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  1. Marie Coley

    Hi Beverly: My son recently read your book and has been at me to read it. My husband and I never really used credit cards… We buy furniture, Cars etc. by cash or leave it until we can pay in three installments and thus pay off Quickly for the item. Our only long term payment is our mortgage.

    I am 50 years old and just got my first credit card, and I am absolutely terrified. My motto is never spend money you do not HAVE.. hence my wariness of credit cards.

    I went to my bank and was encouraged (because of my lifestyle) to get the BankAmericard Travel Platinum Plus Card. Dwaine has been ‘coaching’ me (after reading your book and doing further research of his own) on how to manage this card. What is your take on this Card? I haven’t used it yet.

    I must commend you on a well-written and absolutely fabulous book -the most easy-to-read book I have ever read and I am an avid reader. Now please get it in ebook format as I want to purchase it on my ipod (Dwaine absolutely refuse to let me leave with his book. I am reading his copy at the moment, but I want my own copy – on my ipod!

    By the way, I scored 16 on the Credit Card Personality Quiz.

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