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  1. Jennifa Jullet

    I had few collections and IRS charge off with few medical bills i have
    paid off but still reflects on my credit report and still hurts my
    scores real bad,and when i applied for a credit card i was only approved for 300 limits but i need higher limits


    I have had this card for 16 months and NO CREDIT LIMIT INCREASE, all payments have been made EARLY AND ONTIME, they have declined every credit limit increase since I requested after 12 months,explanation for decline is too many inquires and too many new accounts, makes no sense at all, i have kept the card perfect, stayed below the limit and they have got every payment. I would not recommend this card at all


    I have recently applied for Credit One credit line. I was approved for a 1500 Line of Credit. I am a little concerned about the Grace Period that Beverly Harzog mentioned. My plan is to keep it for a month or two to get my credit score up to 750 is this a good idea? I am mainly getting this card to get my credit utilization down while paying off my other cards.


      After reading through this information I am thinking about calling them and cancelling my request since I just accepted the pre-approved letter.

  4. Alexandria

    So I was approved for this card February 2017. I received the card may 2017. It is now December 2017 ANF I paid off this card in October 2017. I had a balance of $0.00 And they charged me interest of $10.63. Then two days later I received a late charge of $10.00. I do t like this card so I paid it and tried canceling it today. They do not have a number that goes to a person so just press * on your dial pad. Once getting a representative she tried everything to get me from cancelling. She offered a percentage of my yearly cost plus the $20.63 and told me she would give me $35 total back onto the card as a positive balance. She did this because if you have any balance on it you can’t close it. So I refused the money. I also hated that there’s no way to get your 1% cash back on purchases that they say you get. Finally she said my account was closed. Later I went to log on to my account to see if it was really closed and it let’s me right in. HOW DO I KNOW IF IT’S REALLY CLOSED?

  5. Katherine Anne Everman

    Well i must have terrible credit because i was denied :/

    1. Alexandria

      You are so lucky. This is the worst card to ever have. I just paid it off and I haven’t even had it a year yet. I tried to close it because I have a zero balance and they charged me interest on $0. How they can do that I have no clue. I apparently was charged a late fee on that interest and owed them $20. I hate the card so much that I paid it just so I could cancel. When I called they said they would refund me part of my yearly amount plus the $20. She only dis this because if you have any balance that is not zero, even if it is positive you can not close the account. I declined the money and told her to close the account. After arguing with her bec6she didn’t want me to close the account she finally said the words ” fine the account is closed” later I go to log on to make sure I no longer have an account and it is still active. NEVER GET THIS CARD!

  6. Erica House

    Erica hi I was looking for a secure credit card up 400 credit limit

  7. Debi Verkamp

    I like to pay my balance and watch it carefully online. Lately I have tried and tried to get on the website to make payments but the site will not come up. I even downloaded their app but cannot connect there either. Is anyone else having this problem?? I watch all my accounts carefully and feel blind here.

    Thank you for any help you can give.


    I wish i never had this card, they are horrible to deal with and then one month i made some extra payments online thru the website and then they refused the next payment and told me that i have to do it thru my checking acct with bill pay, makes no sense to me. Then the policy is horrible to get a credit limit increase, ok so the first time it was refused because i didnt have the account open long enough (11 months) then i hit 13 months perfect payment history and i get declined for the credit line increase because of too many inquiry on my credit report and too many accounts, they still got the payments for 13 months I did everything, so why are they so cheap about a credit limit increase, once i pay this card off i am done with Credit One Bank you can keep it.!

  9. carlos sims

    Hello, I’m just wondering if I can use this card in Thailand & the Philippines?

    Also set for this is unsecured credit card, does that mean I can spend let say $1500 dollars on flights & hotels in the Philippines & Thailand?

  10. Julian Charles

    I have been approved for 400.00 i did not have bad credit just no credit, after reading all of this information, i am canceling the card if you never call them to activate they can’t charge you right oh no i was looking forward to getting some credit and it sounds like this is just a rip off

    1. Renee

      It’s a credit card for rebuilding credit, my credit was horrible after filing bankruptcy last year. They were the only company that took a chance on me, yes the fees are high but when a persons credit isn’t good that’s what can be expected. They started me off with $300 unsecured card then 2 months later rais d limit to $450. Received another increase for an additional $250. Just be responsible and pay bill on time. I used more than 50% of available credit and was still approved for increase hope this helps . Good luck on your credit building journey🙂.

  11. mjk

    i have a question!

    i recently started a credit account with Credit One. i had an available credit line of $225 and decided to take it to the max ($224.93 to be exact) in the first month of use. after reading comments and learning about the credit utilization ratio i realize i’ve already made a mistake.

    i intended to pay the full balance, including the yearly fee, upon the first bill but now i’m wondering if i should just work toward paying the balance down to zero using minimum payment due.



    1. Monroe Parker

      Pay the full balance if you can.
      Ideally, you should keep your credit utilization ratio at or below 30% of your total available credit. If this is the only credit debt you have then you should at least pay enough to lower the balance down to $90.00. Then don’t charge anymore the next month or until your balance is less than 30% of your credit limit. Paying the minimum will not help in this situation as it will not lower your balance anywhere near the 30% threshold.
      Credit One is known to increase credit limits after the first month or two for cardholders, myself included, who do not have high balances and who have paid on time.

    2. Renee

      Always try to pay a little more than min payment it will help in the long run.

  12. John

    If you can avoid getting a credit one credit card, avoid it like the plague!! When I saw this, I thought it was capital one. The logos are very similar. I did get the card and have regretted it ever since. I make my payments on time, but my balance never (and I mean NEVER!) goes down. In fact, with all the fees they charge you, the balance keeps going up and up! I can’t WAIT to get this card paid off. And once I do, I will never, ever use it again. There are too many choices out there, even if you credit is not so great. Don’t fall for this! Do yourself a favor and look for another card or be patient until you can qualify for a better card. Even a secured card is better than this financial trap! Beware!

    1. Marvin C.

      Thank you for your post. It was very helpful to me, but could you tell me how long it took to receive your card? I was approved on the 1st, and I’m just wondering when it will show up. I called their customer service, and they were no help at all. I checked my online status and it simply says I’m approved and they’ll update when it’s mailed. Seems like it should have been sent by now. What was your experience with receiving the card after applying? Also, I received absolutely no communication from them. There’s been no confirmation email or anything. Was that your experience as well? Thanks in advance.

      1. cyrusghosts

        Did you receive it yet? I was approved on May 30th and still have the “check back here for mail date” message!

        1. JOHN C

          I was approved may 28th and it was sent on June 9th.

      2. Taylor

        Did any of you receive your cards yet? I was approved on the 9 & today is the 21 & I still haven’t received it.

      3. Vee

        I received my card about 2 to 3 weeks after being approved.

      4. Marissa J Allen

        Mine was mailed on the 14th and I was approved on th 5th of july

    2. Katrina

      Thank you so much for the information my card came today they got me to I thought it was a capital one card until it came i was like what is this I was preapproved for 25,000 but when i did it said. 500 and it. Put hard inquiries on my. Credit report not good if trying to fix or improve credit so what now if you dont want the card and perfer capital one. Will it hurt your credit if u cancel it and I agree the fees are a trap

      1. cyrusghosts

        Katrina, how long after you were approved did you receive your card? Thanks!

        1. bluesky40

          Hi did you ever get your card

    3. Patrick

      Can you cancel the credit one card before you activate it. After reading reviews I have changed my mind. I am still waiting on my card cigs in mail to.

      1. Temperamental

        Were you able t cancel your account if you didn’t activate the card?

    4. Bob

      What is the credit limit this card offers i have a 720 vredit score an need something with a big credit line

  13. Greg

    Credit one is what they are. They are a company for people with bad credit. I experienced a major work slowdown, a terrible divorce and a bk. I know what good credit cards are but knew I lost them and had to start over. Long forgotten are the days of my $15,000 Chase visa, my $12,000 Discover card and my American Express platinum card. Not to mention my credit line with Chase bank and the ability to buy anything I wanted anywhere with a signature! So be it, sometimes you just have to be humble and say What the ****, it’s gonna be a rough ride.

    I got my $300 Credit One Visa, oh boy! They offered me $400 upon receipt for only a $25 fee , which I accepted. As time went on, I got the privilege of a $700 Merrick Visa (Woo hoo). 6 months later, Merrick kicked it up to $1400. I wasn’t taking any European vacations, but it was getting better. Credit one raised me bit by bit, of course getting $25 each time, but it was going up. Then Capitol One (The real one lol) gave me a $300 credit line but they jumped me up to $1500 in 3 months and then to $2300 in another 6 months. Then they finally kicked me up to $5300 and I finally felt like I have a real credit card again. I could actually finance that flight to London now!

    All in all, I know Credit One over charged me, but I was a high risk. They didn’t know if I would pay them, so I accepted my fate. Of course I did pay them and my credit score is back up to 700. I can buy another house and don’t have to avoid credit checks anymore. Sure I’m not at my pre divorce/bk score of 796, but I’m a lot closer than I was when I accepted that $300 Credit One card.

    Should I cancel the card now? I don’t know, the $8 a month I get charged for the “priviledge” of carrying their wanna be Capital One card is a bit excessive, but I sort of feel they got me back on my feet in the credit world. I don’t dislike them, I just realize what they are. They aren’t American Express and they never claimed to be. If their customer service rep speaks English, I’m pleased. No, they don’t let you set up auto pay,which I found a bit frustrating, but they do send you email reminders a good day before your bill is due. Of course that’s a joke, so I make it habit on bill pay day to always check the account to make sure I don’t miss a payment. However if you do miss a payment, they don’t report you, they just charge you $25!

