, as long as I don’t carry a balance I should be fine. I am really excited, as this is my first credit card ever. Before I was slowly building my score up from 560 from personal loans (182% interest, ick) but I kept my payments up, on time at the beginning of every month. I only have a couple more payments left on my current one, then I will hopefully never have to use one of those loans again!

  129. Jose M.

    Hello everyone, first i want to thank Beverly so much for looking out for us! Ive been religiously reading your blog and working on my CS since last Nov when I decided it was time to buy a house. Got myself a secured CAP1 which i needed to put the full deposit in. $200. This was in April. Yesterday i checked my account and they gave me a CLI to $500!!! I was so excited LOL
    My TU and EQ have jumped at least 100 pts since last year putting me roughly at 620. Thanks to you and alot of reading. The deposit i wont get back until i close my card with Cap1, but its ok, ill be keeping them for a while. I also got an approval for a dept store card, but i’ll have it there and purchase a shirt or so everymonth to keep the tradeline open and util low. So no I can honestly say, im on the right track for my house and my credit. Mind you, im 27 and i never had a CC nor credit lines except student loans so this is a big milestone for me haha.

  130. Robbi

    Hi Beverly,
    I just received my Capital One secured card with a balance of $300. But I thought it best to use ALL $300 and then pay it off before I get my bill. Then I found you who wisely recommended only using 30% of my balance at a time. My question is – if I pay all my balance before my bill arrives and leave $90 or 30% on my card until I receive my bill and pay that on the due date, will that help me or does it even matter at this point? I’ve only had my card a week *sigh*

    Also, someone had told me if I paid my balance in full BEFORE I received my bill it’s better than paying it when due? I use my card to pay my mobile phone bill and need $250 per month for 3 lines. Does that mean I should add another $550 to my security deposit so that I can pay my bill in full every month? Or is it better to pay $90 of my mobile bill using my Capital One card and pay the remaining $160 using a debit card? So confusing this credit thing…

  131. Daniel thomas

    I have had this card since August 2014. I paid the initial $49 for $200 CL. In March 2015, they raised my credit limit to $500 without my asking. I have an absolutely clean record with them, I paid the balance off every month, while using the card to its maximum without going over the limit. I may never get the $49 back, but I see it as a one time fee that I paid for the opportunity to build back my credit. This week, I was approved for a discover IT card at $1400, a BarclayCard at $350, and Quicksilver at $1000. I’m still investigating what reports they pulled, and to get an actual FICO from each agency

    1. Daniel thomas

      I know my TU score is 647

    2. Carly Redd

      Cool I had my card since May 2015 with a $49 deposit as well. And they just gave me a $300 increase to $500 today Dec 10, 2015. I was shocked so I gave them a call just in case I read it wrong. And sure nuf the rep said since I’ve been paying on time they gave me a increase. I ‘m excited to say the lease :)

  132. T Yates

    Quick inquiry:
    Do you ever get the deposit monies back? $49 for $200 credit limit – do you receive it back?
    Also, after $49 is it dollar for dollar after that? Meaning if you want $300 credit limit? Do you need $149 deposit?

    1. Carly Redd

      The only way to get the $49 back is if you close the account. Yes if u want to raise your limit give them another $100 only to get the $300 limit. So in total you will have $149 in the secured account with Capital one. But u might want to send the money in soon. Cause they aren’t accepting any more deposits after Jan 19th 2016. I hope I was able to answer your question.

  133. Lisa

    I am very please with capital one for giving me a second chance

  134. Pamela

    Current Capital One Secured MC customer, just since late July 2015. I logged onto my account, and checked to see if I had any pre-qualification offers, and I had two (both unsecured)! One was for their Quicksilver One Rewards card and the other for their Capital One Platinum card. I applied for the Quicksilver first, and was approved. I then thought I’d go for it and apply for the Platinum, and was approved as well! So, it took me…all told…less than ten minutes on-line to be approved for two unsecured cards for a total $1000 limit ($500 each to start). I’ve read many reviews for these two cards, that indicate w/responsible use, you can receive frequent/very healthy automatic credit line increases. (Btw, when I applied for these…depending on where you look…my credit score was fair to average.)

  135. Antoinette

    I applied for this card back at the end of July, received it around the first of August. I had a $49 deposit with a $200 limit. I added another $800 to have an initial limit of $951. I charged 50% of the limit when I went on vacation for a rental car, and paid it back this between August and this month. My credit score went up from 585 to 623 just from this reporting alone!

    I checked Credit Karma and it recommended the Capital One Platinum Card as well as the Quick Silver One Card. I applied for both in the same day thinking I would get turned down and have 2 hard inquiries on my report, and to my surprise, I was approved for both with a $500 limit on each one! I also applied for Credit One bank card and was approved for $500! (All unsecured)

    I think a lot of this has to do with my debt to income ratio and also that I had a lot of old debt fall off in the last few months. I went from $3000 in old debt down to $450, and my income is $90,000/year and I have no bills other than my cell bill and the credit card.

  136. Jennifer

    I forgot to mention how thankful and lucky I feel to have discovered your blog..thank you!! I’ve just started, but this place looks like a freaking treasure trove of credit/financial advice, personal experience and ways to generally improve a person’s financial life. Finally, I don’t feel “alone” in this!

  137. Michael

    Hey guys just wanted to share my experience.
    I’m new to the credit card scene, I tried for almost a year to apply for various CC but with no luck, no history at all. I got this card in January, got approved for the 200$ with 49$ deposit, topped it off with another 150$ so I had 350$ CL. after 6 months got an increase to 600$, but that’s not my point. A few weeks ago I applied to many cards and finally got approved!
    Amex everyday – 1000$ CL
    AMEX BLUE – 1000$ CL
    AMEX SPG -1000$ CL
    DISCOVER IT – 1500$ CL
    Barclay arrival -1700$ CL
    So what I’m saying, if you’re a newbie like I was, apply for a secure card, use it wisely – keep your spending under 10-15% credit utilization and pay your bills fully and on time. After 7 months(not 6, it makes a difference) you’ll probably be in the game just like me.
    Good luck!

