519 responses to “Discover it Secured Credit Card Review”

  1. Sandy

    I have had my secured Discover card now for 21 months. It hasn’t graduated and I pay everything on time and more than the minimum. My credit score is 686. I don’t know what they’re looking for because I have gotten several new cards unsecured without an issue. What a crock!

  2. Casey

    Could anyone please share a referral link for the secured Discover It? Thank you!

  3. Ano Nymous

    I started rebuilding my credit. BK Ch 13 discharged 6 months ago. Applied for a Discover card 4 months after discharge and got an UNSECURED $10,000 credit line IT rewards card. Discover not included in bankruptcy.

  4. Jackal

    So this whole credit score thing is WEIRD to say the least, I get the card, charged 500/600 limit, immediately paid it off (next day I think), charged some more, paid it off again next day, anyway, the letter that came with the card said my FICO score had gone up to 566 (21 points), then today July 7th, I check CK, and TU went up 9 pts. to 580, but EQ when down 24 pts to 554, TU showed my usage at under 3%, while EQ showed it to be at 48%……WTH?!?! (also TU shows the balance of the card, EQ shows available credit on the card?!?!)……

    With that said, I have 7 medical collections, 3 pretty small, 2 med. and 2 pretty large (define large?), any way, my plan is to contact the agencies, pay 2 of the small, and tell them when they report them paid, I’ll call them back pay the 3rd small, and start working the rest, as I hear they want to play “hardball”, and not report when you pay, so I figure, “If you want your money, you’ll report, if no report, no pay, because it certainly isn’t gonna change anything……..

    1. Jeff


      I have started my credit repair journey after reading your article on best secured credit cards. After reading various review s I settled on the discover it card. So I was approved and deposit Ed a meager $300. Card arrived within a week. 554 was my fico score😫. After only one payment made on time it has risen to 591. For the upcoming cycle I made a purchase at about 1/3 my limit but paid it off 2weeks prior to due date. Turned right back around and made a very similar purchase. Guess I will see if the activity bears Ny fruit. Trying to be at 650 by the holidays.

      I have been solicited for a capital one $300 limit. They take a $75 deposit so it’s actually only $225. Should I accept or wait until my score is higher or get another secured card?

      1. CWF

        Word of advice: Call Discover and ask for your:
        1) due date
        2) reporting date
        When you pay your balance in full on the due date, be sure NOT to use the card until Discover has reported it.
        Do this every month and see a 20-30 point increase in your credit score for every billing cycle! #ItWorks

  5. Jackal

    Thought I would add a little more info into full credit picture, lets just say @ 51 I’m apparently a little thick, and have just now learned how to use credit. Currently I have a car that my brother co-signed for last July, with 0 missed payments, this will be my 1st CC in about 12 years, I had previously, and since approval here, been denied for Capitol One’s secured card (perhaps their still a little bitter over the 3 or 4 cards I burned them on years ago, dunno :shrug:). with that said, I plan to keep this one under 30% paying it off twice per month (paydays), I will wait about 30 days and apply for either US Bank (whom I bank with), or Citi’s Secured card – I have over 20 hard inquiries right now, mainly as I wanted to trade in my car, and get one w/out my brother being a co-signer, and OBVIOUSLY the Dealer went to EVERY lender on the planet I think, and they all denied it anyway….
    Thanks Beverly, and everyone for sharing their stories, and the excellent info! I will post updates, as I “do this” right this time!

  6. Jackal

    So I applied on-line May 17, instant approval, made deposit right then (they’ve upgraded their service, I just had to supply my online password for checking acct., Discover did the rest), two days later on the 19th the money was removed for the deposit. I kept checking the “status”, which stayed the same, saying something like “Application Finalized, expect your card to arrive w/in 2 weeks”, etc. etc.., this morning it changed to “You’ve been approved!” “Welcome, your credit line is x, if there is an additional cash advance amount it will be disclosed with your card, so watch your mail” (not verbatim, but close enough), I expect the card should be here the 27th, although I’m hoping the 26th, my current scores are TU – 571, and EQ – 578, and FICO – 545. Looking forward to seeing them increase.

  7. Kat (update!)

    So I noticed I had an email from capital one about new activity on my credit report (I have a checking account with them so I utilize their creditwise feature – it’s essentially just like credit karma but only showing TransUnion – they both use vantagescore 3.0 though so the numbers are the same), and whaddya know I logged in to find my TU had jumped up 69 points (lol I’m pretty much a big 12 year old for being mildly entertained by the fact that that was the number it went up by haha) from 512 to 581. I immediately checked credit karma and there it was again – TU up 69 points to 581, and EQ up 77 points from 508 to 585! This thing had literally only been open and active for 9 days at that point. I haven’t even received a statement (my statement closes on the 11th of each month but since it’s still not available yet i think my first statement will close on the 11th of next month instead – I guess they didn’t want to issue a statement for a period of 5 days but they reported my usage to the agencies anyway on the date they usually would). It takes a couple days for pending charges to post to your actual balance but once I had a couple small charges move over from pending onto my balance I paid them down almost but not quite to zero right away (that way SOME usage would show when they reported it – which it did, at 6% usage which is perfectly within my intended range of 1-9%).

    Anyway when I saw that score jump that fast I could not believe my eyes, I love me some instant gratification and this was definitely that 😁. I still have no fico score (when I got this card the first thing I did was check out their free fico score feature – also just a note, anyone can do this you don’t have to be a discover customer – anyway when I looked it said it couldn’t find a score for me). From the limited research I’ve done I think it’s because I’ve never had a credit card before this one, but I hoped maybe once they reported it would show up. No dice, looks like I’ll need to have 6 months of it reporting. Thankfully my medical bills in collection don’t seem to count enough to generate a fico score on their own even though the oldest one looks to be helping my oldest age of accounts on creditwise – 7 years – I’m still looking forward to seeing it drop off though.

    All in all I’m super happy thus far, I hope everyone has as good luck with this card as I’ve had so far! And I’ll say it again since I’ve talked to them again since my original review, their customer service is top notch – super polite, fast and efficient – I’m sooo thrilled I got this card ❤

    Oh yeah one more note, the cashback you’ve accumulated doesn’t show up until the statement cuts – I’ve confirmed this with their customer service department so don’t worry if you don’t see any money there yet

  8. Mr. Daddy

    I just received not one, but two pre-approval application back to back within less than two weeks fron Discover it, so I applied online and I got approved for $3k..sweet baby; Daddy needs a new pair of Addida that I’ve been having my eyes on for quite awhile now.

    1. antonio l montgomery

      I’ve received 3 pre-approvals applications from Discover this month alone. Two in the last 6 business days, thats a little excessive

  9. Kat

    I figured I’d throw in my (still VERY limited) experience so far with the discover it secured card, since all these other helpful people took the time out from their lives to help and inform everybody the least I can do is put my info out there too while I wait not-so-patiently for my card to actually arrive (also thank you Beverly for this site, I know you’ve heard it a million times already but props really are due here, your site is wonderful it’s so refreshing finding ALL THIS INFO (so much!) with the confidence that it’s actually in our best interests and not funded by the very companies you’re reviewing, so thank you thank you thank you it is very much appreciated)

    I’ve never had a credit card before but I currently have 4 or 5 derogatory collections depending on the agency you ask (all medical bills if that’s at all pertinent), and my credit scores are 512 TU and 508 EQ so I was fairly doubtful that I’d actually be able to get this card, but I filled out the app and had to do a double take when i saw they actually approved it instantly! It took about 2 days for them to take the deposit from my bank (a very anxious 2 days in which I received no correspondence whatsoever from them and went over and over in my head thinking ‘hmm they must’ve changed their minds, that approval had to be a mistake’- at one point I actually ended up calling them and I must say those commercials are pretty darn accurate, their customer service is great! Plus the call ended with them graciously welcoming me to ‘the discover family’, which while I’m certain it came from some generic script it was still a very welcome and comforting sentiment)

    Anyway that’s about the extent of my experience at this point but I just wanted to say that you really can get approved for what is widely accepted as one of the -if not THE- best secured cards on the market even if your score is VERY POOR (credit karma’s very sweet way of saying HORRIBLE lol), so don’t give up hope you may as well give it a try, and if you’re still worried I’d 100% recommend just giving them a call! I’m sure they will try their best to help you out and I’m pretty sure they’re always available – I talked to them at 10:30 pm anyway so if not always it’s at least mostly

    If you got through all my rambling (or even if you didn’t) I wish you all the luck on your credit journey! I’m so glad discover gave me a chance and I hope so much that they do the same for you, everyone should be able to get a chance (or another chance!) I’ll update this down the road once I’ve had it for a while, good luck everybody! <3

    (oh also as far as i can see they did not do a hard inquiry unless it's just not showing up yet, it's only been about 5 days)

    1. KB

      Hi Kat – I just recently also applied for the Discover It Secured Card and have received it about a week ago. So far the card has been great and I have even made a payment on it. As of today it has shown up on all 3 credit bureaus and boosted my score by 34 points. I agree that their customer service reps are extremely helpful as well, even at 4 am.

      1. kat

        nice, that’s awesome! i’m so glad to hear it starts showing a difference so quick, i am soo ready to start seeing a better score, even 5 points would have me ecstatic

        i always stay up wayyy too late haha so it’s a major bonus to have CSR’s that stay up with me :)

        good luck on racking up tons more points on your credit score (and tons of cash back too)! <3

    2. Kat

      So i checked credit karma and discover did in fact do a hard inquiry on my credit report but it didn’t affect my score, they pulled my EQ report. I also was approved for a capital one secured mastercard with a $99 deposit for a $200 CL and capital one pulled both my EQ and my TU reports, but neither of those affected my score either since I didn’t have any prior inquiries.

    3. E Johnson

      Thanks! I read your ramble. I’m about to apply now. Need to rebuild my credit!

  10. Eily

    Hi, im new here, i was looking for a review of how the discover it card is and how good or bad was it , i had my bk file in dec 2013 my credit was a mess , and recently (3 months ago ) i apply for a store card in home depot and i got accepted for $5k , and now i received a invitation from discover to apply with them, so i did and completed the application online and i got a response in seconds, they asked me if i wanted to see how much i got approved for and i clicked and it said !!!!!!!!!!!
    Your Credit Line is $7,000.00

    My question is, is this an unsecure line of credit?

    i Did not have to send money or deposit anything or wait to be approved, they approved me in less than 30 secs , they say that the card will arrive in 5-7 business days. and they will let me know in a seperate mail about the cash advance credit line amount out of the $7,000.00 that i have being accepted for.

    Is this normal? Why so much straight out of bk.

  11. KH

    I am about to apply for this card. I have never had a credit card before and got denied the unsecured IT card from Discover. I have student loans and a car loan (paid in full) on my FICO report. My question is, is it better to max it out each month or only use 10 % or so each month? I plan on paying it off in full each month. But I just don’t know (since I’ve never had a credit card) if it “looks better” if you use the crap out of it and pay it off or only use a little and pay it off… Thanks for the help!

  12. Cece

    I could not be happier right now! I applied for this card on 4/9 and passed their credit check. They sent two test deposits to my checking account which I came back to their website and verified. They withdrew my $200 deposit on 4/11 and said the card would arrive within two weeks. Right now, my TU score is 579. I filed BK in 2013. I have one paid judgment from 2013 also.

    1. Casey

      Hi Cece! Could you please post or send me a referral link for the Discover It Secured card? We will both get a $50 bonus if I’m approved. Just go to “Rewards > Refer a Friend”. Let me know if you need my e-mail address or something. Or you could just post the link here, for others to use as well. Thank you! :)

  13. Billy

    I got this card last July. I got the Unsecured version This April(9 months) and was given a $750 limit. My secured deposit was only $300. I love this card. I’ve called customer service several times and they all have been very nice and professional. Best part is they are Americans that I can understand. And as far as I can tell there is no difference in the way your credit score is effected for being reported as secured as opposed to unsecured. This was my 3rd card on my credit rebuild journey. I now have 3 credit cards and a car loan through a credit union. I’m hoping to buy a house in a year or 2. I started with a 489 in january of 2016 and now at a 641. If I can do it anyone can…good luck.

  14. Curious George

    Nice to see a hand selected amount of people are getting unsecured cards from this. However, It seems from speaking to Discover and my personal experience, this card is just marketing and those that just have a few or no collections in their credit get an unsecured after 6 months while the others get left behind taken for a ride. Had this card for a year now and upgrade, some people on here have had it for two years! (Don’t give them that much business, just fire them and get something better like Visa or MC!)

  15. Jess

    I Have been approved for the discover it card and am awaiting the card in the mail currently. this is my very 1st credit card, and i was wondering if it is possible to make multiple payments in one cycle. I would like to pay for things as i use the card rather then clear my balance at the end of the month. any advise on this would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Captain AB

      Yes, you can make multiple payments as long as the charges are cleared (and not just pending). I just made a mid-cycle payment Friday and it showed Saturday morning and the credit line was available.

  16. Jand

    Thanks for all the information I’ve gotten from your site. Gave me the confidence to apply for 2 secured cards. I have a lot of student loans and had a lot of past accounts from college (not the smartest with money in college). This was from about 7 to 3 years ago for most of them. My score is around 580 on ck. I was surprised that I was accepted for this card, cause I always get denied for these things.

    Applied for the discover it card on 3/14. Didn’t get any emails whether I was denied or accepted so I applied for another card. The next day 3/15 I got an email saying I just needed to deposit to finish my application. Deposited $300 the same day and it said I’d be receiving my card within 2 weeks after the deposit is cleared.

    The deposit was taken out today 3/18, and they emailed me and said my card was on the way.

    How long after your deposit did the card come in the mail? Just curious.

    1. Michael

      I applied and my security deposit was taken out and I received my card all within 2 weeks. The card comes from Salt Lake City, Utah and I live in Syracuse, New York.

    2. Renee1110

      It took about 13 days from the date of my deposit to receive my card.

  17. JM

    Hi Beverly,

    This is an update. This card was a pain in the rear to apply for, had to provide some additional documentation for my income & proof of ID. That being said once I did, I got the card and have had it for ten months. I used it for little things, always paid it off with one or two payments before due date, and I even added funds to increase the limit one time. I just got an email informing me that they already sent a check refunding my initial deposits, they also increased my credit limit, and the card was already reporting to my credit report with the increase and unsecured within 24 hours of receiving the email.

    I would HIGHLY encourage anyone starting out or trying to improve their sketchy credit score, to apply for this card. The rewards are great that you get back for using the card ( I always applied mine back to the card as an additional payment). With good conduct on your usage and payments they are quick to transition you to a regular unsecured card.

    This has become one of my favorite cards, very low interest rate, and no annual fee. Thank you for your reviews and information, you have been a huge help with my process of getting my credit situation more stable.

  18. Edwin Hernandez

    Thank you Discover for the opportunity to grow with you I really appreciate it. I was happy I got picked up with a 517 credit score. Yayyyyy!It pays to Discover.

    It pays to Discover.It pays to Discover.It pays to Discover.It pays to Discover.It pays to Discover.It pays to Discover.It pays to Discover.It pays to Discover.It pays to Discover.It pays to Discover.It pays to Discover.It pays to Discover Life Is Good!

  19. Teresa

    Hi Beverly! This is an update I applied and received my discover it secured card July 2016, and at 2am this morning I received an email from discover congratulating me for my good work. They said, their returning my deposit, and increased my cl It has been exactly 7 months since I received this card. I’m so excited I have a real discover card!!!!! I paid the entire balance each month, except for last month. Paid on time, I also paid before they reported to the credit bureau.

    1. ALI

      Do you wait for the statement or you just pay right away you used the card?

      1. Teresa

        I paid before the due date

    2. Sam

      Hey do they report to the credit bureau right away?

      1. Jacob Hejny

        Sam – I received my card February 23rd, it has shown reflected on my credit report as of today (02/28)

      2. Jacob Hejny

        Also, It reported the balance as of February 24th – so while they report a week after you activate – they report the balance that you have the day after activating.

      3. Teresa

        Yes they do

    3. Teresa

      Another update – refund check arrived on Monday 2/27/2017

    4. Tyler

      I will second this Teresa. However I have you beat ;), this is my 6th billing cycle and I’m getting my deposit back!! They also increased my CL from $200-$1500.