    I didn’t sign up with them to get great credit deals or to utilize buyers protection, I signed up with them to re-build my credit. It costs a few dollars to do that, but good credit is so worth it. I know I had it before!

    I would not recommend anyone with a strong score to use them, they aren’t that kind of business. When I read about people complaining about them, I have to ask myself, who do they think you are working with? Use them if your credit is in the toilet, build your score up and go get a card with Amex or Chase and then expect your good customer service. Your not getting it from them, they don’t do that sort of service!

    1. Carly

      I agree with you completely Greg, no one else would give me a credit card and they did, I don’t expect to be given perks as long as I’m able to build my credit. But perhaps you can answer this for me-how are they helping to do that if they don’t appear on my credit report?

  14. Mia Pabon

    Well I have several cards capital one and credit one. I have to say I love both of my Capital one cards, and so far haven’t had any problems with this card. I just dont like having to wait 5 days before the payments post. I wish they would let me pay with my debit card instead. Got this card in April made first payment in May and got a 200 increase which brought me to 700. I also received and invite from Merrick Bank for a 600 limit and 600 increase after 7 months of on time pay. Once I reach my 7th month and get my increase I will close my credit one acct. Dont want too may cc’s 3 is more then enough for me. I started oit with capitol one and 300 limit it will be a yr on July and my limit is now 1500. I got a capital one rewards card and had a 500 limit after 5 mos of on time pay it is now 750. I use my cards and dont pay the full bal I always leave 100 on each, so far it has worled my score took a hit ar first because I had too may new acct open, then it started to go back up. So just use it responsibly and always leave a bal of no less then 50. Oh yeah I always pay over my min by 100 if the bal is that high. Hopes this helps someone!

  15. Jan

    I just received an offer from Credit One for a pre-approved card with a credit line up to $2500.00. No annual fee, 1% cash back reward and free credit score. I have searched high and low trying to find where I would see if this card has a grace period. Can anyone please tell me where to find this information? Also when it states “up to $2500.00 line of credit” does this mean $2500.00 or something much less? After reading most of the comments here I am a bit skeptical if I should try this offer or forget about it.

    1. Latosha

      Yes I was up to 1500 and only got 300

  16. Jenn

    I was approved for my CreditOne card in Nov. 2016. I use the card pretty often, always paying at least double the minimum balance. When I hit the six month mark yesterday I received an automatic increase of $200. I wasn’t expecting it, figured it would be at least a year. No complaints here.

    1. Andre

      Credit 1 increase my limit $200 after 1 month of using the card my limit is $600 now

      1. John

        Credit one offered me an upgrade of $100, but wanted a $25.00 fee to do this. No thanks, I can get my card limit upgraded with capital one or other cards without paying a fee.

  17. Eugene P Morris

    I have been working on my credit for the past 5 months was approved for a creditone platinum card.I called to activate the card and they want proof of who i am no problem sent drivers license birth certificate utility bill via fax.Another week goes by i called and was told they need another 7 to 10 days to investigate my paper work as there have been many similar applications with my name..I was shocked and upset i asked what similarities?? she would not say and hung up.. so very upset wondering what if any options other than patience i have available you might suggest??

    1. Shawn

      Got a credit one prescreened offer in mail for my gf, she did app online,stated they would notify her by email,never did,so she calls a 1800 number and they asked for her ssn, bd, and full name..is this normal?

      1. Donna Powell

        Don’t know same here, been approved waiting on card in mail?

        1. Jen

          Same here.. waiting 2 weeks so far..

  18. jakub

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  19. Aisha Gordon

    I just applied for the card today 2.1.17. It says approved for a 300 limit. What shall I expect from this card? Will I see a credit score increase within the next couple of months if I pay on-time?

    1. Alexa

      Hi Aisha, I was approved on a $300 credit limit also and I made a purchase of $170 and paid it off right away. They immediately increased my credit from $300 to $600 within like, 2 weeks. However, my balance will be like, $100 and I’ll try and make a transaction in person or online and my card is constantly getting declined. Their customer service is absolutely terrible when it comes to getting assistance so good luck with all of that! I am thinking of paying off my balance and closing this card, because it’s been nothing but headaches with this company.

      1. Shamika

        I’ve encountered that same issue…They say that its because I used my card at a place that was high risk and they need to verify that particular place with you and they will immediately remove the block while you’re on the line..Wow. it seems every where is a high risk

    2. K Fortson

      Credit One Bank will give an initial increase the next month (complimentary)if you pay your $75 annual fee in full the minute you receive your card. Mine was $150 increase. After this increase, you must wait until your anniversary date for the next increase, depending on which card offer you excepted. I pay my balances in full every month for the first year, and received my increase of $250 (anniversary date) just recently with no fee. Problem: Now that this is year 2, I noticed my monthly annual fee ($8.25) now falls on my closing statement date which automatically causes an interest fee. Not happy with that because I always pay in full before closing statement to avoid interest. Now I’m forced to pay $9.01, for the monthly annual fee. How can Credit One Bank get away with charging interest on your monthly annual fee.

      1. Sheila G

        now that you’ve established some credit for yourself let credit one know that you will be closing your account if annual fee isn’t lifted. If they don’t grant your request and remove it….move on…in fact move on anyway. Capital One will be glad to give you all and more with zero annual fee. I promise they did it for me. With no established credit at all!! Stop giving this company your 💰 money!!

      2. Sam

        I just called in regards to the same issue. I loved the card and had no problems whatsoever, UNTIL I reached my 2yr mark and the monthly/annual fee started being charged on the statement date. So hear I’m thinking I have a $0.00 balance only to log into my account and see an $8.25 monthly/annual fee and an interest charged. They said they would waive my fees for 6months. Once they waived it, I called to cancel the card. I don’t like feeling like Im being deceived especially when it comes to my money!

      3. John

        You are correct. There’s another thing I don’t like about Credit One. When you go to make a payment, it gives you two choices for payment. Now if you don’t know this the first time you pay, they’ve got you over a barrel for more money. If you make a payment close to your payment date, you are going to have to PAY THEM to make this payment and have it credited as being ON TIME. Other wise if you take the second choice, it takes them 15 DAYS to post your payment. If that goes past your payment due date, they are going to count you as making a late payment and it will hurt your credit. I can’t wait to pay this off and be done with Credit One!

    3. Kelly

      Aisha Gordon & Jennifer-I used to do credit repair at a law firm and one thing I learned from working there that which I did not know about building credit is that you actually build credit by making minimum payments on time not the total amount spent. To clarify, before learning about credit repair I had two credit cards both with $800 limits. I would spend the $800 each month and pay off the full amount of $800 each month on time, because I thought that would give me the best credit score; I was wrong!! It actually hurts your credit to use the full credit amount you are given, regardless of paying it in full on time each month. So, even though I wasn’t incurring finance charges/fees, I wasn’t helping my credit score. The best way to build credit is when you don’t use more than 30% of your limit amount & make the minimum payments on time. Sucks doing it that way because of course then you end up paying fees. But that is how you increase your credit score :(

      1. Chantell

        Wow. Not true. I worked with a credit agency. I have a secured card and an unsecured card. I use 10% of my limit and payoff on the due date. My score increases every month.

  20. Michelle

    Do you have to pay the 75 fee bedore using the card? Or will ir deduct from the available balance? Im still waitin on my card, was approved for a 300 limit. Im a little confused by this.

    1. J. Smith

      it is taken out on the first billing cycle. So you will get your card and it will have a $300 balance and then when the first billing cycle hits they will add the $75 fee to your card. If you have already used your $300 credit limit you will go aver your $300 credit limit and be charged a $35 over limit fee as well. So it is best to assume that the $75 is already taken out when you get your card.

      1. Aisha Gordon

        J Smith….have you seen a change in your credit score since having the card?

      2. Monica Martin

        How long it takes to get your credit one card when you’re approved

    2. Samantha

      You will get a 300 dollar credit limit but do not go over $225. They will take the 75 out on first billing statement

    3. William Shock

      The $75 is deducted from your available balance, you can use the card as soon as you activate it.

  21. Yolanda

    OMG all these negative comments & I got a pre-approved application went online yesterday & got approved. But now w all these comments. Trying also to rebuild my credit. But now I don’t know.

    1. Jennifer

      I have had the card for a month. I was skeptical from reviews that I read online as well but so far I have been pleased. I would say go for it and use the card for its purpose (to build your credit or repair). customer service and payment system are good as well.

      1. jackelyn sansone

        Customer service sucks, can’t use your card out of state without calling them and even then you’ll Sit on the phone with them for 30 mins to an hour and still can’t use your card… They suck and I’ve had them for 2 weeks… Its my daughter’s birthday and out of state and i can’t even get her a gift… They told me my card was good to use in this state now but still getting declined with a limit still usable do now i can’t even go out to dinner like we were supposed to because I’m afraid I’m going to get done with dinner and be declined and then what? I have no cash… They SUCK!!!

        1. Eugene P Morris

          If you need a credit card to buy a birthday gift and or go out to dinner sounds to me like you should review your finances…Credit cards are not supposed to be used for everyday living save your money and use cash your better off gl..

          1. Michael Coster

            Using cash instead of a card is not necessarily a best practice. People who have a reward cards that they pay off monthly can make substantial cash back. Save the cash for the month, make purchases with your card, send the cash payment at the end of the month and you can get hundreds of dollars per year basically for free. Cards are no longer simply credit instruments…They’ve become valuable payment instruments when used correctly.

