15 responses to “Harley-Davidson Visa Secured Credit Card Review”

  1. emjay

    Hello Bev, does this card return your deposit after a year? Has any one reported that?

  2. Perrey

    Very informative forum! I just apply for this card after I was informed by a Wells-Fargo banking associate that there’s was a BIG chance I might not get approved for their Secured Visa if I don’t have a huge amount of $$$ in a Savings account with them. So I decided to give this card a break because I read many reviews from successful applicants stating they got instant approval regardless of their scorings, Well Not in my case. I got the standard “We’re unable to make a decision at this time, you’ll get a letter within 30-days in the mail yada yada yada” which is a pretty professional way of denial. What’s the point of trying to start all over from having a horrible credit profile (No bankruptcies, only a foreclosure) if no one is will to give someone a hand to a fresh start?

  3. Beverly

    Can I use it for renting a car?

  4. Frank

    How long does it take to recieve card? My score is about 545. Hope i can get approved.

  5. Justin Smith

    Is it a.bad thing if the card reports as a secured card? I’m trying to rebuild my credit and was wondering if I would be better off with s card that doesn’t.report “secured”?

  6. noname

    You didnt say one of the most important things for anyone with bad credit being interested in applying: how about applying post bankruptcy? how much time has to lapse? what’s the minimum score required?

    1. Glen D

      This should be double checked, but I thought I read a disclaimer when researching this card that said ‘no bankrupcies or unpaid seriously delinquent accounts’, which I thought was kind of strict for a secured card-but please don’t just take my word for it, check it out with the bank

  7. Henry

    do they report the Harley-Davidson Visa Secured Card as a secured or unsecured(revolving-normal credit card) on the credit reports?
    please i would like to know ..

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