      1. Nee Nee


        1. Tyler

          My FICO was 707 at the time. Somehow I managed to spend almost $3000 on the card in the 6 months it was secured so I’m thinking that was a possible factor in their willingness to make it an unsecured card. I didn’t realize I payed the balance off as frequently as I did. I spent on average $500/month with only a $200 credit limit, LOL

    5. Porsha

      Ohhh wow lucky you it’s going on 2 years since I had this card and and I paid earlier and was never late and I still have the secured card :(

  20. Jacob Hejny

    Hello Beverly! When I last opined, it was the beginning of January and I had just seen the bounce in my credit score from my Capital One secured card limit increase bring my VantageScore3.0 up to about 550. At that time, I was not approved for the Discover It Secured card.

    It is now February 6th, 2017 – and I have now qualified for the Discover It Card with a VantageScore3.0 of 557 (TransUnion). I will be supplying a $2000 deposit.

    I should also mention that I was approved for a CreditOne UNSECURED card (with a $300 limit) which has reported to all agencies BEFORE I applied for this card. Because of Beverly Herzog’s blog, I knew better than to trust this card farther than I could throw it. I immediately paid off the $75 annual fee, set the card up to pay my $9.99/mo Netflix charge and then cut up and destroyed the card so I couldn’t possibly use it for anything else.

    8 months ago, I couldn’t get approved for any credit card, secured or not. 6 Months ago, Capital one approved me for a secured card. 3 months ago, I was declined for both a CreditOne and Discover it Secured Card (Soft Inquiries). In the last month, I have been approved for both the CreditOne Unsecured, as well as the Discover It Secured card. All because of CreditKarma and Beverly Herzog.

    You can learn a lot from these sites if you understand the timing of reporting, and the value of patience.

    1. Jacob Hejny

      To update, I received my card today (Early on the 2 weeks by 2 days). T-minus 7 months until next update.

  21. Brooke

    What credit Bureau does this card report to?

    1. Jacob Hejny

      The three major Bureau’s:

      1) Transunion (TU)
      2) Equifax (EQ)
      3) Experian (EX)

  22. Ashley

    I applied for the unsecured IT card last week and was denied with an experian score of 617. I already knew it was low and that I probably wouldn’t get approved was hoping to get invited to sign up for the secured card but didn’t. It dropped my score 17 points!!! Now I’m afraid to apply for the secured version

    1. Nic

      Call them and recon. If they can see the application they might be able to give it to you without a second hard pull.

    2. Tbug

      Did you apply? I had 623 and got denied for unsecured but wentry and applied for secured and was approved. You should try it!

      1. fdklja

        ♪♫ Ask the local wentry
        They will say it’s elementary..♫♪

    3. D

      I Applied for a secured IT card today and got approved. I have no credit history at all

      1. MJ

        Hi. Is there any update regarding your approved discover it card application?

      2. MJ

        Hi. I just wanted to know how will you know if your approve or not? Is there any confirmation message right away?

  23. David

    Like others have recently posted, I just received the following email from Discover:
    “Because you’ve shown responsible account management, you’re getting your security deposit back. You should receive the check in the mail in 5-7 business days.”
    This is their new policy where your deposit is returned after 7 months instead of 12. When I read their email I jumped for joy, my deposit was $1500, and will come in handy at this time!
    For those who were wondering, I always paid my card off in full each month, so you do not have to carry a balance to qualify.

    1. Matt

      Im actually going to close my card. I have had the account since 02/18/2016 and funded it $1000.00 to start. I yet have seen it graduate and i doubt it does. My FICO is a 635. I never carry a balance on the card. When i call about the requirements, i get a bunch of runaround. since they make u wait to get your funds back 60 days once you close it, im going to max it out and then close it. Then were even. I have 19 credit cards — open and active with $0.00 balances. I have 9 derogatory collections, i dont see what the issue is. The 9 bad accounts are 4-5 years old.

      1. Smilee2

        I opened mine ($500 secured card) at the start of Summer 2016 and got my limit raised to $1250 and my deposit returned in November 2016. I never carried a balance and only charged about 10-15% of my $500 limit and paid it off every month, on time.

        1. Smilee2

          I also have derogatories and old liens on my credit reports.

        2. sfr8

          Well, good for you. I opened this card in Aug. of 2014 and it still hasn’t graduated!! That’s well over two years!

          1. Matt

            I maxed the card out and closed it.. 2 days later they applied my security deposit to the balance and brought it to a zero balance.

    2. Cher

      What was your strategy with paying your card monthly? I just got approved and I’m quite excited to get my credit back on track to one day buy a house. Thanks

  24. judy h

    I love teh I love my new Disover card! It was approved for me and I coulndt beleive it! I am happy now! It is much better than oldd card card!


    1. alissa

      what does your credit score have to be to get approved for the Discover card?

      1. Keith

        I was approved with a 578 score 3 months ago, but since then my score has increased 20 points! Thank you Beverly and thank you Discover!

        1. Marykate

          What bureau or source did you use that gave you that 578? And did you have any derogatory remarks on it?? I use Credit Karma and discovers free FICO report and they each have different numbers, plus different remarks and inquires. I am very particularly with the inquires I use against my credit and dont want to apply and get denied..

          1. Keith

            Yes, I have 3 charge offs from using a “debt settlement” place. They’ll all be falling off by April 2018 so I’m trying to build my score up. I used Experian.com and got my score there, then cancelled within the 7 day trial period. If you don’t cancel it’s $21.95 per month! So I cancelled in 4-5 days. But after I cancelled I got an email saying I still had access to “select free benefits” at no charge and I’m almost sure that includes my Experian credit score each month. (I’m checking it on Jan 10th) Discover gives your Transunion score each month on your statement. About inquiries, I’ve heard after 4-6 months, they’re not a big deal. Good luck.

            1. Keith

              One site that’s real good for credit repair & dispute tips & ideas but takes LOTS of reading is creditboards.com. Think that’s where I read hard inquiries only have a negative effect for 3-6 months. You can inquire yourself with no bad effects.

      2. creditloverr


        Your credit score must be exactly 673 to be approved.

        1. Skittlezzz

          That is NOT true at all. I was approved with a score of 490. Where did you get that information from??? Maybe for the unsecured yes, but not for the secured card.

        2. Sdae

          Yeh….NO! I was a 624 when approved for D-secured card.

        3. Cheyenne

          Not true. I had no credit at all as I got my first credit card January of this year and I never had credit before. I was approved immediately and received my secured card in the mail a week later.

  25. William

    I realize this thread is somewhat dated, yet wanted to add this. Discover has started graduating secured cards early. After 7 months, they review you and, if eligible, they graduate the card and possibly raise the credit limit. I logged into my account today and saw my credit limit is now 1000 dollars where I had only a 300 security deposit and that it is now unsecured. Talked to rep on secure chat and was told that my security deposit had been mailed to me.
    I used this card but never went over 15% of the credit limit and then on the last 2 months, just as chance would have it, I didn’t use it at all.

    1. Elizabeth

      Can I ask, where can you use this card? Do they accept it generally everywhere like they would a Visa or MasterCard? I applied, but now I’m worried I may not be able to use it for my everyday purchases (car fuel, little things like that).

      1. Elizabeth

        Ahh, never mind. I found a page that specifies where it’s accepted in different parts of the world. Thank God, I don’t need to worry anymore.

  26. Stevenyc

    This is a great card! I got the card in February 2016. I started with a balance of $500 dollars. After six moths, I increased my balance to $2000 dollars. The second week of November,I get an email that I have graduated to unsecured. My check was mailed out and I should receive it in five to seven days!So it just took nine months of payments. I never carried a balance and paid several times a month, as I get paid weekly!

    1. Malcom

      What was your credit score when it graduated.

      1. Stevenyc

        My credit score had reached 700 at this time.

        1. fdklja

          Yeah, exactly.

  27. Chandler

    I was approved for the Secured Discover it in February of 2016 with a SL of $800. My card was just graduated to an unsecured card and given a credit limit increase to $1750 on October 27, 2016! I was notified by chat that after seven months they now will graduate cards if you qualify instead of the year that they told us when you first sign up.

    1. Matt

      How was you notified. I opened mine on 02/16/16 with $1000.00. I called today and was told i did not qualify because i never carry a balance.

    2. DAVID B

      yes they now start graduating cards at the 7 month mark instead of the 12 months.

      1. Matt

        I have had this card since Feb 2016 and have carried a balance 3 times out of the 9 months i have had the account. I was told by several reps that I have to carry a balance for 7 consecutive statements. I usually charge the card and pay off a week later. The reps have also indicated that my account will be reviewed at the 1 year mark in Feb 2017 and that it has not been reviewed. I am getting conflicting stories about the graduating process. If I dont graduate at my year mark i will cash in my cash back bonus and close the account. My score provided to me on 11-13-16 from Discover by Transunion was 664

  28. Thomas

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    1. amygdala

      Will “Mrs. Mary Clark” bake me a pie, too? Yes, God bless him forever.

      1. John Conway

        Ha. :)

  29. Erica

    It happened to me! After so much bad luck; I was skeptical of everything. I’m glad to have been proven wrong. I received my email from Discover that they are sending back my deposit. It happened at the end of my 12th billing cycle. The Discover IT card is amazing. There are so many ways to save with this card that it is really hard to find any other card that is even half as good. Between the 1-5% cash back, good grades bonus, and Discover Deals I have earned/saved close to a hundred dollars by paying with my Discover card for stuff that I was going to buy anyway.

    I didn’t have to be a stickler for accuracy to get my deposit back. There was one month that my card utilization was 90%. Two months I utilized 40%. Otherwise, I stayed at or below 10%. At the 6 month mark, I deposited more money to raise my credit limit to the full $2500. The only thing that I did consistently each month is paying the full statement balance on time. I never carried a balance and didn’t pay a penny of interest the whole time I’ve had this card.

    I proved myself to be a responsible account holder and Discover did right by me. Now I am the proud owner of a really great unsecured credit card.

    1. sfr8

      Apparently, I’m the only person who is into the two-year-plus time (two years four months) for deposit return. I’ve called maybe twice to ask about it and I get the same reply: “your account is reviewed monthly to see if your deposit can be returned”. Honestly, I can’t imagine why it is taking this long, and I’m really irritated at Discover anymore. It’s 300 freakin’ dollars.. sheesh!

      1. Matt

        I have had the card since Feb 2016 with a $1000 limit. I cant get graduated. When i call to ask, i get a bunch of runaround. My FICO is a 654. So i been thinking about closing the card and goin with someone else that offers the similar product

      2. DAVID B

        just because you pay this card on time every month does not mean they will unsecure you….they look at ALL of your accounts to make the decision.

        1. sfr8

          Haha, “just because you pay on time”, blah blah blah. What other hoops do you propose they throw in? Excuse me, ALL of my accounts (this is my only credit card), plus some student loans which are current don’t really change, and aren’t in default or late, so I can’t imagine WTF they are waiting for. (Like it’s my fault they won’t unsecure the friggin’ card. Seriously, here’s a nice cup of STFU for you.)

          1. Kayla

            It may be because you only have one credit card.

  30. Deede

    So I just applied for discover it secured. I was asked to fund the card and they’re going to make 2 small deposits into my account and then I’m to call in once I see them to verify. I hope this means I’m approved?? I was denied cap one secured yesterday. I am not going to apply anymore. I don’t want too many hard hits. I also was recently approved for fingerhut start up program. With a deposit of $30 on my first purchase I was approved for $180. Not much at all, my credit is bad. I have 6 negative account ALL MEDICAL. I have no credit cards nothing else. But 1 repo from 2012. I am having the hardest time obtaining credit. I have been disputing items by mail, bought a book to help me do it. I am praying I get this card as I really need to change my credit. Right now my CK trans is 516 and equifax 535. Both awful, and I also learned that CK bumps scores up by several points bc the advantage 3.0 system they use. My trans score from a dealer is 494! That’s so embarrassing. But all I can do is keep trying. Any info/help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

  31. Keisha

    Are there approval requirements with this card ?
    Can you be turned down?

  32. Brian

    CK scores: April 2015 – 663 Aug 2016 – 529

    Had outstanding $340 and $90 hospital bills went to collection. I recently paid them, though. Had 2 inquiries (both denied), moronic move I know: 8/18- Capital One Double Case (letter states limited credit history, collection) 8/19- Chase Freedom (letter states recent closed Chase Checking account, score of 577)

    As far as applying for the Discover It Secured Card, I feel I need some advice. With two recent hard pulls and very limited credit history, I would not want to be declined this card. Discover says reapply after 45 days if I were to be declined. Should I wait for the collection liability to show as settled before continuing, does it take 30 days or would I need to contact them if somehow it doesn’t take reflect on my credit score? I feel like this will show a lot about trying to advance my financial situation.

    I realize with my situation with a couple collections and limited credit history, a third hard pull is not the safest bet. I really want this card, it’s the best offer for what I believe I could be eligible for. A positive credit future is what I am seeking, any help is truly appreciated.

  33. JM

    I have had this card for a few months, I like the fact that you can freeze the card, the rewards can be applied toward your payment, etc. those are nice. But it does have a high APR. After three months, I was able to increase the credit limit with an additional deposit, it took them three business to pull the money from my acct and another three days to credit it to the card and make it available. I do not like that fact that you have to speak to someone to request an increase when it is a secured card and they are taking your money for it. I had to talk to three different people and was on hold for quite awhile to get it done. They need to let you click a button in the account portal to request it, input your bank info, if approved, take the money. If not approved, don’t take the money. SIMPLE. Overall, I do not think I will be putting more on deposit with this card, will probably try for the unsecured when I have had this for a year. I would say it is a decent secured card to get started with, but not sure about its potential to grow with you as your credit gets better.

    1. Erica

      High APR doesn’t matter for people who make a habit of paying their full bill on time. I never paid any interest and the card graduated just the same. On top of that, there is no other secured card that has cash back rewards, allows you to get cash over at the register, has customer service in America, and lets the account holder increase their credit limit (speaking to a person or not).

  34. Julie

    I’m wondering if it’s possible to apply for joint secured cards for my husband and I. We’re trying to build our joint credit.

  35. Esha

    I just verified my information and waiting for them to take the securities. Discover rep told me it will take them 8days at the most to take the funds from my account. Once they have the money they will srnd a card in the mail. I dont know the extact time frame but my bank sends cards within 7-10 business days. So I am guessing that time frame with discover

  36. ilan

    The Discover support team is exceptional. Nice to see a business that actually cares about customer experience (both phone and online chat).

    I got an unsecure Discover it a few weeks ago. Every request I made got an immediate response/action.

  37. David

    Here’s my one month update. I called Discover’s customer service today to inquire about a credit line increase, since I started out with $500. After verifying my info, income, and mortgage expense, I was told I could increase my CL up to $2500, which is the maximum. I decided on an additional $1000 for a total of $1500. The funds will be deducted from my checking account, she told me it would take up to 8 days to reflect on my card, and the whole process only took roughly 10 minutes. Simple and quick! I suggest that everyone should do this after 1 month if they have extra cash to fund their card. Note: you have to call their 800 number and speak to a rep.

  38. sfr

    I applied for and received this card in August ’14. As of right now, the card hasn’t ‘graduated’– deposit not refunded and no CLI. When I applied for the card, I had a foreclosure from 2010, COs from Chase, Citi, CapOne and Target, and a CO from my bank due to an overdrawn account. (This all stemmed from the foreclosure). All of these items are set to be removed in late 2018. My score really hasn’t budged in two years, maybe 10 points higher or so to around 600. I have absolutely no new derogatory marks or anything late. (I don’t have any accounts to BE late on which is nice, actually.) If Discover is waiting for my score to increase before graduating my card, it won’t happen anytime soon. (Did I mention I’ve never been late and paid the balance in full every month except maybe once around the holidays?) In summary, I’m not sure what the point of this card is really, because it seems like a pointless place to put a few hundred bucks for 4 years, and I’m getting really close to cancelling the card–not because I need the money, just because I think bank and credit ‘hoops’ are ridiculous. (At least CDs gain a tiny bit of interest!!) Anyway, that’s my experience.

  39. Rae

    I applied for the secured cc and was approved with a 538 CS. It is taking quite a while for them to take the money from my account. I will patient though.

    I am really excited!!

    1. Chris

      I’m wondering what the time frame for them to take the money from my account is as well. :/

      1. Rae

        My deposit was taken out yesterday.

    2. Kelly

      How long does Discover give you to make the deposit?

      1. Rae

        It took at least 2-3 days. If you don’t see it deducted from your account, then give them a call.

      2. Carlos

        2 weeks

    3. Brandy Lynne Butler

      How long did it take them?