          2. Shakera Rush

            I was thinking the same thing!!

        2. Mari

          Hey I was trying to call customer service .. I call to many numbers but I can’t have a person to talk to me??do you have the number ? Can you share it to me pls

        3. shamika Jackson

          You may have used the card before and they blocked it because the last place of transaction was a high risk..Call them

        4. Kera

          Jackelyn, why would you be out of state with no money?? Credit Cards aren’t meant to be used as your primary source of income. No dinner?? Not even a birthday card?? You should have stayed home and cooked.

      2. Temperamental

        I just did and thought the same thing. My application says approved pending verification of information & identity. What does this mean? Anyone have this happen?
        What if they ask me to mail my id, and I changed my mind, will this cancel my application. After reading all the reviews, I am not sure if I want this card now.

        1. Niesh

          Where you ever able to cancel this Card ? I’m in the same situation.

    2. Kathy

      Can someone please tell me what the authorized user fee of 19.00 is every month ???

  22. Stephanie Howard

    You might also want to note that after 3 payments in a cycle they will freeze payments. They literally only allow you to make 3 payments in a billing cycle. Which for those of us that like to pay balances down as we charge them up, kinda sucks.

    Card did what i needed. Got a 17% interest rate and the high annual fee. 24 day grace period. Just got approved for a citi card with a 2k limit so creditone will be getting cancelled soon.

  23. Jason

    I was approved December 17th 2016 for the Visa Platinum how much longer till I receive my card in the mail

    1. Rareavis434

      I applied for mine on 12/20. They just sent me an email yesterday saying the card was in the mail

    2. Ruth nelson

      I was approved 11/27/2016 I was wandering the same every time I check status still says approved and will update when mailed. I called them and was told they were still setting up account give 2-3 more weeks if I haven’t gotten it by then to call back this was on Jan 2 2017. I have to say it’s still better than capital one they shut my card off for making two payments in two weeks. I’m just trying build my credit back up. I informed capital one I would not make another payment till my card was turned back on I’m 61 years old have cancer really hard for me to get around so I send my son to make payments withdrawals store so he pretty much takes care of my financial needs. They told me I had get my outta bed me dying of cancer take my ID to bank before they would turn my card back on I tried to explain my situation but they wouldn’t listen I’m laying in hospital bed in my home knowing my days are numbered and they couldn’t let my son bring the id to bank or some other way prove was me and bad thing is he’s on account with me. Sorry for rant but capital one is sorry bunch of people credit one may take there time getting card to me but I’m sure I’ll be treated with much more respect. Prayers to everybody out there and thank god for everyday you have with your family an loved ones cause you never know when it’s your last words you may get speak with them. Much love to all my brother and sisters of the world especially ones fighting the good fight against this awful disease cancer keep your head up an don’t give up and know if nobody cares for ya god does an so do I love and respect to everybody out there all colors sry for rant. My meds have me loopy lol btw I was given 6 months to live over 2 years ago I’m gonna beat this

      1. John smith

        Ruth I’m sorry for what you r going thru god can take that cancer right off you but I agree credit one is much better than capital one they also turned my card off no warning but it was for making 300$ payment they wanted me send bank statements have my bank call them prove was my bank account bad thing is I sent in a check wtf can’t they read it says my name on top check lol. I hope you get your card soon Ruth nelson and best wishes hang in there an know I’ll be praying for you tonight and all cancer patients. You must have a good son taking care all your financial requirements god bless him also.

      2. John H

        Hey Ruth, F* Cancer all the way. Just wanted to say I was approved on 11/30/16. For whatever reason it didn’t go out until 1/9/17. Funny thing is it told me that on 1/6/17. No typo you’re reading it correctly.

        But I did get it. Surprisingly enough no annual fee yet. I hope everything gets better for you. Stay strong!

      3. Paula smith

        God bless u sir…praying for u…

        1. paula smith

          Sorry Ruth..I said sir…blessings and healing..in Jesus name

      4. tee

        god bless you…you are in my prayers

      5. Frank Makaravage

        Yes you are!!!!!!!!!

    3. Cassandra peters

      Exactly! ! Have you got yours yet? Mine was just finally approved a couple days ago. But i still don’t have a mail date.

    4. Leilei

      How long until you got your card in the mail ?

  24. Tim

    I’ve had this card for over 3 years now, for the first year due to hard times this card stayed maxed out with me only being able to pay the minimum. i thought this card was a rip off due to the extreme late fee’s. but i realized it was due to me not paying on time. Finally got a better Job and was able to pay bigger amounts. they increased my CL from 300 to 600. I went to my credit union to apply for a motorcycle loan they looked at my credit and told if i paid off my credit one card now, my credit score will go up 100 points in 30 days and i can get a better intrest rate on the bike. I did what she said and My credit score did increase by 80 points (not 100). Now credit one is offering me a master card with a $500 CL. has anyone else got this offer, and do you think it would be smart to accept this offer. of course i wouldnt use the card, it would just be used to extend my line of credit.

    1. Terry

      How long do it take to get the card

      1. Jennifer Bagwell

        I have yet to use or make an “annual fee” payment and matter of fact was actually trying to remember the password due to waiting so long BUT… I did app and approved on 12/8 and received billing for card but not the card. After calling a SECOND time,they said call after 1/2 had I not received card. After deciding I was not going to get card nor wait, it come the next day..I got it on 1/14

    2. Jennifer

      I cannot say as far as the credit one 500, due to 1)..I’ve just received the platinum visa with 300$ credit limit and 75$ annual fee until yr 2(when it goes up to $99. However, the first card I was interested in (and still have no clue as to how I’ve gotten it,let alone any others was from my bank. I’ve been banking with them since 2008. I can’t say they YET that I’ve had any issues with BOA but,never know.I received a 600$ credit limit, having to have a security fee of 100$ taken out first of course. Also it is not linked to my checking account so that is a plus. After that,I got a Walmart card w a 350 credit limit and I do have a cash advance offer with that as well,not for full amount but,I think it is $200. I am working on paying my cards down also while a struggle with rent and not knowing what to do with the credit one card. I could be in a situation to where I have no choice but to use it momentarily but… Just an opinion but I think in some cases trying your bank wouldn’t be a bad idea?…

  25. Dacoford

    Hi, having the card for less than a week and already receive my first bill with a$75 anual fee. How can I have a 75 dollars bill for anual fee if I have the car for less than a month?

    1. Tamora

      How long did it take to receive the card in the mail after you was approved?

      1. Tera Clark

        I got approved 11/25 card shipped 11/28 received it on 12/07/16

        1. Tamora

          Thanks…I was approved on December 5…received an email from them on Dec 8 verifying that I was approved but still no updated status on their website. So I just wanted to double check

          1. Ruth nelson

            I was approved 11/27-2016 still says approved but will update once card is mailed. I called them they said I should receive card in 2-3 weeks. They were still setting up my account I’ve never had a credit card take this long to get set up and sent.

        2. Amanda

          I still haven’t received my card and it still says keep checking back it was received on 12/12 and approved, should I get it before Christmas? I hope, oh yeh I never got emails from them about anything?

          1. Angela

            I’m having the same issue. Applied. Approved 12/15/16 but no further updates. Never received an email. Was hoping to have it by Christmas but I guess not.

            1. mike j

              i was approved before that my card was shipped 12/19 still waitin and its 12/24

            2. Ruth nelson

              Don’t get be looking for it anytime soon I’ve been waiting since 1-/27-16. I called them Jan 2 and was told they were still setting up my Ccount give 2-3 weeks and if not received by then to call back. I don’t know why it’s taking so long I pay my bills and usually send extra and I was also wishing to get mine before Christmas maybe I will get it by next Christmas hopefully. Hope you have received yours by now.

              1. Ruth nelson

                11/27/16 sry

    2. Tammy

      That is the annual fee, it tells you that when you apply.

    3. Robert

      As Tammy said, it’s an annual fee, not a charge you made. You will pay an annual fee every time the new year (of the time your account began) happens. Sometimes it stays the same, sometimes it is lowered, etc. It’s been years, but when I had an annual fee I was never charged for going over the limit, I just didn’t have any room to charge anything until it was paid (if it put me over my limit.) Not being one to defend all the less than honest practices of these kinds of cards for people with less than stellar credit, we did get ourselves into this mess and this is what they mean by paying the price.

    4. John H

      It was automatic and in your agreement. If you got approved I’d say READ. I’m not trying to be rude but there is a reason you applied for the card. Trust me you don’t want to be careless.

    5. Piggy

      They charged $75( annual fee) right away after approved the card.you have to pay the fee even you dont use card unless you cancel it.

    6. Nikki

      Did you have to pay the full 75 or is it in installments for the year?

  26. Kay Sparks

    I tried to talk to them ask questions….BUT the only way TO contact them, is to Accept The Card and all its terms..I JUST want to ask questions, how do I DO that, without committing to a potentially bad plan? I can NOT Get A Human?

  27. Shekita

    I just got approved for a $300 CL But more it says more info is needed to verify me. What does it usually be an is there any out of pocket fee I have to pay

    1. James Moninger

      Credit issuers in the United States are required to verify the identity of their customers in order to comply with the requirements of the US Patriot Act.

      I’m not sure what documentation they are asking you to submit, but it is nothing personal,has nothing to do with your credit worthiness, and there should be no fee of any kind. Give them what they are asking for and you should be fine!


