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  1. Sh

    Would this be a good card for someone with zero credit trying to build credit? Do you actually get approved with no credit history? (Other recommendations for those with zero credit trying to build credit?

  2. Daniel Smith

    Hi my name is Daniel Smith and I’m trying to find a secured card that will not base there decision on my credit report and I find that very difficult to find. Can you please help me.

  3. Graciela Hancock

    How long does it take for the secured credit card to start helping my credit score if I continue paying the total amount due every bill cycle on time? Is there a time frame that it takes for the bureaus to receive the good report?

  4. Rick

    When trying to get your secured deposit back will you also receive the interest it earned while being held?

  5. s

    I would NEVER recommend this card or US Bank cards to anyone. The “customer service” is far from good service and I have had to contact them numerous times regarding errors and other issues with their card and billing. We have closed our account due to the repeated issues and poor customer service.

  6. Edna

    US Bank is known in denying credit, at least for me anyway. Never thought of Secured Credit Card. I have been banking with US Bank, the same bank since 1994. It used to be PFF Federal Bank & Trust and later got bought out or the two bank merged. I had several pre-approval in the past and ignored this, as I was thinking I will never get approved, so why bother. The reason I felt this way because I responded to one of their pre-qualified or pre-approved invitation and still got turned down. Everytime I visit US Bank to make transactions, the Bank Teller always ask me to apply, and refuse. No luck on this bank. LOL

    1. Justin Spiguzza


  7. Edna

    All the varieities of comments and you answering all the questions and concerns really help me in making a decision whether or not, to apply for more bank cards or wait until all your current bankcards are paid in full. Equifax FICO Score 669 and Transunion is 551? I cannot figure the life of me what the big difference?

  8. emjay

    Hello Bev, does this card return your deposit after a year? Has any one reported that?

  9. Perrey

    Very informative forum! I just apply for this card after I was informed by a Wells-Fargo banking associate that there’s was a BIG chance I might not get approved for their Secured Visa if I don’t have a huge amount of $$$ in a Savings account with them. So I decided to give this card a break because I read many reviews from successful applicants stating they got instant approval regardless of their scorings, Well Not in my case. I got the standard “We’re unable to make a decision at this time, you’ll get a letter within 30-days in the mail yada yada yada” which is a pretty professional way of denial. What’s the point of trying to start all over from having a horrible credit profile (No bankruptcies, only a foreclosure) if no one is will to give someone a hand to a fresh start?

    1. Missy

      Actually, I work at a Harley dealership & have had quite a few people get this message, only to get an approval in the mail. The instant application system is done with an automated system, so sometimes they need to look a little further into your credit background.

  10. Beverly

    Can I use it for renting a car?

  11. Frank

    How long does it take to recieve card? My score is about 545. Hope i can get approved.

  12. Justin Smith

    Is it a.bad thing if the card reports as a secured card? I’m trying to rebuild my credit and was wondering if I would be better off with s card that doesn’t.report “secured”?

  13. noname

    You didnt say one of the most important things for anyone with bad credit being interested in applying: how about applying post bankruptcy? how much time has to lapse? what’s the minimum score required?

    1. Glen D

      This should be double checked, but I thought I read a disclaimer when researching this card that said ‘no bankrupcies or unpaid seriously delinquent accounts’, which I thought was kind of strict for a secured card-but please don’t just take my word for it, check it out with the bank

  14. Henry

    do they report the Harley-Davidson Visa Secured Card as a secured or unsecured(revolving-normal credit card) on the credit reports?
    please i would like to know ..

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