    4. Tiffany

      Did have a positive credit history, also any recent judgements, collections?

  40. Anna

    Honestly, I’m here looking for someone to ease my nerves. My husband just applied for the Discover It secured cc, and is currently waiting to verify our banking info. (Verifying the two small withdrawals under $1..) My husband and I are trying to rescue our credit after having my second baby in 2012 and hospitalized for most of my pregnancy. Bad insurance = tons of medical bills in collection, including a judgement for the bulk of the hospital bills. We are currently working with a credit repair agency, with which we have been pretty happy so far.
    Side note: my credit is atrocious, multiple collection accounts plus the judgement. My husband only has the judgement on his report because it was in both of our names.
    The credit repair program has helped tremendously… I have already had about 15% of the collection accounts on my report removed.. And my husband has had the judgement REMOVED from Experian, and updated to satisfied on Equifax, just waiting for TU to get on board. The thing is, prior to this medical catastrophe, neither one of us had ever established ANY form of positive credit (bought cars cash, bought house cash… everything cash.) So under the advice of practically everyone, we are getting a secured card. I have read on some reviews of the Discover Secured Card that people (regardless of income etc.) have been denied for bankruptcies. I don’t want either of us having an extra hard inquiry for no reason and I’m scared he might get denied for the remaining judgement. Has anyone else been denied for a judgement? All this waiting is making me crazy. In the event that he is denied, what should our next step be? Should we skip another credit check altogether and go with that OpenSky card? Is there something better to try next? Should we both open cards and make each other authorized users? Trying to form a plan here…

    1. Rita

      Capital one

    2. Zach Hirsh

      What is the credit repair agency that you are working with? I am looking at options for hiring a company to help repair credit.

      1. Skittlezzz

        First get a fingerhut account with your secured card and let both report. Somehow that boosts credit up to 80 pts. Creditrepair.com helped out a great deal for my husband and I. In just 2 months, his credit score went from 440 to 601 as of yesterday. They only charge $14 before they start working in your file and then you pay $60 per after they get stuff removed starting with 3 items if your choice. I hated Lexington they didnt do crap but we paid them and they are still calling us a year after we fired them. Just letting you know…somebody told me that Skyblue works too but I dont have personal experience with them.

      2. JM

        BEFORE you hire any type of “repair company”, get copies of all three of your reports, which you can get free. See if there is info that is incorrect, e.g. stuff showing as open collections that you already paid off, stuff showing as late that really wasn’t, accounts that are not yours. If you have stuff like this, you can dispute it yourself online right with the credit bureaus for FREE. If the late payments and any type of collection stuff reporting on your accounts is true–there is NO way to get it off for good other then let time go by. And if you dispute real true info, the creditor will just reconfirm it and put it back on. In other words, there is a lot you can do on your own without paying someone else your hard-earned money to clean up inaccuracies on your report. One of the things that I did was to make payments directly to the original creditors that I owed even if a collection agency was trying collect for the bill. Once the payment cleared, I then disputed the collection account as “paid in full to original creditor” and the bureaus deleted the collection account. This made my score jump every time I did it. I also had some old stuff not showing on my report, but I felt the need to pay it off (my conscience), for that I did a repayment plan with a non-profit who acted on my behalf and got interest rates put to the side. Once I did this, no collection calls any longer, I paid those bills off within 15 months. I’m a firm believer in not having to pay money out to someone for stuff I can do myself. Part of getting into credit problems is due to spreading oneself too thin financially and sometimes questionable decisions. It’s a relief once you work on it and get a plan into motion. Good luck.

        1. Tyra

          Thanks so much for this information!

    3. Pamela Del Bene

      US bank secured card. You can put $300.00 to $2,000 for deposit. After a year if in good standing they will make a decision of making it unsecured.

  41. Michelle M

    Hi I have a question I applied yesterday for a discover it card, and I never received a confirmation email. Is that normal? ? When I applied with Citi I received a confirmation email.

    1. Juanito

      No Call Them, this happened with my first app and when I called it didn’t even register thru the system. I had to put in another app, but that one went thru and I saw the inquiry on my ck

  42. Star B

    I’m thinking about applying, I have 5 dr on my cr. I have a ck score for Tu of 647. I have one recent dr from last year. I recently opened a boa secure cc. I think I will be approved, but I want to know do I have options as to how much time I have to turn my deposit? Do I have options as far as the design of my card or does the secured card only have one design?

    Card designs are kind of one of the best parts to having a cc.

  43. Amber

    Hi, I applied for a card yesterday and was approved! But they haven’t actually taken the deposit from my account yet (which makes me paranoid lol) How long does it usually take for them to actually withdraw the deposit from your bank?

  44. Iris

    I applied for the secured cc about 5/29. I’m a college student with zero credit. Thank god, my small student loan was reporting but other than that nothing. In other news, my score went up 128 points! I almost fainted. So far I haven’t had any problems. It’s very easy to use, the app is great and they give you your Fico score every month!

  45. John Peebles

    This card for me was painless…applied…called…done! I didn’t have to verify deposits nor provide mail…I’ve had it 2 months I started with 500…increased to 1000…credit score was 499…now up to 554 that’s the fico 8…the credit karma score went from 520 to 614…that’s with 4 items removed from cr with the help of lexington law…

    1. Shauna

      I’m using Lexington Law too, I started in May and they have ten removed already. The thing about Lexington Law is people need to be patient on changes showing and when they get a letter from a Collection etc they need to send it to Lexington Law because they can’t do their work if your not keeping them informed.

  46. David

    Here’an update on my previous comment posted about one week ago: I just received my Discover it card yesterday and when I logged on to Credit Karma I noticed my TU score shot up 29 points! In the paperwork that came with my card it appears that Discover uses Equifax’s VantageScore to determine credit worthiness.

    1. David

      Here’s my previous post:

      Hi Beverly, kudos on an excellent site.
      My credit score is in the mid 600s, and I only have 2 creditors on my report, a car loan and a Cap1 secured card, both being only 5 months old.
      I applied for the Discover IT card on May 17th, along with a $500 deposit request. The following morning (May 18th) they called me to verify my info, and concluded the call by welcoming me to Discover. Two days later I noticed online that the $500 was posted to my checking account and a few days after that I got a letter stating once they received my deposit that I will receive my card 14 days from the May 18th date.
      They require that you upload a document with your address on it, and they give you a list of about 6 different options to choose from. I uploaded my full bank statement (showing both checking and savings accounts) so they never bothered doing the 2 trial deposits that others have mentioned.
      I expect my card to arrive sometime next week, around the first of June, and I can’t wait to see how it helps increase my FICO score.

    2. Jotham

      How long did it take you to get your card after applying and giving them the deposit?

      1. David

        2 weeks, or maybe a day or two less. It might depend on where you live as the card is mailed from Salt Lake City via USPS first class pkg.

  47. CK

    I just successfully applied for Discover Secured Credit Card and they accepted by deposit and told me the card will be on its way in a few weeks. What I’m still trying to figure out is should I leave a small balance on the card while paying off the minimum? I’m seeing mixed instructions on what is the best way to build credit.

    I applied for a $200 deposit so based off the utilization ratio, I will only spend 30% (or $60/month). Am I supposed to pay of the monthly $60 balance in full or leave around $10-15 dollars as a balance every month while making sure the minimum is covered?

    1. Stacey

      It is never a good idea to carry a balance from one month to the next because this is when you incur interest (fees). It is important to be aware of not only the rate of utilization on each card but your total among all cards is important. As a rule of thumb pay the balance in full each month.

      1. David

        Also note – as your utilization increases, your credit score decreases. I found this out the hard way as I always kept my balance at zero except for one month it was just a mere $15 and my score dropped 7 points.

  48. karachop

    QUESTION: Can you have a SECURED Discover It! Card and an UNSECURED Discover It! Card at the same time? I applied a few months ago for the secured. I received it. (Yay!) Then today, randomly pulled their pre-selector and it showed up that I was pre-qualified for the Discover It! Card. Weird and not sure what to think of it. Can a person have 2? Do you think it would be a waste of an inquiry?

    1. JM

      The Discover “preapproval tool” is NOT really a preappoval, you can type in Donald Duck and they will tell you that they “found” you “x’ card. Just fyi.

  49. NoDak

    Applied for the Discover it secured card on April 19, 2016. They made two deposits into my bank account. I received an email saying my card had been mailed. It arrived in about 2 weeks. Credit limit is $1,000 and so far I LOVE THIS CARD! I also have the secured capital one Platinum card with a cl of $750. I really recommend the Discover It card. I also think it’s very nice that Discover will allow it’s secured card holders to order one of the other colors the Discover it card is available in. So far my experience with both the Capital One and Discover It secured cards has been awesome. Thanks for your article and as well thanks to everyone who’s commented here..

    1. Porsha g

      Hi which secured card do you like better I have an secured discover card but I was thinking about getting an capital one but I have been hearing not so great thing about capital one

  50. RNTexas

    I’ve been reading everything I can about this Discover it card so I applied tonight. They informed me that they would make two small deposits and I will have to verify them. My question is – is this a good sign that I will be approved? If you’re not approved, is that immediate or do they still make the two small deposits? Just anxious to know what my chances are! Credit Karma says my scores are 560 and 550. Thanks for any insight!!

    1. AlmostCreditWorthy

      Hi, RNTexas

      I have this card, and that was the exact process I went through for approval. Most people that are declined are declined immediately. So congrats, you are going to love Discover!!!

    2. TruckDriver

      Hi, I have never been in a BR but I have some charge offs and some hard inquiries on my report. I also have a tax lien and a judgement against me. Could I still be aproved?

    3. Jacob Hejny

      NoDak, I can tell you from personal experience on 07/07/2016 that if you are not approved for the card, Discover will let you know before collecting your bank information for the deposit.

      A little background: A week ago my TU credit score was 464, due mainly to lack of use, several collections accounts and student loans that were showing as delinquent, as well as a car loan that was repossessed in 2013 that recently (March of this year) started reporting as delinquent. In may I applied for the Capital One Secured Card and was denied. Over the last month I paid off more than half of my collections accounts, which brought my TU score up to 484 (And my EQ up to 501). Coming back to the Secured Cards this month, I initially applied for the Discover It Secured card (mostly because of the rewards). I was immediately denied after the first page before you provide banking info.

      I then applied for the Capital One Secured Card again, also on 07/07/2016, but this time was approved. The new hard inquiry has so far dropped my TU score by one point down to 483. I will be applying a $500 deposit to this card, and maintaining a zero balance by making multiple payments throughout the month.

      I also plan on getting another, different secured card with a $1,000 limit – also maintaining a zero balance, in about two months. I am hopeful that I will be approved for the Discover It Secured card at that time.


    I applied for this card after reading your review. I applied on Monday. I was really worried about getting approved at all because i have no credit score, and nothing on my credit report. After i confirmed my bank account with their two small deposit amounts, i was taken to another screen where it advised me that i had to call them and verify some more information. The call last all of 3 minutes. At the end of the call I was told that it could take 8-10 days before my security deposit is verified. but i should be receiving my card about two weeks after.

    Yes it’s a really small amount of credit. but I figure it’s a great start. I plan to only spend $50 a month on the card and pay it IMMEDIATELY

  52. Aisha Phillips

    I was approved with a CS of 566 and college loans in the amount of 50,000 none of which are in default. Thank you for all the comments and advice and I am really looking forward to watching my credit score climb and hopefully being able to purchase a new vehicle.

    1. Rene

      Just wanted to put it out there that I was approved with absolutely no credit. I wanted to try this out and see if they’d approve me so I could actually start building some credit. And I was approved. Just waiting for it to come in the mail now.

      1. Damien

        How long ago did you apply? Curious to see how long arrival time will take

        1. Aisha Phillips

          Applied Monday, money was taken from my account Wednesday, will let you know as soon as I get it.

        2. harrdrh2808

          Takes about 14 days from application date to card arrival date.

  53. Eddie Latimer

    Hi! I was approved with a 519 score on Equifax, card arrived April 20. The only problem I’m having is that I live in Puerto Rico and the number of establishments that accept Discover are very limited, but I’m so happy about this second opportunity!

    1. Lee

      Hi Eddie!

      You can always make online purchases (most online retailers accept Discover). If you’re looking to get into the CB bonus points on your card you can view the retailers here: https://www.discover.com/credit-cards/cashback-bonus/cashback-calendar.html?promoCode=ACQ007

      Congrats again on getting approved!

  54. Mary

    I was denied a secure Discover card, and I have a credit score of 621 and no bankruptcies. They stated my high student loans were the reason for the denial. They do give a detail reason of why you get denied though, and I do have an unsecured credit line with a store that I pay the balance in full monthly. So it seems Discover has their own methods for denial.

    1. Gabriel Chastain

      Wow. Im sorry to hear that and really surprised and think you should fight that, if possible. I was just approved for $2500 and as embarrassing as it is to say, and as much as I am ashamed of my credit history- maybe it can give someone some insight into the seemingly random approvals and denials. I do make very good money but my credit score is low to mid 400’s. I have very high student loan debt totaling about $100,000 and $40,000 of that has defaulted (I’m not sure how badly it affects me as this was a parent loan that I was on and after the death of the primary borrower, it fell to me, the coborrower, as due during my junior year, which I couldn’t pay while in school unfortunately). I also have a lot of medical collection accounts and three defaulted credit cards (these will soon be removed as they were fraudulent via identity theft but discover didn’t know that from my application). I was shocked, but in less than a minute, I was approved for up to $2500, for which I paid the security deposit. It should be taken out of my bank account in a day or two and said my card should be here in about 2-3 weeks. I hope everyone looking into the card has good luck and hope my review can give some hope or insight!

      1. Christopher


        Did you deposit the whole $2,500 or were you approved for that limit with a lower deposit amount?

      2. T. Walker

        Thank you for your review and Congratulations. Your review was very insightful and helpful.


    I am new to rebuilding my credit and I want to get the Discover Card but I am afraid of denial with all of the responses saying that they were denied. I did have a high 400 CS now I am in the 530 (up about 40 points in one month) range. I do not mind waiting a few more months to get my score higher before I apply but the current secured cards (4 total) I have do not earn any rewards. HA none been approved for Discover with a low 500s CS? I know that it is not all about the score but it will just give me an idea if I should use one of my lifelines (credit inquiries) on applying… Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

    1. Stacey Allen

      We were approved with cs 574 just a few days ago. Security deposit (credit limit) only $300 but I think Discover allows you to add to the security deposit in $100 increments. We plan to cancel the Credit One card with all of its fees (annual fee included) and NO GRACE PERIOD! If you do not have bankruptcy or recent delinquent accounts or excessive inquiries you will most likely be approved? All the best on your rebuilding credit!

      1. robert

        Thanks Stacey! Congratulations on your approval.

    2. Leslie

      I was approved with around 550. Hope this helps.

    3. Jacob Hejny

      I was approved with a TU score of 557

  56. Stacey

    Wow! The entire app took less than a minute to complete!! Just need to fund my card (which I will do today!!) Cannot wait to see how this card boosts my score! Making deposit of $300 (CS 583). Will keep you posted. Thanks Beverly!

    1. Stacey

      Well, it’s official…APPROVED! ETA in about 2 weeks. Let’s see what happens to the credit score. Really looking forward to establishing some good history with this card! Hopefully, this credit increase will absorb some of the damage done with the hard inquiry from SDFCU (State Department Federal Credit Union) which denied us a savings account today. This sounds like a excellent card anyway. And Beverly has it in the top Tier, so…Yay!!

      1. Derick Mckee

        The discover-it card is the best secure card in my opinion.The cash back bonus is awesome.I also got the SDFCU card a week ago which i havent used yet and the apr is really low.Hey stacey just for educational info,did they tell you why they decline your savings account?

        1. Stacey

          Hi Derick! Yes, apparently one of the identity questions (with incorrect info) was answered wrong. I am sure of the question as I thought it was odd and should have given me one of those NONE OF THE ABOVE.

          1. Kelly

            How long do you have to make the deposit once you are approved?

  57. Kat

    I recently turned 25 and have no credit. I’ve applied for various credit/store cards over the last two years and am always denied because have no credit, and probably because for my income. I make about 700 dollars a month, but I work retail so that can vary either way by about $150. Is it worth applying for this? I’m just at a loss. I feel like I’m never going to be able to grow up and move out because I can’t even build credit. My bank won’t even give me a card!

  58. Brod

    What was your experience with the delivery time of the secured card?