      1. Tamakiia J.

        I received the same messages and I called and they requested a copy of my social security card! I have never heard of this

  28. Tera

    I’ve had this card for six months and this morning my available credit is showing a $150 increase over the point when it was opened. Do they do automatic credit line increases, and if so, will they charge me for it? I can’t see any way to contact them by phone and actually speak to a representative (only option I can tell is their automated system).

    1. Frank Natsuhara

      My experience with Credit One has been fairly a positive one.
      I open an account approximately a year ago for $300 CL. I paid my balance off every month and within 2 months it increased to $500. After 6 months it was $950 and now it is at $1,200.

      I think you have to put things in perspective, when I applied my Credit Score was just around 600. After having a Credit One credit card my FICO score was getting higher and it allowed me to get other companies like Capital One and Discover to give me credit. My FICO score is now well over 700. All the fees and high interest from Credit One should be expected if you are rebuilding your credit because you are not a good credit risk. Once you’ve proved to be a good credit risk like myself, I don’t see any additional fees. Credit One gave me an opportunity to rebuild my credit, which is what it is there for. No one else was going to give me a credit card at the time. Now, that I have better credit, it may be a good time to shop for a better rate from someone else, but, I am grateful to Credit One for giving me a chance to repair my credit history.


      1. Julie Aboulhosn

        So far I’m pleased. I have awful credit due to student loans and this was the first company that ever sent me a credit offer. I read the terms, became familiar with their fee schedule and I happily accepted. I have been a member since August 2016. After I made my first (or second, can’t remember) on-time payment I received an automatic credit increase of $200! The automatic increase did not count against my credit score.

        Yes, their customer service is pretty awful; mainly due to outsourcing and language barriers.. Their website has a few issues from time to time as updates are implemented.. But that’s to be expected since they’re not as established as other credit lenders.

        Overall my score would be 3.5/5 for this company. They gave me a chance when no one else would. Their fees are in my opinion a small price to pay in comparison. I see myself keeping this card open for a while.

      2. Mario

        You are exactly right. I did the same thing as you and now I have all the good credit cards with the help of Credit One Bank. If you have bad credit, you have to start somewhere and just put up with all their fees.

      3. Judy

        I just was approved for Credit one. Can you give me pointers on how to make sure they dont rip me off? As long as monthly payments are made on time there are no other fees other than monthly payments and the annual fee right?

    2. Jessica Simpson

      Yes they do. Mine was just raised from 300 start…to 500 and now to 700 without me knowing it was being done. I saw it when i went to pay tne bill this month.lok

    3. Laura

      Yes ..look on the back of your credit card .the number is there. All the bad credit credit cards have fees for credit line increases. But we are lucky to get credit so we get punished by fees and stuff

    4. jadedgentleman

      In response to your question about the credit line increase: I’ve had my card less than 3 months and received an email notifying me of “an automatic increase” of $200.00. I don’t understand all the hate directed towards Credit One. I was instantly approved for $500 for this card with a lower APR than my other two credit cards, both of which were issued by major banks. Also, I was approved with no annual fee, and the card pays 1% rewards. While I am unsure about the grace period, or lack thereof, I do know that the 11 day posting period is what they tell you but the payments and available credit are posted much sooner most of the time.

  29. Annie A

    Hi- I just stumbled upon this blog thread regarding Credit One. I thought I would throw in my experience. I first got the card 4 years ago in 2012 while still recovering from a 2008 bankruptcy (post divorce) in order to build my credit. Low CL and 24.5% APR plus $100 yearly fee and no grace period. I used it only for small things and paid off the balance every month. For two years now I have kept $0 balance, and they have raised my CL to $2400 and split the yearly fee up monthly. I called them today to complain about the lack grace period, as I am charged interest monthly on that yearly fee. It’s not much, but the idea of this bothered me. The representative said it is not possible at this time to lump my fee into one yearly payment, but since I am now considered a long time customer they will waive that fee for 6 months and also informed me that my interest rate on PURCHASES as well as the fee has been lowered to 2%. That is not a typo. TWO PERCENT down from 24.5%. I asked him to clarify over and over… is this even possible??

    1. James Moninger


      Per your post you are a long time cardholder with a perfect payment record. I am guessing you spoke to an off-shore call center about the grace period and annual fee. You might want to consider writing to Credit One at their corporate headquarters in Las Vegas. At a minimum, someone in the US would at least view your requests. Best of luck. James

  30. Sharif Pettiford

    Im just tryna understand the capital one card more.Question my credit limit is $300 and i spend alot but everything they want me to pay i pay.so why when i pay my available credit is only $25 out of a $300 credit limit!??? Please someone help me understand!

    1. Tera

      It will take a few days or so to have your current open-to-buy amount updated on the web site.

    2. Matthew

      The card comes packed with fees. All of them are charged to the card before you even activate it. Like capital one. I have a limit of $4,500 and I always pay at least $200 every month. Keeps you out of debt also, I have been a card holder since 2003. Lots
      Of fees but there are ways around it.

  31. stacey

    I’ve had this card for 2 years now with a zero balance. I’m thinking about cancelling the card due to the annual fee and high interest rate. I also have a discover, barclay and capital one with no annual fee,so there’s no need for this card. How much will my credit score drop if I was to cancel this card. With my score near high 600, I don’t want to cancel if it’s going to be a big drop. what are your thoughts?

    1. James Moninger


      Unless this card accounts for a significant percentage of your total available credit, it may be in your overall best interests to cancel it.

      Take the actual credit card out of the equation for a moment since you don’t use it anyway. The question then becomes: Should I continue to pay $99 per year (or whatever your annual fee is) to potentially increase my credit score by a few points?


      1. Carlos

        Does anyone have information on how to cancel this card. There is no phone number and the address is a P.O box in Las Vegas.

    2. Amber

      Have had them for 6 months now with the annual fee and interest charges they have already gotten 115.88$ from me in the past 6 months unreal will be canceling soon! And wont give me a credit line increase till i have been with them for a min. Of a year so when i called to ask them about it to try to understand why seems how it’s 300 and my score is now over 600 all 100% in time payments and i got hung up on!

      1. Amber

        Then after that year I will get charged monthly to have the card no th not worth it at all

      2. Jessica Simpson

        Thats weird. My score was around 525 when i got the card a year ago. 300 cl start…exactly 3 months later (used card mamy times and made multiple payments a month) they automatically raised my limit to 500….and now my score is around 660 and they recently raised it again without me asking to 700.
        Maybe it is case by case basis? They liked how i used the card a lot maybe ? LoL
        Def weird tho that u havent gotten increase

      3. James Moninger


        I am curious as to whether Credit One has increased your credit line yet. I hope so!

    3. Rita

      Dont close your account it will lower your credit score. Use the card atnleast 1 or 2 a month make small purchases like 10.00 25.00.

    4. Laura

      You can cancel one card per year without it affecting you to much.

  32. James Moninger

    I applied for the “platinum” card a week ago and received it in the mail within five days. The disclosure document that came with the card indicates an initial interest rate of 16.52% (a rather odd number) and a 25 day grace period for purchases. I have no plans to carry a balance on this card, so the APR has little meaning to me, but the grace period matters a lot. My annual fee is $35 for the first year and $75 per year thereafter. As others have stated, the specific terms were disclosed before I had to make the choice to accept the card.

    I really don’t care about their logo, but if I wanted to imitate someone, I think I would set my sights higher than Capital One.

    This isn’t a great card, but so far it isn’t too bad, either. I appreciate this site and enjoy reading all of the posts!

  33. BB

    Hello everyone! I’ve read through lots of comments and I see that this card usually has no grace period which means interest accumulates immediately after a charge? But does anyone mind sharing what their interest was? What was the percentage of the interest and what was the amount of the charge? Any examples would be great. I’m considering this card as I know I would use it responsibly but I want to know what I’m getting into.

  34. LadeeGee58

    Oops so sorry about the typos grrrrrr sometimes I hate autocorrect. Misspelled word(s): s9n = soon
    Also, having this card allowed me to get pre-approved catalog cards that I shop from, as well as a QVC card and a Walmart store card. Unfortunately, I have too many hard dings in my credit scores, and that’s my own fault. But hopefully they’ll start falling off little by little. Out of all the cards I have, I use my Capital One Secured card, because here of late some unexpected situations popped up causing me to literally max out my card, but I will be paying more than the minimum payment of $27.00. I also use my HSN sporadically, and my Ashley Stewart sporadically as well. The others,I dont use at all. But as I said previously, once my paychecks start rolling, I can pay off my most used cards in full in no time. Blessings everybody!!! 👼👼👼👼👼😊😊😊😊

  35. LadeeGee58

    Hello Beverly and everyone 😊 I have the Credit One Platinum Visa card, and so far I haven’t had any problems. Once I paid the $75.00 fee, I tossed it into a drawer, and forgot about it. Oh and shortly after I made the first payment they increased my CL by $150 bringing my total CL to $450,because they start you off with $300. I made sure I read EVERYTHING!!! and now they have an app which can be downloaded to your phone, and so far, it works fine. I will be starting a new job s9n, and once my paychecks start rolling, I will be able to keep an even closer watch on my cards, and the balances off in full. Good luck to everyone trying to rebuild their credit👍

    1. Ttenay Martinez

      Thank you for the positive input 😀

    2. Tina

      I just applied and got approved for this card. Then I seen this review. Started to very a little nervous. So are you saying this is a good card?? Don’t want to be screwed over or make my credit any worse.