    1. Pamela

      Thanks for the great information, and congratulations on building up your credit in such remarkably short order!! I find it very encouraging, especially since I am coming from the same place of no history at all (after not having used credit in many years).

      I wanted to be able to actually USE my credit card (Capital One Secured MC), while building my credit and keeping my utilization low, so I made a larger initial deposit. This is working out well for me so far, and is something I would suggest to others.

      1. Michael

        Happy to share!

        BTW, you can still use your full CL but keep a low utilization ratio by paying off most of the chargers before your statement closes.

    2. Sam park

      Hey Michael. Did you have to provide proof of income to get approved for your unsecured CC

  138. David C

    I’m happy to say that after 6 months, my credit line of just $200 went up to $500 without me knowing about it! A $300 increase. It just happened couple week ago this month. I’m surprised but I don’t use it a lot. My high balance has been staying under $60. I can’t wait til another 6 months!

    Thank you!

  139. Dan

    Wanted to add another positive for this card. Was approved with a score in the low 500s (in the process of rebuilding), with $49 deposit, had it for about a month. Paid the first bill online yesterday, payment posted today! Here’s hoping for more good things with this card!

  140. Tricia

    I have had this card for a year now. There customer service is awful there customer service is outsourced to India so it really hard to understand their accents. It has helped me improve my credit..my credit score is 650. However there is annual fee of $29 I was able to get waived this year by talking to someone on their social media team. I asked the rep about graduating my card from secured to a unsecured she told me the only way to do that is fill out application & wait see if you get approved for unsecured card. So if this secured card is your oldest account and you close it your credit will take a hit. It’s a great card to rebuilt your credit but Capital One will NEVER graduate you to unsecured card.

    1. Pamela

      I absolutely agree about how difficult it is to understand their customer service reps; it can be quite maddening.

    2. Bofny

      Speaking on your India customer service issues… That is a simple fix! I was told by an American woman when after 5 exhausting calls to the “outsource” reps I asked for a US rep… “Well dear, you can always just ask for a US rep as soon as you get on, they by our guidelines have to transfer you to us”…

      Have done it every time since, I’ll call and get the Indian and will say, “Can you please transfer me to a United States rep?” “Ok Miss I will do this now no problem”… and there I am talking to someone from here!

      I think maybe there are laws now that you have to be transferred if you ask.

      But do it on Cap 1 works every time!

  141. nick

    I normally don’t post any comments but I read every one of these and am excited to finally rebuild my credit.

    I got a great job and extra money and it is time.

    I want to say something. I have about a 520 trans and 540 equifax per credit carma. I have about 20k in Sept from my younger years and one of them is a $800 capital one card that I defaulted on and was closed.

    I applied for the secured card last night and was approved! Now that is crazy and awesome!

    So as I was reading these comments I noticed this standard 30% balance. I also saw a 10% or lower balance is ideal.

    My question is pretty simple.

    Does the % of balance remaining determine the points increased on my scredit scores?

    So if I keep a 1% balance is that better for earning more points on my credit report than say 10% or 30% or does it not really matter as long as you keep it below 30%? I want to gain credit as quickly and efficiently as possible.


    1. Alexander

      Hello, Nick! Credit utilization is one of the most important factors they use to determine your credit score. It is recommended that you don’t use more than 30% of your available credit. For example, if your credit limit is $300 then you should try to use no more than $90 dollars. The lower your utilization the better your score will be. So yes, a utilization of 10% will probably raise your score more than a 30%. Both Capital One and Credit Karma have a credit score simulator which lets you get an idea of how in increase or decrease in your balance can affect your score.

  142. Pam

    Good news! I just received the Capital One Secured MC in late July. They reported the fact I have opened an account with them, to the credit bureaus (quickly, before my first payment was even due!). Based on that alone, my (Equifax) credit score jumped 74 points from 610 to 684!

    I just made my first payment (my entire current balance)a week before due date, and plan to keep my utilization at 30% or less. My short term goal, is to get my score higher, and hopefully receive a great interest rate on a car loan.

    1. Judy

      What credit limit did you get if I may ask? I started mine out at $200 but will be adding more of a deposit to increase to $3000.

      1. Pam

        Hi Judy. I was approved for partially secured…paying $99 for $200 limit. I made initial deposit though of $500 instead, so my available credit is $600.

  143. Mark

    Just a word about checking your credit reports. There are many companies looking to make a dollar by providing your credit report which is actually available for free annually from all 3 major credit reporting agencies by law. These companies usually provide credit monitoring services for a fee. Don’t be swayed by silly tv commercials from freecreditreport.com, credit karma, and other commercial scams. Annualcreditreport.com is the only site that is set up by the by the big 3 as required by federal law. You can access your credit report free from Transunion, Equifax, and Experian.

    1. Pam

      I use Credit Karma; it is completely free. When you sign up, they don’t ask for any form of payment, for any reason. I have found it quite helpful.

      I have the Capital One Secured MC, and I also receive an updated score through their credit tracker every month.

      As I dug deeper into the 3 free credit reports we are entitled to by law? The reports are free, but your credit score is NOT included.

  144. Amie

    BEWARE CAPITAL ONE! They ruined my credit! This scam they pulled was so bad that Congress passed a law against it. I had a Capital One unsecured card with only a $500 limit. I lost my job and got behind a few months. Unfortunately, when I got behind, my card was charged to the max because I had made a major purchase previously. The late fees put me over limit and they started charging me outrageous $50 over limit fees every month. Late and over limit fees equaled to $85 a month in charges. I tried to negotiate with them, to no avail. I paid off the balance of $500 and the three late fees for the three months I was late, but refused to pay their insane over-limit fees that were not tied to purchases, but to other fees. I asked them to close the card. They refused to even close the card until I paid the fees. I refused to pay the fees, so I had a balance of $225, which kept racking up late fees and then over limit fees up to over $1,200! When Congress passed the law against stacking fees, they closed my card, but refused to take the entry off of my credit report, so it is still there, and will be for another year. That one thing has kept me from getting ANY decent secured card. I have to go with the ones that don’t check credit. I will be so happy when that fraudulent balance gets off my credit report, and I will never use Capital One again.