    If mine was sent Saturday, when do you think should I expect it? I was thinking possibly Wednesday at the latest.

    1. Robert

      I received an email Thur 4/7 stating card was being sent and received the card Monday 4/11.

  59. Pammygirl

    Hi Chastity,
    My BK will be just at the 4yr mark in a couple month. Maybe Discover you have to be 5 yrs so I’ll try next year for the unsecured card. I heard Amex wants the BK to off report totally before they’ll except you. F.Y.I.. that HP from applying didn’t effect my credit score. I have the fico daily monitoring
    for all 3 CRA’S and it alerted me today if the Hard Inquiry which they pulled Equifax but it didn’t decrease my score ( Thk God ) probably because that was my first one with them. Seems like your on the track also with rebuilding…Much prayers and well wishes on your rebuilding journey.

  60. Pammygirl

    Hi Chastity,
    How old was your BK when you applied and have you already established credit and what do your scores look like ???? I curently have 12 CC all current and I’m close to having a total of 8 paid off with a ZERO BALANCE . MY credit has went from high 400’s to 600’s almost 650 within 3 months due to making timely payments, getting negatives errors deleted off CR and paying my CC debt/Utilization down….By this time early 2017 I should be CC debt free and in the 700 club👍🏻👍🏻. I’ve never had a secured CC.
    Maybe this denial is a blessing in disguise….😇😇



      It just hit the 5 yr Mark in march. My score was 610 from TU. My cc utilization was 2% (only 2 cc-neither of them are secured, this is my 3rd-i dont plan on getting any more soon), and a ton of SL debt. I really think it’s a combination of things…maybe time since BK is a factor, but it definitely is not an automatic deterrant. Thanks for the info re: the other cards, my next stop would have been Amex after this card goes u secured, but I see it isn’t an option considering my BK…I wonder do they care if X amt of time has passed? Oh well the BK will fall off eventually, by then I’ll be closer to pristine credit and hopefully will remain as such. I’ll revisit Amex then perhaps.

  61. Pammygirl

    I feel Discover should have a disclosure that states their policy concerning bankruptcies and be more open about their requirements if you’ve filed BK.
    Chase , Citibank and Amex have a disclosure that plainly asks if you’ve filed BK so you would know not to apply. All secured cards for rebuilding should not discriminate just because of BK’S. The purpose of a rebuilder card is for that purpose ” TO HELP REBUILD “. NO FAITH IN THIS COMPANY AT THIS TIME…👎🏻👎🏻

  62. Pammygirl

    Hi Beverly,
    I just tried to apply with a TU credit score over 600 and was denied. I have current prime cards and supprime after rebuilding follow a BK chapt 7 in 2012 4yrs ago. To be a rebuilding card it seems not to be BK friendly. I only had one inquiry on my report….now 2 with this denial . Very disappointed that Discover states this secured card is to help rebuild…Don’t apply if you have a BK on report. Nor sure of how olf the BK has to be of if it can’t show at all?????…


      Sorry you didn’t get approved, may be other factors. I have a chapt 7 on my cr and was recently approved. I’m positive I’m not the only one. You can always try again later, also you have other cards so it sounds like you are on the road to great credit!!!

    2. PRG

      Discover seems to be wary of “old” BK discharges. This seems odd, but data points suggest that the older the discharge date becomes, the approval odds go down. Approval data points show some success for people with BK’s LESS THAN two years old for the secured card AND the unsecured cards. They seem to have a very unique, confusing methodology.

      That said, SDFCU and Capital One are good options. Those with a reestablished credit profile after discharge (>2 years) may want to consider Bank of America and Citi if you did not IIB these banks.

    3. Renee

      I have a BK discharge about a year old and was approved. Not too sure about their BK policy or how they determine it when extending credit. But good luck on rebuilding your credit.

  63. locs2love

    Hello, I am looking to rebuild my credit and was interested in getting the Secured Discover It card. But, my score is in the mid 500’s and I had a discharge Bankruptcy four years ago. What are the chances of getting approved for this card.

    1. Skittles27

      Hi. I’m new to this forum. I’ve been reading comments for weeks though. Well I guess to answer your question I would have to reveal my lower than horrible credit. Credit Karma says my TU score is 465 and Equifax is 461. I applied for the GM buypower card and was approved for a $500 limit but I think it was a mistake lol. Anyhow with those same CK scores I applied for a Discover It Secured card and just got approved. My score jumped to 537 just for them approving the card. WTH??? A friend told me it only goes up from there with Discover if u treat it right. She said once it graduatesecured it will be unsecured with many auto credit limit increases just because you pay in full every month on time. So I think I still can’t find anyone with a lower score than mine and I was approved with recent delinquencies, late car payments but never late with the buypower card (high util tho). So I would say unless you’ve filed bankruptcy you have a great chance of being accepted even though CK will say your chances are poor. Just like Citi Bank, they won’t approve it if you filed bankruptcy.

    2. Pammygirl

      Just got denied and my BK is 4 yrs old and I have established credit plus a TU score over 600. Don’t take the risk for another inquiry like I did. I will probably do Open Sky secured card that has NO CREDIT CHECK….”’

  64. Leslie

    Hi Beverly. Long time lurker. First comment. I wanted to say first of all that I love these forums. They feel like a safe non judgemental place to discuss credit. I love reading everyone’s stories and your advice. It’s very informative. A little about me. I won’t go into details but have no valid excuses. I was dumb and completely screwed over my credit. I can’t say I was young and dumb. Just dumb. I’m 36. I guess I really just did not care at the time. Well, I had to get a new car in the summer of 2014. That’s when I realized how screwed up I was. I got approved but it was for an old car at an outrageous cost. I’m still paying on it and I don’t think there’s a way out of that one. I will just have to learn my lesson. Anyways I slowly started taking a good look at everything. I started paying things off. Slowly but steadily. At this point I have paid everything off but the car loan and a collections account which will be paid next month. My first instinct was to have no credit card after my self created mess. But I realized I would need credit someday and maybe someday soon. So I got a little fingerhut fresh start card. (Not an actual card.) it has been helping my score. I next tried capital one secured. I didn’t think they would approve me as I had two accounts with them charged off. But I had paid them both in full so maybe that’s why they were willing. I spent less than 30% on it. It’s not reporting yet but I’m sure after my first payment it will. I’ve been reading your posts religiously and I decided to try for Discover secured. I really wasn’t optimistic but they did approve me. My card arrived in a lovely package a few weeks ago and, like my capital one card, I spent a very small amount. Discover reported almost immediately before any payment was due and this boosted my score quite a bit. I plan on making very small purchases and paying off. I will not apply for more cards for quite a while. I’m hopeful these two will help. I figure if I keep going, by the time I pay off my awful car loan, I’ll be in much better shape for a new car. To put it in perspective my credit was in the LOW 400’s when I started my journey. It’s now in the LOW 600’s although that’s according to credit karma. I think it might be high 500’s officially. I know that’s still a poor score but I’ve loved watching it climb. I know this was a long post but I thought it might be helpful to others on a journey as their posts have been helpful to me. And thanks again Beverly. I appreciate all your wisdom.

    1. Damien

      How long did your card take to arrive? I applied and my deposit was withdrawn Monday May 2nd, 2016

    2. Kai

      Thanks it actually did..

  65. Bettina


    I interested in applying, however is there a way my husband and myself can apply together? Or is it best to apply for cards separately? We both wish to rebuild our credit.

    Thank you.

    1. Skittles27

      I know you’re speaking to Beverly…Hi Beverly!!! I have a married friend that had this card. She got 1 for herself and one for her husband and they’re both authorized users. She said she did it to raise scores faster for them to buy a home. I also want to know the answer to this question so that’s my reason for commenting. Is this best or should it be avoided? My husband wants to apply as well…or should he not apply and continue to be an authorized user on mine?

  66. CJ

    I just got approved! I have massive student loans and am excited to really start rebuilding my credit.

    Discover told me they needed to verify my bank account so they made 2 deposits. Once you see those, log into check your application status and input the numbers. After I did that, I was instantly approved! A screen popped up saying they will take out the $200 security deposit and I’ll get my card in 2 weeks.

    1. Damien

      How long did it actually take for your card to arrive?

  67. Billy

    I was denied with 638 transunion, 635 experian and 631 equifax credit scores, no bankruptcy, no collections, no late pays, I have capital one and citi cards, no late pays, paid on full every month, make $80,000 a year and only have a new car payment and house payment! Discover is horrible…….

    1. CJ

      It could be if you have a high amount of external debt. They may be hesitant to lend to you because of that. Especially unsecured debt (credit cards). Lower balances vs credit lines would give them the “want” to lend to you

    2. Skittles27

      Maybe they want you to apply for the unsecured.

    3. Mary

      So was I! I was denied this card even though I have no bankruptcies, pay all my student loans on time, and my FICO score was 640 at the time. They were the ones who told me my FICO score was 640. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to how Discover approves of applicants.

  68. Thomas Jackson

    Just got approved after trial deposits! CS 612

  69. Colin


    Thanks for the article. Can you shine some light on my chances of approval if this will be my first credit card? I’m 24 years old, full-time job, steady income.

    Also, is putting down closer to $600 a good idea to have my credit limit be a little more convenient for larger purchases? Or should I just stick to the $200 deposit and use the card sparingly.

    1. Henry Collins

      Colin, you will get approved so don’t worry. $600 deposit is great to start. $200 doesn’t get you far and the low credit line of 200 can mess up your credit utilization percentage because its so easy to spend that small amount. Good luck. I love the card and they actually can graduate you after 90 days now.

      1. Christian Moley

        What would be the likelihood of me getting approved for this Discover secured card? I am 19 with a part time job that pays $8.05 an hour and I usually get around 25 hours per week. I have no credit and am looking to build credit.

        1. Henry Collins

          If you have 200$ to spare its a good choice. You have no credit history, but you are going to have to get some so why not try now. It won’t hurt you at all. also the capital one secured card is a good choice.

      2. Kai

        Did I hear that right?
        Graduates after 90 days now…Wow
        Need to verify this

  70. Kim

    OMG, Beverly! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I was reading my daily news on a popular news site and saw an article regarding the best credit cards. I read the article and saw that Discover it® Secured Credit Card was one of many being recommended. But before I applied, I did my due diligence … via this, your website! I might mention that I applied for the CapitalOne Platinum Secured Credit Card in November 2015 with a $300.00 deposit, was approved and received the card in December 2015 … ALL from reading your information and reading through most of the blogs! I have used my card responsibly, pay the full balance BEFORE the due date, and have made only minimal purchases! Hence, the return visit before even attempting to apply for the Discover it®. My credit score began at 495-500 and has increased to 601! I know that it will perhaps be lowered just a bit, however, I applied for the Discover card TONIGHT and was approved … TONIGHT … pending funding of the deposit ($200.00), of course. I will receive my Discover it® Secured Credit Card (I love saying the whole name) in two weeks. I am sooo very excited. I have come from being a low-score, non-credit individual to an individual who has been given another new beginning!! All thanks to The LORD for leading me to you and to you for being so unselfish with sharing your knowledge!

    May God continue to bless you.

    Thank you again!


  71. Brian

    I applied for the Discover it Card on 2/29/16, approved (520 CS) put a $300 security deposit. Received the card exactly 14 days later. Recently checked my credit report to see if the account was already showing, and two bureaus (TU & EQ) are showing increases of about 80 points! Best of luck with everyone trying to build or repair their credit.

    1. Leo

      This is so awesome! Congrats!

      I’m waiting on my card to arrive. I can’t wait to see my CS increase!

      Please keep us posted about your journey.

  72. John

    There have been some anecdotal reports of late graduations …. Some have been at the 13th month mark and some at 15mo.. If its later than that,, somethings spooking Discover and you may want to ask them at that point, or even consider closing it if by then other banks have courted you….

    1. ljones10

      Hello everyone! I love my Discover card. It has really helped my score improve. I’m in the process of buying a home, and its been a blessing. I has my card since 2/15 and graduated to unsecured last week 4/15! I love improving my score! I wish everyone the best!

      1. ljones10

        I’m sorry… Correction. I had my card since 2/15 and graduated to Discover unsecured in 4/16..

  73. Steve

    Great news I spoke to a customer service representative and they informed me that you can product change to the 5% rotating categories card after being approved for me gas and restaurant secured card. In my opinion this is a much better card if you’re interested in earning higher possible rewards. If they have it completely changed that secured card the limit is also higher at $1,500 per quarter. Good luck in happy rewards hunting.

  74. Sandra C.

    Hi Beverly,

    I just applied and got approved after taking your advice over a month ago and opening a Visa account with my Navy FCU! Thanks so VERY much; your blog has helped me feel good again about where I’m trying to go and grow financially after suffering a period of unemployment due to layoff!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  75. Jess

    I have applied for this card recently & it is soon to arrive at my house. I wonder if the physical card usually shows Secured or not (or even looks different at all) for these type of cards. I own 2 Capital One cards: one Secured & another that is Unsecured & AFAIK they look identical except numbers/expiry date of course.

    1. Derick Mckee

      Hey jess,the card looks just like a regular discover.On my equifax report it shows up as secure but that’s not a deal breaker at all.

  76. Felisha

    Hi. I have a Horrible credit score. What’s the minimum score would discover approve for the Secured credit card. Thanks

    1. John

      Hi Beverly,

      I got approved for Secured Discover IT with EX-576, EQ-580 & TU-568 scores. I received my card a week ago. I guess it’s worth the try. I’m just glad they gave me the opportunity. Thanks to you too Beverly!

      1. vic1981

        how much did it boost your credit score once it started reporting? My scores are similar to yours and I was approved for $2,000

  77. Leo

    Today, I decided to take the bait and applied for the card. I was surprisingly approved! I opted to do the minimum deposit of $200. I’m taking baby steps with this card until I fully understand to not spend beyond my means.

    Thank you Beverly for building this community of supporters. Keep up the good work! :)

  78. D Cooper

    I was recently approved for a Discover IT Secured card recently with a $1,000 security deposit. I plan to use this card in place of my debit card to earn the cash back. I had been using my Capital One Quicksilver One card in a similar fashion paying the balance off in full every two weeks. I think I finally figured credit out, LOL. Do not borrow more than you can afford and keep utilization down to a minimal.

    I have noticed that transactions seem to post a lot slower than with CapitalOne though. So far, so good. I hope they graduate me early. I also opened a BofA Secured card with a $1,000 limit that I intend to pay in full each month as well. I plan to just put reoccurring debts like gym membership, Netflix, etc on there instead of allowing that to hit my debit card. Since this is a good trade to have on your report I am looking forward to graduation.

    1. Steve

      D, Discover will consider graduation after 1 year. You can call Discover 24/7 with little to no wait time (the longest I was on hold before they answered was 1 minute) and they will be glad to tell you anything you want to know. I’ve had this card for 11 months now and I’ve been getting unsecured offers for CapitalOne, CreditOne and Amex. I also had a in brach pre-approval at TD Bank.

      I took TD up on their offer after I was rejected from Chase. I was recently approved by Chase for their excellent AARP Rewards card after opening checking and savings, setting up direct deposit, and setting up a monthly reoccurring transfer into savings. I did all of that immediately after they rejected me. It payed off 4 months later.

      I pushed my luck after that and told Amex I wasn’t interested in the offer they gave me, but I was interested in the Blue Cash Preferred card. Opening 2 cards in the same week from banks that both pull Experian seemed unlikely for someone with 11 months on their credit report. I was surprised, however, when I was approved immediately.

      My next step is Chase Freedom. Chase has a 5/24 rule, which means you can’t get approved for a Chase card if you have 5 cards under 2 years old. This leaves me little choice (I’m afraid Chase might be phasing out Freedom in favor of Freedom Unlimited). This card will have to wait 6 months though. I don’t want Chase to see me as desperate for credit, or perhaps worse – see me as the rewards junky I am.

      I would be remissed if I failed to mention all of this success started with a blog by someone named Beverly Harzog. ‘The Best (and Worst) Secured Credit Cards’ I believe. I guess one junky makes another. Thanks Beverly, for your great work.

      P.S. – I still believe Discover It should be the top spot, but I know you like your Credit Unions. So maybe you should check out Nusenda FCU, I’ve got my eye on a great card of theirs. Maybe they have a secured card as well. Be warned though, the application process is a bit (or more) confusing if you live outside New Mexico.