      1. Laura

        Well I had mine for a year and never had a real problem .just make your monthly payment if not more. Most of the “bad credit credit cards are the same with fees and annual fees maintenance fees ” just try to keep at least 100 on .

    3. Juan

      Do you have to paid the 75 dollars fee before you was able to used the card?

      1. Sandra Koski

        No once you acting ate card it’s yours to use. Your life it is less till you pay the 75 on first statement then your credit is what it’s suppose to be. I tend to them today and asked question about the actual credit line.

  36. LadeeGee58


    1. Christina


  37. joltdude

    Part of the reason folks have problems with Credit One other than deceptive advertising and not stellar terms.. Is the whole no grace period thing… But the other main reason is they are a division of LVNV Funding.. the slightly notorious creditor/collection agency…

    Hence the somewhat misleading terms and lack of transparency.

    Even if your in the bottom of the credit barrel. there are usually a few better options, but if your aggressive at managing it, you can use this as a stepping stone if your stuck with it..

    That be said they arent the most predatory of the subprime market but pretty damn close..

    Still a firm believer in saving up for a security deposit and going that route.. But even in the shallow end of the credit pool.. its relatively easy to get something from Capital One vs Credit One… or a generous CU… (some are very conservative like banks)…


  38. John McClaine

    HAS NOBODY HERE READ THE CONSUMER AFFAIRS COMPLAINTS??? THERE’S 630 OF THEM!!!! Seriously, from the looks of it this company is a scam and for Beverly Herzog to not know is ludicrous… Do a simple Google search, you will figure it out…

    1. Edward Townsend

      I’ve had this card for 6 months….I pay on time and I have experienced no problems. Look at all credit cards and their reviews. No credit company is immune from unsatisfied customers.

      1. KIMBERLY

        Well… I have the card as well and NEVER missed a payment and sometimes paid twice a month to keep my balance at a minimum. I was still charged a late fee because they claim I paid my bill too soon. I made my payment on 8/3 statement came out 8/4 payment due 8/28. On 8/30 I was charged a late fee of $25. I called to dispute the charge it was reversed but then 9/4 I was charged it again. Their reasons I made my payment before the statement was generated. BS… I’m still fighting this. Don’t get the card. This is fraud

        1. Claire

          That’s true of any card. You messed up, not them.

          1. VeeDee

            Right. She’s making the payment toward the last billing cycle. So yeah that’s her. And to do it again after seeing what happened the first time did not make logical sense.

        2. Stevens

          I have a capital one card and made the mistake of puttuing money on my card early and still had to payvthe monthly because I paid before the statement came out. I was told wait until the day the statement comes out then make payment.

        3. Ebony

          Yes, you paid on your account before your statement was generated. Therefore you did not make a payment between the statement generation date and the due date so you are at fault not the card company.

          1. aliciamia

            yeah she right i make my paymnet when statement it generates right is not the credit card company

  39. Ashley

    I just got the application for the platinum visa and it doesn’t have a grace period. It clearly states we will begin charging interest on purchases and cash advances on the posting date. The APR is 24.15% it states it will vary with the market based on prime rates. You won’t be charged a minimum 1.00 interest for the first year. Annual is 75.00 first year and 99.00 a year after billed 8.95 monthly. Transaction fees for cash advance will be 5.00 or 8% of the advance whichever is greater, but for cards with a 400.00 or lower you will not be charged for the first year(introductory period). Penalty late payment and returned payment 35.00, you have the option after your first payment to change your billing date to either 6 days before or 6 days after your original date twice a year(every 6 months) cash back rewards are credited to the account for 1% of eligible purchases they are very specific to which kind and how the store bills them to using certain SIC codes,so you might make an eligible purchase but if the store doesn’t bill it right you won’t get the credit for it. To access your free credit score also included with the platinum visa you have to sign up for online access and allow up to 60 days for your first score, they are also clear on the fact that they can cancel at anytime. They say $0 enrollment fees and $0 over the limit fees for platinum cards. Minimum amount offered is 300 up to 1,500. I hope this helps the info was very clear and concise just had to read it throughly.

    1. Kimberly Summers

      Can you explain the transaction fees for cash advance not being charged the first year of your limit is under 400

    2. Steve Hill

      So what did they tell you the “enrollment fee” was?

  40. Mia

    i got a Credit one I read agreement and terms I agree with them no issue , gettingthe card to get better score i call customer service on a Saturday 8/20/2016 no issue I didn’t have to punch #2 to speak so so far I happy with them.

    1. Juan

      Did you have to pay the 75 dollars fee before you can start to use the card?

  41. Elizabeth Moore

    I once had Debt from six years ago and it stopped me from buying a home
    my family had been making effort to move into. Imposters ripped me off my money.I came across some guys online after contacting them they were prompt, courteous, and genuinely. They fought hard for me, and thanks to them, we are closing on our new place! I can highly recommend them Alphacreditservices@groupmail.com to anyone with any type of credit score related issues . Don’t know how they did it but you will thank me dozen

    1. Dominic Moody

      Do you think they could help me. All I need is a fax statement if my updated balance, so I can be approved for a home loan. I can’t get a simple fax from these people. I’m gonna lose my dream house

      1. Robin

        You can get your own printout from your online access. This should be sufficient proof of your balance.

  42. Swift Interceptores

    Do you want help in accessing any Email, whatsapp or any SOCIAL MEDIA
    Do you want to increase your CREDIT SCORE?
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  43. Chas

    Ok so let’s clear up some things! Beverly Harzog some of your info is correct but a great amount is wrong! When you go to the pre-approval site and submit your info it tells your own terms and agreement! 14 days to post, never had a problem, posts in 2 to 3 days! No grace period is true but don’t spend if you can’t afford to pay right away! Don’t paint this company with a broad brush, my terms are rare but possible! I received a $1500 CL at %19 interest. $45 annual charged annually not monthly after initial year! So If your credit id horrible unless you are going the secured way or maybe Capital One this gives you a chance. Score had increased 110 points since July 1, yes 6 weeks! So if you aren’t responsible don’t do it but that’s goes for any card!

    1. Jenbuzz77@hotmail.com

      So your credit score went up by 110 points in 6 weeks from obtaining a poor/fair/no credit card from this company? Interesting. Maybe that was a typo? I have been working on my score since Feb 2016, one secured card and 2 unsecured, one being credit one. All paid in full before due dates. I have seen my score rise about 20 points.

      1. Uolanda

        Well Jenbuzz he’s not exaggerating bc when I got credit one in June my credit score was 566 and now my TU is 638 after receiving this card.. And I got a credit line increase not even a full month of having this card so I went from $400 to $600 and haven’t had no one problem with this card so far. You’re so right Chas

      2. Josh

        Yea this guy is an idiot. In no world will your score ever increase more than a couple points every 60 to 90 days with a little 1400 dollar revolving credit. As for you if you would leave about a 30% balance on your cards no more no less. Then your score would greatly increase. The beauros update middle of the month so if you pay it in full every month then by the time it does its monthly update it looks like you utilize 0 of your available credit line

        1. LaShay

          Well I don’t know how often you monitor your credit scores but credit karma updates every 7 days so it is possible for them to be getting a jump in score. Yall people need to stop worrying so much about what other people scores look like and judging them based off what they have to say because obviously yall not looking to great in the credit area either if you have this card lmao. So who the idiot?

          1. Chris

            You be da idiot wid da po grammar yo

            1. VeeDee

              Well, allow me to relay the information you were just given since you were busy playing 4th grade English teacher/grammar police. The point is that you aren’t a credit analyst or else we would be responding to your blog and not Beverly’s. And also, you have no idea if that guy’s credit went up that many points just because your less than stellar credit score hasn’t made any progress. Credits scores change almost daily so based on his credit situation and not yours, it could very well be possible that this happened. Now that I’m finish making my point, do not call people idiots direct or indirectly because you don’t seem like the brightest crayon on the box yourself!!!

          2. Name *

            Yes you’re right. I have credit karma and I can see updates on my credit score every week.

        2. Jodi

          Not to be argumentative but I know factually that what you are saying is absolutely not true. I monitor my credit scores from the three magor credit bureaus and in one month my score went up fifty points (not from this card). I just applied for this card so I cannot speak for this card. I can only tell you about my personal experience with my credit scoring. And that credit scores absolutely can go up more than a point or two in one month.

        3. brandi hughes

          Mine increased by 60 points in a month with a fingerhut card. So it is possible.

          1. Dione

            Right I agree with you , mine jumped over 1 hundred points in 1 ‘month when I lowered my credit card utilization .

        4. Jacob Hejny

          Credit Bureaus apply updates daily. It’s your access to that information that is limited.

      3. Chaltine

        That’s because of the amount of his credit limit. The higher the CL the better your credit score will be.

    2. Mia

      I agree Chad

    3. Robin

      I must agree with Chas. I as well have a credit one card. It is a 1500 cl w/12.75%apr. it was $45 1st yr and $25pr yr after. I’ve had it several years as I used it as a stepping stone from no credit to earning my way to the top. I only use it about 3to5 times a year just because it keeps my credit points at a high. I love my CREDIT ONE CARD.. IT GAVE MY CREDIT SCORE WHAT IT NEEDED TO BEGIN MY DREAM LIVE. BESIDES CREDIT ISNT JUST GIVEN EVERYONE HAS TO START SOMEWHERE. REGARDLESS WHAT CARD ALL FEES/ETC ARE EVER IN PLAIN VIEW. Credit is earn and only the responsible earn it. So research whatever company/bank you are planning on using. It seems the % whom complain didn’t do enough if any research before except their credit card. In which many cases are those that have planned to abuse it anyway.