  145. Christina balducci

    First credit card help?? I am just wondering if I have a 200$ limit if I pay let’s say a 25$ bill will my balance keep going up or is it a pre paid card?

  146. Elaine

    Hi, I just applied today for this secured card. I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for I just turned 30 and we’ll the only credit I’ve ever had was a Bank of America credit card of $600 limit at age 23, the biggest mistake of life! I defaulted, one mistake caused me this. I should have started rebuilding my credit a long time ago, but lack of knowledge and just scared, I’ve went years with just paying cash for everything. My score is Experian (was unavailable) Equifax 524 Transunion 554. Im going to stick to the 10%, to try to build up my credit because I really would like to finally get a car in my own name. I’m just now curious if it’s gonna take me many more YEARS to accomplish this?

  147. Earron Thompson

    Hi Beverly!

    I applied for a Capital One Secured Mastercard in January 2015 and I just recently noticed on my account that I apparently have been approved for an increase in my available credit. My initial security deposit was made for $300 and I just noticed today that my credit line increased to $600. I love the Credit Tracker! It gives me an idea where my credit score is at and allows me to keep track of inquiries and other information. I am very pleased with my Capital One Secured card and hope to be approved for an unsecured card sometime next year as my credit improves.

  148. Kara

    Hi! I got a secured card about 6 months ago. Today, they sent me a paper saying I was eligible for an unsecured card with no annual fee……and I was approved! So, I “graduated” to a good one :)

  149. Pamela

    Something to be aware of. I was approved for the Capital One Secured MC. Two days before receiving it, I got a call from their Fraud Division. I called them back, and was put in touch with a gentleman with a very strong accent. I mention the accent because the call took twice as long, on my short lunch break, due to my not understanding. He needed to verify my identity, by asking me a series of questions based on info they pull from public records. On original application, I had already done this. After this call, about three days after receiving card, I was left ANOTHER message from Fraud that they had put a hold on my card. Turns out the first gentleman I spoke with, hadn’t properly noted the account! Again, on this second call, the woman had an extremely strong accent. She apologized for glitch and said she was lifting the hold. Imagine my surprise, over two weeks later, when I went to use the card at a fast food drive-thru…and…you guessed it…it was declined!! I was extremely ‘displeased’ when I rang them, and spoke to someone a bit higher up the ladder. They had to verify my identity AGAIN, by having me hang up, and them call me back! Finally, then, the third time was the charm. She said hold was lifted…and it was. If you end up being told a hold is put on your account, then lifted? Make sure you have a secondary payment option handy, just in case, the first time you use it afterwards!

    1. susan

      I just had the same happen to me – they want me to send in a copy of my social security card and drivers license which makes me very uncomfortable and think of identify theft. Did they ask you to do this as well?

  150. Alicia L.

    I have had this card for a little over a year and I have not used it properly. I didn’t know that how much you spend on it matters. I have always paid the minimum balance on time never been late but I have a high balance. If I pay the balance off and keep the usage low will that help my score? or is it too late for me? Please respond if you have any knowledge of this.

    1. Pat

      Alicia, you can correct that moving forward by simply paying down the balance. Try to keep your card balance at less that 30% of the limit and you should be fine.

  151. Pat

    I got my Cap One secured card back in January. I went online to pay my bill today (July) and saw my credit limit had been doubled w/o my asking. Wow, was I surprised. Since I received the card, I have kept the balance below $100 and was paying the balance in full before the bill even arrived in the mail. My initial limit was $450.00.

  152. PixieV

    How long until my Capital One Secured Mastercard arrives??? Allow me to answer.

    Applied around 6pm on Sunday, June 28th & was approved with the 200 dollar deposit (sighs) However, I waited til Monday morning to pay the full deposit. It cleared my bank account at midnight. I expected an email to confirm the deposit, alas, no such luck. Actually, no email at all, even from the original approval.

    Finally on Wednesday, July 8th 5:10pm, an email arrived:
    It’s official! You’re a Capital One card customer. We’re happy to have you on board.

    Right now, we’re busy personalizing your new card and making sure it’s good to go. As soon as it’s in the mail, we’ll send you a quick heads up. Get ready for good things to come.

    Tuesday, July 14th 6:52pm this email:
    Your new credit card was mailed today. Thanks for being a Capital One® customer.

    It arrived today, 7/17/15!
    So 14 business days, total.
    Hope this helps anyone searching for an answer as to how long it takes. Do keep in mind I had mine personalized (for free) with my adorable two pound terror puppy and that might have added some time to my situation.

    Best Wishes!

    1. Keith S

      You took the words out of my mouth, just went through the same exact process.

      1. PixieV

        Have to love it! 😉

  153. Gretchen

    Can Beverly or anyone answer my question?:

    I recently applied for the Capital One Secured Card and was denied due to insufficient income, not my FICO score, which is strange to me. Is there an income minimum requirement for this secured card? Because if there is, I was not aware of it.

    Can anyone help with this? Thanks!

    1. Jayne

      I had the same thing happened to me. I was wondering if you ever found out what their minimum income requirement is and how long I should wait to apply again?

  154. D

    by the way it IS normal for them to request a fax or mailed form with drivers license or proof of address, and ss# I called to make sure because I was not comfortable mailing in that information — The rep advised they only request this when they are unable to verify certain information :) hope this helps

  155. Tammi

    Hi Beverly,

    I am so happy that I have been approved for a secured Cap One card because at 39 i deperately need to get my credit in gear. I’m badly suffering in the low 540’s. My only issue is the deposit options. I can only use tranfer from checking account. My problem with that is I moved and had an account with Chase, well Chase is not in my current location, so i closed that account and had not yet opened a new one anywhere. Is there any other way that I do not know of that I can make a deposit, maybe money order? Or is there another card that has other options that work just as well. Of course, i can go and open up a bank account but i’d rather take my time and do that to choose a good one. Chase was so wonderful and i dont want to open with the wrong bank and be hit with constant fees like in the past, part of the reason I’m in the hole now. Any suggestions would be helpful. I know I need to open a checking account, but just wanted a quicker way to fund my secured card account for now. Thanks!

