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CNN Newsource – Video

May 11, 2015: I taped a segment about one of my favorite topics, which is keeping young people out of credit card debt. Here’s the video: Financial advice for new college graduates.

NY1 – Video

May 7, 2015: My new book, The Debt Escape Plan, was featured in Common Mistakes Keeping Americans in Debt.

Fox 5 NY – Video

February 25, 2015: I was interviewed by Alison Morris in Paying off your debt the smart way.

CNN Newsource

December 10, 2014: In this video shown on NBC-affiliate WWLP in Western Massachusetts, I give tips about how to stay calm if you’re behind on your holiday shopping: The pitfalls of panic shopping. This segment has been shown by network affiliates all over the country.

NY1 (New York City) Video

April 29, 2014: I talked with Money Matters reporter Tara Lynn Wagner about taking care of your credit. Here’s the video: Tips to Spring Clean Your Credit Score. Video

April 24, 2014: I talked with host Lauren Simonetti about an unusual way to rebuild credit. Here’s the video: 7 Way to Use a Credit Card to Rebuild Credit. Live

January 6, 2014: I was a guest on Live and talked about How to pay off your holiday bills.  Just click on the link to see the video.