  79. Donald

    Hello how are you doing today I would like to ask a question, if I am approved for a secured credit card is it better to pay the deposit amount that they asked for or would it be better for me to pay more of a deposit? Three days ago I applied for capital one, they approve me for 200 and asked me for a $49 deposit which I gave them a $350 deposit so now my credit line is $500, in the past day and a half I’ve been reading a lot of comments on how these cards work, who’s good and who’s not. So I figured out I should go with Wells Fargo or discover it for my next secured credit card. My question to you is if the next secure credit card I applied for ask me to put a deposit down, would it be better for me to put the deposit amount that they asked for or would it be better for me to put maybe $1000 more? I am thinking that will help build my credit faster or benefit me more, I’m not sure that’s why I am asking.

    1. Geoff

      WF is a terrible secured card, Discover / BOFA and maybe USBank (not sure if that product is still offered) are among the best, Cap 1 is good too.

      To build your credit score, you can just do minimum deposit. It used to be you might want to put a much larger deposit down for future credit underwriting purposes, but it’s so easy to build credit limits these days it’s not worth doing that. Put the minimum, make the payments, get the pretty OK’s on your credit report, and go on with life.

      Really the only reason to do more these days would be just for quality of life convenience: running your financial life through a secured rewards card and taking the rewards cash, you might want a higher limit rather than paying over and over again during the month.

  80. JohnS

    My current FICO is between 568-580. Got approved last week for Discover IT secured card and put down $2,000 deposit. Just trying my luck tonight, which I believed will lower my credit score, I applied for Cap One QuickSilver One and got approved for $300 CL and right after applied for Cap One Platinum MC for $300 (all unsecured). I am very thankful I am given a second chance and I will make sure that I don’t screw myself this time. Thanks a lot Beverly for all the helpful information :-)

    1. JohnS

      Prior to this, last year of October I applied for WF & US Bank secured cards (same day through local bank) and got approved for $1K each. My FICO at that time at 540. In less than 4 months, my score went up by 40 points. On January, I requested WF for $1K CI and got approved. I tried the same with US Bank but I guess it’s a one time deal and you need to wait a year to graduate. Just sharing what I’ve gone through and it pretty much covered all Beverly’s recommendation

    2. Donna

      Apparently I’m the only one to be denied!! I have a 525 FICO

      1. JohnS

        Hi Donna. Sorry to hear. Why not consider applying for Capital One Secured MasterCard? I believe the deposit range from $49, $99 $200. I am planning on applying because the limit is higher than the deposit (I think), but I had too many inquiry recently.

  81. mylady

    Hello everyone, its very comforting to know that I am not alone in this rebuilding journey. Thank you Beverly for this awesome site! As I google more questions about anything that has to do with rebuilding, it always gave a link to your website. Now its my turn to share my story. Let me just say that my credit score is very poor. At 484 and 483. (Gone down couple of pts cause I just got approved for capital one secured last week) A repo from 5 yrs ago, 3 late car payments. Total of 30thou on debt (infiniti car finance already included). Today I Applied for the Discover IT card and was instantly APPROVED!!! I cant tell you how ecstatic I am. Long story short, there is hope!! Oh and I only did $200, the minimum. I figured it shouldnt matter how much your deposit is wether it be the min. Or max to be approved. Also the most important thing is atleast with the min deposit/CL you cant go crazy spending and keep that certain percentage of balance to be able to pay off monthly. Hope this helps others like me out there. You gotta start somewhere, regardless the situation.

    1. Skittles27

      I was instantly approved with 460 credit score!

  82. Stevi

    What if you are approved, and have the card for sometime and never get approved to go unsecured? Is it hard to close ( I know this is a no no) or get your deposit back? I have heard horror stories about other cards and folks not being able to get their money back if they wanted to close the card.

    1. Steve

      Easy answer: Don’t close this account. Even if they have your money as a deposit, it is still one of the best rewards credit cards on the market. Just spend what you can afford and pay your balance in full each month, on time, and they will graduate you eventually. They have amazing customer service, so I doubt they would play with you by not rewarding a responsible card holder.

      Hope this helps.

  83. Christopher Howell

    I have a question: When I’m approved for the Discover It Secured Card and I made my first deposit, when do I receive my new card?

    1. Derick Mckee

      I received mine in 2 weeks.They should send you an email saying that.

    2. John

      Just got approved last week. Rep said 10 days processing + another 2-3 business days to send the card.

  84. Jayme

    This card is now available to apply for directly and I gotta say for a secured card, the process has been a pain in the rear. I make a fairly decent income, I do have a couple of other credit cards (some secured which I got to improve credit, since then got a couple that are not secured), have an established credit history, own my home. In the past, I applied for Discover and was declined. When I found you could apply for the secure card directly, I decided to go for it. I did the application online, it immediately asks you for your checking account (which has to be in your name), I completed all the info and submit. I then receive message onscreen telling me that Discover is going to do two “trial deposits” for less than $1 to my account to confirm it is my account. I am supposed to login back into a link sent to me and input what the amount of the deposits are, this is supposed to be considered “confirming” I own the checking account. Additionally, the onscreen message tells me that I need upload something confirming my address, e.g. DL, state ID, utility bill. AND I need to upload proof of my SS#, e.g. copy of SScard, W2, etc. I gotta tell you, for a secure card that reports as secured, I do not find that it is worth it. I am already forking over my cash to FUND the card, so it is not like they are taking any type of financial risk here. I did upload the requested info and trial deposits took around 24 hours to appear in my account and another 24 for them to reverse the trial deposits. After doing all of this, I still have no idea what the deal is. Wells Fargo was far less painful, I opened an account online, completed app online, funded the account and voila! Done and not reporting as a secured card. At this point, I do not think I even want the DISC card anymore. Quite a process for someone to go through just to voluntarily give them some money that they will hold in jail as collateral. My fascination for Discover has officially hit the skids.

    1. Jc

      I received my Discover it secured card this week….. The application process that you described must be a case by case scenario; I applied online, submitted checking account and routing info for the security deposit, and the following screen said Congratulations! Your discover card will be funded and mailed within 14 days. Instant approval, and I did receive the card about 11 days after application submission.

      1. John

        Congrats Jc. We have the same scenario. I’m just waiting for mine to arrive in the mail. Can’t wait!

    2. John

      I have terrible credit (580) and at the time I was around a 530/540? I did not have any issues applying, I had to put a deposit down which I did for $500. I have had this account opened since June 2015, and have always paid my payments on time. Hopefully I graduate this June!!

      1. mylady

        Has your CL increased at all?

    3. Jr


      Interesting that you have said this! I am now in the process of waiting for those “trial credits” myself. I had to go through the exact same scenario you’ve just described; first time ever! Only, though, I was asked to verify even more information (e.g., verification/security ??s). Just wondering …what was your outcome?

      I can’t seem to see any other similar scenario as ours noted anywhere in the www.


      1. Brandon

        Has anyone that’s had to supply documentation been approved for the card?

        1. Brandon C

          I don’t have the card yet, but I just had to go through a similar process to open a Discover Bank account. When I initially tried to fund the account with just entering my log-in credentials for my bank account, it was unsuccessful, so I was asked to input my routing and account info for trial deposits. The website seemed to sort of glitch at that point, and I was taken to a page that asked me to upload a photo of my driver’s license and social security card to verify my identity. Once I uploaded that image, I received a confirmation number and an email saying that once the information was processed, I would be contacted by a banking specialist within 2-3 business days to confirm my account opening.

          I was never actually contacted, but a few days later my opening deposit was charged to my checking account, and two days after that I called and the robot informed me of my account balance, which was exactly what it was supposed to be.

          TL;DR: it all seems to work out okay, but Discover isn’t super great at communicating with you during the process.

        2. Rodlene

          I actually had to go through the same verification process. Once I submitted my Ssn,DL,and w-2, I was told someone would contact me. Could be cause I did it on a Sunday but I was called Monday morning to verify my info and the funds came out two days after. Just called to make sure everything was ok and the rep said it will take 10-14 days to finalize my account and send my card.

    4. Steve

      Jayme, it sounds like they had a problem confirming your identity. You can thank the federal government for the restrictions they place on card issuers for that. Even a Walmart debit card can be a pain in the button when they have issues with that. Maybe WF pulled from a different credit bureau. I remember having to answer a few questions when I applied as well. I hope it worked out for you. This card has been very rewarding for me.

  85. Lacie Lamp

    Does anyone know can you change the design or color of the Discover It secured card like you can the regular card?

    1. Tammar

      Yes you can, you even can ad authorized users and they can chose their own card design. I received mine 10 days ago and added my wife as authorized user, she decided that she want to go with a flower on a red background for her card design. She received her yesterday. Cool card.

  86. Amber

    As a note RE: cash advances —

    Discover does Cash Back at the Register at certain retailers and it does not count as a cash advance, it’s regular purchase APR and everything (if you carry a balance) so it has a grace period just like any purchase does.

    If you absolutely HAVE TO get cash out from a credit card, you can go this route. The daily limit is really low but it’s pretty convenient if you’re at Walmart or something and realize you need $20 in cash for this or that and you’re paying with your Discover.

  87. Amanda

    Hello. Does the Discover It report to the credit bureaus monthly?

    1. creditapproved

      It reports monthly as secured. After the card graduates, it updates and is no longer reported as a secured card. Some people are also approved for a credit limit increase after graduation. Hope this helps.

      1. marche

        How long does it takes for funds to clear i aapplied 3 days ago funds still pending

        1. John

          mine took 1-2 days pending in my checking account

  88. Josh

    Instantly approved! Even though it’s secured, still a great opportunity to finally get in with Discover.

  89. John

    This is helpful, thank you. It’s very refreshing to see an informative page on the web presented in such a lucid, efficient way. Tasteful simplicity in page design is classic, and appreciated.

    Thank you & be blessed. ☺

  90. LaDawn

    Does the Discover IT Secured Credit Card do a credit check?

    1. JS

      Yes. I got approved for a secured card and it showed in my credit report.

  91. Leo

    I applied for a Discover Card a few weeks ago. The system prompted me to open a joint account. I called and asked a rep about the secured card. She simply stated “We don’t offer that card. This application has been slated for a joint account. I can’t change the type of account.”

    So, since I already dinged my hard inquiry count. Should I reapply in hopes of being approved? Do they have a time period where you can’t reapply? Any information is greatly appreciated!

  92. Derick Mckee

    I applied for the Discover secure card today.I was surprise how easy it was to apply.that i was approved instantly pending cleared funds was the most exciting news for me.

    1. Derick Mckee

      My secure discover has has finally arrived today!500 cl.
      I now have a wells fargo secure and a capital one secure.All i need to do now is follow the rules from beverly here on the forum.On august of last year 2015 i was at 525 from equifax and 535 trans.Now i’m at 568 and 575.Btw this forum ROCKS!!!
      THANKS BEVERLY…i’m still learning.

  93. Dave

    The Discover Secured Card is now available to apply directly for.

  94. Samantha

    So I tried applying for a card today and was declined and received no counter offer for the secured card. I am a little upset. My income is good, I am new to credit, I have one account in collections ($600). I have 38K in my savings account. I called Discover and they said they are no longer doing the secured card. I didn’t believe it based on this article. I called again and someone else said they do not do any reconsiderations, either you’re offered it or you’re not. Has anyone else been able to get a second chance with discover? Maybe third time is a charm?

    1. Dave

      The secured card is available and you can apply for it directly.

    2. Sandra

      Hi all,
      I applied just now and was denied ?! I’ll wait and try again in a few months or so.

    3. Cheryl

      I just applied and was denied.

  95. Dave

    I have been hearing reports that Discover is going to let folks apply directly for the Secured Card in the beginning of 2016. I called Discover New Accounts and they would not confirm or deny this but HIGHLY recommends that we check the website for new product additions.

  96. Benita

    Hello All,
    After reading the reviewI decided to apply for theDiscover It Chrome for students. I was recently discharged from a chapter 7 bankruptcy & in need of a rebuild. Applied on 12/5 and was counter offered the Discover It Secured card. I chose the $200 limit & am just waiting for the funds to be taken. It also said I could increase my limit after the first statement cuts. Super excited to have Discover in my wallet as my 1st credit card after bankruptcy!!

    1. Ryan Lynch

      Hi, I’m happy to see your review. I recently applied for bankruptcy approx 4-5 months ago, applied for the Discover Chrome secured card just today and was declined right away. I’m very disappointed. I called maybe 2-3 reps before hand to informed them that I have a recent bankruptcy about 6 months ago. The reps say that they will always encourage everyone to apply regardless. I feel they shouldn’t be running people’s credit or offering a secured card for people desperately trying rebuilding credit. Now, since my credit has been ran as a Hard Inquiry, what do I do, keep trying and lowering my score every time until I get something to rebuild my credit with? I’m a realtor in the south florida area and there’s no way to tell my income level so I put 20k. I have only 1 bankruptcy for a chase card balance of 33k. Other than having bankruptcy my first time and no bills living with my mom, I feel I should have been approved. Or atleast warn people being hitting their credit.

      1. Ryan Lynch

        *I was discharged from my bankruptcy about 4-5 months ago. So, my first piece of advice from my lawyer was to get a secured credit card.

  97. Jonathan Holland

    Confirmed that my Discover is reporting as “secured”. In the past it was reporting as a regular revolving account. I know FICO doesn’t calculate your score based on secured/unsecured, but I still dislike Discover reporting this card as secured now.

    1. Crediapproved

      I just wanted to share my story for those interested in applying for this card. I applied for my card and was offered the secured version in January, 2015. Initially, I was not able to increase my credit line. As of today, you are now able to increase your credit line. The card initially reported as unsecured, it now reports as secured. There is hope. I went from having Discover secured in January – to now having an AMEX Premier Gold card, AMEX Blue Cash Preferred, Chase Southwest, and Citi Double Cash. All of my scores are between 650-680. Pay on time, pay in full if you can. Most importantly, PAY ON TIME!!!! It’s amazing what can happen in a year if you pay on time. I had 8 collections on my credit report in January, I am now down to 2 collection accounts. Best of luck to all who are rebuilding. Be patient. This is a great card to have!

      1. Kyle

        Thank you for share, there is hope after all.

        1. creditapproved

          My card graduated a week after my one year anniversary and I received a check for my deposit return.

  98. Steve

    I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this but this card is tagged as secured with Equifax based on my current report. This is the first I’ve noticed it (although I haven’t been looking for it).

    I do like this card and I recently found that paying before I received the statement (to knock down the utilization reported to the bureaus) was good in theory but only to just less than 10% of credit. Then pay the rest after I receive the statement (but before due date).

    Tagged as secured didn’t hurt me thus far. Discover finally sent me my FICO score (738).

    I have been receiving unsecured pre-approvals from CapitalOne and promptly shredded them (CapitalOne is the reason why I canceled all my credit cards and had to start over from scratch). I went into my bank today to make a withdrawal and was informed of a pre-approval with them (which I accepted). I was, however, disappointed when I was declined for an AARP Rewards Card from Chase due to too new history (so I did what any crazy person would do and opened checking and savings accounts with Chase, move my direct deposit there and set up an automatic monthly transfer to my savings – to build a relationship with them and change their mind – THEY WILL BOW TO ME, hahaha).

  99. Anthony

    I applied on 11/01 for a discover IT fully knowing i would be denied but i had made some changes and was hopeful about the secured card. I got the offer… :) They told me i had 5 days to respond so on 11/02 i gave them my banking INFO. On 11/03 they took the deposit out of my account and i got a letter in the mail yesterday 11/07 that said i would have my card by 11/16. Exactly 14 days from when i gave them my banking info. Im hoping itll come sooner….not BC im hurting for money or anything im just super excited to have discover in my wallet… And i mean SUPER EXCITED. Lol. I hope all goes well and im excited to see it. I have my utilizaiton down to 34 percent which was quite a bit of Holding back on my part. I love to spend. But i also love to pay its wonderful to pay with credit and to pay credit and see that available balance go up. I made terrible credit choices as an 18 year old before the Credit card act and all that. In fact it was right before so the banks were milking money from everyone. As of today im at 590 Transunion worse for the others. I have 4 years history but only 2 are good. 4 collections accounts which is a lot but i have been informed that no matter what i do its on my report for 7 years so it is what it is. When those collections come off ill have years of good payment history and low spending. I plan to have about 30,000 more in credit by 5 years from now ( actually next FEB i plan to open thousands worth of secured cards and one secured loan for the mix) so hopefully with a lot of revolving credit that has been aging for at least 4 years and then my collections falling off no inquires im really hoping at that point in 2020 my score will be where it should be forever lol. I appreciate this site its been a godsend for lesrning and hesring feedback on credit programs. I like that beverly doesnt shun the money making cards like first premier. U dont really recommend them but dont tell others to stay away. I have a first premier card and its been flawless although my wife had numerous problems with them. I love that ur so real about all of this and u also understand where we all are. Thanks

    1. chris

      Hello Anthony,

      I got approved for the Discover IT Secured card as well. I applied and funded it on OCT 27th, two days later they took the funds from account. After you get that letter about Two days later you should receive an email saying they mailed your card out. They say 3 to 5 days to arrive by mail. I should have mine before Wed next week . Anyways it appears it takes 14 days total including weekends. This card should hopefully un secure in about 12 months or so depending on how much your credit file has improved. A credit line increase could be in the works too when your deposit is returned.
      Best of luck to those that apply.