    1. Pat

      Tammi, I think some of the banks use your checking account as a proof of identity. They like when people have a checking account. Do some research in your new area & open the account first. There are lots of good accounts around. If you have Santander in your area, they are advertising a deal where they will give you $20/month for opeing an account. Be sure to read the details. TD Bank has a good account too.

      1. Stephanie

        Get a Net-spend prepaid card and add the money on it. When you register the card online you will receive a routing and account number this should help until you decide on the choice of bank.

  156. Kai

    Hello, I applied for a Capital One secured card last week; however, I was informed that I need to send in a copy of my driver’s license and social security card (number) in order for the secured card to be processed. I was later prompted to send in my license with a clear picture, as this document alongside my SS card would somehow expedite the application process. Is this typical or a fairly new regulation set in place to verify identity? Is this route safe? Are these requests made for someone who may be denied a card? Any response is greatly appreciated, please.

    1. Michael vera

      you shouldn’t have to send any id or social number if you applied by phone or online all you have to do is make a secure deposit through the bank account number and routing number website http://www.capitalone.com or call 1-800-227-4825) ask about the secure credit card you might have to deposit money but it depends on your credit scores deposit are any where between $49.00 to $99.00 to $200.00 based on your credit history

      1. Jayne

        Open Sky secured Visa requested the same thing: they wanted me to upload my driver’s liscense with a clear photo, social security and either a paycheck stub or utility bill etc! They didn’t even give the choice for me to mail it to them at an actual address. They said they need these proof of ID- to verify my identity. I don’t send things like this through my computer and not comfortable mailing ID like this either through the mail with so much identity theft everywhere. Does anyone have answers on this?

  157. Clifford A Johnson

    I received an unsecured card with Capital one after a year with my secured card. Its up to $1550 now

    1. Brandon B

      Hey Clifford, I recently have gotten approved for the same card. How did you boost your limit? More deposits?

  158. Kiya Marie

    Hi Beverly and others,

    I have been using my Cap One card for about 7 months now. I initially had to deposit $200 however I was approved for a credit increase of $300 last month which came as a total surprise. I also love utilizing the Credit Tracker. So far my score has increased by 30 points and let’s just say that was great news to hear. If I had to rate this card it would definitely fall in the 8-10 mark. I haven’t been hit with crazy interest rates and my payments are always early and more than the minimum payment amount. They definitely have a happy Cap One customer here.

  159. Christine

    Hi, I just received my Capital One Secured card in the mail, and I’m excited about the possibility of improving my credit score. I just have one question, Is it good to carry a very small balance or a zero balance when when this account is reported to the credit bureaus every month?

    1. anonymous2

      All the advice I have read on the internet says zero balance.

  160. Dave

    Hi Beverly,

    The terms on the Capital One Secured card have changed for new applications in the last few weeks.

    It now has NO annual fee, but the APR is now up to 24.9% (of course, we shouldn’t be carrying balances anyway, but still).

    Secondarily, I found that I was pre-approved for the Cap One Quicksilver One card just a month after opening a secured card with them – so that was great news for me!

    1. Charlotte

      Hi Dave,
      i know its an old thread. I am in the same boat Beverly. A month after having my secured credit card ($200), i was approved for cap one quiksilver with higher limit of $500.
      what do you recommend? canceling secured credit card and only fonction with one? please help!

  161. Toni Marie

    I received this card in February with a $99 deposit. My credit limit is $200 and what I have decided to do is use it and pay it off immediately after each time. I’ll go to the store, buy some soap or something, then immediately make a mobile payment from my bank account. The longest I have waited is about a week and a half to pay it off in full. Is this a good idea?

    1. Thomas

      From my experience i find it better to use it regularly and pay 5-10 days earlier than due date u dont incure interest or fees but it does show good payments i feel paying every use shows ur just using it as a debit card basically rather than what its purposed for whats everyones opinikn to this matter?

      1. Angel

        I’ve had my card for 6 months and my credit score has increased by 47 points. You should absolutely not pay off your entire balance before the statement date…the best credit utilization rate to have is 1 – 16% which means if you pay it to 0.00 before the statement date your credit utilization is 0% which shows you are not using your card and therefore does not affect your score much as creditors are unable to see how you are handling credit. Remember the goal is to use credit wisely. Key word: use. Here is what I have done. I paid 99 for a 200 line of credit. I gave another 300 to have a 500 line. Regardless of what I spend on my card…i pay it down to no more than a $40 balance before the actual statement date. Once the statement comes on the 3rd for the 40, I will usually make other purchases and pay it down again around the 20th of the month to just 40 again. My mobile app is set to automatically take the statement balance from my checking account on the due date. So this has been great for me! Again..show creditors that you are wisely using your card. Using is defined as at least a 1% credit utilization rate on statements reported to the agencies. You should have at least that on your statement each month. The only thing you are going to accrue interest on is the balance remaining after the minimum payment due on the due date so always keep a tiny balance and pay in full on the due date. I have yet to pay any interest and again….my score has jumped 47 points thanks to this card.