    4. Jacob Hejny

      The reason for the jump in Credit scores is simple: Credit Limit Increases. This increases total overall available credit. The smaller your balances (Zero is a small number), the bigger the increase in credit scores when credit limit increases reflect on Credit Reports.

  44. Rachel

    I have had a Credit One card for about a year now. They started me with a $700 limit. The annual fee was taken off the top and now its monthly. Honestly, for a second chance card, i feel it is what it is. If you’re smart about using it and pay your bill on time, you shouldn’t have any problems. If you can read, there would be no way of confusing this with Capital One.

    I would not advise mailing in a payment (where do they do that at anymore anyway??). I use my bank’s online bill pay and it takes three days to post, which is standard. When I was using my Amex Bluebird card, it paid it as soon as the next day. I was charged a late fee and my payment posted that same day. They gladly refunded the fee.

    Just because you get a second chance, that doesnt mean you dont still have to abide by the agreement and fees, which are clearly outlined if you want to read them, and use your brain whem it comes to using credit.

    1. Michelle

      Well said

    2. Adam

      Now after reading all this I’m wondering if I should activate my card when it comes. Sounds like there is no easy way to pay the bill without waiting days

      1. Robin

        Not true. You can even use express pay and it’s available within 12hrs. Yes there is a $9.95 fee. However in many cases is cheaper than the outcome. For example a late fee of $35 or temporary/full-timetermination of your card. Regardless it’s possible even by calling direct. They offer many ways to pay. I’ve had mine since college and I’m 42 and have never had any issues. Well I did, I was out of work due to injury for 4months and was unable to pay two of them. I called them and faxed in the requested documents and those 2 months where excused. So yes they will work with you. Just so many are ignorant and aren’t responsible enough to even have a card.

      2. Denise

        You can pay through walmart speedpay. It cost me $8.95 and it available on my card the next day.
        This way theres no link to my bank account.

        1. Rick Revagana

          “No link to your bank account”? ..this tells us that you’re still not grown up enough for a credit card.

    3. Lucetia Stevens

      How long did it take for them to process your application and receive the card?

    4. Phyliciab

      Do they report to all three

    5. joanna

      Did you have to verify your bank account? They are asking me to verify mine.

  45. Brittany cruz

    I am waiting for my card in the mail now. Does anyone know if it takes the full 10 days? Also, do I have to pay the annual $75 fee before I use it? I thought it came out of your credit limit.

    1. Arius Gallegos

      It is taken out but is money you own back that’s an automatic balance due on your card

    2. Christine

      Did you get your card? How has it been? I’m waiting on mines but now I am so confused.

      1. Donald

        When did you get approved?

        1. Name *

          So I applied for credit card now they want more info so will I get approved vafter all info turned in how long does it take for them to let u know and how long does it take to receive card

          1. Lakisha

            I am on the same page. I sent my info to the certified so that I know it was received. A text came to me that it was delivered Aug. 22nd. I just called to make sure they had it and to see if it was processed. I was told it is not in the system that it was received and it takes at least three weeks for the app to process. I am feeling some type of way right now like I am beibg lied to so I am goibgvto make a second call. I suggest you do the same because that is sensitive information that is being sent.

      2. Roberto Santalia

        “mines”? lol

        1. TB

          That’s how the blacks say it.

          1. BT


  46. Brandon

    Thanks Bev! I will be shredding this card! Your advice is spot on.

  47. Raleen Nichols

    Why does thier logo look exactly like Capital One?? Are they part of that company? Or is this to confuse the consumer?

    1. Lee

      Look up “halo effect.”

    2. Jacob Hejny

      It’s a combination of the “Halo Effect” and the “Association Fallacy” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association_fallacy.

      In this case, they are using Capital One’s Halo (Which should be a trademark infringement) and a name that can easily be confused in order to capitalize on Capital One’s brand awareness.

      Credit One is based out of Las Vegas, NV and is NOT associated with Capital One.


  48. Heather Marie aguilar

    I applied and was approved for this card in October 2015. I paid the annual fee right away and received a $150 CL increase. I have not received the increase MTD, but I always charge things on this account and pay in full before it is due. I have paid a max of $4 interest on a balance that I had that wasn’t due till the following month. Honestly that isn’t bad since the balance was $311. The only thing I don’t like is that in OCT I will have a yearly fee that will be billed in small amounts. I am going to see if I can just pay the yearly fee right off. All in all this is not a horrible card, but not the best. It did allow me to improve my credit score from 580 to 646 and I have a secured card and unsecured card with Capital one.

  49. Mzjed

    I received The Card almost two months ago. Its not showing on my reports yet. How long does it take to show? I paid the initial fee and have a credit limit of 300. Havent used it yet.

    1. Mzjed

      The card finally started reporting to the credit Agencies. My score has jumped 60 points.. and now my score is just over 600.Looking forward to more growth in the next 6 to 12 months. I also received a FREE Credit line increase in June.. I received the card in April. I always pay off the card in full when its due. I use it for my Netflix an Hulu accounts. Seems to be working so far.

    2. Tesha

      You have to use it for anything to post to your credit report

    3. Dez

      I believe u must be an active user in the card for it to show up on credit reports ifnu don’t use it an make purchase it won’t show up

  50. Shell

    I have had this card since Dec of 2015. My credit score is not that great by any means. This was the only unsecured card I could get. My limit is $300 and I always make my payment before the due date. Not going to lie, I carry a balance on this card. I’ve yet to have a high payment. Also, I have never had to wait a full 12 days for my funds to be available after making a payment. This is not an ideal card for someone with an average credit score. If it’s all you can get because of bad decisions in the past or limited credit history it really isn’t that bad in my opinion. That being said I do plan to close the account after a year or so if my credit improves enough to qualify for something better. So far my score has went up 11 points in almost 6 months.

  51. Jane

    Thanks Beverly your info was very helpful! The offer for this card just went into the shredder!

  52. Jennie

    Does any one know how to cancel the platinum credit one bank credit card. I’ve had it for a year and do not want to keep paying the monthly fee for membership. I have a zero balance and desperately want to cancel the card. All numbers listed on the website lead to the same automated toll free machine. In the terms and conditions it says to cancel card write into this address. But it doesn’t tell you what to write or what information they need.. Does any one know how to get rid of this horrible card!

    1. Jayme

      Press zero. Keep pressing zero and you’ll get a person.

  53. Jennie

    So I found this review after I got the platinum credit one bank card. I’ve had it for a year and do not want to continue paying a fee when there is zero balance on the card. You can not get a person on any one their listed contact numbers… In the terms of agreement it says write into this address to terminate your card. What the heck do I write?? I’m not going to write the card number and send it to some strange address? Does any one know what to write and how to cancel this cars?

    1. Jayme

      Press zero. Keep pressing it and you’ll get a person.

    2. Rachel Hiles

      Even if you have a zero balance, you still have the card active in case you need it so why wouldn’t you pay the monthly fee?

  54. Stacey

    As an update on this Credit One Platinum MC, my husband and I were concerned about the reporting date so called to ask what day of the month they report and if they report to all three bureaus. The answer was convaluted and very scripted and gave the generic respose of being “the end of the month”. After checking our reports, it turns out they reported on the 15th (not the end of the month) and the statement due date was the 17th! Not only that, they only reported to Equifax. Just be aware. This may not be the best card to start with. However, if you disciplinedon’t in sending payment almost as soon as it posts you may benefit slightly. I will continue to monitor the other bureaus. If they do not report to them as advertised on there site, then I would advise against this card. With the annual fee, no cash back, not reporting to all 3 bureaus, no grace period…there are simply way better choices available. Try Capital One or Discover instead.

    1. Stacey

      Excuse the typos…auto correct isn’t always correct! 😉 Our card is the VISA and not Masternary as previously stated.

      And, as a final note: I barely use this card and I send payment in full as soon as the charge posts to the account. With that being said, the delay in posting payments caused me to miss the reporting date so it actually reported with a balance even though I typically do not carry a balance for more than a few days. Keep this in mind when selecting this card.

  55. Phil

    Hi Beverly,

    I recently received an offer for a card from credit one bank and accepted. They sent me the first statement letter with the annual $75 fee which I admit missed in the fine print. Only thing is they sent me the bill before I even received the card which was a red flag to me. Afterwards I did a little research on the company and stumbled into your post here. I immediately called customer service, explained I never received a card and requested to cancel since I didn’t have a card to activate. I told them I was no longer interested. They tried to bargain with me, trying to convince me that having an account with them is a faster chance to better my credit compared to other companies because they report to the credit bureau monthly, along with waivering $25 of my $75 annual fee. They mentioned if my account wasn’t activated by the end of the month after sending my card, the account would be canceled. Mind you I already have another credit card with capital one anyway. Am I on the right track in cancelling my account with Credit One?


  56. Shaun Anderson

    Yea this card put me in an embarrassing situation because of that delayed access to funds. But I only use it for gas now, no more than 60 a month. So we will see how it works. Trying to build credit.

  57. Name It

    Note: You’ll want to update your review again by next week.

    Harzog: “Credit One doesn’t have a grace period and that’s my biggest beef with the card.”