    2. Steve

      Hi Anthony, you have a good plan but what someone told you about collections was misinformation. You CAN get them removed sooner.

      If they are still outstanding you can work with the collectors to get them removed sooner. Research pay for delete.

      If you have already payed them off you can still get them removed, but in a different way. You have to write a letter to each credit bureau asking them to confirm the accuracy of the collection. Do this for each individual collection separately. Do a little research on how to word a letter. It’s not exactly a dispute if I am remembering correctly.

      What happens is the credit bureaus will send letters to the collectors and ask them to confirm that the information is correct. If thet don’t have an outstanding balance with you they will generally not reply to the request which will eventually (90 days or so) result in a deletion.

      You have to write these letters every month (one for each collection, to all 3 credit bureaus). There are also credit cleaner groups that will do this for you for a fee.

    3. Brigitte

      After the collections are paid in full you should disputed it with transunion and experian and they’re deleted it

      1. Brigitte

        I did this with all 4 medical collections and my credit score went up the next month. Must have check number and amounts you paid in full with your online disputed.

        1. Brigitte

          This will not work with charge offs only medical collections and utility bills.

  100. Dave


    I have heard that Discover is going to allow you apply directly for their Secured Card beginning in January. Although I could not confirm this with Discover directly, I have reason to believe they are heading in that direction.

  101. Jessica

    I just closed my secured Discover card account after four months. I received it two months out of Chapter 7 BK and rarely used it because the rewards just weren’t as good as those offered through my Cap1 Quicksilver and Barclay Rewards cards. I also didn’t like the fact that a CLI requires an HP on your credit report even though you’re securing the line with your own funds. My other accounts offer CLIs after 5 months of good payment history without a HP. Discover secured won’t graduate for at least twelve months. It also reports as “secured” to the CRAs. When I closed the account, I was informed my deposit will be refunded, but not for two billing cycles. I can say customer service is responsive and friendly, and it’s a nice looking card to have in your wallet. I absolutely plan to apply for the unsecured version, with better rewards, once my credit score is worthy. For now, I’d prefer to build history with cards that offer better rewards and grow fairly quickly. If you’re more patient than I am, I can see how this would be a great card.

    1. Steve

      This comment seems very weird to me. Jessica I’m interested in knowing which card you got. What were the rewards for your Discover card?

      Mine has 5% in rotating categories as well as unlimited 5% at Six Flags. You do have to sign up for these bonuses, but they send me alerts as soon as they become available for activation about a month before they become available. These rewards are identical to the unsecured rewards.

      I’ve done quite a bit of research on credit card rewards and CapitalOne is only on my radar as a fall back card if you get denied for 2% cash back cards (Citi DoubleCash & Fidelity Rewards). Barclay is not even on my list, so I’m assuming they do 1.5% back as well.

      Secured Credit Cards are for building credit and canceling them hurts your average age of credit and that hurts your score.

  102. MagneticObsession

    Hi Beverly!

    Thanks to you I now am a proud card-holder of the Discover it Chrome secured card. I originally was counter-offered this card back in June, but I declined it because at that point in time I was not ready to get back into the world of credit. I waited for a few months & re-applied earlier this month. I was counter-offered the secured card again and this time I gladly accepted. I was approved after sending in a bank statement. The card took exactly 14 days (weekends included) to arrive. It’s so pretty! I put $400 down and will continue to add to the credit line as time goes on.

    Thank you very much for posting the review of this card! If it weren’t for you, I would’ve never thought to apply!

    To everyone who wants one/has one, I wish you all of th ebest!

    1. MagneticObsession

      Oh and to provide more information, Discover pulled my Transunion credit report & my FICO is 610.

  103. Richard M

    Dear Beverly,

    Because of your site, I discovered (no pun intended) the Discover It Secured Card. I applied for the regular unsecured card, invited to apply for the secured version. I applied for $ 500.00. I uploaded all the documents they asked for (SS card, DL, voided check, etc…) and when I called this evening, they asked me some security questions and then advised me I was approved and would receive my card in “8 days”. Thank you so much!

  104. Lawrence

    Dear Mrs Harzog,

    Thank you so much for the plethora of extremely resourceful information. I saw a lot of positive comments regarding Discover’s “IT” secured card. After being denied from Bankamericard and Capital One. Discover decided to take a chance on me and I’m excited to get out of the “POOR” credit group. I have a budget and a plan. I’ll be checking back with you in 6months with responsible usage! Thanks again!

  105. Susie

    Hi Beverly … An update. Discover now reports this card as a secured credit card on my credit report. I have had this secured card since March and they always reported it as a regular card until this month. Seems a policy changed. Not a big deal for me, but an FYI to new customers who don’t want that on their report.

  106. Joe

    Seems strange that if I want to get a secured card for what ever reason, Discover do a credit check and require excellent credit. I am putting up the money and the cost and risk would be low because they would have my money. If I don’t pay, they can close the account and use the balance to pay what ever is needed.

    The whole point of secured card for most people is building up their credit score. Why the excellent credit?

  107. Guy Building Credit

    I have to say this article was VERY helpful. I’ve been scanning for weeks which card I should apply with my 640 credit score, and after reading this and people’s comments I pulled the trigger on the Discover It and just got approved! Thanks Beverly and everyone!!

  108. Diamond

    Hi, I have a few questions. First question- Do you have to put a $200 deposit down.? Second question-do they give you cash back or when you put down a deposit that’s your available balance that you spend I’m kinda confused.?

  109. mariana

    I saw that review here and apply for the secured credit card and graduated in 10 month.Now i got the offer with the new miles card and got 1000 and my fico score is 770 i started with 500 score the trick is pay full balance and not spend a lot .
    thanks Beverly.

    1. Brittany

      How long did it take you to go from 500-770 score or even get to 600? I am getting married and my fiancé has 495 score so we need to get that up before. Thanks so much

  110. Cliff

    I want to say to everyone trying to get approved or have been gotten approved for the Discover IT secured card. It has been a blessing for me and my credit. I love it very much. I keep my ratio low very good and pay off balance every month. you earn cash back and they give you FICO score which is great so I know where my credit is now. This is best secured card to have to rebuild my credit. I really believed it will become unsecured in 12 months. I am work very hard to make that happen. I wish everyone luck as well. I wanted to Thank you Beverly for your website I so happy I found it.

  111. Jonathan

    I recently received my Discover IT secured card. I was wondering if I can use less than 10% credit utilization and still have it report positively to the bureaus? Also, how soon, or how quickly can one pay their card off completely and still have it report to the bureaus? Do I have to wait until close to the due date, or at least until my bill shows a due date?

  112. Leshay

    I know this is a fairly new card, I believe came out sometime last year. I applied in March of 2014, my credit started reporting in April, I opened a secured W/$2,500 Cl. During a part of last year I was in life transitions and fell behind on payments for 3 months. Which of course has severely damaged my credit building, and since I have been making my on time payments again going over 8 months now and I’m at under 30%utilization. But the thing is during that period my card was suspended so I haven’t been and am not able to use this card at this time. I don’t want to close the card to get my deposit back as I can really use it at this time, as it was my 1st credit card at age 29, so is my oldest account, and is a card I’d like to have for my future. As I’m coming to terms w/my situation w/this card. I was wondering if anyone has graduated w/this card yet.

  113. Sylvia

    My son applied for his first “unsecured” credit card with Discover and was told he needed a cosigner.. although I didn’t have great hopes due to my past BK I went ahead and submitted my information. Unfortunately, we were both denied but never received an offer for the “secured” card.. In fact, when I go to the link provided – nothing about the “secured” card comes up :( I’m super sad and disappointed.. can anyone update me on this?

    **ps: oh.. also can I apply again and after how many days/months can I?

    1. martin ruiz

      I was in the same situation with a past bankruptcy and was declined for the Discover card. Just keep on applying every other month and eventually they will offer you a secured card if you do not still qualify for a unsecured card. I received my offer today via email and will surely get the secured card. Bottom line is do not give up keep on applying and be diligent in your other card payments if you have such Good luck!!!!!!

  114. memee

    I applied for the regular Discover card a few month back.I was offered the secured Discover it instead.Discover used my Trans union Fico score which at the time was close to 600. I’ve had my card now for about 4 months and I really love it.Customer service is always awesome.This is the Best secured card to me.Anyone who wishes to be approved for this card must apply for the regular card first.It is not guaranteed approval for the card but if it is counter offered that’s a great start.

  115. krissi

    I am so happy I found this site. After many years of irresponsibility,I am trying so hard to clean up, and get credit. I was thrilled to be offered the secured card after being turned down for the unsecured card. This is a step in the right direction for me. Thank you SO much Beverly…for your hard work and advice.

    1. Maxi

      Hi Krissi,

      I am very interested in applying with the hopes of being offered the secured card after I pay down some of my current balances of my current cards before applying. I currently have a few baddies and was wondering if anyone has been offered the secured card with some of those on their credit reports? I was involved in a card accident and lost everything and am trying to work my way back to decent credit. Just wondering if I should go for it. I would appreciate any advice.

  116. Jay Ellis


    I applied for Discover It card after coming across this card in May. Took 2 weeks to receive card. I was approved for secured card and loaded it with $1500 (max is $2500). I have been using it consistently a few times a month and pay it off in full every month and my score has shown the progress.

    I am very serious about rebuilding my credit from my college days as I want to buy a nice home within the next few years. I have 2 secured credit cards and 2 unsecured credit cards, and am an authorized user on 2 other major unsecured credit cards (Amex and Visa Signature). Thank you so much Beverly as I would have never know about this card had I not come across your article.

  117. Volstagg

    I’ve done a lot of research into secured Credit Cards before coming across this hidden gem. I just applied 6/29/2015 and was offered the secured card. Very easy application process. They will take your deposit from either a checking or savings account. Had a small glitch on the website at the end of the process. Called customer service, went straight to a live American who did a warm transfer to another live American “secure account rep”. Customer service experience was excellent and even taking the call into consideration the entire process was less than 5 minutes.

  118. Paul

    well what about a April 2015
    yeah a few months ago Chapter 7 discharge.
    I did not burn discover and actually have a good history with them.
    But if the BK is a disqualification, I don’t want to jump through hoops. any ideas, experiences by any one else

  119. Pamela

    See my comment below…Sorry! I meant to say I applied for the Capital One SECURED MC (and was approved).

  120. Pamela

    I applied online today for the Discover It card, and the system prompted me to answer a few additional questions. I then got a screen indicating to call and verify some info to complete application. I called, and they verified nothing. She put me on hold for a few, then came back to tell me I did not qualify for the (unsecured) card; this was expected. Unfortunately, I was NOT offered the secured card at that time either. I’m not terribly disappointed, as I applied earlier today for the Capital One Unsecured MC, and was approved with a partially secured deposit of $99, which I’m very happy with. I just had to give the Discover option a shot as well.

    As background…My salary is very good, I’ve worked for a large federal mortgage institution for five years, and have cheap rent and no bills outside of utilities. My issue is no credit, as I had gone off it in recent years, and paid cash for everything. I ‘thought’ I would be a good candidate for their unsecured card, but I thought wrong! :)

    A special thanks to YOU Beverly. I just discovered your website, and already have found a wealth of extremely helpful information in reference to rebuilding my credit. Your website is very well designed also, and so incredibly easy to navigate! (Thanks as well to everyone who has taken the time to share their personal experiences and advice!)

  121. Nic

    I just tried for a Discover It Card and was told that the only offer they’d make for me was with a joint-applicant. I’ve taken a long hiatus from credit cards and right now only have student loans. Even getting a recent corporate credit card, my limit was based upon a lack of credit usage.
    I will see if I can get a secured card from someplace else, but since I did get approved for an unsecured Capital One card with a decent limit, I should be ok for getting something to build new history. I’m so used to using my debit card at this point that I guess I only need to switch over some of my purchases to the credit card and should be good.
    But getting an unsecured card with a reputable company with a good limit is I guess a good start. I can’t complain, but was hoping for something that had no overseas transactions fees. Well, maybe in another 6 months since I will now how three hard inquiries (including my corporate card) on my credit report.

  122. Lady Lemire


    Well I tried and was denied and did not receive the offer. I called and was told I could try again in 45 days. But this is the most informative page I have ever seen on this secured card so I had to thank all the review writers and Miss Harzog without which I would not have attempted the application. I saw another page reviewing the top 10 secured cards of which I do have three. I recommend #1 Nacy Fedeal CC. I was reviews after about a year and converted to an unsecured card. I recommend #3 with caution. I like USAA because they offer Visa,MC and American Express. I have all three. They are secured thru the opening of a CD. However USAA does not review your history or covert your card to unsecured. They say you can optionally apply at your own risk for one of their regular cards. However you have to close the secured accounts because you can not have a secured and unsecured card of the same type. And lastly I have #7 the Wells Fargo Visa. I have had it for 4 years. Hey do offer a yearly review. I have gone from a $1000 secured Navy Federal MC to a $7500 unsecured card in the same length of time that Wells Fargo has reviewed my status yearly for four years and have never offered me an unsecured card. Anywho hope this info helps others looking at these 3 cards.

  123. Brandon

    I applied for the unsecured student card today and was declined. My Credit score ranges between 630-660 on all three scores, according to myFico. After being declined for the unsecured student card; I was offered for a secured offer. I deposited $200 (MIN) from my checking account and received a page that said i’ll receive my new card within the next 7 days. Considering I’ve built my credit from a 550 to about a 645 average, I am not disappointed with this result. They said my account will be reviewed for an unsecured card in a year. The key is to pay your balance in full and not build up interest. I will pay my gas with this card every month and pay off in complete each billing cycle.

  124. Cliff

    I applied for regular Discover student card on 5/23 was automatically denied but i was offer the secured card with deposit of 200.00 i had to reply by 5/29. So I accepted the offer I want to rebuild my credit and hopefully get unsecured Discover card in the future. I recieved an email 5/29 saying they need to verify information so i call the credit Analysit they review my application and says I was approved for secured card it will take up 14 days to processed everything. I had to send a copy of my bank statement and void check to draft funds. Credit Analysit was very nice and helpful and answer all my questions . The anaylist says they will review my account 12 months to see if i am eligible for unsecured if so i will recieved my 200.00 back. Just make sure I keep my account in good standing and payments up to date. I am so excited to get the DIscover secured card will help me my credit . They already draft 200.00 from my account on 6/4 The funds has cleared my account. Now I am waiting to received my card. I wanted to share my story. Hopefully more to come and good luck to everyone trying to get approved for Discover.

    1. Rosie

      So How long after they drafted your account did it take for you to receive the card?

  125. Daryl

    I have zero credit history for the last ten years, but I was approved immediately online for the unsecured card! I went through a bunch of hoops to get approved for a secured card from the local bank where I have had a savings account in good standing for years. They suggested that I also get another credit card in order to help build a credit history. I am glad they did! After my card arrives this week and I see my line of credit, I’ll see if I even need that secured card. One thing that might of helped me on this one, the application asks about level of education and IRA investments.

  126. Chris Barnes

    I just went through the whole process only to find out they are not offering secure credit cards at this time. : ( Oh well, back to the drawing board!

    1. Debbie

      I just went through the process on May 26, 2015. I got denied for the unsecured card however, I was lucky to receive the offer for the secured card. I filled out the application and made a deposit. Now I am just waiting on my card. I did apply for the Student Secured Discover Card since I am in Graduate School.

  127. Fernando

    Hi so i have no social security number and
    i was wondering if i can apply for the card with a ITIN Number?
    thanks for the help.

