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Beverly Harzog

Credit Card Expert, Bestselling Author & Consumer Advocate

My mission in life is to help you stay out of credit trouble. But if you’re already having a credit card crisis and you have debt, I’m here to help you break free from it.

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How I Got a Round-Trip Ticket From Atlanta to Chicago for $11.20

My daughter, Ashley, lives in Illinois and I hadn't seen her since Christmas. I couldn't take it any longer, so a few weeks ago, I picked a date to go visit her. I knew I had more than enough reward miles to get a "free" ticket. Okay, it's not totally free because I...

What I Learned From My Mom About Credit

I posted this last year. Okay, I admit I've posted this every year since 2012. I get a lot of heartfelt emails each year I post this, so I decided to make it a tradition since a lot of you seem to identify with it. So once again, in honor of my mom, I'm dusting it off...

My First Two Money Mistakes of 2017

We're still in January, but I've already reached my quota of money mistakes for the year. Yeah, I allow myself a couple of blunders every year because I finally faced the fact that I'm human. I like to think I'm on top of everything all the time, but clearly I'm just...

A Mercifully Short Guide to Preventing Holiday Debt

Have you noticed all the "Best Credit Cards for Every Possible Shopping Situation" lists online? Well, I don't do lists like that during the holidays. During this season of good cheer, I like to focus more on what you're buying with your credit cards rather than...

12,400 Reasons You Need an Emergency Fund

It finally happened. I got the dreaded letter from my Homeowners Association (HOA) about my driveway. The letter even included photos of my cracked and lopsided driveway, just in case I didn't know how bad it looked. I knew it needed to be broken up and repaved, but...

My Creepy Facebook Experience and Identity Theft

So over the past weekend, someone on Facebook decided to be me for a few days. This crazy person set up a Facebook profile with the name Beverly Blair Harzoga. Note the extra vowel at the end. This imposter then commandeered my Facebook photos and pasted them on the...

How to Use Credit Cards and Never Pay Interest

First, I want to apologize for being AWOL lately. I've been dealing with a health issue, but I'm on the mend and back at work. Thanks for your patience! Sometimes, it's good to get back to basics. I originally wrote this post three years ago and I've decided to dust...

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