  58. Anna Eason

    If my balance says 200$ and my credit line say 16$ what does that mean

  59. jenny

    “If you make a payment on a balance, Credit One states that you won’t have access to the newly available credit until 12 days after they receive it. For example, let’s say your credit limit is $300 and your balance is $100. If you send a $100 payment, your available credit doesn’t increase by $100 until 12 days after they receive it. If you mail it, you need to add two or three more days. So count on a 14-day delay from the time you mail the check to have the available credit again.” -Actually credit one bank time frame for a payment to be posted is 7-10 business days.It is advisable to process the payment on the website instead, so the payment will be on time and will just take 4business days for verification for the funds to be available. Having a CREDIT CARD not just CREDIT ONE BANK is a RESPONSIBILITY. It means you have to read the terms and conditions coz everything is actually stated on that piece of paper you just have to RESPONSIBLE by reading it and if you do have what ifs and questions don’t hesitate calling there customer service a lot of them came from overseas but they will serve you right if you’ll treat them right! for me, this card is awesome you just have to be responsible enough

    1. Stacey

      I agree wholeheartedly with Jenny! This card does require a bit of work to stay on top of your fees and balances. However, if you use the card responsibly and do your due diligence in reading and understanding the card terms, you should be just fine. In fact, this card CAN and WILL improve your score and allow you to obtain more attractive cards with all the perks and benefits most people are interested in. Remember, if you are re-building credit then you have made some missteps in the past and making wise credit choices now with regard to keeping utilization low and paying balances in full will almost always result in a higher credit score. Use of this card is no different. It is important to note that the card will come with a balance (Annual fee and any other additional fees charged like card design, extra authorized user cards, etc). Just be prepared to pay all or at least the minimum of $25 when you get the statement and you should be fine by the time the actual card is received. A good rule of thumb is not to consider this new line of credit as an opportunity to spend money you do not have! All the best to everyone building or rebuilding credit!

  60. Ann

    I just got off of the phone with one of Credit One Bank’s customer service reps. (I would’ve emailed them but that is not an option on their antiquated site.) I’ve had my card for nearly two years, have never missed a payment or been late. Not once, not ever. Despite my credit score of 722, I still am charged an annual fee, have a high interest rate, and a very low credit limit. I’ve been a loyal customer and have other cards with much lower rates, no annual fee and high credit limits. This card offers no perks / rewards to boot. The customer service rep I spoke to today informed me that their bank refuses to remove my annual fee or lower my credit score. I wouldn’t recommend this card to anyone. Ever.

  61. Credit Rebuilder

    Am I glad I looked up the reviews before applying for this card!! I am currently trying to rebuild my credit after having lost my shirt and had to file bankruptcy 5 years ago. Bankruptcy’s paid off and now I have a secured card and am doing just fine with that one, however, the credit limit is low. I wanted one with a higher limit I could keep in my wallet for emergencies. So, I was excited when I received the application for the CreditOne Platinum Visa card that says I’m preapproved for a credit line of *up to* $1,500, operative words being *up to*. After reading the reviews, I know it’s not going to be anywhere that much. The wording in the application says “No Enrollment Fee” but if you read the small print there is a $75 *Membership Fee* charged the first time you use your card, and the following year this goes up to $99, billed at $8.25 per month. There is also no grace period which means you start paying interest the day they post your purchase, that is, before you even get the bill. Lastly, read the small print – you aren’t preapproved – they can still not give you the card after reviewing your credit if you don’t meet their “criteria”. All of this sums up to one worthless pie of bunk which I will not be signing up for. Had I not read the reviews, I might have signed up for this clunker and regretted it later.

  62. Tanya Perry

    I got my Credit One card in December, I was charged 75 annual fee, and made 30 dollars in purchases, my pay due date was January 5, I decided to pay it the end of December. I got charged none of my high interest rate,and they gave me a 150.00 increase, my limit was 300. I did not ask for increase and I only had the card for 30 days,so far the company is great to me.

  63. Branden Baxley

    I just got an email saying I was approved and the card was on it’s way. If I don’t activate it, shred it and never look back they can’t charge me,right?

    1. Lori Muniz

      Did you ever get an answer to this question? I have the same question. I don’t see an answer. Help please.

      Thank you,
      Lori Muniz

    2. Sandra Koski

      No once you acting ate card it’s yours to use. Your life it is less till you pay the 75 on first statement then your credit is what it’s suppose to be. I tend to them today and asked question about the actual credit line.right t h eye can’t charge you if you do not activate it

  64. Salvatore

    I’m planning on using this card solely to add a positive account to my credit reports. I don’t plan on using the card, except for a very small purchase every month that I will pay in full ever month. Do you think this would effectively increase my credit score if i use this card in that manner?

    I know it’s not the best card to have. I have other secured cards, but wanted the additional positive account on my reports. Thoughts?

  65. Nick

    If i use this card and nearly immediately pay the balance, will I be hit with interest? If so, will this card still help my score?

    1. Tanya Perry

      No, you will not get hit with interest, I made a change and paid it in two weeks,no interest charged,and they gave me a free cl increase. I had my card only thirty days. I do not yet believe these be negative reviews.

      1. Elizabeth Glascock

        I have to disagree with Tanya. I pay my account on a revolving basis. This most recent statement, I had minimal charges, made a payment in the middle of the month, and they always charge an interest on what is determine to be the average daily balance for the month. So, if I make a $50 purchase, I have to wait for it to clear. After it clears, I can pay immediately BUT I have to wait for that to post which can take around 5 days. So for those 5 days that it sits on my account, it is going towards the average daily balance and will accrue interest.

  66. Mauro Pinho

    Dear Beverly,

    I whis I had come across you earlier.

    I am in relocation from Brazil and arrived in the US about 4 months ago – so, I have bearly no credit history. I have an account and a secure credit card, but wanted a unsecure credit card to help building my credit history, since I can’t get approved for either a Macy’s card, or a Homegoods card, due to lack of credit.

    I have activated the card, and got surprised with the $9but did not made $94 balance right off the bat.

    Should I cancel the card? Or will it hurt my young credit score?

    Thank you!

  67. Samantha Johnson

    Big mistake. I don’t have much of a credit history and decided to activate this card once approved. I’ve only had it 2 months. First off the annual fee of $75 is applied IMMEDIATELY! My question is, how much will this effect my credit if I closed the account. Again,it is my older accounts (at 2 months). Please help me get put of this scam.

  68. Angelbert

    You will not learn to make a payment on time if there is a grace period . What’s the sense of giving a due date if there is a grace period . well that is my opinion .

  69. Laura

    Hi Beverly
    I did applied credit one looks simpler as capital one tonight. When I googled up found out that credit one is not good program. When I get the card. I will NOT Activate the credit one card so my fees will not be charged for any reasons right ? I don’t want the credit one card as well.

  70. Billi Hines

    Thank you so much for your comments. I just received a pre approved letter and decided I would see if I got approved. I too mistook it for Capitol one. My credit isn’t too bad. It was good until we bought two trucks this year and it has lowered more than I wanted too. So I wanted to build it back up. I don’t plan on activating this card though once I receive it.

  71. Courtney burgess

    Got this card in the mail I told them we don’t have a checking account they said that’s fine. I activated the card haven’t charged anything on it was trying to pay the seventy five dollar activation fee with my boyfriends debit card 3 times and they keep making excuses why we can’t pay them now they want a checking account to take the money out of this sounds like a scam what credit card don’t accept visa debit card for or money order for payments. I want this card cancelled and yes I’m not paying a late fee because your company is to stupid to take payments

  72. Diane LaRocca

    One question… How do I cancel this card? I’ve emailed, phoned and gone to the BBB (useless). Can someone tell me how to go about my problem w/Credit One Bank? HELP!!

  73. Abraham

    I just got the card and my first statement, they are charging me $64.00. I haven’t activated it, what should I do?
    Please help me.

  74. Banks

    The comparison that Credit One uas is crazy. So this is mu story. I got my mail from the post office. I open it and Im like hmmm.. I didnt get to choose my card and I’m like oh yeah I got that one but I like that one, oh well they all swipe the same. True story!!! I already have a Capitol One card so imagine my surprise when I see this offer from them again. So I call the number. I skip the prompts asking if i except the offer and to enter my confirmation code and go to one that asks of I’m currently a card holder. Once the guy picks up I tell him I dont have my acct number but I have my ssn. I give him that and tp my surprise he cant find me i their system. So I say, “Well that’s odd, I just paid my bill two days ago.” So after that I say well anywho I was just wondering why I was getting anpther offer in the mail if I am already a customer with you guys. He says ma’am I can’t answer that without pulling up your account. Then all of a sudden the phone disconnected. I picked up the paper to call back. And my eye focuses right on the fact that it says Credit One and not Capitol One. So to say the least there is some copying going on.

  75. Barbara Randall

    I have had credit one for few years have had no trouble with them. They have been nice.

  76. W

    I made the mistake of confusing the Credit One company with Capital One, and as a result I ended up applying for this Credit One Platinum Card. I was approved. I’m disappointed, though, because this card has no Grace Period.

