4 responses to “Review: Capital One Cash Rewards for Newcomers Credit Card”

  1. Kimberly hudson

    my daughter and I have both Capital One and Barclays cards absolutely love them both my daughter is new to credit and I have damage credit and both of these cards have been phenomenal for our credit my daughter went from no credit to a 601in less than a year and now she’s a 651my credit was in the low 300 and very damaged I am now a 547 and that was in less than a year just by having these two cards as well as one department store card through comedity bank its a torrid card with a $250 limmit. if you’re looking to better your credit I personally would recommend these two cards and perhaps a department store card even with my bad credit and my daughters limited to no credit we were approved for all three cards and they’re all on secured

  2. callie

    Can you get this card if you have medical bills?

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