  162. cynthia

    I have had a secured credit card with Orchard bank ( now Cap1) for about 8 years now. I recently “graduated” to unsecured status and received a form in the mail to get my deposit back.When i mailed the form back to the bank it came back to me in a week undeliverable. I had to resend it to the physical address. That was nearly two months ago and still no refund or response. I understand the bank that was the original deposit holder was acquired by another bank and maybe another still.will keep looking for a response

  163. vanamarie

    8 years ago I stopped using credit cards and switched over to cash. I settled out a bunch of stuff so that I could do this and nothing was late at the time. It cost me about 18k up front (the original bills were probably somewhere around 25k) and everything was GREAT! Since then a couple things have slipped through (My student loans were being “refinanced” but it took 6 months for them to process the payoff and it wound up in collections which I was told was “normal” – My insurance denied some blood work and the lab billed me a couple hundred bucks and it went to collections because I did not look at the bill – it is easy not to look at mail when you have no debt and pay home bills automatically!) This month we got word that my husband will lose his job in 120 days. They are closing his company. this is a big problem for us and we have ZERO credit from not using anything but cash for 8 years. I think he might have a 510 and I have a 590 score – We now want to build some credit in case something happens where we need credit cards in the future and I swear I can NOT get approved for any of these (even) secured cards! any tips? I am a little freaked as I would like to spend the 4 months he has an income and job building this credit at least.

    1. Lauren

      Vanamarie, I’m sure you can be approved for this card, if not try other secured cards that do not require a credit check like “Open Sky” or “Primor”. They have an instant approval as long as your income exceedes your bills by $100.

  164. Jane

    Hi, I’m new to the whole secured credit card thing. My credit score is 518. I’m suppose to make a $200 deposit to get a $200 credit limit. If I put $1000 deposit on it will I get a $3000 credit limit? I’m so clueless about how all of this works. The secured card is through Capital One.

    1. Nicole

      The way it was explained to me when I talked to Capital One prior to receiving my card was… The intial deposit would give you an automatic $200 limit. Anything you deposit over that would increase your limit by that much. Example: I deposited $300. The intial $99 deposit gave me a $200 limit and the additional $201 increased my limit to $401

  165. Liz

    Oh my gosh! This site is a godsend! THANK YOU for everything, Beverly.

    I’m 28 years old and have been burying my head in the sand for so long about my awful financial situation but I’m ready to educate myself and take control. I take responsibility for all the poor decisions I’ve made, but I really regret that I wasn’t taught anything about money and credit management. It’s time to make a change.

    My situation:
    numerous and severe delinquencies, accounts not paid as agreed, and lack of recent revolving credit after moving to cash only.

    I applied for the Discover IT card (hoping to be offered the secured version) and found out I have a FICO score of 580…and I was thrilled. I thought it was low 500s. How terrible is it that I would be HAPPY about a 580?! Change has to happen.

    I just got approved for the Capital one secured card, which is awesome because it reports as unsecured AND has the potential to graduate to an unsecured card.

    I haven’t made my deposit yet, I have until July 2 to do so.

    Three questions:
    1)How much money I should put on the card in order to get the maximum effect for my score. Assuming I use under 30% of my line of credit, does it make a difference whether I deposit 500 vs 1000?

    2) Would it be a good idea to get another secured card in 6 months or a year or so?

    3) My plan is to contact my creditors and offer to pay a small amount toward all my debts each month. Would it be better for my credit to try to do this, or would it be better if I try to close/charge off the accounts for a lesser amount? I assume paying on time will assist my credit more in the long run?

    Any help would be amazing. Thank you so much, Beverly. You’ve given me tools to take charge of my life again.

  166. elle


  167. Aaron

    So I just got approved, paid the 99$ for the 200 limit. After reading through everything, I now know what to do to make sure I build correctly. I’m 27, and when I was 18 I was dumb and screwed up my credit. It shows on my credit score that I have nothing against me anymore, just curious if it’ll take longer to build considering the damage I did 10 years ago. Or is everything that went to debt collectors then gone? Thanks.

  168. Carolyn

    I have a credit score of zero because I have never had a credit card or a loan before. I decided to take a chance and apply for the Capital One secured card after being denied a card by my credit union. I looked at all the terms and conditions and it looked like I met all the requirements. But I was denied immediately because I had “missing” information in my credit report. I assume that just means I have a no history. It’s quite frustrating. I guess I’ll have to apply (and have another inquiry on my report) to one of the cards that doesn’t do a credit check.

    1. Keith


      Applied for the Secured card from Stated Employees Federal Credit Union. They do not do a credit check. You will have to join them and it is easy to join. Check the other posting on Beverly’s review.

      Hope this helps.

  169. Aubrey

    At 18years old I got approve for a $2000 credit from TD and then I proceeded to get a card from old navy/best buy/American eagle/ Macy’s/bankofamerica and when I lost my job the bills started to pile up and my credit went to the trash! Now at 25 some of those items got remove but my credit is currently at trans Union 560/ equafax is 612. I just got a car loan with a crazy intrest rate out of necessity. And no one would approve me a credit card found this site went to cap one and got approve with a $99 deposit and im currently waiting for the card which I will be using responsibly. I hope over time my credit will increase higher i want to be able to purchase a family home within the next couple of years. And I think I can do. Thank you to everyone who shared there story. I thought I would share mine

    1. Aubrey

      Time for an update! Capitalone raised my credit! Without a deposit I was pleasantly surprise! I hope to keep the trend going upwards! I want to thank you so much for this recommendation! I appreciate the help. With smart spending and paying my balance on time. My credit score is on the rise!!!

  170. Michael D Schatz

    You guys took my 99$ from my banking account and still have not received my card on my secured credit card! !!

    1. Karol

      Michael it can take awhile you will get a letter or email saying it’s been approved, then one saying the card has been mailed. took me almost a month to get mine after paying the fee. if you don’t get it soon might want to call , 1-800-227-8258 i think was the number

    2. utardai. asmus

      Capitalone took 500 dollars from my account on the 02/24/15 never send me card every time I call them your card is on its way I am so fed up don’t know what to do its 03/31/15 help

      1. utardai. asmus

        What’s is the matter with my secure capitalone card very first day I apply for this card I deposited 500$ 2/23/15 today is 3/31/15 any time I call capitalone your card I’d on its way I am fed up I think I have been scam no one can explain what is happening I need to establish I feel it was a rip off The number I called is 18009557070 help please

        1. Brandon

          Relax, it will come. It took a few weeks for me to get mine as well. And don’t freak out because it isn’t instantly reported right off the bat to the credit bureaus. It will take at least two billing cycles for it to show up on your credit reports. If you use a site like creditkarma to access your credit scores and reports, it will also always appear that they are reporting a month behind. They aren’t, it’s simply just the way they report it. If it isn’t to you by April 8th, I would call again and ask where it is, but I am sure you will have it by then.