    Since I am not qualifying for any other cards at this time (I completed a Bankruptcy about seven months ago in order to recover from a difficult divorce, and currently have a credit score of 535), I am trying to figure out a way to make the most of this situation and keep the card to help me raise my credit score. …Would it work for me to make a payment in advance of a purchase, so as to avoid excessive interest? For example, say I prepay $50 and wait for 10-14 days for it to show as posted on my account. Then I go purchase something that costs $49.99 or less. Could this method help me rebuild my credit without a lot of interest fees? Or would it look like I’m not really using my card at all? Any other ideas for “outsmarting” the company and working their system? I realize I have to pay for my bankruptcy sin by dealing with a subprime card. I’m just trying to determine the smartest way to do it, so that I don’t end up digging myself into debt with interest and extra fees in the process. :-)

    Thanks for any suggestions you might have. I love your site, and I’m so glad I found it!
    Kind Regards,

  77. Nancy Russell

    Yea wish I had,done my homework on this card because it sucks got it during the time my husband was so sick to help get some of his meds insurance didn’t cover.he passed away April 29 of this year .I pay on it every month sometimes twice a month it never seems to get any lowewr. Nancy

  78. Sid

    Ijust got this card today and set up an account on their website,my cl was 300 but the available credit said $75. Anyone know why? When I called their activaton line their system was donwn. After reading these posts I’m going to call and cancel. I’m trying very hard to rebuild my credit and it sounds like this company is a scam. That’s too bad.

    1. Clara

      Where you able to cancel it with no problem?

  79. Nicole

    -Thanks for the Input. Im waiting on my card now. I will not activate it..

  80. Rico

    Thanks for the review. I was interested in finding out more about this card because the branding looked so familiar to Capital One. My credit isn’t perfect but it’s not horrible either. With that said, even if I were desperate with horrible credit, I would run from this offer as fast as I possibly could. 23.9% interest with no grace period? And $100 annual fee? There are far better offers for credit challenged consumers so be diligent and intelligent in your search. We have all made credit mistakes but you certainly deserve better than this when trying to rebuild your credit. Thanks Beverly for the invaluable website.

  81. TBJJJ

    I was skeptical of getting this card at first, after reading all of the horrible reviews, however, I was also desperate to rebuild my credit after it was ruined 5-6 years ago. I must be more fortunate than the rest of you because I have had zero problems with this card/company and when I make a payment, it posts immediately and takes 3-4 business days to be available to me, not 12-14 days. They have to make sure the $$ that you pay clears your checking account before they make it available. Isn’t that a fairly normal business trend?

  82. MGO

    I opened this card tonspite my doubts about all its fees etc. inwas desparate to rebuild my credit. I have a secured card buf wanted to go unsecured. I have paid my annual fee and now have run up a balance I will pay in full. After that I may set this card aside until close to a year from now when I will cancel it. Or should I cancel
    It. Will it hurt my credit to close this account out a year from now?
    I read the terms and knew they were not great but as I said no one else was willing to extend me credit due to a bankruptcy 4 years ago. At 5 years post bankruptcy I know I can get better terms elsewhere.
    Thanks for the review.
    It may be the stupidest thing I ever did but I went into this eyes open because I needed the credit.

  83. Amanda McGowan

    I just wanted to thank you for this. I received this card a few days ago but was apprehensive about activating it. I decided to look it up to see if there were any reviews and found yours. Called to shut down the account and was told that if I don’t activate it then it would shut down on its own. Already shredded the card. Thank you thank you.

    1. Nina

      Hi amanda, i was browsing about someone having this card cancelled before activating the card. My question is, after you shred the card and called for cancellation did you ever receive a letter from them asking for payment for canceling or what vet reason? Im just worried

  84. Wayne Rhodes

    At first glance, I thought that his was an offer from Capital One. But something didn’t seem right. I kept searching and found your site. I am glad that I did not apply.

  85. Daniel

    Thanks Beverly and those who’ve commented. I applied for the Credit One card today and have just called and cancelled the application. 800-752-5493 works to get an American representative.

  86. Samantha

    Thank you so much Beverly for taking the time to give out the wonderful info on this card that you give. I only wished I had seen your review before I rec’d it. I just rec’d this card after waiting almost 20 days for it. Then when I call to activate it, they’re are requesting a copy of my ss Card. Ok I understand that BUT if you needed to verify my identity why wouldn’t you call or email me during the 20 days I waited before receiving the card so that when I did receive it all I would need to do is ACTIVATE IT, why would I send them a copy of my info VIA MAIL to wait another 7-14 days (due to the holidays)for you to receive it , then wait another 7 days for you to process it and ANOTHER 7-10 BUSINESS days for you to send yet ANOTHER CARD for me to activate. That’s a total of 48 days REALLY? for 400.00 CL No thanks, So needless to say I told them that I no longer wanted this card. I have declined the card since it was never activated. Nor do I expect to have to PAY ANYTHING for processing or any other creative fee these companies come up with. I will stick with my CAP ONE cards and my AMEX Delta sky miles card and build from there right now. I see it as WARNING comes before destruction and I’m just glad I was attentive to the warning.

  87. Laura

    My husband applied and was a proved for this card this week. The card hasn’t come yet so it hasn’t been activated. Can it be canceled without activating?

  88. Deannak

    Will they try to charge you for not activating the card?

  89. Bernadette

    Hi, I have been a Credit one bank card user just for a few months. I am in desperate need to fix my credit. I wish I had read these reviews before I activated and used the card. But as of now, because of my credit score, this card was the only card to accept me. I don’t want to keep this card forever. Would you recommend keeping it for a year, closing the account before the next annual fee of $99 is charged?? I also don’t want this to hurt my credit either.

  90. Bernadette

    Hi. I’m a current Credit One Bank credit card user. I had no idea there were so many bad reviews on this card. I am trying to rebuild my credit right now. That’s why I decided to get this card but after reading the reviews, I wish I hadn’t. I got it a few months ago. Would you recommend closing the account before it’s time for the next annual fee of $99? Thank you in advance.

  91. Tmarie

    Someone please give me a number to call to cancel my card. I haven’t used it just activated it now and I just read all the comments. I called customer service but it’s all automated.

  92. shelley

    i hope someone actually starts something to take these people down…i have been fighting to close this account for months and being fed more and more excuses as to why it didnt work the last time….i want to start a class action lawsuit against them, because this company is an absolute scam, and for those who have no yet experienced it….just wait.

  93. D00chala

    Thanks for this review. I just called and canceled this card. Spoke to a guy named “Mike” with an Indian accent.

  94. Ashley

    I got the preapproval in the mail for credit one and I applied online and was approved with a 400 limit. I just want a major credit cars to have for emergencies and to build credit
    Matter reading all the reviews I don’t want it. What do I do?

  95. Donald Russell

    What I f i got approved for the card but am waiting on the final steps to complete the application (which s getting the card and activating it). Now that I have read this review I am skeptical to continue this process. Is it to late for me to back out?

  96. albert venti

    Avoid credit one I paid off my balance of 539.00 they charged me 10.00 so I am paid off I got a nice letter from them stating that the account was paid…Uh Oh it sucks from here afew months later after I sent in my card stating I did not want it anymore due to bogus late charge in the past they socked me with a 700.00 bill now stating I did not pay them and I am good with creditor problems but these people suck I mean telling me I cant cancel my account well I CAN ANDDID WHEN YOU GET LOUSY SERVICE AND RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE WHO CALL YOU BACK TRYING TO GET THE LAST WORD IN don’t get this card you will regret it…

    I am planning a site to deal with these sleaz bags …

  97. unknown

    what if you signed up with this card but have recieved it what do i do?

  98. Chrysostom

    The Credit One logo does look much like the Capital One logo. It’s a ripoff of it, but is even worse of a ripoff than the Microsoft Stores are ripoffs of Apple Stores (and I’m a Microsoft fan and Android user).

    If they’re going for the “halo effect”, I’m not sure if they can get it even amongst the most uneducated and/or ignorant ranks of their intended demographic: to me, and, I believe, to most others, it makes it look like a cheap knock-off that’s “unsafe at any speed” – like an outright scam, like thousands of “replica” watches and handbags or the legendary fictional “Morley” cigarettes.

    I’m not a fan of Capital One, but I can’t hate them. I’m still stuck at $500 limit on my Capital One card, and I don’t think they’ll approve me for anything better (e.g. the Venture incarnation with the annual fee), although I now have several $5-7.5k AmEx SPG & Blue Cash Everyday, Discover IT, and Citi Forward cards (and some in the lower four digits from other issuers), but Capital One did let me get my foot in the door, so to speak, and in to the credit game 18 months ago when no one else would. (I didn’t have bad credit, just no credit, thus the rapid increase in my score except for AAoA.)

    However, it must be said that I didn’t try very hard to find anyone else; I think I applied for the Chase Amazon card (have it now, it ranks as harder to get than most Amex cards on CreditKarma and WhoGaveMeCredit… what? is Amazon an elite retailer? or Chase an elite bank? what?) and, of course, some sort of Amex card, and, when denied, automatically went to Capital One, which approved me.

    I remembered Capital One as the card for people with no/bad credit from their commercials back in the early 2000s – it seems that, at least before CARD 2009, was the demographic they heavily targeted. I was unaware they even offered prime products until recently when searching for a good airline miles card.

    Thank God I didn’t get mailers for all of these super-sub-prime predatory lending payday loan cards, although I generally read the fine print (online, at least… I’m not nearly as diligent as I ought to be when it comes to the fifty pages of triple-column microfiche that comes in the mail with every credit card).

    Disclosure: I’m long on AAPL, GOOG, and MSFT. I hold no stake in Capital One. I may hold positions in other companies or equities I mentioned above but failed to remember for the purposes of this disclosure.

  99. Dee

    Hello Beverly,

    I was looking into this card as well, and like you I couldn’t find the terms associated with their secured card. Why are they trying to hide such an important factor into consumer choosing the right card for themselves? I find this kind of behavior leery, and make me apprehensive going with any company that doesn’t show transparency.

    Good Review.


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