  128. Shun

    Just called Discover and I was told I can increase my credit limit up to $2500.00, which is the max for their secured card. The rep also told me that you can increase your limit as often as you want until you reach the max. They only asked me how much I make per year, how much do I pay for rent. They do run a credit check and if your approved they will ask how much do you want to increase it and get your routing and account number. It can take up to eight days for the increase to be effective and for the funds to be available for use. The whole process took about 15 minutes. I’m glad they are offering this now so I can get more use with this card! Hope this helps!

    1. Alex

      The credit check was a in house credit check. It won’t affect you score.

      1. David Burkett

        This is GREAT to find out! Thanks for the info.

  129. Stan

    Beverly, thanks a lot for pointing me on this card. I applied at Discover site and got an unsecured card with a 1,5k credit line – a big (and good) surprise for me because being a foreigner I had no credit history at all. I am quite satisfied how it works – the website is very comprehensive and the score started to grow. Thank you!

  130. Jim

    Discover will let you increase your deposit/credit limit beginning May 13th as indicated elsewhere here, you can confirm it by reading their disclosure statement. I called their customer service and confirmed this as well, the CS gal didn’t know how much nor how often as they were just beginning their training. hope this helps.

    1. Sarah Mabis

      Well I was excited about this and just tried to do it today. I was turned down to add any money to my deposit because they do a credit check just like they would for a line of credit increase. Of course I would be turned down. I am rebuilding my credit with this card. Unfortunately, I make 5-6 payments a month just to try to keep the utilization down but still earn the benefits.

  131. Britney

    I’ve been looking to rebuild my credit so I was looking for a secured credit card. I applied for the capital one secured card but was denied so I did more research and came across this posting so I applied for the regular it card and was denied but after I got the option to apply for the secured version. I was approved and is now waiting for my card to come in the mail. Discover is available 24/7 and all reps speak English! I love the customer service already. I did have a few questions after someone did call to verify that it was indeed me applying for the card. I’m excited that this card has such great reviews and I get a chance to rebuild my credit! Hopefully I’ll get to see the unsecured it in a few :-)

  132. Paula T


    1. Natasha

      Paula, I can relate to you because I am on my road to recovery also. I thank Discover for giving me an opportunity to rebuild my credit. After a recent auto repo, several collections, and late pays Discover took a chance with me.

  133. Steve

    I applied for unsecured version online and after the application process was immediately offered this card when I did not qualify. I was approved and wanted to let everyone interested in this card know my situation.

    I have 2 collections that are still marked as outstanding on my reports with a combined total of under $350. I had no debt in the form of loans or credit cards on my report as well as no credit history listed on any credit report. This application would be the second hard inquiry on the reports.

    I can confirm that they used my equifax report to verify my identity and personally viewed at least the address portion of my report.

    I claimed an income of about $65,000 with 1 year with the company I am working with.

    I hope this helps anyone with a thin credit file when deciding whether or not to apply for this card.

  134. Trebor

    I’ve had this card for a few months now and I am very pleased with it. I love the no annual fee and 5% rewards just like an unsecured card. I love that Discover treats people with secured cards with respect and not try to rip them off. Yes starting on May 13th secured card holders will be able to raise their limits with additional deposit. From what I read there will be no credit line increase fee as Discover does not over fee it’s customers. I also like that when I make an online payment it post either that same night or next day, unlike crappy banks like Merrick that holds your payment for weeks before they apply it your credit line. Discover secured is one of the best cards out there.

    1. Nicole

      I talked to them yesterday and they said they are not letting anyone put more money on the Secured card.

      1. Trebor

        my letter from Discover

        Dear Rob Schoo,
        We’ve heard the feedback from cardmembers like you who want to get more from their credit card
        account. So starting May 13th, 2015, you will be able to apply for an increase to the credit line on your
        Discover it® Secured Credit Card Account; as a reminder, any increase in your credit line must be
        secured by an additional deposit to your Security Deposit Account equal to the line increase.
        Starting May 13, you’ll also see a new page in your monthly statement showing your Security Deposit
        Account balance and any activity in your Security Deposit Account, such as an additional deposit to
        secure a line increase. We will also be updating your Security Agreement: the following page has those
        If you have any questions, please call 1-800-347-3085 and our 100% U.S. service team will be glad to
        Thanks again for choosing Discover,
        Julie Loeger
        Senior Vice President

  135. Chelle

    Great news to all the owners of the Discover it secured credit card! They are processing on May 13, 2015 to now add more money to your card! So log in and start adding! I receive a message saying they heard the feedback and now are letting us add money. Please make sure you still use your card within your 30% or lower of your credit line and pay on time so you can one day graduate to a unsecured credit card in a years time. Good Luck on rebuilding your credit!

  136. Chelle

    Great news to all the owners of the Discover it secured credit card! They are processing on May 15, 2015 to now add more money to your card! So log in and start adding! I receive a message saying they heard the feedback and now are letting us add money. Please make sure you still use your card within your 30% or lower of your credit line and pay on time so you can one day graduate to a unsecured credit card in a years time. Good Luck on rebuilding your credit!

  137. Marcus

    Hi Beverly,

    Discover sent me an email saying that my secured card limit can be increased by adding additional deposits starting May 12th! I’ve been a card member for 6 months and I love the card.

  138. Billy

    Unfortunately I was one of the “unlucky” ones and wasn’t offered their secured card after applying for the normal one. But no worries, like I said on another post, I did get the Capital One secured card, and I’m waiting for my Kickstarter Visa from First National Bank to finalize. So I should be ok in the long run. I think the key is to stay positive not letting yourself get down like Beverly constantly tells us. (she’s right btw) Believe it or not, just a little bit of good activity can make all the difference. So that’s what I’ve been focusing on. Wishing all the rest of you good luck in the credit rebuilding process.

  139. Mark

    Does anyone know if the secured card provides the purchase protection benefit:

    1. Chelle

      Yes, they do. They offer the most of the same amenities as the unsecured card. This is a credit card, just have to put your deposit, but with proper payments and using your card correctly,,it can turn into a unsecure card after a year.

  140. AlexI

    I just applied for the Discover IT card and it seems like I will be getting approved. The rep told me that I am approved and I just have to wait for the financial deposit to clear. I opened a secured card for 1000.00. The application process was easy and quick. I applied for a regular card, was declined and offered the Discover It secured card. All I had to do was provide the deposit and a bank statement. I have barely started and I like these guys. Before I applied for this card, I tried the following and was declined for both: SDFCU otherwise known as the State Department Federal Credit Union and Digital Federal Credit Union.
    Once I get my Discover card, I will open an account with Capital One or something for either 500 or 1000. On that note, Beverly does it really matter how much I use to open my account? What do you think the difference is between opening an account with $1000 vs $500 granted all other variables are the same i.e. paying my bills on time etc?

    Thanks in advance.

  141. CH

    I just opened my secured account. What I found out was the amount you open the card with, is the amount you will have for the next 12 months. They do not allow you to raise your limit with additional funds. I thought I read it can be raised in increments of $100 but the gentlemen I spoke with said that is incorrect. I only opened it with $300 but that’s enough. I don’t need anything higher than that.

  142. Ita Maulani

    I am happy getting the secured credit card. I will try soon be able to get an unsecured credit card that my credit limit could be higher. I want to be careful on using this credit card so that I can immediately get a good score.

  143. Courtney

    Wow! I’m so glad I came across this! I just applied for the unsecured card in order to get the secured card offer and I actually go APPROVED for the unsecured card! I would have NEVER thought to try and apply with my limited history otherwise. And this is such a good card! First one I got that has no annual fee (recently applied for and got approved for an OpenSky and Capital One Classic Platinum, but I haven’t received either yet) and the first one that has a rewards program. I’m so excited! Wish I came across this last week when I was applying for those other two, I would have skipped them and stuck with this! Though I guess it is better to have more available credit and more credit lines as long as I use them responsibly right?

  144. David

    I applied for the Discover card before and was offered the secured version. Didnt take the over then and missed the opputunity, but I did just re-apply yesterday and was offered the secured version again (did the same thing and entered same info as before for the same card). I took the offer and took the initial 200 deposit option. Said i will have the card about 1 week after the deposit is secured. Spoke to a chat rep online and she told me you cant increase your deposit at the moment but they do plan on making it an option in the future. Also that you can ask for a higher credit line after you have graduated to the unsecured version.

    1. CH

      Great. I was given the same information so I’m glad to be able to confirm this with someone else who has applied.

  145. Gabe

    Thank you so much for the information on your site! It is a great resource for those of us in need of true guidance.

    Anyway, I applied on the Discover site, and as expected was declined for the unsecured card. A typical denial letter came up, so I called the New Accounts Team to inquire about the secured card and the rep was very helpful and pleasant. She stated that the secured card is still in a testing phase and is more of a random approval for the secured card, so if the offer did not come up there is no way to apply directly for it. However she stated the secured card may be public soon so to keep an eye out and apply for it at that point.

  146. yplatt

    I just noticed that there is a discover it miles credit card. Is this available in a secured card version?

  147. Doctor_Oma

    I find this blog interesting cos am new to this credit history since I arrived in US to study less than a year ago. My capital one Transunion credit score is 680 and I got an additional discover it secured card cos I shop online alot and mostly almost finish my 300 credit limit on capital one which is a hit back on my score though I pay off my balance a day or two from my statement date. With this additional card I can reduce my spending ratio to less than 20% cos am determined never to leave any balance before due date. Thanks for your advice ma’am!
    Can this two cards give me excellent credit score cos they are my 1st two cards and I intend to use them for as long as I live in the US to build career and family.

  148. Steve

    So I just applied for this and was approved. I spoke to someone from discover to answer some questions that I seen posted here and so I will provide the info I received…

    1. Your initial deposit is your only deposit. They will not allow you to add funds at a later time in order to increase your credit line.
    2. Limits are $200-$2500 in $100 increments.
    3. It takes about two weeks to get the card from the time you are funded.
    4. They take verifying your info seriously. I not only had to upload documents but also had to speak to someone on the phone to confirm information.
    5. The only difference between the IT secured card and non-secured is the interest rate and placing a deposit.

  149. R. Evans

    Hi Beverly, I just want to thank you for you insightful information. I am trying to rebuild my credit and I applied for the discover secured card and was approved. This is my first credit card.

  150. anonymous

    Hi Beverly,
    I have two questions. How many points can one expect their credit score to increase once a bankruptcy is removed from their credit report? My bk is expected to be removed in September of this year. Depending on the report my FICO is ranging between 550 – 611 on all three bureaus.

    Also, I would like to open a Discover IT card. I had one over 10 years ago while in college. It was my favorite card at the time but it is also an account included in my bk in 2005. I am wondering what my chances are of scoring a secure card? Do they allow you to increase the deposit to up the credit line as well? I have two First Premier Cards cards that I want to close once they are at a zero balance. Their fees are ungodly.

    Thanks for the guidance.

  151. guest

    Hi I’m about to get out of chap 13 after 5 yr do you know what are the chances of getting approve if I apply? I’ve been reading and reading about secured cc and this one’s seems the best I really want it

  152. Heather

    I’ve got a few questions myself, Beverly, if you have a chance to answer. I am 20 years old with a nonexistent credit score. My reports (from all 3 bureaus) show a collections back in July of 2013. I have no positive forms of credit, I do have a checking account. Do you think I could get approved for the Discover Secured card by applying for the unsecured card? Would it be smarter to apply for say Open Sky first and establish at least one form of credit before applying? Would that change my chances? Thanks in advance.

  153. Morgan

    I received an invitation in the mail from Discover to apply for the student credit card. This is the 3rd time I’ve recieved a letter like this and each time I have applied, I have been denied. I am a full time student with a part time job. My 3rd time applying for the Discover it student credit card, Ofcourse I got denied but was offered the secured Discover it Card, I went ahead and put a $200 security deposit down and they congratulated me and said that my card would be here within a week after they recieve the deposit. I really want to start over and build credit. I currently have 4 credit cards (entirely too many) and I want to cancel three of them(Walmart CC, Capital one CC, and Target CC) . My question is can I cancel three of the 4 credit cards I have without it effecting my credit score?

    1. Heather Phillips

      It affects your score every time you close a card- and negatively. You’re better off keeping a 0 balance and keeping them open. Then they’ll be gaining you credit by having a very low utilization ratio.

  154. Jennifer

    I just applied online for the unsecured Discover card and was denied as expected. However, instead of being offered the option to apply for a secured card, I was given the option to apply for a Joint Account. Basically like having a co-signer. I’d never seen anything like this before.

    I then called the 800 number (800-DISCOVER), to inquire about applying for the secured card. After being transferred twice I was told that I had to apply for the secured card first (was nice to get that confirmation) and that if I was not offered the secured card application after being denied, then I would not be able to apply for it.

    So … I guess my credit sucks beyond the usual sucking level. Off to try Capital One next. Oy!

  155. Jake

    I can confirm that the Discover it secured card does indeed graduate. My card just graduated! My account was opened on December 12, 2013. I received a refund of my deposit, in the mail, on December 26, 2014.

    1. CH

      That is great Jake. If you don’t mind asking, did you receive the same credit limit or was it raised? I was declined the traditional discover card but offered the secured card. I am in the process of working on getting the secured card open now. Thank you.

  156. leyon

    Hi Beverly thanks for your time that you gave to every person.i want ask you something.i had a credit card with chase freedom credit card.but later on they blocked my account with out any reason.i paid everything on my time.with in 4 month I scored like 20.000 reward.but later on they blocked me without any reason.i called them and asked why.but they said we don’t know it’s from our authority.they couldn’t gave me enough response.i can’t even got them.so is this thing affect my credit history.they don’t owe me anything I paid off.so is this really affect my credit history or is they gave me bad credit history.

  157. Nicola

    After months of being denied for credit cards as a 24 year old with no credit history, in my extensive research I came across this blog post and applied to the Discover It hoping to get the secured offer as it seemed to be the best secured card out there.

    I applied and it was very intense they even made me upload a copy of my most recent W2. Then at the end it said call in to verify more information. This morning I called and talked with a nice man, he looked at my application didn’t ask for any more info from me and approved me for an unsecured card with $750 limit! I actually have a card with 1% cash back rewards instead of a secured card with no rewards! I am so happy! Thank you!!

    1. Chelle

      Again, the Discover it secured card does offer the same rewards as the unsecure, only difference is a deposit and higher APR which is understood due to lack of credit or not good credit, still an awesome deal especially when you can graduate after you proven you can borrow and pay back responsibly. It’s DISCOVER CARD, what could be better in a secured version than that!

  158. Leslie

    Hi Beverly,
    thank you so much for this great tip!
    Had BK 4 years ago, have not been able to get any major credit card to approve me in all these years. I’ve gotten so I am afraid to apply anymore because I just keep getting rejected and I know it’s bad for my score. My score is not that great, last time I checked it was around the mid 600’s

    I have 3 store cards (although Macy’s still rejects me)and was able to get a car loan one year ago (at 7.99% ugh). I have paid every thing consistently, and honestly have been very happy paying cash for everything all these years and am used to it. I never carry any balances on my store cards, just use them for the rewards points.

    I applied for Discover last night on line after finding your blog, and I got a response asking me to call in and verify some info. I did and all they asked me was when did I file my BK. Then she said okay you are not approved for the our regular card, but you are approved for a $1500 limit on another card we offer that is basically the same card, just has a higher APR and higher bal. transfer fee. Everything else is exactly the same. I just want to make the point that it is NOT a secured card. So, I was pretty shocked since I am so used to just getting denied for the last 4 years from everyone else.

    I finally can start to get my credit sorted out and eventually refinance my car.

    Thank you for the great advice!

  159. David

    Hi Beverly. I just wanted to share my experience so that maybe it may help answer other individuals answers. I applied for the Discover Card and was denied only because of a previous discharged bankruptcy. My credit is in the 700’s as my bankruptcy was discharged in 2012. I have since obtained a total credit limit on all cards at around $14k. I applied for the Discover IT Secured card and was approved. I put down a $500 security deposit which was deducted from my account within 48 hours. Within 8 days from that period, my account was established and I am currently waiting on my new card :) Also, if you apply for the Chrome student card and decide you would prefer the regular IT card with the 5% cash back, you can call customer service and they will make the switch in 2 minutes and mail you the other card. Its the same account, just different look and rewards. She also stated that the card does get evaluated after 12 months and based on good payment history and usage, most likely would be converted to an unsecure card with the possibility of increase. Hope this helps! :)

    Thank you!