      2. Becky

        Wow, you guys are making me nervous. Read a more recent review that appeared took 3 weeks to get the card. I got one because I need to rent a car at the beginning of September. Was approved for card for $99. I didn’t see anything saying how much the limit is but I assume it begins at $200 (no less, at least). So, I sent $200 so it would have a minimum of $300 limit. Hope I understood that right. But, they pulled money out on Friday, 7/31. No emails yet that I was approved or money was withdrawn…nothing. I really hope it isn’t over a month to get this card or I’m really going to have a problem.

  171. Diana

    Do you ow how log Capital One takes to report your new Secured Credit card account to the credit agencies? my first statement came out March 14th and I was told it would or should be seen on my report by March 16 or 17 and there’s no new account on there. Can someone help me?

    1. Shana

      Hey there! I got my card in January but it didn’t show up with the 3 bureaus until the 2nd billing cycle. If you haven’t done so,call Capital One and find out what day they’ll be reporting your account to the credit bureaus. That is soooo important!!!

    2. Brandon

      It took two billing cycles for me also. Be careful though, using the card. My credit soared up pretty quickly, from 540 I think it was on TransUnion to 610, then plummeted 47 points because I was at 92% utilization when it got reported. I didn’t have any interest to pay on it or anything, it was just the time it got reported. I paid it off immediately when I got the bill, but it had already been reported. But when I paid it off, I let it report a 0 balance before I used it again and my credit rebounded 27 of the 47 point loss. The only interest I have paid, is $3.50 I think, which was for cash advances I got off the card at a casino.

  172. nasia

    Hi I got approved with the 200 deposit…does that mean my limit will be 200?

    1. Sharita Bolling

      Actually your credit line might actually be more than your $200 deposit, I had an initial deposit of $150 and my credit line was $250.

    2. Brandon

      They say that the minimum deposit gets you a $200 credit line, even if your deposit is only $200. I deposited $450 onto mine when I got it, when my deposit required was also $200. Some people do get a higher limit and some don’t. I of course did not. I actually recently got approved for another card from another bank that is unsecured, and if my credit doesn’t increase with capital one by the time that unsecured credit card limit does then I will most likely close my Capital One card, get my deposit back and either get a secured card with someone else or invest that $450 into something else.

  173. Andrew

    Hi Beverly. I have a coupl questions that might make me sound dumb but Id rather be safe then sorry. Ok with a deposit of 200 Im getting a 200 line. Now when you say keep a low balance close to 10% does that mean I should only spend 20-30 dollars a month on the card? I don’t have a clue how this works and I need help. Im trying to build my credit so I don’t want to make a bad mistake that could cost me. Please help….

    1. Brandon

      Hi Andrew! Sorry to see that nobody had addressed your questions yet. As a fellow Capital One Secured Cardholder, I will answer your questions to the best of my knowledge and experience. First off, 10% is good to keep, but as long as you don’t go over 30% of the credit limit (30% of $200 is $60) you shouldn’t suffer any damage to your score. What you want to try to do is pay the balance off every time you get the bill. This will save you money on interest, and will increase your credit scores. Basically, if you don’t have the money in the bank at the time you want to use the card, DO NOT use the card. I almost got myself into a bit of trouble once with cash advances, but I make REALLY good money so it was no biggie to pay it off by the due date. But yes, if you want to only use 10% of your available credit limit of $200, then you would only want to spend $20 on the card. When you get the bill, you will have I think 20-30 days before you have to pay it. If you don’t pay the bill by the due date, you not only will get it reported that you did not pay it, but you will also incur interest, whether you pay the minimum balance due, or don’t pay anything at all by the due date. If you pay the balance of the card off by the due date, then you incur no interest, unless you had a cash advance. Whatever you do, do not miss a payment. If you have to pawn something or sell it to pay that bill then you want to do that. A missed payment will completely just pretty much pour water all over the triumphant flame of credit you’ve started fanning. And be aware that, you may every couple months or so not want to use the card. This is because just the way they report it, even if you are paying the balance off in full every month, when you use it the next month, that balance is being reported as a new balance, but on your credit reports it will appear you are carrying a balance even when you’re not. Sorry that I wrote such a long winded reply but I hope I answered your questions and then some. From one Capital One Secured cardholder to another, good luck!

      1. Brandon

        About whether you pay the minimum amount due, or don’t pay anything at all, that was directly relating to the incurred interest. NOT saying, if you only pay the minimum due it will be reported that you didn’t pay it. I am sorry, I re-read that after I posted it and wanted to clarify as not to confuse you. As long as you always pay at least the minimum balance, positive payment history is reported.

      2. Billy

        Brandon, I too have this card and I pretty much agree with everything you said, however if by chance someone was say a day or two late on their payment because of some oversight or whatever, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll automatically be reported even tho I suppose they could. It’s pretty standard that most companies don’t report you late until you get closer to 30 days out, and some I’ve heard, not until you’re 60 days out. However you’ll definitely be hit with the late fee. They love charging those. Don’t misunderstand me, this is NOT a license to go ahead and be a few days late on your payments. Rule #1 – NEVER be late on a payment! I’m just letting people know that if an oversight like this were to happen, not to stress out about it, pick up the phone and call them letting them know you screwed up, and you should be fine. Maybe I’m completely wrong, but I doubt being ONE day late is gonna pour water over the triumphant flame you described.

  174. Abigail

    I didn’t mention that it is with Capital One in my previous question.

  175. Abigail

    Hi Beverly,
    I am trying to rebuild my credit because my scores are low, but I was told that I will have to wait until fifteen days for a feedback. I was wondering if it’s a good or bad thing.

    1. Curtis G

      It took me forever to find out if I was accepted or denied. I started looking on the net for a timetable and came across this number you could call and find out. 1-800-625-7866, I’m glad I did, turns out I didn’t get an immediate decision because I used a po box, so while I was on the phone I was able to get them my physical address, got approved 10 seconds later, and saved a lot of time by doing that. Hope this helps someone who didn’t know they DO need a physical address.

  176. Emla


    1. Paul T


  177. Brittany

    I originally started with a Capital One Secured card with a $300 deposit. Since then they have offered me (2) unsecured credit cards (the Quicksilver and Classic Mastercard) with limits of $500 each with automatic credit limit increases every 5 months.

    They also raised my secured card credit limit from $300 to $600 without an additional deposit.

    Capital One has been amazing.

    1. Dria

      Hi Brittany. Was just wondering if you carried a balance or paid it off every month?

  178. Marquze House

    I was approved for 2 secured cards the same day, a couple months ago, they wouldn’t even give me a card, be patient if your denied

  179. Paul T

    I’m sure that Cap One Secured Card does ‘Pull’ your Credit Report ( A Hard Hit Inquiry). Might want to verify though.

    1. Deb

      Yes, Capital One does pull a Credit Report and it does show on your CR as a “Hard Inquiry”.

  180. Kylie

    Hi! So I’m just starting to build my credit so I can get approved for a car loan. This is my first credit card so I got approved for the $49 for $200 line. How should I do this monthly? Do I spend $200 and pay it off every month??

    1. AMY

      No.. never max out your credit card. No more than 30% and pay more than the minimum balance every month.

  181. Mike

    Hi Jennifer: After reading all your card reviews (http://www.beverlyharzog.com/the-best-and-worst-secured-credit-cards/)I went with Capital One because it reports as unsecured. Everything you said was true and I am very happy. Their credit simulator indicates $1400 credit line is the “sweet spot” for credit score increase. About 35 point increase with utilization of 25%. Since I am hoping they will increase my unsecured credit line(putting it above $1400) in the near future I put $650 in the secured deposit account. My thinking is since it may never graduate I will not miss the few hundred extra dollars and it will leave more room for any unsecured increases over time as I understand the credit line caps out at $3000 for this card.

  182. Maury

    Good morning I have easy question they send me a letter saying I have to make $200 deposit I wondering how ,ugh will the credit limit with this deposit I’m just curious about it thanks have nice day

  183. liz

    I’d like to say that I recently had a secured card that I let get out of hand. I mean like 4 months ago. I wanted to try again. I was able to get approved for another.Don’t know if it matters but my score is 528 but my point is that I don’t think they black list you. After all it was my money to begin,just FYI incase people are looking for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 10th chance to fix their credit. Good luck everyone. I’ve read a lot of your article or posts and even reread some. Thank you Beverly for being there for us and I read your responses to comments too. You are very knowledgeable and genuine, especially when you don’t know you just say so and offer to find out. Kudos to you.

  184. Kent

    Great review, Beverly. I’m thinking about applying for the Capital One Secured. To my surprise, I was approved for the Capital One Journey and a Discover It Secured in December. My FICO score was 570s then, now it is 592. I’ve been reading Capital One only allows one application for consideration every 30 days?

    I’ve been checking their pre-qualification site. It worked great in December, but now sadly no pre-qualified offers. I had inquiries and collections listed on my report then and now. Not sure if I should just wait to get a pre-qualified offer for another unsecured or just apply for the secured.

    I’ve been using my other two cards regularly, making multiple payments, ensuring my utilization is reported below 30%. But since they both have low limits, I’d like another one just to rotate my spending (food, gas, bills). Do you think it’s a good idea to try for the secured and then wait for another pre-qualified unsecured down the road?

  185. boxingfan07

    Current cap one customer with a secured cap one credit card just checked pre qualifications when i logged into my account.Applied for the quicksilver one credit card and was approved with a $500 credit limit and my approval was with a 540 credit score.Ive had my secured card for three months and had not been late on my payments.A glimmer of hope for those on the road to rebuilding.

  186. riz

    Thank you so much for providing valuable information on Capital One Secured card. I have been trying to find out of this card ever graduates to become unsecured. Many forums have contradictory information on this. Many people with this credit card are reporting that it can not ever become unsecured while others are posting that their cards, after 12 months of responsible use have been graduated to an unsecured. Any definitive information on this would be very helpful.

    1. Mindy

      No you can not graduate from a secured to an unsecured. Called today and was told they never make a secured into unsecured. I have had my card since Feb. 2013. Went online, filled out an application and got a Quicksilver card with no problem. Always paid in full every month and always before due date. Hope this helps.

  187. Sherri Garrett

    We are in the process of trying to increase credit score of 605 higher to get a home loan. How long does Cap 1 take to report to the credit bureau once it’s approved?

  188. Todd

    I got one of these cards for my wife to start building credit. I think we put $200 down and she got a $350 balance. After 6 months and paying in full every month they automatically increased it to $650 without an additional deposit.

  189. Billy

    Beverly, what a great site. Thanks so much for all your hard work and research. You’re saving a lot of people like myself from wasting valuable time, as well making costly mistakes in trying to better ourselves financially.

    So I’m somewhat embarrassed in telling you I’m one of the lucky few being required to pay the entire $200 deposit if I want this card. Oh well… But I suppose it’ll turn out to be a bargain at some point. It’s very easy for me to get discouraged because over the years I feel I’ve trashed my credit. No BK’s, but lots of collections and charge offs, although it looks like many have fallen off. But regardless, at 44 I’ve finally grown up and I’m way better with money now (thanks to my wife lol), yet much like Jennifer’s story, I too am discouraged and wonder if I’m delusional in thinking I can turn it around. But since I know for sure that feeling sorry for myself won’t bring me any closer to financial freedom, I’ll do my best to let go of the past and keep moving forward, and I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

    Thanks again for your help!!