  160. micheal phillp baker

    I would like to try to build my credit 200for 12 months in the hole it will bring my credit score up

  161. Michele

    I got approved for an unsecured discover credit card! Yay! I wanted to apply for the secured but was offering the unsecured! My credit limit is low: 1000 ! It’s not a problem for me because is my first credit card ever and I really want to built my credit history. But I just want to ask you how long it will to increase my credit limit? Do I have to request it or discovery will do that every year or 2 years? And can you give me some advices about how built a strong and better credit history! This is my second year in USA ! And I know anything about credit score or credit history! I started with my bank with a secured credit card for 1 year and half and finally decide to upgrade my secure to an unsecured but it was too much work so I decided to give a try to discover it and they just approved me !!! Thank to read my note! I appreciate your help! Sorry for my English ! Thank you!!

  162. Ebony

    Hi Beverly,

    I really appreciate your expertise and that you actually share and care about those you are helping. I just applied for the student Discover it card and I was offered the secured version. I applied for it, selected my deposit amount and uploaded the information requested (utility bill & valid driver’s license). I called to make sure that my information was upload successful and it was. I was told to call on Monday to find out on the phone if I was approved or not. I was wondering, what were my chances of being denied? Especially since this was offered to me after completing an application for the student card. Any thoughts from your experience?
    Just a little about me, I have a US BANK CC (secured) & First Progress (secured).

  163. AT

    Hi Beverly, I just came across your site after googling the term secured credit card, and wow, what a wealth of information I’ve found here! Thank you so much for this helpful resource during my research.

    I do have a couple of questions and I’m hoping you can shed some light on them for me. I noticed the Discover it card first on Amazon.com (Credit Card Market section). There is a Discover It for Students and the regular version. Currently, I want to start establishing and building my credit, so I think the secured card working up to graduation should be fine for building up slow and steady. Do you have any opinion on which version of the two Discover It’s I mentioned may be better for my situation? I figure I most likely will be declined and am hoping to be offered the secured card afterwards, but wanted to ask your opinion.

    Does Discover offer a secured card for Students, or is it just one size fits all with the option to graduate? Currently I am working full time as an independent contractor (writer), and the majority of my income is banked at Chase, (but I also have had a BoA acct for 6 or so years now, just nothing over a couple hundred dollars at a time in the account). I am not enrolled in school at the moment, but if there were a better shot at acceptance, or greater benefits with the Student card (while still allowing the ability to graduate to unsecured eventually) I could easily enroll in some online classes.

    Also, this is probably a silly question, but since Chase sees my steady income every month, would that affect their decision to offer me a line of credit at all? Or does it just come down to the no history, no nice score, no luck sort of decision? I know it’s silly, but I’d feel embarrassed being turned down by my own bank for credit with them knowing full well that I had the capability of making payments! But if my balance doesn’t influence their decision, I’d rather apply for the Discover card based on the benefits I’ve read so far.

    Thank you very much in advance for any insight you can provide!

  164. Chris

    Spoke to a Discover rep in depth by phone about this process before applying. Found out that the only way to apply is to do it online, and be turned down for the regular card. Also, she told me that YES this card will be considered for graduation to an unsecured card after 12 months, based upon use and payment history. It took about 48 hours for them to transfer the deposit from my checking account, and I received a letter in the mail confirming my account was set up several days later. Still waiting on my card — the rep I spoke with by phone said they wait a bit to ensure the funds clear, and to expect it 8-15 days from the date I applied.

  165. Joe

    My bk7 was discharged in August 2014. I applied for a Barclay card last month. I was denied. My transunion score is 670. Can anyone tell me which card to apply for. I am scared to wate another application and be denied because my bk is too recent. That was the reason for Barclay denial. My equifax and experience score are in the 600s. I’m thinking if I can get a card to report to all three bureau. My scores will be up on the other bureaus. Which card I have best chance? Thank you all.

  166. Bella

    Hi Beverly,

    I got the offer like everyone else and put down a $200 deposit. Can you explain how the usage works? So I can spend $200 as my credit line, but will have to pay a bill? Do you know if I can increase my deposit once I have more funds?

    Thanks for all your advice!

  167. Kirsten

    Hi Beverly,

    I’d just like to share my experience with this card. I filed for chapter 7 BK and got my discharge letter in 7/2014. It has been almost 3 months. I applied for Discover It Student card because I am a full time student and I also work full-time. I got denied, but got offered the secured card. I’m so excited that I even got approved after such a recent discharge date! I do have a secured installment loan of $1000 from my CU, 1 VS retail card ($250), 1 target card ($300), and an Open Sky secured visa card ($500). I don’t know if it helps to have some credit before applying.

  168. TC

    I applied for this card two weeks ago and got it yesterday. So I had a credit score of 506 and I got approved for this card Capital one and Wells Fargo. With Wells Fargo you do have to have an account. I had a pretty large savings and checking so maybe that help .I am not sure how they decide. well my TU score was 506 I am not sure what the other scores are. But I am going to take care of these and try to get my score up while I have a second chance. I hope this helps.

  169. Ken

    I applied and was immediately rejected (the message states there is a problem with my application). Actually, it is the CH13 from 2010 (already discharged). I have a USAA Secured AMEX with no hopes of conversion to unsecured. Any idea when (or if) I will be given the option for the secured version?

    FYI – USAA has a much more relaxed policy to become a member, then NFCU. The difference is USAA is a FSB, and NFCU is a Credit Union.

  170. veronica

    dose anyone know about how long it takes for your card to come in the mail

  171. Insanoah

    Hi Beverly,

    I am new to “blogging”, but I have read and learned a lot from your reviews and posts. I am very thankful for all the information that you send to us readers each day.

    I attempted the Discover It application process and of course I got denied. However, I did not get the option for the secured credit card either. The CSR told me that when you get denied of the regular card then your chances of getting the secured card is the same if the page shows you “unapproved”. I know this is different on a case by case for other people, and I just wanted to see if I had a shot because I was ready to use them as a credit rebuilding tool in addition to my OpenSky CC and Primor CC (First Choice Bank).

    The good thing I discovered is that on this denial letter it actually showed my credit score and I was amazed how much it has improved! I filed BK7 back in October last year but got discharged in March this year. My credit score before was in the very low 500’s with all three bureaus, but now just breaking the thresholds of mid-low 600’s (Equifax showed 607 on the credit decision letter).

    I concur with one of the other readers from another post that is is disadvantageous to pay credit limit increase fees on a secured credit card you are managing with your own money, so I am not sure if I should go for another secured credit card and start anew with a higher deposit from the other two, or if I should just be still and just time pass, and allow my credit to rebuild on the two that I have…

    Please fill me in with your thoughts! Thanks.

  172. Brianna Hinton

    Hello. I am a college student who screwed up my credit early. After applying for several secured cards, I came across a post that mentioned the Discover It Secured Card. However, when I googled it, nothing came up except a post that said you had to apply for the unsecured version before you could apply for the secured and even the secured card wasn’t a guarantee. I took a stab in the dark- was denied for the unsecured, but received an offer for the secured! I was SO excited after having been denied by Bank of America, Wells Fargo and even FIRST PREMIER! I spoke with a senior analyst with Discover who validated my documents and sent the okay for Discover to take the Deposit out of my account. I am waiting on the confirmation that my card is on the way now. The senior analyst confirmed that this DOES GRADUATE TO UNSECURED AFTER 12 months of good payment history. (BOTH senior analysts I spoke to said this). It also has the same benefits as the unsecured card which is amazing- I swear this is the best secured card on the market. And the minimum deposit is ONLY $200. Thank you Discover!!!!! I hope this helped someone.
    PS- If you are denied for the unsecured version and receive the offer for the secured, go for it. We all know that Discover is a pretty tough card to get. Even I was shocked that I got it. But I won’t complain! :)

  173. tommy

    Thank you Beverly and all the people who responded. I was looking for a good secured card and I am glad I found this page. I did not even know Discover had a secured option till I read this. I applied for the chrome card and was denied, immediately after I called them and they emailed me a link to the secured card. Unfortunately the link is good for only 5 days eastern time. I logged in on the 5th day at 9:15 pacific time (12:15AM eastern time) and missed it by 15 minutes and the link was dead. I called again and discover told me yes the link is good for only 5 days no exceptions, but I can apply again for the card and as long as it is within the same 30 days, they do not pull again and use the same pull. Needless to say I applied over the phone again, was denied and got the link send to me. Verified and there was only one pull, the original on my credit file. Be aware you only have 5 days to respond to the secured card, but if you miss it ask for another application using the same inquiry.

  174. Mirian

    Hello. Do you gave to apply for the unsecured card first in order to then apply for the secured card? Also, is it best to simply call as opposed to applying online? Thanks!

  175. Nelly

    I also applied for the Discover credit card but was denied. They offered me a Discover secure it card directly from Discover NOT a third party. Well let me tell you I accepted their offer and I am soo glad I did the card came in a nice fancy envelope. the card looks just like the regular Disvover card.There’s a No annual fee and they also provide you with your free credit score each month on your statement. No other card gets better than that I’m just so happy to start to rebuild my credit. And hopefully I would improve my credit score. BTW i called Discover and the card does graduate after a yr with good payment history. Thank you Discover and to you too Beverly for letting us know about this great opportunity.

  176. rod

    When can i upgrade the secured card to a unsecured card?, also do they report to all credit agencies?

  177. Emanuel

    Hello, and thanks for posting this information, and i’m sorry about my english it’s not good enough :/

    I just applied for a student discover credit card, and i was denied because my credit report is bad, i was 613. They said that give me a discover secured credit card and i was so confused about it. I was reading a lot and from now i can understand a little more, so thank you! :)

    The question is:

    They give me a time to make the initial deposit, so if i cant able to make it i can still qualifying to the secured credit card?, or automaticly they close it, and i need to make another application that give me another “credit inquire”. Thanks in advance!

  178. Rod

    Hi, Kathy ,

    I did get approved for the discover it secured card I’m dieffentaly excited to have that card to rebuild my credit , I am just waiting for them
    To draft my security deposit !

    1. Dalton

      Hey Rod,
      How long did it take for Discover to draft your security deposit?

  179. Kathy

    I have a Bk from 2005. I don’t have any other credit since. I applied for this card in hopes to get the secure card offer. All I got was a rejection and it because of the bankruptcy.

  180. Eran

    I got my card in the mail and I love it. The service guy was excellent when I called to activate my card, plus they offer a lot of ways to get cash back. This is my first credit card and it will be my last. Thank you Discover and thank the person who started this post!

  181. Glen D


    I was really excited to see your info on the Discover Secured Card, I didn’t know it existed and have been spending a lot of time researching secured cards and such over the last week, but with all that time and research, this is the info I’ve been looking for, so thanks very much!

    I’m nervous about applying because I don’t want to be denied, I have a 608 Transunion score, have a secured Amex from USAA and a secured installment loan through them as well. and an Open Sky card on the way. I have quite a few delinquent accounts on my credit report and 3 judgements, all of them are paid except one of the judgements.

    Can you give me any insight into what my chances might be with Discover? Which credit bureau they get their reports from? Are there any disqualifying factors (unpaid delinquent accounts for instance, or judgements??)

    Anyone out there who has a Discover card, do you know which credit bureau shows an inquiry from Discover?

    I haven’t been able to access my Equifax report as it fails the id check and asks me questions about loans I’ve never had (scary) so have had to mail in a request, the only report I know is accurate currently is Transunion, and oddly enough, I had them change the status on 2 of my judgements to ‘paid’, and my score did not change, it is still 608, whereas my Vantage Score went from 711 to 730. any thoughts on this, or what might be my best course of action to get this card?

    Thanks so much for your time!!!

  182. Samya

    Someone told me that discover cards are not excepted everywhere. Do you know if I will be able to use the card in majority of places.

  183. Will

    Hi Beverly Harzog!

    I just got my SSN so I have absolutely nothing on my credit report.

    Do you think I should apply online or I should keep my first hard inquiry on an easily approved secured card like BofA or CapitalOne?

    Also, do they offer the secured version right after the denial or you need to call reconsideration line?

    Thanks for your post though!


  184. William Charles

    Seems like they are starting to offer this to almost everybody who is denied, as long as they don’t have a bankruptcy on file.

    Hopefully they’ll add a way to apply for it directly.

    1. Vanessa

      I have a 2.5 year old bankruptcy. Do they anyone with a bankruptcy? Thanks!

      1. Matt

        I had a bankruptcy 2 years and have reestablished I have the Walmart Discover with a 6K credit limit and two other cards with Barclay and have 4K limits on those cards as well. Also have a car loan at 3% interest so I have done really well establishing credit and I was also denied for Unsecured card but was offered the secured card with a score of 677! I did not get an offer online for the secured car either online. I got a we will let you know in 5-7 days so I called them and they pulled my application and said they needed to send me to senior credit analyst and then they offered me the secured card option over the phone. Hope this helps! It’s possible, but from what Im hearing and seeing they are still being selective about who they offer the secured card to as well. I know a few people who were just denied with no options for the secured card. I did accept the card and am waiting on my card. If you get the option I would definitely take it. The card can be eligible for an Unsecured card later with a good history.

      2. Kirsten

        Hi Vanessa,

        I have a recent 3 month old CH 7 bk and got offered the secured discover it card after being declined the regular one.

  185. Ramon B.

    Hi Beverly, I was approved for the discover secured card and I love it. The only problem I have is that they did not tell me that I could not add for funds to my original $500.00 deposit. Please let me Know if there is any way to increase my spending limit. Thanks, Ray

  186. melvin celestine

    I applied for the discover it card and was denied but I did receive an offer for a secured discover. Card is on the way so you do have a chance with them to build your credit. Thanks Discover!

  187. Joey

    Well, I’m pretty bummed. I applied & was denied…& not offered the secured version. I don’t think my credit is “that” bad. I’ve been working for two years to clear it up & I already have 2 secured cards (& 2 store cards) & haven’t been a day late in 2 years. Oh well. :-(

    1. Randy

      Hmmm… not sure what that is about. I just applied today, and was offered the secure card.

    2. Matt

      You should try calling and asking to speak with a representative or calling the recon line and seeing if they can offer you the secured card. Sometimes it helps to call and speak with a live person. Most applications are approved or denied by a computer using algorithms. Good Luck!

  188. Dee

    I applied for the unsecured version and was denied but I got an immediate counteroffer for the secured card. I was shocked and pretty excited that I even qualified for it seeing as I’m rebuilding my credit. I think the Discover It secured card has the potential to become the best secured card on the market!

    I just hope soon, we’ll get a definitive answer as to whether this card will graduate because I’ve heard conflicting answers on whether it will. Either way, I’m grateful that I got it!

    1. Rikki

      I recently applied for the Discover IT Student card and was denied and this was suggested instead so i took the offer. I remember it saying something like through responsible use, your secured account may graduate to an unsecured card. hope this answers your concern.

  189. Luis

    Hello, came across your blog looking for information on the DiscoverIt Card! I’ve had pretty bad credit for a few years due to my poor choices as a naive, young adult! I recently received an offer for the card and knew I’d get denied. I applied anyways and was offered the “secured” one. Took the offer and just received it in the mail! Looks just like the regular card. Rewards are the same as the unsecured card.

    One thing you mentioned is that it could possibly “graduate” to an unsecured card after some time. I haven’t verified for myself, but I’ve come across several posters on different forums that have spoken to CS, that this particular card will NOT graduate. I’ll have to verify myself until then, but it will be a bummer if it is true!

    Either way, you can’t beat the rewards and the no annual fee! I hope to use the card responsibly and ultimately rebuild my credit! Thanks for your review!

  190. Kim

    thanks for the review! my transunion credit score is 632 and I did not qualify for the regular discover it card but I took advantage of the secured card application offer, hoping that if I use it responsibly (and absolutely intend to do so!) and get it unsecured in a year or so as you described. It is nice to see they have rewards on a secured card. I did not know such a thing even existed!

  191. Sher@knsfinancial.com

    Thanks for the info on the IT Card. Seeing your response to Jon’s question above, answered my own. I was hoping to be able to apply directly for the secured card.

  192. Jon

    Hi Beverly!
    I just wanted to clarify that you indeed are obligated to apply for a Discover IT card before getting a secured card. Do you have any information or know of any readers that have successfully gotten this card? I am currently in the rebuild phase, and I, perhaps like many others, do not want to risk a hard pull on my credit without qualifying.

    Any information you have would help! I definitely trust what I read here, and you have given me a lot of valuable advice.


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