    1. Curtis G

      Wow, I don’t feel so lonely now. Exact same situation, I thought maybe I posted your post and forgot. The only difference is age, I decided to grow up at 36. I was wondering why I was told $200, and then I was curious about the limit. Don’t feel so bad, I’m sure there are many more people out there in our same situation.

  190. Jennifer

    Before applying for Capital One I tried for Discover. As was explained by Beverly, you have to apply for the secured version first, and when you are denied, most people are given the option to apply for the secured card. Well, I am not most people, apparently, which sent my poor credit ego plummeting even further into the abyss. 😉 Okay, not really.

    Then I applied for the Capital One card, which I’d been avoiding partially due to past collections issues with them after the recession … though the account was settled at a lower pay out rate and paid off.

    Well, I was not only approved, but only had to deposit $49 for the $200 balance card. WOW! My poor credit ego was boosted “slightly higher” than it was before I had applied for Discover. ;)-

    I should add that there is a BK on my record from 4 years ago and my TransUnion score today is 637.

    An added bonus to Capital One is I get to pick a custom design for my card. Only trouble will be choosing just one of the gazillion photos I have of my totally awesome cat!

  191. Jennifer

    Hi Beverly. I went ahead and reposted my Discover card comment under your Discover card post, so you can just delete all of these.

  192. kathy

    Hi Beverly, I found your site and love the info you provide. 1 year ago my credit union told me I had no credit but approved me for a $15K car; I’ve done well with my pymts. Having none and needing a credit card I recently applied for a Cap One card, was approved or a secured card w$99 deposit, $29 annual fee for a $200 limit. I have yet to accept the offer. To rebuild credit it is suggested for 12 months, spend no more than 10%, pay it in full when due. My question is a good offer?

  193. Dee

    I just applied for this card and I have two charge offs that show up on my credit report. Will this help me raise my credit score even though I have the charge offs. Help please

  194. Marie

    Similar to other positive reviews of Capital One secure card, I too was approved at $49 deposit for a $200 line of credit. The application was fast and when I had a follow up question for customer service, they were friendly and very helpful.

    I am recommending this card to a friend of mine who is also in need of rebuilding credit.

    This website has been VERY helpful and informative, thank you!

  195. Dan C,

    My credit score is 513. But, I am trying to rebuild my credit. I very happy to report that I was approved for this card with the $99 deposit. I was told by the customer service rep that I could pay the deposit in full or in payments. Plus I can increase my credit limit with another deposit. The deposit took 3 business days to clear my checking account. My score went up 3 points after getting approved.

  196. Aaron Pitts

    So here is my situation Beverly. I have worked as a server and bartender for the past 15 years so I’ve dealt in mostly cash transactions. I went into full time restaurant management about a year and a half ago so now I have actual paychecks and reported taxable income! I’ve tried checking my credit score on several different sites and they all say I don’t have a “credit file” I’m trying to build my credit so I can qualify for a home loan. Do you think getting a secured credit card like this Cap One secured card will help me out? If I apply for it and get denied will that negatively affect my credit score? I’m just new to all this and looking for some guidance.

  197. C

    First of all, thank you for this awesome site… it has helped tremendously.

    I filed for chapter 7 and it was discharged March 2013, which included several Capitol One credit cards. I decided to give it a shot since the Capitol One secured card is in the higher tier of not-so-fun cards. I was so nervous pressing submit, but I was approved with a $49.00 deposit! I couldn’t believe it.

    I kind of milled over applying for an unsecured card because somehow my score is 640 (not good, but MUCH better than I would have guessed). If you apply for a secured card and you qualify for an unsecured, will they offer you an unsecured or just stick you with the secured? Did I word that in a way that makes sense? I’m asking because I’m wondering if I just didn’t qualify for an unsecured or do they not try to upsell if you qualify for a different card? Am I a bit too optimistic at this point? Thank you!

  198. steff

    When I was 19 in 2008 I signed for a capital one mastercard…big mistake. It was $1500 with a 29% interest rate. It is in collections and the balance is now $3400 due to interest amd annual fees. This is an R9 on my credit report and the only thing hurting me. Will it fall off and when? Ive never made a payment on it and am lookin to get a mortgage in 2 years.

  199. Kathryn

    Hi there and thanks for your blog! It’s great :)

    My question about this secured card is:
    Do they look at credit score alone,
    or will they judge me for previously having one of their
    UNsecured cards go into collection when I lost my job in 2008?

    Of course I have a job now and have been trying to get back on track.
    I have one secured card already, which is good.
    But I still have that Capital One collections account haunting me.
    It’s been there since 2008 so I’m not sure if I should pay it off
    or wait 2 more years until it falls off?
    And in the meantime, should I risk applying and hope they
    take a chance on me with one of their secured cards???

    Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated!

    1. Roy J.


      I have some direct experience with this, although no one can say for certain what your results will be.

      I had an unsecured Capital One card which went into collections and remains unpaid. I made an effort at one point to negotiate payment and reinstatement on it, but was too late. I even still get emails occasionally from Cap1 about this card.

      In spite of this, they opened the secured card account only a few years later. Either they’re not paying attention, or they simply don’t care, and treat me like any other applicant.

      I highly recommend this card for rebuilding your credit.

    2. Jay

      I had a charged off acct from them as well from 2008 and its ok as long as its not within a yr ago I was approved yesterday so I am a returning customer

  200. Roy J.

    I’ve had great experience with the Capital One secured card. Aside from the deposit, it seems to act exactly like any other Capital One card (which I’ve had before).

    Aside from the low cost of entry (I did the $49 deposit-for-$200 limit), Cap1 automatically upgraded me an additional $100 to my limit after six months or so of use.

    I pay the balance like clockwork, of course.

    Since then, I deposited an additional $200 for a total of $500 limit. Been using the card for a year or so. They don’t give me any indication of additional unsecured increases, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I’d sure consider moving this card up your list a bit!

  201. Kc

    Does this card report as secured on your credit report?

  202. Jennifer

    I love my capital one card :)

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